Foreign welcome to pick along beyond my name is Ryan my name is vino and today we actually have a special treat we got to review the vulcan v 570 yes which is soon to be released so.

um what were your thoughts you know the first thing I think everybody would agree is the surface on this thing is ridiculous what the TNT textured and traction surface you're just touching it I mean it's ridiculous interesting pretty easy yes it's very similar to.

Like the t700 carbon field but it it just got this really weird texture it is so texturized it is unbelievable so one thing I'd wonder is you know we've only gone to use this uh for today is how that would hold up over time that'd be a good question to find out but boy out of the box this thing is just incredible I've never seen a surface like that.

Honestly I mean just even taking it out it really looks a fine looking paddle boat like you have the vibe and you have the black um it's beautiful it really is beautiful very well balanced just holding it I really like I mean mistaken just played straight out the box you all needing to adapt at all yeah the adaptability part.

I mean yeah we've jumped in both are playing good so the only thing that would take some time to get used to for some players could be the very long handle it has a long hand very long and if you like a longer reach but don't want an elongated shape yep or if you like the two-handed backhand so yeah yes we had a friend of ours just she was.

Hitting the two-handed backhands I saw lots of really good drives you know if you're a player that utilizes that shot a lot this could be a really good option okay so let's start off with control so what about your thoughts yeah the control on this paddle we've noticed with a lot of Vulcan paddles they have a lot of control.

Um when we were dinking with it boy I love the way it felt it's like a very the welcome 16 millimeter paddle and I've now tried quite a few yeah the control in the 16 millimeter valkens are just out of this world I mean I think it goes like the the preference then goes to the shape and the feel and the length panel but in general the 16 millimeter.

Paddles in the welcome the control is awesome and this lived up to that reputation yes um speed UPS um speeds up speed UPS as far as um resets um you know when you're hitting at an art or hitting them very hard at the end you know another it's another just great job yeah you can reset with.

This exactly very well when you were when you were driving and I was resetting in the sand goes the other way around we were able to bring everything back it spoke very similar to one of our favorite Balkans which is the nine to be 9 40 right yes actually even the shape of it is extremely similar like if you look at the ship it's it's very much.

Similar to the 940 um and the resets were what about the power in it boy I mean looking at the handle you know that's gonna have a lot of power and the surface I mean it had tons of power I mean it happened that hammer effect like if you brought it down because of the lens and the ship yeah it had this really nice sweet spot.

Um higher up so you were able to kind of control that power as well which I really enjoyed because you can jump into the spin side of things so I mean we know it's gonna have a lot of Spin and you know it lives up to it I think like the the little one that we have in reviewing paddles like we have seen really textured petals but when you go.

And hit it like you don't get that same amount of spent and I think while we were playing Utah mentioned this like you know especially those small slow balls you know you don't have to deal too much to generate that spin if you hit it properly you generate that spin so if you're looking for a nice spinny paddle you know this definitely is up.

There yes not not as much as my favorite ninth party I was gonna say so I think we should compare this yes so yes you mentioned the spin part I would agree that probably has a touch more spin but for me what I noticed more was uh forgiveness on the v940 and the resets it just has that extra level more but I mean you're paying for it though yes I.

Mean price difference I believe it is at 80 yes yes this is going to be listed at 149 yep and this is a 230 dollar pedal so when you nitpick that you feel the difference just this lives up just this more a little bit more spin I mean I've not been able to control anything from the Baseline as much as I've been able to control because you.

Can hit as hard as you want I'm able to get it exactly where I want it but this is just a level or two less yeah but it lives yeah it's a high bar but it gets itself yeah and adaptability just touching back on it from the second ball yeah we were playing with it like it was our own time.

I agree well balanced like just the same way that we felt with the 940 immediately playing with it it was just a fun battle to play with and like you know we kept on I mean difference between these two but yeah yeah they feel they feel very similar feel very similar Place similar as far as the control Power I mean every category it's.

A feel I mean I wouldn't have known that we didn't even know because there was a difference for a little yes so so to learn more we were very excited of course we're going to play more and see how it how it stands with time right I think that's going to be a key um anyone wants to demo it please reach.

Out to us more than happy to demo these pedals um thank you for joining us um yeah we'd like to thank chip shots for letting us use their facility once again um they have three very nice ports and we enjoy testing our paddles here so thanks everyone for joining thank you.

Very much
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