This growing sport in the U.S has Wellesley in a wait for it in a pickle some people who live there say pickleball is too loud and it's disrupting their lives now pickleball is played with a paddle and a small bowl usually on a court but it does make some noise and today the town started debating what they want to do about it.

WBZ Laura hafley spoke to some of the Neighbors about their complaints the sport of pickleball is growing in popularity but it Sprague fields in Wellesley it's also causing quite the racket it's really annoying I can hear it in every room of my house John messini's house overlooks the four pickleball courts now in question as.

Their neighbors complained to the town so if all of those courts are full how noisy is this area it's very noisy would you ever play never in my life will I pay play Pickleball Wellesley Recreation Commission chairperson Paul Kramer hosted a meeting Friday allowing neighbors to voice their concerns or support for pickleball we have discussed.

This as some people pointed out some neighbors like Christine mezzy joined the meeting fighting for the courts to stay it's hard to disregard the fact that residents who chose to live near tennis courts are now more upset by the noise level though neighbors next door to Christine say the sounds of tennis don't compare right now these pickleball.

Courts are empty and that's because well it's winter time but that doesn't stop us we decided to find out for ourselves just how loud pickleball can be and despite not being dressed for the occasion one of the neighbors agreed to play with us talents is more about like the lower pitch but pickleball is all going the.

Higher page Jessica Garis lives feet away from the court with her son William the current issue is they play non-stop maybe like a sunrise Sundown it really bothers us bothers me Wellesley is considering all options including relocation and a soundproof fence that could cause the town up to thirty thousand dollars the town of Wellesley.

Is getting help from Burlington Massachusetts who's faced a similar pickle Wellesley will talk to all neighbors before making a final decision but it's unclear when that will be in Wellesley Laura hafley WBZ News
WBZ-TV’s Laura Haefeli reports.