Foreign foreign battling the elements while at an indoor event the carvana PPA tour takes on the most northern state the Vulcan Indoor national championships have arrived the.

Fourth stop on tour presents a world of opportunity top seeds held by some new names we start our day with Men's Pro singles moving on to women's Pro singles later on this afternoon I'm Cameron Irwin alongside Matt manassi professional pickleball player and Coach to the Stars I mean I had to throw that one in there for you this morning man.

Here's a look at our date we'll start off with men's singles mixed doubles Men's Pro women's and men's doubles on Saturday followed by our Championship Sunday all here on Tennis Channel so thrilled to have you with us we will start off our morning with rasa Hewitt versus Spartacus our spartax uh rahachow so we'll get this one started from our.

Championship Court in just a minute but what can you expect from Rafa Hewitt this guy's dangerous very dangerous and he's been dangerous MLP has been coming into his own uh on the singles Court more specifically he's got that Lefty he can wind it and bend it anywhere on the court same on the backhand side he's a dangerous player.

What you said in the opening opportunity all these players have to be oh wide eyes wide open and bushy-tailed that Ben Johns is not in the draw Tyson McGuffin is not in the draw there is a path to win a title here and Rafa Hewitt he's got to be ready to go well you saw the location here in Minnesota the snow is falling this is the place to be as long.

As you're inside my daughter Anna Lee is my devil's partner and her 16th birthday is coming up be great to get her a car and carvana has helped us make that dream come true they have thousands of options and I'm a mom so of course I want Annalee to have something safe Anna Lee has absolutely no idea about this car so I told her.

We're going to carvana's vending machine for a photo shoot drum roll I think this belongs to you oh my god happy Sweet 16 Italy experience it for yourself at foreign.

the growth of men's professional singles in pickleball has been on full display in 2023 and as much as the weather has been a bit of a predicament here in Minnesota with a few names dropping out of our draw our men's singles draw is still astonishing in terms of the total number of players there's a look at.

Spartacus he's facing off against Rafa on the far side Rafa Hewitt the Lefty out of the Pacific Northwest it's gonna have a bit of a challenge early on you watch these two warm up and you already noted some of the power coming from Spartacus oh yeah he's got a tennis background clearly great one-handed backhand well not there to.

Start out the old commentators curse but we saw him ripping it and warm up that one-handed backhand has become highly noted in terms of the success in the men's game from the Baseline by Jay davilier startup and singles action obviously plays different than doubles as well as an indoor event compared to an outdoor.

Event so how much zero indoor kind of changed the game here yeah I mean you don't have to deal with the elements right there's no wind uh the ball is going to sit up there nicely for you you're going to be able to set your feet a little bit better than Outdoors dealing with those elements so guys like Roth have these big shots big Strokes.

They're not the uh the Ben John's kind of cat Mouse game they're gonna go after a little bit more so they should be better so aside out for Rafa Hewitt as he already has one point dropped down from Spartacus zero one there's that nasty forehand we've seen.

From Rafa Hewitt time and time again yeah and single is usually you don't want to leave that return sitting in the middle of the Court gives a guy like Rafa all the Time in the World to pick his spot Rafa Hewitt originally out of Lewiston Idaho a great place if you're a baseball.

Player and obviously tennis Rafa comes from a tennis background there's a nice shot from Spartacus I think Papa thought that ball was gonna come off Had A Little Bit Stronger two sign up there's the nasty roll out of Rafa gets so much extra spin from that Lefty.

Forehand holds it to the last second just a ton of shape there for Rafa Hewitt 2-1 it's fun to watch how far he drops that paddlehead down looks for the same ball as he comes for his approach shot one two.

Let serve one two foreign there deep in the corner making your opponent have to come up with something special right away so important on Singles speaking of something special there's one that just tags the line for Rafa.

Hewitt yeah Rafa's singles game he's looking to create a two-shot pass right that first pass is not just two hit a winner right away it's to move the opponent get them off balance second ball strikes the winner love that as you see him coming up with a nice falling.

We see this game grow so much and the other elevation especially in men's Pro singles but it seems as if one shot is not enough you have to then create in terms of the outstretched play and then the finishing oh yeah and it's all about mixing up uh spins Paces speeds all of that.

A great ball there by Rafa the game is just getting more physical guys are working off the court to work on their balance explosion all the above and one shot like you said is not going to get it done six three four playing Ben Johns maybe five six seven if you're lucky to get that far Federico Stack Street is holding that.

