Last player on the court is Megan Danon and she will return the serve of Anna Lee Waters let’s play pickle ball there’s a look at Catherine prto the Michigan State Spartan now lives in South Florida oh a little Inside Out deception from C from Pento and finally there is Megan Danon played her tennis at BYU and.

Hits the ball as hard as anybody on tour yeah she’s got three things I really look look for for a right side player forehand put away power great backhand counter and has become a consistent dinker from the right side as well ooh at uh in the mid Court thinking that two-handed backhand from Catherine was going to sail long but Catherine.

Drops it right in there just enough on that third shot drop to push analy Waters off the kitchen line and of course she went for her patented backhand angle great reach from ANA Lee Waters these teams have played three times including the final at the Texas open and deson.

And Wright have never even won so much as one game so it is a tall order if you look at the history and you cannot visit the freebie Factory and start giving them stuff nice just deep from Catherine and uh the fans cheering for her midcourt pickup there and we have Danon over on the left.

Early have to monitor how they are going to line up 31 two yeah I think they’re just scared of the serves and running into a problem oh uh reasonable first volley from Ed right was outstanding just again and just compact power saw a couple of Drop shots in her singles and brought it right to the.

Doubles game and I I like that with it’s more of a bumper or Top Spin when she goes to the slice she often telegraphs it but not when she just puts a hint of top spin on that dropper oh the old pump fake as Catherine was thinking anal was going to continue to come over she gets caught off guard and loose error out yeah if you get an.

Unexpected point you definitely don’t want to then throw the next third into the net so here we go that’s just pretty set up by that full cut crosscourt dink from Eda right yeah the setup shot uh sometimes the put away is more impressive the setup shot more impressive to me on that previous Point.

Nice complimentary pickle ball set up from Ed a finish from Megan oh there’s that sun we saw it in the men’s match I mean you could see her like clenching her teeth kind of squinting her eyes visibility obviously a big issue on that overhead and a little chat with Megan deson there about what happened there she’s trying to tuck.

That visor as slow as she could and just never saw it out just ferocious yeah great combination stay off the today 2 41 yikes the signature at a right shot and it finds the net yeah and that’s that’s not even a a role to create that’s a high put away on the back.

Backhand side 2 42 out this so effective is Katherine Pento pinpoint accuracy yeah the definition of well-rounded she really has it all 421 love the move just no execution yeah.

Great move when we talked about wingspan neutralizing roles Eda has that so uh we’ll have to see if Annalie water goes to that shot as much as she’s used to doing three winners have been but then they missed the easiest swing they had in that rally 5.

Two2 you want to know why they’re undefeated that is it in a microcosm great work in the midcourt defending and then so here we go time out called by the Utah Duo on the other side she had to be 395 to was the age so she was wow man those slice crosscourt DS.

From from Eda right are really good I mean those are kny yeah I mean you can see it really hit the court and take off some nice defense early in the point for Megan Danon as well they’re going to need more of that second serve I mean I love hammering it yeah I mean you’re stepping into the court everything’s good right.

At the hip just got to put it over the net but it’s the right decision for sure in my opinion good leave and uh we called it the Thomas Wilson yesterday but she’s been doing a lot it’s the Catherine parento and she’s off the court and has a good read on that ball going out letting Anna.

Knows no yeah and that’s one of the downfalls of that knifing slice is there’s not a lot of margin for air second serve that’s a beautiful spot knowing that analy loves to be aggressive in the middle she rolls it over to the left foot Nice Shot.

Megan there is the at a right one-handed backand sets up the putaway right into the corner that’s why she can be an absolute Factor at the line yeah great combination always love from the backhand to the forehand tough luck off the tape for deson but Anna is all over it yeah she’s I mean she’s anticipating and moving to.

Her left as Megan is contacting the ball just blisters a forehand out yeah I understand the idea of the Open Face paddle just trying to drop it in but if you don’t hit it perfect bad things happen second serve nice job from Eda getting that down just enough forcing.

Anna Lee who was coming in very hot to hit up on the ball out same idea going the other way at a right is going to blister that every time well done yeah little little floaty from the midcourt one from each team the last couple points 21 pace and angle H big difference between overheads and.

Tennis to pickle balls you cannot hit this plastic ball down and bounce it into the 20th row got to find an angle well done from Al yeah and the third percentage needs to improve for they just not getting into the kitchen enough to beat this team second serve yeah in that previous Point Megan’s about five feet behind the.

Baseline always making your third more difficult with when that is your court positioning point and that violent movement forward from Anna Lee just makes you try to do a little too much that’s what happens there 82 yeah I I I don’t think people realize how much effect Court.

Positioning has they they see the it’s so tangible to see the good shots but the good Court positioning almost as important and a right beautiful Megan Dan got all her steps in in one rally there yeah that’s the movement though I mean there’s not a lot of players out here that are going to be.

