When I told you I was drowning you did not lend a hand really depends on where your opponent's at I almost tried to go for the tweener but her mom was in the way yeah I think a lot of varieties they are really targeting Lee Waters with those lobs that's the third time.

And she is not happy about it why did you do I was there I saw what you did how could I forget so the waters were playing Regina Franco and Jana gretchkina I probably butchered that name I don't apologize I have a speech impediment in game two Yana and Regina lobbed a lot into the sun against the.

Waters Italy did not like this then this happened you can watch I don't think it's a big deal I think Anna Lee should have thrown a bigger fit in my opinion IMO if you texted she's not happy now I have never in my life seen somebody mad about using the elements you're gonna probably do it more I would I hope so.

We're gonna get a little adrenaline going now Lee Waters and Anna Lee says we are taking a timeout mama you gotta cool off you watch men's tennis John Mcenroe throws so many Tantrums look at Djokovic he's thrown many throughout his career and Roger Federer up until he was 23 through.

Tantrums all the time broke Rockets true story now they act like he's a God your videos next Raj and as Anna Lee water showed Tantrums equate to more views good job Anna keep being young don't let the adults rule your fun I sure ain't you're probably more mature than I am and these announcers suck these announcers ever played pickleball people.

Scream about people lobbing into the sun all the time that's a fight every time you go to rec play try it go to rec play lob every ball into the sun people might slash your tires seriously I'm not joking I would bring a spare tire with you I was there I saw what you did how could I forget so they stopped the YouTube stream after game two when.

People are actually really interested in watching I believe the tennis Channel stuck with the waters as they won game three eleven six why did the Tennis Channel stick with the waters because they used to see an entitled baby's wine all the time playing tennis and Anna if you listen to one thing I say you probably won't nor should you they young.

At heart always do some crazy stuff throughout your life especially when you're under 18 because you can't get tried as an adult follow rule number 62 I always do don't take yourself too seriously and dare to be unique be your own individual don't care about what people think or say about you please leave your comments Please Subscribe.

Because here at all in pickleball we may love pickleball just as much as you do I know it's tough to believe but it's true when I told you I was drowning you did not lend a hand
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