Number one seed here in Minnesota as he picked up the gold he actually took down Ben John's before heading in to the final versus Jay davilia who is the number two seed Here For Men's Pro singles in terms of the draw you got another couple good names so one to two as Jay davilier is that second spot you also.

Have Dylan Frazier in the mix as well as JW Johnson he's currently the eight seed so he's on the same side of the draw and could potentially meet Federico stack shoot rather early on yeah if I'm Federico statute I'm not happy about with that draw turned out no Ben John's here and I still have to face another top guy.

The final uh Jay devilier on the other hand is probably very excited about that a few other names to email before you've got James ignato which has that number three seed you also have Christian Alshon in the mix who's turned a lot of heads as of recent on the carvana PPA tour as well as Julian Arnold the five seed I know.

There's a look at Jake devillier there I'm not sure if he's coaching or just watching just there to intimidate Rafa Hewitt there it works it's hard to intimidate with a smile so I know there's that cat and mouse game that you need in singles obviously.

Rafa has a ton of pace but here 7-1 Sparta was able to get that ball down Rafa held that angle very nicely tied up not enough Court to work with for Rafa Hewitt 7-1 though for the 11 verse 22 seed.

Side out in these indoor conditions probably a little colder inside anyway being in Minnesota should play similar to Arizona last week colder temperature that durable is gonna get like a rock so someone like Stacks fruit Who coming off the wind should love these conditions this week too.

Thank you so I know best point to this point Rafa is looking up at something I'm not sure he liked his uh line of sight there one seven got the lighting indoors can be completely different bleachers just about anything can change we had a lot of different light conditions just last week that's the.

Other thing to note fourth stop and they just moved from Arizona for the Arizona Grand Slam it was cross-country to Minnesota to be able to play in this so a short turnaround time for a lot of these Pros right yeah a lot of Pros struggling to get to Minnesota I've seen a lot of Instagram.

Posts about the latest at the airport and all of that all right another point for Rafa Hewitt who is now up nine to one yeah you'd really like to see Sparta's return a little more a little more depth and uh pace through.

The court and sitting and he's not able to get set with his feet up at the kitchen line wait there's that really nice risk from Rafa Hewitt surprised he sped up there but kind of got forced into it yeah short return I don't think he expected it but up 9-1 you could take a little risk from below the level of net and.

Inflict the wrist and find the angle there also important to note as the timeout has been called by Spartacus Tyson McGuffin not in the mixed he is the defending Champion here for the Vulcan Indoor national championships uh currently out with a minor foot injury I caught up with him and he is healing nice and well so look for him to.

Potentially be back on the court very very soon come March uh JW Johnson and Dylan Fraser like we mentioned are playing singles they did not just a week ago so nice to see them in the mix here women's singles Annalee Waters who is the defending champ and won three singles titles in a row on the carvana PPA tour is also not in the draw so.

She's taken some time off after a full month in Arizona all the women on tour are probably breathing aside relief this week we do miss you though Annalee so I know and you could see just a different bounce there for Rafa Hewitt that thing did not pop up at all the amount of Spin.

And grit you can put on that ten one side out yeah the dura fast 40 there's 20 small holes 20 big holes it's kind of the variables in the balance you're not sure where it's going to uh bounce each time so sometimes it's higher sometimes it's lower welcome Pro pickable.

and one now a decide out for Rafa Hewitt and a shot at game point game and there it is so on a missed return Rafa Hewitt off to a very hot start 11-1 this is just the first match up here on Championship court for Men's Pro singles introducing Skechers pickleball they're Ultra lightweight and responsive for.

Incredible speed they have Goodyear rubber outsoles with a specialized pickleball design for increased side to side stability and Agility conquer the core in Comfort Sketchers pickleball the official Footwear of the carvana PPA tour the future of pickleball is here welcome to Top Court.

Get ready for unlimited access to top players foreign foreign Championship Court Rafa Hewitt up by one game 11-1 Cameron Irwin alongside Matt manasse for Men's Pro singles action so.

In terms of Duke solution for Spartacus are we just thinking Some deeper Returns what can he do to try and slow down Rafa Hewitt yeah he's got to get some deeper returns get in you know and and solidify his face at the kitchen line right now he seems a little overpatched to be honest uh but we'll see game two maybe the nerves are.

Out dipping below the height of the net zero all right yeah he's giving Rafa plenty of time to really pick his spots he is going to go down the middle with return it's got to be deep it's got to be pushed back anything sitting in the middle there just too much time.