Able to get over there and hit that kind of shot with the forehand while sliding across the kitchen second Ser Catherine Dives out of the way perfectly there it’s tough when you’re running forward and it’s right at you yeah some of these I mean I understand why these players are in Championship Sundays the lead have been.

On point in both of our doubles matches great eyes can’t blame the sun on that one it’s at her back yeah you could hear the M hit though just off the top of the paddle yeah the longer that hangs in the air your brain just starts being mean to you yeah and sometimes you just kind of start your stroke or your uh uh Cadence.

Too early and it causes problems I mean Megan deson is wondering what do I have to do she hit the best roll dink of her life and roped a two-hander and side out well well the roll dinks and two huge backhand counters as well everything coming back and Anna Le neutralized the role and avoided the Ernie of Eda rri putting it.

Back to the middle of the Court point that didn’t get on top of that you talked about the open paddle face that ball definitely with some Back Spin so tough to keep Back Spin in the court yeah now it’s a little frustration on that one and Megan welcome back everybody Dave Fleming with Adam Stone.

Thrilled you’re here with us and we’ve got game point here for the top seed that is ferocious and that’s why we love women’s doubles right there yeah what a point and that is the finishing power from Edo right that I was talking about earlier way to seal the.

Deal all right so they Stave off two game points coming out of the timeout and confidence can be a fragile thing so just stopping those two we’ll see if maybe they can get a little run yeah fragile fickle whatever word you want to use uh that brain will play tricks on you Dave 5 one second serve yeah she’s sick of.

Getting the angles tracked down so it goes for a violent one there with the roll and keeps it in yeah and it’s always nice when it’s shoulder level or above to create that sharp sharp angle bang yes that’s a slapper again on the forehand side and Katherine Pento she is rolling that one-hander and looking for.

Offense from a lot of different spots and with a comfortable lead that makes a lot of sense to me yeah and I think that’s why this Duo is undefeated because Catherine can play freely and not worry about it point oh here we go another chance to chip away at the.

Lead that is a great little flick from Megan deson yeah that is some trickery and Catherine very good at that shot a little taste of her own medicine right there they are within two wow and deson playing with confidence you know how you can tell a beautiful.

Poach that she destroyed and Anna Lee blocked it back what a hold from Anna Lee on that last shot though to kind of have a hiccup in the movement of Megan Danon third try to close out game one and they will do it as Ed right is extended and it’s amazing team keep getting close but close isn’t it the official.

Ball of the PPA tour face face at the start of every game here we go Megan design to get it started a let serve much like in tennis lands in the Box past the kitchen we reserve.

It I love the aggressiveness all of it phenomenal roll drop great squeeze in the middle from Eder right counter two good from Catherine shocking there there one oh my she tried the Ignat shot she certainly did and oh not too far from making it either Dave wow okay and just to explain what I mean by.

That Ignat had an unbelievable shot the other day that became the number one play for the first time ever in pickle ball on ESPN’s top 10 with the back side of the paddle like Anna Lee just tried go find it if you haven’t seen it second tough nice job by analie cutting off that nasty angle for Megan Danon.

That ball getting on Eda pretty quickly and I think the number two play was an NBA posterization dunk but number one pickle let’s go yes let’s definitely go that is unbelievable the degree of difficulty looking up into the sun two-ended backand above your head so you limit your reach and knocks it with perfect.

Pace into the Open Court might be why she’s the best player in the world Point yeah I think that is eda’s ball I don’t I don’t think stop thinking one1 Point yeah nice job there of getting just low enough and I like the decision to go to the deson forehand not backhand in that particular.

Situation that is beautiful from head right and that’s when everybody goes what is the Magic in in getting there out nice job from Eda in the corner pocket and you know that you can’t win every poach so I like the decision to go for it but opponent’s too good on that particular point for Anna.

Lee oh my goodness and that gets B HED into the back corner off speed anal is like yeah we got away with one there but I’ll take it Point yeah not sure what happened there but roped drive and an awkward sing uh swing from Catherine which is a statement we just don’t say too often did that just graze the net maybe I.

Don’t know oh and the dreaded HTP instead of the ATP there hit the post and she had plenty of room yeah and that that was a serious Ting too nice job with the court microphone picking up that sound bite yeah they’re going to have a d cam at the Super Bowl this year in case.

Somebody hits the upright in the Super Bowl would beat them to it all right a little off defense on the left hip uh there for Megan Danon and forcing Catherine to go to one hand CU if that Ball’s 6 in higher Catherine’s going to crush it with two yeah I think Megan’s playing terrific on the right side yeah a little too high but if you.

