You sure don’t we were thrilled to be part of that and we are thrilled to be part of this match let’s play pickle ball oh Point yeah he he he hits it hard and he takes a lot of court and I’m surprised the hand even went up to to kind of apologizes that ball up pretty high on analie.

Waters1 wow twice in the first three rallies my goodness yeah pretty much the same shot just a few inches lower catching the right hip of Anna Lee one1 quality point they’re looking to return to an early and I like that often you want to return to the fella to keep.

Him back but James just drives and crashes himself so I think this is the right decision uh in a pick your poison situation to go to AB okay yeah we we saw that same shot back in 2021 from Ben into the tape he doesn’t miss that fourth or sixth and Beyond too.

Frequently he’s going to be cracking serves all day long yeah that will not stop he’s going to have to miss about 13 more for him to hold back on the big big serve maybe the best in the game second good leave there they did start the year by playing in the mixed doubles final it was 118 117 117 for.

John Waters but they have certainly taken games in other matches yeah little little high there on the half volley attempt from Ignat and you know he’s got power so does Anna Lee Waters and she finishes the point tantalizing yeah no I I I still think he.

Needs to do that but that roll backand dink of his is nasty and that can really help him keep Ben out of the middle of the Court yeah those shoes are going to get a work out today they’re constantly moving nice attack from Ab that’s right left just high from anal Waters and she didn’t really choose deception or or to go behind she goes right at the gut of.

Ben John’s and she gets it up side switch here we go Anie has a clip of all the times they’ve won points with her on the left for Ben two two two out yeah that wasn’t the crowd that was James that was J whoa what happened.

There I don’t know James halfway up the net either way Anna bright says get that out of here oo that last forehand was very slapped great power from Anna two oh my James is more upset about that than Anna Lee but he’ll take it yeah too juicy I guess from Anna Le Waters is.

That ball sat up around shoulder high and yeah James disgusted with himself that he even gave her that opportunity 2 good leave AB a very good communicator as well yeah and it’s I always say it’s tough to let balls go out when you have heavy hands so a great job of letting that one go from James.

Ignat and a brigh is like three in a row she is one heads up here I would be careful but those three fantastic yeah it was in pool play at the finals which was a little different format so that’s when they got that W not in a gold medal match oh she had it and James had a ball in.

The middle that I don’t know why I didn’t swing at it yeah just hesitated for a second but yeah I mean you said no gold medal but I don’t care if we’re playing tily Wings if I beat these two at anything I’m going to be very proud of myself yeah I’m telling everyone about it too W tough bounce.

There and there’s that patented move that only Anna Le Waters can pull off to run around the forehand Adam yeah I man that is so good and to the heavy-handed opponent and gets the job done point and she’s seeing more balls and you know the strategy early is like Anna brigh you’re going to win that crosscourt dink.

Battle and James go get something nice little pressure combination from Ben J’s ball back over or excuse me point on the board yeah and that’s the other danger of the Roll you can roll it too well and give away the ATP and that is exactly what happened there good coverage from Anna.

Brigh but then five hole in five1 good Le so uh nice job there from Anna brigh when you’re coming in hot sometimes you want to just rip it yeah good good scamper across the court unwinding the stack that’s that service tattooed and on the line uh tough to weather either one of those and they both happen we see.

The result yeah that’s one of those foul balls into the upper deck there well it didn’t even hit the line just short of it yeah it’s not our decision it’s up to you to and there’s a request to change out the ball that was the voice of onisha Smith Chris Johnson and Don Stanley the other.

Referees I mean James uh is having Comedy Hour at the chuckle house right now with the with the crowd yeah and Anisha Smith she’s a champ I’m sure she’s human I’m sure she’s missed a call but I haven’t seen it no no she’s it’s that’s why she calls Championship Sunday matches one of the best if in the game yeah great roll.

Drop getting James Ignat off balance and keeping him out of the Middle where you don’t want him to be and Ben Johns is starting to take over yeah just you can just see with the movement a little more Bend in the knee a little bit more crisp with the footwork it’s very uh visual ual I I can see it happen I’ve watched him play so.

Many times when he starts standing up a little too straight or getting a little less with the footwork that’s when the issues can creep in and that is not the case right now okay Miss return 681 Big Pop has missed couple but the answer if I was coaching him keep.

Swinging keep going well what was my number 13 I think it was you gave him you gave him 13 Miss serve so uh a big budget boy you are generous this time of year Adam what in the world oh I believe it went in James is giving it to him he was I think I was wishful thinking on the initial call I mean look at the setup on.

This shot and then what he does with it that was that was option five for me that that he would have gone with that 861 second serve okay AB keeps throwing it there and living to tell about.

It and finally got something to clob her and she’s like oh good yeah nice deceptive attack initially from Ben the roll reversal as Ben started and Anna Lee finished there we go and uh right side goat there Ben Johns you said she’s got a video of all.

The ones we put it in there she’s got to have a video I’ll make one for her come on 0% chance nothing wrong with either all right here we go can they close it out oh back to the two-handed roll that one-handed backhand flick from James is just silly yeah it really is.