For return locations one up the middle one just slightly off middle to the backhand side and then there to the forehand of Rafa Hewitt takes a slow walk to the Baseline zero two there's a good ball for Spartacus playing the cat and mouse and finds the.

Winning volley that's a great Point extending that rally he might hit out ball there but hey let's put it away for good measure for emphasis yeah he's got to really extend these rallies he has to make Rafa beat him right now he's putting third balls into the net just make him play extend this.

Make it physical danger of Rafa Hewitt he loves to work inside out especially the kitchen line but even there at the Baseline finding that forehand oh yeah that's just that's the the new paddles on tour allowing that shot I would say a year ago that didn't exist but now he drops that.

Paddle face like you're talking about gets under it and go anywhere all right passing shots Galore right now for Rafa Hewitt 4-1 there's the trouble with depth right there on the Baseline and at the feet of.

Hewitt one four so I know four one side up I like that return better there from from Spartacus he actually hit a slice return as opposed to kind of a.

Push flat return it got Rafa to have to lift the ball up higher gave him an easier shot at the kitchen line way better shot selection there from Spartacus in the return inside out 4-1 went to the same slicer just landed.

Short that's kind of the problem with these heavy topspin serves to try to go to the slice as opposed that flat paddle face if you do Miss hit it it's going short and then you are a little out of luck well so the question to me it's also hard to Top Spin return of heavy topspin serve your direction as it's 6-1 we'll talk a.

Little bit more about returns but the question is do you just bunt the ball back we'll find out after this when I turn him back don't let discomfort slow you down try penetrax penetrex is different than other products with no greasiness irritation or unpleasant odors made with.

Unique ingredients it's 100 satisfaction guaranteed penetrex the number one online rated joint and muscle cream thank you foreign serve and the amount of challenges it presents in terms of your return you can see one gonna come off of Rafa Hewitt.

Here after this point and ask you give us a little breakdown on some of the ways you can try and negate that yeah the games changed a lot in the last six months 12 months more topspin to these serves guys are really going after and ladies going after big serves.

The slice return you're not getting enough Square paddle face on that ball it's too much risk trying to come down at it and push through that's why you see a lot of returns down more kind of Bunty and flat it allows you to first of all get the ball back on your opponent quicker and allows you to get in faster it also doesn't allow for the.

Compounding interest of the Top Spin return third shot coming your direction oh Robin you were trying to show his wheels there one of the longer points we've seen one hey and another side out for Rafa Hewitt.

9-1 sign up there's the great slice return there took a little more risk got it to the sideline and really was able to hold his zone of the kitchen line Forest rafita I have to get under that ball really really great point there from Spartacus.

And just lost that had a good look at a winner had a great looking winner he would want that back I think tried to show voted a little bit too much but Rafa Hewitt now with a game point and a match point turn one sign up and at times people that if they.

Look to attack one area maybe it's some of those shorter balls onto the backhand side of Rafa Hewitt the risk there though is you bring him to the kitchen this is a dangerous place sign up lucky break on the return there up 11-1 10-1 Spartacus is like what do I have to.

Do here just wondering if Rafa's gonna need those sunglasses inside gotta please the sponsors ball out so a couple times now one ten I found the neck cord ten one.

There's the winner for Rafa Hewitt 11-1 11-1 a solid start for the number 11 seed and round them up yeah awesome match there from Rafa clinical did his thing got some good reps then he'll be just looking forward to take care of the body get on to the next.

Round I'm just thinking a DJ Selkirk really got him going before this match but the who let the dogs out song that's that guy's motto right there 11-1 11-1 the 11 seed moving on thank you foreign simply Spike lemonade real fruit that.

Left the farm and has seen too much to ever go back simply Spike lemonade tastes like your favorite lemonade now spiked it's getting juicy so thank you.

foreign foreign.

Championship court is empty but not for long because coming up next will be DJ young versus the number three C James ignotowicz for the Vulcan Indoor national championships Cameron Irwin alongside Matt manasse and there's also going to be another fantastic matchup just in terms of looking at this Men's.

Pro singles draw that's Rafa Hewitt who you just saw pick up a win we'll now have to face off against Christian Alshon who got a first round win as well so the names are moving on quickly here in the men's Pro singles draw but one of the top names and the top name here in Minnesota is Federico stack extrude and you have to think back to that.