Want to know how hard these ladies are working just listen to those feet it sounds like a basketball game out of there with everyone trying to get in optimal position throughout this match 2 3 1 yeah I mean I like I mean if she’s going to switch over there and go to the.

Left side she has to be offensive just the Counterattack ability of Katherine Pento has really been on Point throughout this match Eda knew she was in trouble and made him hit one more ball at least yeah and that’s the perfect example of what I was talking about on the onehanded Miss.

From Katherine earlier that ball up around the shoulders and as you said said that’s that’s a night night situation Dave so the top seed back in front yeah and I just and there stubborn is an aggressive word but Megan and Eda I think finally going to go like we got to get Eda back to the left side I think.

They’ll switch here oh she read that like her favorite book yeah and Eda when she does Shuffle over to the middle of the Court often pushes that forehand dink over to the left side of the left-handed player or left-sided player so good read from.

Analie point 6 32 wow and a couple of routine misses and you know that’s when you look up she just gets that out throws it back into the kitchen plays on here we go up four oh no and that’s just cannot happen yeah we saw about 10 of those yesterday and none of.

Them went out on that big forehand from deson yeah and for Catherine it’s really not just the lack of airs it’s the neutralizing and the putting out of the fires like you mentioned Dave that combination when paired with such a dynamic partner is uh the reason why the record is what it is yeah and I look forward to her mix.

Doubles Journey here she’s playing with Jack sock who’s not in in this tournament they will be together in Mesa that’s going to be fun to keep watch an eye on yeah uh reasonably high ceiling for Jack wait what you say what you say so I think you can’t even see the ceiling that’s how high it.

Is out yeah so that’s you know you talk about Ben adding the two ined backand roll that’s one where if feda had that that’s a ball that she could do a lot of damage with potentially yeah and the the slice has been a great shot for her on the backhand side but I mentioned those.

Margins and we’ve had a couple catch the tape and a couple go wide so if you have another option that could really help the situation man just so ready and just pop that right back at at a right and we are at game.

Point 10 41 and why not end it with an ATP for Al dub 118 114 60 and0 is just one game away yeah they are certainly firing on all cylinders right now I haven’t seen more than maybe one or two points in a row of loose play from these two throughout the.

First two games oh you hearken back to that quarterfinal 81 the camoto were up on them ever since that moment they have been flowing so well can they win it in three we’ll see hey winner stays on let’s go 0 0.

You can’t a lot of things that I didn’t do stacking paper like a book not a like me anymore I’m I don’t evenys any I justy in this game get it I’m going you I’m going you know I.

Stay got point in the country and just like you said they want more oh they do want more no way no.

Way oh she almost got that one too come on Catherine and that is why the best fire fighter we’ve got she puts him out and then almost got that last one man is she good and that’s an easy one ah they can they can breathe for just a second to make in.

Inetta ooh goes for that patented one-handed poke there and just pulled it wide yeah that looked like a James Ignat which Full crosscourt uh don’t see that quite as often as some of the other spots of the court on that shot from Catherine looking forehand and then took a big swat at it yeah she did and you.

Know I know she’s off the line often with her counters but I think she was a bit too far there in that position Point well you said a dip in level or at least visits to the freebie Factory so uh got a couple here in this service opportunity she third shot lobbed on the wrong side Dave uh she sure did the.

Other side that would have been perfect cuz they would have had to bounce no one can see it I’m surprised some players haven’t taken more advantage of that after seeing deal barar struggle with the overheads yeah well we saw Ed a right barely make contact with one and no one has gone back to that.

Well so she does go with some something off speed but it was not going to be good at all until it hit the tape yeah I wonder if that was just a sharp angle or possibly a little droppage going on but it was a different different stroke for sure wow that was bizarre but got away with it and then Hada misses the.

Serve had her leaning but boy that is a thin margin there yeah it is and she had she had some Top Spin on it and she goes to that shot so pushing it wide there is a bit of a surprise second serve nice little half Earnie from Megan deson forcing Anna into a very tough shot couldn’t come up.

032 jeez I mean she’s several of these when she gets put in a bad spot or being contacted behind her body and she’s still getting it back over oh oh man they got away with it but this is when they switch back and forth they forget that Alpha Beta you talk about.

And it’s not good they got away with something 311 yeah you’re right Dave if you’re if you’re going to switch you must concede and Eda looked like she was playing the left front from the right there it worked out for that one point and other one sails a bit.

Deep 41 two and it’s Ed a right putting out fires all over the yard there my goodness yeah the hand speed is electric out here it really is 51 two.

Roped in the corner from or gal to hit it hard technique and Leverage is so important and she has both really nice all the way around there and coming out of the timeout and grabbing that that’s when you often see anal and Catherine just take off but they said uh-uh 71 71 what a turn of events great.