Two-handed to one-handed and it’s nuts second sir yeah and I was I was saying the same thing with Megan deson James he’s not a bulky guy but his leverage his whip uh his technique is very good oh my goodness that’s ridiculous I mean the ponytail was flying and a bright is swinging for the rafters watch.

This and kept coming back another chance to close out game one uhoh and that will do it so tons of pressure early but again Ben and Anna Le rise to the occasion what could change in game two uh well they might need a dip just like the ladies in the women’s match needed I’m not sure they’re going to get it they they have the power but.

Even James with that big two-hander he hits it harder than anyone and it just comes back Dave that’s why they’re number one in the world that’s why these two are number two in the world can they flip the script we’ll play game two after this we need someone.

Big a rapper no this person needs more of a saint kind of vibe dude I got it Super Bowl MVP it won’t be a breeze to get him but we should go for it I wouldn’t settle for less so you think you make it on a pro tour pro tour going pro is in my blood.

George Well making Pros is what we do well let’s do this then Pros On The Rise all right Anna and James what do you got hey a good Top Spin roll a third shot to the backand of Ben John’s is a great way to start and uh Mother Nature has been a bit of a factor all week today it is mint conditions to play in.

Very little breeze so she runs around and pulls it down the line so James has to cover that and then with the same looking motion she rips it into center field for a double exact same motion unreal shot from Anna Lee tough break off the tape and and the.

Sun has shifted a bit but Anna brigh likes to lob let’s see if she works in one or two of those on the near end I mean James self-proclaimed says nobody hits it harder than me and I’m not going to disagree with him but a lot of these are coming back right now they are it’s unreal I’ve been on the court with him and he is darn well right and I.

Had the marks to prove it oh my goodness wow speed up at the Ernie yeah it’s a good play and anal almost pulled it out yeah if you return and crosscourt and try to unwind it and it’s short just it’s game over yeah I mean it could be game over with one of those things.

Happening if there’s multiple going uh yeah 312 man point just can’t just can’t get it through nothing is getting through and if nothing’s getting through you got to try to get on top and get it down cuz through the court is not working right now o wow same situation but just missed.

By Ben and it doesn’t need to be a winner cuz Anna Lee is about ready to destroy the next one she was in perfect position and that’s that’s everything they want yeah it’s yeah I mean you said it you you cannot not execute that shot as the left-sided male yeah really good from James you know he wants to crack the two-hander.

But took that second hand off and made a nice stab gives you just that little extra reach and he was able to get there okay all right the okay Redemption yes and that’s what you talked about at the top the risk of returning to Anna brigh brings that big fella forward and that’s just in the moment why Ben and Colin like he’s seen enough.

Of that guy running around went with the return immediately back to James there just little things matter oh my yeah and I think a lot of teams might make that adjustment 10 points down the road as opposed to the very next point so th those little things as you said in.

The moment pay big dividends oh dear yeah just air traffic controlled disaster there anab Bright was trying to get J yeah Lee Waters and the top seeds and you hear so bad man that was not from the crowd either that was from James 731 and a bright in the back corner as.

Well the only option she could go for and she found it man just waited and look at that swing path that was beautiful oh man but I love it aggressive roll drop and Anna Le looking for the Ernie that’s a deadly combination yeah James has to let that travel to anab Bright there yeah well obviously didn’t know she was back.

There but got to trust your partner and she’s pretty good from the back of the Court out yikes okay just not on tilt but danger watch here1 there’s that power from James Ignat he’s going to need more of it 7 two football right foot wow he just he just ran back to his.

Spot he okay to I mean you’re going to footall I guess take it like a champ didn’t even look at the referee just onisha you got it boy oh boy okay this this letting go just missed but now he’s going with bunt up the line two-handed Top Spin drops uh just too comfortable way too comfortable.

Yeah to to fuel the running Ernie finish who hit it harder thir oh Anna Lee I agree and in a perfect spot too you got to make the big dudes Bend uh just two demolished volleys Adam yeah one and both right at the shoes of James Ignat.

Wow yeah and that’s when if you are a little frustrated and there was a lot of frustration in the swings on both of those drives and they came roaring back at them football oh Nisha Smith calls it again James doesn’t even look over at her just is accepting and the main event is a runaway they’re not going to stop.

The fight though let’s see if they can get out the door and they will with an error and this this is on tilt now 116 113 just running them over here can they find something to go their way in game three bright and Ignat have a lot of questions to answer the official ball of the PPA.

tour oh and he’s he’s done for as he is up in the air when Ben is looking to roll that behind him uh just couldn’t come up with it11 and I liked early in the match when Anna brigh was rolling it crosscourt to.

Anna Lee that got James involved and maybe it’s like a lead off hitter hitting a home run when she was lighting up Ben early in that match she’s tried to do it a few more times and just sticking that pattern with an Lee you were doing just fine crosscourt dinking oh man yeah that’s a tag in the left hip.

Maybe that’s more like 80s baseball cuz lead off hitters hit home runs now they they didn’t used to no we understand we understand the Vince Coleman’s laying down a bunt for you I got it just on it I mean that is James combination whip through with the forehand there to the two-hander to.