Championship where he just won Gold he's got two Silvers and a goal to his name I mean can someone slow him down I don't know that's a great question here who knows but the last 18 months he's been on a steady incline with his game he comes from tennis strong tennis background he really plays very similar to Ben Johnson I think that's what he's.

Added to his game is that the one-handed flick kind of a cat and mouse game around the kitchen line he's had the great two-handed backhand from tennis he's done a great job in that but um yeah I don't know it's gonna be tough to stop that kid well we will find out who can potentially slow down Federico Stack Street coming up next it's DJ.

Young and James ignotowich foreign OS first the official sock sponsor of pickleball stay in the game with OS first socks with purpose and compression bracing designed for Comfort injury.

Prevention and improved recovery OS first is the official sock brand of pickleball and the PPA tour visit to learn more I hear the Hunger Games Championship court now has our next opponent James ignatowich with the paddle tap for DJ young these two are.

Gonna be very fun to watch James ignato which has been somewhat in and out of the singles competition just in this early season focusing a lot on that doubles competition whether that's in mixed or men's doubles and DJ young well he's found himself on the singles Court a little bit more frequently than not a lot of creativity in his game but.

James ignato which is the number three seed and he just from the start of his pickleball career has brought a lot of dangerous play oh yeah he's a great tennis player played at Vanderbilt uh comes with it first of all great athletic build he's like six three six four a great two-handed backhand I think like you said he's taking some time to.

Focus on the doubles game I think that's what he's needed but to see him back in a singles draw is great DJ Young on the other hand is the opposite he's been a great doubles player I think he's looking to add some offense add some more Mobility to his game by getting to these singles draws and putting himself into different situations.

There's a look at the sponsored Selkirk James ignatowich and so quick with those feet one of the most agile on the court and I mean I bring up that word just because so often in the men's game we talk about the need for agility and especially the lateral motion you look at some of the top players now and how quick they are able to get around the.

Court whether it's Christian Alshon Federico stack should Ben Johns James ignanowicz now it seems like it's a combination of length lateral motion and Agility all combined into one oh yeah the court is not that big but in singles I promise you it takes a lot of mobility and and quick movement to get around that thing uh James ignado which like.

You said I've never seen someone jump up and down more than he does uh even getting called in major league pickable for that little uh split step but uh the game's getting faster it's getting more explosive more athletic and I think that's why you see more and more fans coming into the sport day by day well everyone with such good camaraderie on.

The PPA tour and it's so funny I'm actually from James's Instagram just this morning he actually was heckling his opponent DJ young as he's getting warmed up in a somewhat precarious position but so much fun between these two so if you want to have some fun head to James ignata which is uh Instagram to catch.

All the behind the scenes action also I think someone needs to get James some pants if he's going to be in Minnesota the man's walking around in shorts and actually these two are quite the combination DJ young doing snow angels without a shirt on yesterday in about nine inches of snow these two no uh no conditions really uh getting in their.

Way just intimidation techniques by these two sending a message I like it there's that two-handed backhand of James ignatowicz plenty of shape and Power on that thing and for DJ young well he can do all sorts of different things with that forehand side and especially even there's been kind of a Nuance in terms.

Of shot selection for DJ young what he can be so dangerous with but what he can also be so consistent with is a big balancing point for him correct yeah he has almost too many options out there it seems at times you know he he can go to the The Unbelievable creative shot when all he needs is just a finding the open space so if he can get out of his own.

Way and make the right shot selection he'd be in much better place at times but he is just a fan favorite fun to watch so much creativity out there I think James will really like this indoor court no elements no wind he stays so low on his passing shots takes big cuts so without any wind moving that ball around he should be.

Looking good to pick a Target and go so for these two facing off against one another the winner of this would then face either Christian al-shawn or Rafa Hewitt on that side of the bracket in terms of some updates from around the men's singles draw Julian Arnold picked up a first round win as well he's the five seed here one minute and Naveen.

Beasley are facing off in a first round match out on the grandstand J.W Johnson as well 11-1 11-0 in his first Federico stack strood getting a buy so the top four seeds actually getting a buy Here For Men's Pro singles includes Stacks fruit Frazier devilier and egg not a witch.

I'm looking at some of those scores going though I think I'd kind of want a first round match get yourself a little bit more acclimated to your surroundings DJ young working with the carbon power series Selkirk on the other side of the net that lead tape placement kind of the uh three o'clock nine o'clock on down.