Play nice step over from Anna to the left shoulder the backside of Eder right who was leaning a little bit to the forand side o second just kind of pushed and guided from analie and Howard Hepworth says he called it out they look over at their bench they couldn’t be farther away from it yeah well anally looked at.

Both reps and then was looking for anyone else is anyone in the crowd with me on this I should have made that well she did not come on oh come on she’s not there though wow yeah if she would have got that one I would I would I would have left the truck Dave it would have been over solo.

For the rest of the day Adam’s out of here uh but the development on the scoreboard you know I mentioned they played three times and they’ never won a game before so this is this is significant if they can get all the way there second serve that one’s in yeah and about 75% too perfect job of taking a.

Bit of pace off to keep it in just unrelenting pressure it certainly was and I like what Megan did kind of coming in hot trying to turn defense to offense but ladies on the near end weathered that storm oh my goodness the footwork to get to that shot and then just the thought.

That maybe I should do this is ridiculous yeah Anda was just frozen I can’t blame her fairy slippery attack from analie Waters here they come and you saw that just Baltic Grace of Katherine PR earlier in that uses that off hand for balance just never out of touch and then Anna Lee finishes it off oh.

No and Megan deson as well so uh here we go lead is cut in half oh nice leave from Anna Waters and Katherine prto getting that initial speed up down at the feet of Megan Danon no way to keep it in from that point oh my goodness not just ATP defense but ATP defense winner oh and a right ladies and gentlemen.

Unreal and least like I did everything right I filled where I’m supposed to go that’s so good off the tape and that was so necessary as Katherine and Anna Lee were playing at a fast pace this is when they started racing deficits in a hurry Little Help off the tape to go with the Brilliance.

Of ETA and see if they can get off seven and just a simple block there with an out of position Waters yeah a nice job of not trying to do too much for Megan Danon as clearly when anal goes for that Ernie they’re going to be slightly out of position like you.

Said yeah just untimely third misses here let’s see they can get the ball on the ground here Returns the favor that’s right there’s just something about those third shot misses that are a bit more Spirit breaking than other misses an El Le tugs it back through the.

Middle and gets it again yeah I’m not sure she’s going to win that particular pattern over 50% but it worked right there the mid firefight reset that is another thing that separates you know four FES and lower level pros from what we’re seeing right now1 they are all the way back within.

One and we are tied and they are going to serve as fast as Howard Hepworth can call the score here we are tied here we go that that’s a beautiful carve whether it’s from the kitchen line or a first Vol he keeping her opponent’s back snowman in the desert here at 882 oh my and that rides the rail but.

Doesn’t come over and now they have the lead and are two points from taking this match in three straight 982 wow freebies is just flowing out of the factory here and we are at Match Point 60 and0 for Anna Lee Waters and Katherine Pento they dig out of a 71 hole in game three and they continue to.

Say come on ladies try and beat us you can’t do it like I I almost want to be surprised by game three with that 71 score line for Eda right and Megan Danon but I’m just not I’m just not uh there’s no way to be given this number one seats body of work so they have done it again Anna Le Waters 2third of the way to the Triple Crown she’ll play mixed doubles.

With Ben later today and we will give them a trophy when we come back analie you are a part of the number one doubles team in the world do you ever feel that undefeated pressure when you hop onto the court sometimes it depends how crazy social media is going I think I probably shouldn’t look at it but when I see oh 59 and oh you know they got to get to 60.

And I’m like no we’re trying to get to 100 don’t think about the 60 and you are now 60 and0 how do you feel feels pretty good honestly I thank you guys I just think Katherine and I have a lot of belief in our game and in each other so I think we were down in this game again hats off to Megan and Eda for playing an amazing.

Game but even when our opponents are playing amazing and we’re not playing too great I think we still believe that we can come back and I think this weekend we’ve showed that a lot uh so next tournament hopefully we don’t have to show that again but uh if our opponents keep playing this well I think we might have to and Katherine how do.

You turn your offense back into defense I think it’s a lot of practice um I think you know just kind of anticipate and just seeing you know if they’re close to the line or if they’re backing up just kind of anticipate and the more experience you have the easier it is to see to kind of like go from defense to offense all right let’s get.

The trophy into your guys’ hands we’ve got Carrie Griffith from our title sponsor violia Carrie congratulations on your Championship win what a great match we’re so excited to be here um 170 years violia has been helping cities Industries and communities to protect and recycle their most important.

Resources whether it’s Water waste or energy and in the face of environmental challenges that’s why we are so proud to be the official sustainability provider for the PPA tour because the PPA shares our values of inclusion and equity and we’re also working together to become more environmentally sustainable so.

Thank you and congratulations Annalie and Katherine on such a great win Dave they did it again and they did it again impressively so we’ve had four ladies on the court just now now we’re going to just have
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