It is never easy being a beginner and pickleball as fun as it is isn't an exception you'll find that other pickleball players are eager to help a newcomer learn so much so that novices are overwhelmed by suggestions not all of its information is useful though here are our top 10 most common pickleball mistakes.

These are the things that are keeping you from getting better that you rarely hear people talk about on the courts keep in mind that these aren't just mistakes that beginners make they also keep intermediate players from getting better and prevent them from becoming pickleball pros hello and welcome to pro pickleball medium today's video we'll.

Talk about top 10 common mistakes that pickleball beginners often make and what you can do to avoid them if you like this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and turn on post notifications let's dive right into the video number 10 controlling the height of the ball most new players have trouble with.

Height because they can't control how fast the ball moves when a pickleball starts to lose speed it doesn't go as far try this stand on the court and drop the ball from your hand while holding your arm parallel to the ground at shoulder height look at how high the bulb bounces do the same thing but this time when you.

Throw the ball move your wrist or arm down towards the ground you'll see that the ball went higher after it bounced the strokes of new players tend to be very long more speed can be added to the shot if the stroke is longer the pickleball court is only 44 feet long most of us would be more consistent and lose little power by making our strokes.

Smaller standing two or three feet away from a fence is one of my favorite ways to shorten the paddle stroke drop stepping back to the fence will help the person get ready to hit a forehand it makes their swing shorter because it keeps the paddle from going past their back leg too far if you're having trouble with.

The long stroke a fence could be your best friend number nine scooting up after the serve the most common mistake is that newbies scoot up a bit after they have served the problem with this is that the return server will hit the ball as deep as possible and if you've moved up after your shot you'll have to run back or.

It'll be very hard to return the shot instead after you serve stay back at the baseline so you can make a good return number eight trying to do too much too soon too many players try to spin their shots or hit them too hard before they have good shots they can count on when you're just starting out you'll win more often if you focus on making a.

Consistent serve return and third shot you quickly realize that consistency is important but does that show in your game as an example someone may have told you that a deep return is the best kind of return what you might not know is why it's so important dps but that's only half of the equation and the topic of another video a deep return one that.

Is close to the baseline makes the third shot for the team serving harder and gives the team receiving an even bigger edge if everyone knows something then everyone hits it hard right well mark renison from third shot sports talked about some unofficial numbers from the 2018 nationals he found that professional players hit the baseline 79.

Of the time when they made a return care to guess how many non-professionals there are the numbers 29 yes less than 30 percent of the returns in a national championship were hit deep you would win more points in games if you mastered the deeper turn before trying to spin the ball hit the lines or do anything else you might think you.

Need to do number seven too fancy of a spin the next mistake that beginners make is getting too fancy with their spins as you get better the spin becomes more important but as a beginner you should focus on your technique more than anything else.

Faults can cause problems if you try to be too fancy too soon number six poor grip we shouldn't be surprised to see so many lousy grips and pickleball from new players but what do you mean when you say that someone has a bad grip it's when you hold something with your palm instead of your fingers when you.

Have the paddle in your hands you have more control over it when you hold the paddle in your palm you have less control over the face of the paddle and is more likely to hit the ball high when you add the way the swing goes up the way the grip makes the paddle face open the ball goes higher not really a good choice for pickleball the.

Continental grip makes it easier to control the paddle and switch between your forehead and backhand here's what's different if someone's used to a certain grip from another racket sport we should tell them to try that grip and pickleball as long as it's not too extreme if it isn't so far from the palm they can't handle the paddle it might.

Not be easy to change your grip but if you find it hard to control the way the shot goes it's better to change now than to hurt yourself later number five smashing the ball too early beginners often try to smash the ball too soon you'll have to work on being patient when you're dinking if you get impatient here the motto is live to.

Think another day since the ball can pop up if you hit it too hard number four poor footwork pickleball is a moving game if you can't move your feet well it's hard to be good pickleball player even though there are many examples of bad footwork in different parts of the court the most common mistake is either not using the.

Split step or not knowing when to use it the split step is a small hop on the ball of the feet this stops the player's momentum and lets them move in any direction it's common for new players to run from the baseline to the net without stopping to hit the ball most of the time it's because their bodies are always moving when the person on the.

Other side of the net is getting ready to hit the ball you should split step and get ready for a return number three not taking centerline shots as the forehand player if you're just starting out or new to racket sports your forehand is your best shot many people are better with their right hand or when their palm is facing.

The opponent this is their forehand as a forehand player you want to take the shots that come down the middle when they're coming at you since your forehand is stronger number two not letting shots go out experience is the only way to learn which shots are not worth taking even if you're in the kitchen if a ball is.

Coming at your face or shoulder you should move out of the way you should learn not to do this and let the ball go out so you don't get a kitchen fault some of the easiest points to make in the game are these ones number one attacking unattackable shots one of the common problems we see in pickleball beginners is that they don't.

Have enough patience or try to attack shots that can't be attacked what can't be heard shots who's highest point is below our goal if the ball's highest point is below the net you need to do something like give it top spin to get it over the net and keep it in if you wait to attack until the shot is above the net you'll.

Make fewer mistakes and score more points playing from first base this is the one we hear discuss frequently the non-volley zone not the baseline is where good pickleball is played so if everyone knows it why aren't they all in the kitchen we're not sure people get why it's so important when your team is at the net.

You have closed the gap between you and your opponents and taking away their most valuable asset time to react the players at the net have time to plan and aim their shots while the players at the baseline have to react and try to keep the ball in play that's because players at the net are on offensive while players of the baseline are on defense.

And it should be hard to get any points in that situation the first step in fixing mistakes is to figure out what went wrong it's time to start working pick the mistake you think bothers you the most and decide to fix it so have you ever made the same mistakes while playing pickleball tell us in the.

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Watch This To EASILY Avoid these 10 Beginner Mistakes In Pickleball

It is never easy being a beginner, and pickleball, as fun as it, isn’t an exception. You’ll find that other pickleball players are eager to help a newcomer learn. So much so that novices are overwhelmed by suggestions. Not all of its information is useful, though. Here are our top 10 most common pickleball mistakes. These are the things that are keeping you from getting better but that you rarely hear people talk about on the courts.

Keep in mind that these aren’t just mistakes that beginners make. They also keep intermediate players from getting better and prevent them from become pickleball pros.

Hello and welcome to Pro Pickleball media! In today’s video, we will talk about top 10 most common mistakes that pickleball beginners often make and what you can do to avoid them! If you like the video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel and turn on the post notifications.

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