Getting more mass towards the bottom of that paddle what does that do it's a great question I just copied Ben John's and I put it on mine no but uh it's supposed to uh help with kind of the hands battle stuff uh lead tape towards the top should help with some of the thinking and softer game good luck gentlemen game one I thought.

You did it just because it looks cool I mean that too all right first serve ignotowicz versus Young acknowledge stays at the Baseline not able to work his way in but still finds the first point.

One zero closing in quick with a short return sliding to try and find the ATP I thought he had it not a witch formerly a top five high school recruit in the United States.

Delray Beach Florida good disguise there on that pass from DJ Young took a big swing looked like he was going to go after the ball then took some Pace off two two inside out.

To a piece and a side out for ignatowicz two two point again there's a premium on a deep return short return in the middle of the Court just makes you have to make that.

That decision too quick James able to hold it to the last second there and pick a spot three two better return there deep making James move have to come up with something right away.

Two three looking to close in and I think he actually might have had an opportunity on the ball prior however this one just getting a little away from it it's hard to maintain control as you're running on on the move with the volley.

Side out I think he just wanted to hit him but almost send a message early you're sending rough messages in the morning they're missed return so three apiece for the three verse 14. DJ young also former tennis player started playing.

Professional pickleball back in 2021 over 10 years of tennis experience prior to that was on the Spanish junior tennis circuit for years four three what there's that creativity we were talking.

About great disguise looking one way went the other five three sign up three five point and that's the danger of the.

Two-handed backhand so for folks at home maybe can you describe exactly how far I mean that's inches above the net oh it's unbelievable I mean he has he takes that left hand and really hold that bonus paddle for so long have to cover line but he can dip across in a second and what you're saying about the height.

Over the net in tennis for example passing shots a lot of times you want it you want to hit deep in the court all this stuff in pickleball it's really about height I don't care about depth I want to keep it low so the person the net can't attack six five.

so I don't trying to not let James do as much damage keeping that ball in the middle of the Court five six.

So I don't keeping that ball awfully no low to the court sometimes it's not about power it's taking the power off that gets you what you need six five points one two combination from ignatowich.

Incredible hands they're in balance everything in front of his body really important to note there which taken home a bronze at the Arizona Grand Slam Just A Week Ago Men's Pro singles.

Sign up DJ continually trying to find the forehand push to the backhand side seven five sign up and as often as we talk about the serve and return in singles that first volley is awfully important as well.

Five seven what on that the last second saw James's uh momentum moving to the right side holds it goes behind him really really nice stuff there from DJ Young six seven gotcha timeout server the score is seven.

Six so it's 7-6 ignata which is gonna take a bit of an offensive time out here to close out game number one introducing Skechers pickleball the official Footwear of the carvana PPA tour they're Ultra lightweight and responsive for incredible speed.

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James ignanowicz has a few bronze medals to his name on the carvana PPA tour however you have one question is can he get to that final here in Lakeville Minnesota the Vulcan Indoor national championships day one not a witch first is Young stretch backhand of TJ young.

8-6 point that spells trouble you missed a few of those wide earlier in this game one yeah I see what he's trying to do there go deep down the middle not give him the angle but great footwork there for the matter.

Which to create the angle action as he steps in this game becomes nearly impossible with a shortened return at this level of 100 percent points carving that ball around the corner James ignatowicz takes game number one.

Pretty good Wheels right there full display finding the shot up the line that's a beautiful angle here on the carvana PPA tour ignato which starts strong down there's only one.

thank you Championship cord holds DJ young and James ignatowicz and Men's Pro singles the first going the direction of ignata which although DJ young looks like he's.

Got a little bit of soccer skill to his name Cameron Irwin alongside Matt manasse so we saw a few shortened returns however you look back at this game one score even though it's 11-6 it was close even up into that 8-6 Mark between these two what's gonna be the difference for DJ young yeah DJ's gotta settle himself at.

The kitchen a lot of returns coming up the middle some have landed short I think that's where he fell short in that last game he's got to get the returns deep I think lean on that backhand side a little more when he's going to the United which is backhand James is going towards his backhand so see it earlier foreign.

that's about the only thing DJ young could do off that third zero zero excuse me fourth that would be a sky ball never seen one of those in pickleball one zero.

point yes so much Spin and topspin on that serve TJ young trying to cut it take a little more risk but then if you don't time it perfectly sit short tune again you're at ignada which is whim there with the forehand goes just full body for ignatowich.

Off the net cord three zero Point timeout help along the way 4-0 so with four straight four ignato which DJ young decides to take a time out here with the villier on his side thank you.

