Using your legs to drive up through contact here's example of Tyson here how he comes up through contact and drives it's really important because it gets your opponent on the back foot awesome is that get the ball higher over the net less chance of error again most plays another serving they're going to be here pretty good sir right deep hard hard to.

Get kind of back in play but his downfall it's predictable okay so as people get used to that kind of speed it's hard to kind of people to guess where you're going let's do another one here I'm just gonna use my legs like Tyson make it nice and low trick typical Golden Rule is low to high with both your paddles and your legs here we go.

Down low and that one I can really get through it that's what Tyson does so well from the very get-go he gets his opponents on the back foot he takes advantage of the space in front of him let's do one more here are you down low here love it love it and that there is just I can be really aggressive I can be.

Positive and I can get myself out of stress all right guys that's a real top tip use your legs you want to find more of me I'm on YouTube as the prince of pickleball I'm also my