Crush not against benj yeah you usually here SE after that and not SE here today oh there’s there’s no C’s no not a single one the only the only real momentum they had was at the very beginning when uh Anna brigh was doing the damage so we have not had one C from James Ignat which is very odd and that’s his uh signature yell when things are.

Going well second third there’s that roll dink not to Anna Lee but either way gets the job done yeah and the the opportunity just to get a little positivity is what they need here and that is as negative as it gets right there I mean the the crowd was looking forward to this just like you and I were.

They want to see something oh and that goes off the tape deep and she had been beat and she yelled and Ben’s lobbing that’s not good for the other team that’s like the two-handed backhand drill yep we’re back to Drilling in a gold medal match and now now the best poacher in the game is.

Finding obscene angle rolls into the kitchen mind you on that yeah the poach with the soft put away and the fancy footwork to avoid the kitchen it’s just highlight reing now no yeah so that one at least stays in for him okay it’s dire but so much talent right there.

Third she’s off the court hitting back hands I I it’s unreal Dave that that is happening and her partner helps her out with the speed up and a great counter from James but but when she’s over there in the green you know Ben is hang Ben’s hanging out in the middle it’s trust and it’s the amount of matches they’ve played and the quality of the shot she.

Hits from there get the ball back quickly 61 and this is a absolute highlight reel game three here this is the best in the world showing why they are there we go second third and I I even think that attack.

From Anna was just kind of whatever there know where she where she went up the line I mean certainly worked out and just a violent finish from Ben John’s after a nice lob from Anna brigh you’ve been calling for it yeah I mean she tried one and I like that but nice job on the.

Two yeah why not oh I mean that’s the thing now up two games and eight zip you don’t think Ben is lobbing Al speeding up everything and a rope down the middle no one’s there and you know you watch James Ignat play and you just can’t imagine how he can just be neutralized by like this but he has.

Been yeah especially if you go check a little film and watch some of the previous mix doubles matches in this tournament where he was just destroying teams yeah I mean look out oh man that’s soul crushing right there second Ser I mean double come on.

In this terrible situation still locked in oh yeah that’s a that’s that’s the best competitor on tour paddle Clank there we are at Championship point we are o snap pickle point and we are at Triple Crown Point for Anna Lee Waters okay James says nuh-uh second third another one just m.

Hit into the crowd yeah he’s not he’s just not as comfortable whether it’s soft or hard when he’s 5T off the kitchen line is that in out I guess so yeah I thought it was wide but I guess Notch Point very close second shot at the Triple Crown here oh all the way to the end wants to.

See it at all the way to the end 101 and that will do it dominant the top seed run it out again Anna Lee Waters Triple Crown again 22 in her PPA career two more than her partner there but I mean as stunning a score line as we could have ever dreamed when we woke up this morning morning 33-5 run to finish it and three for anal.

And Ben I mean they are the target they know it every time they play and in doubles it just it isn’t happening right now and it seems the Gap is wide in so we’ll have our last Trophy presentation of the day I’m sure we’ll get the classic pose between these two Ireland will have that for you right after this Ben we’ll start with you you had your.

Brother CJ and Lee waters on your bench you guys were cackling about something tell us what it was uh I’m not really sure I think we were we were talking about a number of things during that match some of which weren’t even pick a ball honestly uh that that’s how it goes on our bench we talk about random things that uh sometimes make us.

Laugh so I’m not really sure but uh just enjoying being out here with uh everybody uh obviously partner Anna Lee happy to get her a Triple Crown today that’s huge um and excited for this crowd thank you guys and anal speaking of the Triple Crowns you now have 22 Ben’s got 20 how’s the friendly competition well I.

Just want to say something I mean I wouldn’t be getting these Triple Crowns without Ben so uh it’s kind of cool because I this tournament marks our two-year anniversary of being Partners Ben so um yeah playing this tournament it was really important for me at least to win this one cuz I don’t know it was the.

First time we ever played together so every time we come back here I feel like you know it holds a special place in my heart so just super this is where iconic photo took place too for the first time so just super happy to be back here in front of everybody and glad that we could pull today out and playing really well well let’s remake that photo right.

Now here we have Carrie Griffiths from our title sponsor violia Carrie again congratulations on this great win both of you we are excited to be here um for 170 years violia has been helping communities cities and industries to protect and recycle their important resources such as Water waste and energy.

And in the face of environmental challenges we could not be more proud to be the official sustainability partner for the PPA tour they share our values of equity and inclusion and we’re working together on environmental sustainability so thank you and congratulations Ben and Anna Lee on such a great win at the violia desert ridge.

Open Dave all right well uh stay tuned cuz here comes that classic photo that they talk about and they’ve gotten very good at this cuz all they do is win so they’ve gotten great practice at it and uh Adam you know I played senior pro ball you played pro ball new people come into this and there it is.

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Watch the Mixed Doubles Championship match: Anna Leigh Waters & Ben Johns vs Anna Bright & James Ignatowich at the Veolia Desert Ridge Open presented by OH SNAP!

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