Foreign foreign what are you guys doing we're getting our duper tattoos you know it changes every match right oh.

Duper keeping tattoo removers in business by updating after every match download the app and claim your free profile today can you change that six to an eight I sure can try a 4-0 start in game two for James acknowitz versus TJ young Cameron I went alongside Matt manasse walking you.

Through the action this morning in Lakeville Minnesota so I don't gotta return there from DJ Young making him move out to the side there forcing him to take that backhand up the line four point so often we talk about the return but my.

Next question is do you work with several athletes what are some drills maybe after this point that you can utilize to try and help the return is it's become so critical in singles yeah I mean you just have to hit a lot of returns it's about getting getting turned immediately picking a spot and then really leaning on and getting.

Forward leaning on that ball pushing it through and picking a spot I'll recall the score there's not much specific technique and except finding that square paddle phase and pushing through I think one of the other elements too is.

As much as it looks like these returns are on the Move there's still a steadiness to their footwork even though they're brushing through this ball or punching this ball back and yet still finding their feet to be able to get to the kitchen Point getting the ball down first to the.

Knees of ignatovich yeah I'd like to see DJ take more risks on his own serve go after the serve go for deep deep search so you can get some short returns out of now which side out all into your point plenty on that one it's a double-edged sword.

Four two side out DJ doing a great job taking that return early you shorten the back swing found it in front of himself didn't give acknowledge any time at all to settle after the search.

Side out you can see just how much pressure is applied on the side of the return or if you can find either shape distance length or a great angle and then the ability to get to that kitchen line right off the bat 100 four two and there's a double-edged sword like you talked about as well with this deserve same goes with the return.

Those two playing alongside one another ferments Pro doubles and also I think uh Jay davilia did the work to get them actually to the facility this morning as there was plenty of snow on the ground there was images of him shoveling about two feet of snow just to get to the car and the car out of the where they were staying.

And interesting too these two both have the availability to not only work alongside one of their Men's Pro doubles but the camaraderie here to kind of try and figure out exactly how to take on James ignatovich yeah James is going after massive serves right now and I like I said I like DJ trying to take it early trying to give them less time but.

Again these shirts have so much spins don't hit them perfectly you're gonna risk missing the return like you did the last point just made his singles final debut in 2023 just this season alone a fantastic singles player in his own right facing off against stack strood the Arizona Grand Slam.

In Just A Week Ago two point and that's the third that's gone his Direction six two point you see NADA which now going for even.

Bigger serves seven two firefighters these two just going head to head at the kitchen that was incredible eight two where I smile between both of them to close out that point.

Not a witch's serve has done some major damage here in game two nine two side out appears as if DJ Young's starting to make him work a little bit more heavily on that backhand side two nine point yeah pulling them wide to that.

Backhand not letting him get his feet set I think you can go to the bathroom as much as you want as long as you make sure he's off balance once he's set with his feet then you're in a world of trouble and brushing too great two-handed backhand Strokes for ignatowicz from the.

Kitchen one just a little bit too far side out for ignatowich what let's see JJ young again just so hard to control that pace bunting that ball back your touch has to be absolutely perfect on the return match point for ignatovich sign out.

But when he finds it it's getting him in the point oh yeah kudos to DJ there from settings settling his feet breathing talanced on that shot and there's the clothes out very reminiscent to a uh first game rally a little frustration on this forehand if I'm gonna go down I'm gonna show you that I can hit the ball harder than you.

Can four take that from DJ Young side out short return but sent just back to the feet of James ignanowicz well handled 10-4 RTP is just short so ignato is picking up game number two as well as the match 11-6 11-4 the number three seed is.

Moving on OH Close from DJ Young 11 6 11 4 we'll be back with more from Championship Court throwing star pickleball paddle answers the angel question of how to get paddle speed and control with the same paddle and one grip and this is it pro XR gives you more spin greater control and.

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Has that's a hyperbole that thing he uses to warm up and stay loose before he throws it down that thing 20 feet now uses on course between shots oh that's money that thing Robin and I use before and after are on the bike so we can ride harder tomorrow that thing erlin Holland uses before smashing it into the back of the net.

Thing that's for everyone the hyperbole from hyper ice give your body the daily relief it's been asking for the flying Frenchman takes Championship court next Jay defilier versus Ben Newell in a second round match of Jay davilia getting up by so this just being.

