I'm down here in Manhattan and this is absolutely incredible this is City tickle and they are just crazy how many calls you have we have 14 ports holy smokes so 14 quarts where are we located packed all the time we're at warm and rink when you come in on Sixth Avenue off of the Park area there we're right there down the ramp and here we are you.

Can hear us when you're out no yeah okay so what do you guys do here oh my gosh we do events at night time we have the beautiful Cabanas where we offer Cabana parties with uh food and drinks alcohol served and then we have I'm the director community outreach so most of my programming is for underserved communities for free programming we have.

Tickle uh teaching staff that will teach them we have youth groups as the boys club girls club uh healthy advocates for seniors Fountain House challenged athletes we you name it they're coming here to play Pickleball wow now this place is incredible Kathy thanks for having me let me come down and see it and hopefully I'll play something about.

Myself oh yes hopefully you will