let me know let me tell you something about this pickleball sport better get your shoes with some pickleball support cause if you slip and sliding on that pickleball court then you gotta twist it like an ankle if you fall for it all these other.

Kicks that don't last so trash these are vibram souls that can't be outmatched can't be outclassed so you ain't ever gonna see me play your game without that know really about this life get your paddles up all these other shoes you're wearing getting batted up you know every time they tear against they're adding up come and get a pair.

i drop shots where opponents won't be extra mobility toe to toe we don't see put this game changing shoe tech on you next step your whole game up yo what you expect only kicks made by pickleball players four pickleball players y'all.

Thank me later really about this life get your let me know what are those you.


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“WHAT ARE THOSE” Tyrol Theme Song ft. Pickleball Wall