His first on the day camera went alongside Matt manassi for the carvana PPA tour men's Pro singles action and as much as we've been talking about the men's draw the women's singles draw starts in just a few short hours and an interesting name also popping into the mix as Anna bright is now playing in the singles draw we have yet to see her so.

Ignatowicz and her both heading into the singles draw you gotta love that fantastic Cal standout for tennis and a dangerous singles player own right she's been taking some time away from the singles game as it's pretty difficult on the body but thrilled to see her in the draw here in Minnesota but these two Ben Newell the Lefty working with the carbon.

Paddle and we'll say he's gonna be the fan favorite considering this is the Vulcan Indoor national championships and he's wrapped by Vulcan Jay devilier the number two seed who just found his first Final in 2023 four days ago now in Minnesota give me a little bit of a Lowdown on Jay devilier's game from your perspective.

Yeah yeah I'm more Frenchman all the creativity all the athleticism in the world has really been playing while the last six it's like he's lost a little bit of weight he's moving around the court faster.

Um great one-handed back and I think that was a little bit one minute passing shots and singles that seem to improve this is a tough matchup though opening against the Ben Noor who is can be a dangerous player out there also with a one-hander lefty explosive the biggest Cavs on tour congrats Ben knew on that.

Um but I'm really excited to see this one this is kind of both guys have so much Flair and character personality to them it should be a great matchup a fantastic Collegiate player as well as Jay davilier was been playing alongside his brother Zach in doubles collegiately.

Picked up several wins as you look through their their win record is pretty substantial it's been exact Newell Jay devilier having played at Wichita State where he still currently resides a lot of good players in that region oh yeah trains with Pat Smith in Kansas as well.

Game one time is in zero zero point a tough serve to start for Jay davilier 1-0 point make it too straight two zero.

signed up zero two say no both guys trying to find their Rhythm here two zero and I missed there from Ben Newell and again Jay devilier has been dangerous in.

2023 still looking for his first PPA gold title in men's singles action took silver just a week ago four zero he also took silver at this tournament a year ago he tries to chop that ball down yeah you'd like to see him push through.

That volley a little more lets the ball bounce before finding a shoulder height overhead four zero so Ben Newell is gonna look to baby take advantage of one area of Jay defilier's game where might that be you have to get.

Him off balance to that backhand side like what he tried to do there return into the backhand Corner pickleball just so hard to really create Spin and pace so 6-0 things working awfully quickly for Jay defilier.

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Hey Cameron how's it going almost done perfect can't wait to see your number duper because ratings shouldn't be a surprise download the app and claim your free profile today I haven't even started yet oh years ago Jay davilier facing off against Ben Newell these two have met just once.

Before outside the PPA tour and it actually went to a third game as Jay davilia dropped game one and then picked up games two and three 15 seconds the Ben duel has the ability to push Jay davilier however it's been almost all the flying Frenchman to start this game one up 6-0.

Point up into that last contact Ben Newell had complete control total control sliced that time instead of a bunt eight zero and you can just watch the hangers there's a great shot from Ben Newell across court but the backhand of Jay.

Davilier is just so mean even on that two-hander you can see how he held that with a nice disguise we've seen a few of those and I think that's a product of the indoor game here some of those serves just going ricocheting off the paddles what.

I'm gonna repeat somebody in the kitchen line too it's almost as if you have to have them completely outstretched like Jay deviliated there try it out yeah that's the tough part here for Ben Noel he has to go after these balls a little bit more take more risks but with.

These bigger swings you're gonna have missions just like that one all right 9-2 side out the Newell's starting to get hot here starting to feel a little bit better we're trying to find some momentum probably propelling him into game two.

Because he just misses the serve long he's got to do something to find a little rhythm even if it's some fake emotion pump himself up show them hey Jay I'm here side out Gotta Love The Hustle from change Affiliated though two nine.

Sign up another side out for the number two seed a little bit short serve there Jay able to get into the kitchen line very quickly nine two and a heads up play there as Jay devilier jumps the corner yeah Ben trying a different tactic that.

Point returns stayed back the game down not sure if that's gonna work long term though so at ten to two Jay de villier just one away you mentioned Ben Newell may be staying a little bit more Baseline it's hard to beat the length of Jay davilier at the kitchen yeah 100 I mean even.

Staying back there yes you may lengthen the rallies but at the end of the day it's just a slower death um you'd like to see Ben really take a tomb come in force Jay to hit the passing shot I just think at the end of the game you're down 10-2 he's looking for anything to kind of change to change the momentum get Jay to think out here.

Up with an eight-point advantage at this point so Jesse Irvin on the sideline with him there giving him some advice time is in probably like 10 minutes knowing Jesse that's probably true he does get it done 11 to 2 in game number one so it's been interesting to watch this Men's Pro singles in the.

Beginning points of our day our top seeds are looking really solid against some of their lower seated opponents to get us started doors open here on the carvana PPA tour you don't get the moments everyone talks about the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills.

Running it over and over crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium every winning shot 's right here paddle tech let's go again.

Foreign not yet buddy Ben Newell the South spot out of Rockhurst University is going to look to respond against Jay devilier who picked up game one in men's Pro singles action you got Tyler Lewin sitting Courtside as.

Well time is in zero zero he's trying to pick up a bit of a scouting report so a tough serve gets Ben Newell on the board first one zero signed up Tyler loong also Lefty probably seeing how Jay is adapting to.

That style today it's not in the men's Pro singles draw but we'll be playing Men's Pro doubles scouting isn't a one day thing you know you could be looking for the next event always gotta keep an eye out on your competition I wonder when he's gonna.

Actually take the court himself this was the event to do it no doubt zero one taking some bad shots Ben Newell 1-1 favorable balance for Newell Newell in the background.

Point those two recently married congratulations to them two one sign up that was a big forehand from Jewel if that's gonna go you're in trouble one two yeah Ben the news game is just so high.

Risk High reward right now missing a lot of these passing shots just taking two bigger cuts on balance with his footwork right now come on it's in a handful of times again already the the tough service pressure it seems like indoors that ball is just not coming up.

Point timeout receiving team the score is four two so a timeout called on the side of Ben Newell here as he just dropped a few points and trailing by two to Jay davilier foreign what are you guys doing we're getting our duper tattoos you know it changes every match right.

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foreign trailing by two in game two decides to take a time out to get reset against Jay Davila you mentioned you've got to take some risks and Newell is doing that right now if he starts to turn a couple of those could be dangerous.

devillier nearly got himself back into that one look to be the aggressor here but then find himself on defense yeah maybe an unnecessary risk there from Jay devilier so I know 4-2 side out looking for the Cross Court.

Winner and Jay's still assessing whether that ball was in or out here's a look just drifts wide fraction good call oh excuse me that ball was two overturned so five two Jay devilier gets the ball side out two five.

oh the big close for Jay davilier with a cross step backhand side getting some extra Leverage five two slipping and trying to do a little something uh specialist band Newell he gets a 10 out of 10 for creativity.

I'll tell you that one you know that was hitting the highlights on social if that had landed six two correction that was a side out two six slide out I'd like to see Ben go after some bigger.

Shows there that sort of kind of sitting in the middle of the Court along Jay plenty of time to lean on that return get it deep poses well up at the net six two point make it 7-2 now for Jay defilier we do have a few match-ups to look out for this afternoon Christian Alshon will.

Face off against James ignato which is Alshon just took down Rafa Hewitt up side up I'll Sean is one lookout for this this whole year but especially this event has fallen to Ben Johns a few times I think his his turn has got to be wide here knowing that Ben is not in his way this.

Time how about Federico staxford and Jay davili Ar actually Jay's first and foremost as well as James ignotowicz 7-2 who hasn't put himself in as many single straws so you wonder the number of times those two have faced off what.

Another point for Jay davilier big overhead eight two not as sharp as you can get from Jay davilio I don't know if that was a mess handled pretty easily by Jay de villier so at nine to two Jay devilier has put.

Himself in a fantastic position to close out game number two take a look back at this replay interesting too in terms of the ball hitting the location of the paddle you saw it there on the replay so often we always talk about sweet spots on paddles right and how that kind of changes with the amount of spin coming your direction.

And where you might be able to find a good spot on your paddle and singles is much harder because you're that much more extended throughout the play or that's just great control on the move from devilier wow yeah singles you're just always more off balance physically so any spot on the.

Paddle before at some point oh Newell with so much effort on the last play Drops the second to Jay devilier the number two Z EE there's a look Jay devilier on the final Point Match Point going his Direction he'll be moving on in men's Pros singles action residing on the same side as.

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Baby I use it I use it I use it I use it I use it hello MD acute relief cream well we are up for a treat because Jesse Irvin yes you are seeing this correctly she is playing Pearl women's singles this has only happened once before and it was outside the carvana PPA tour back in 2021. she is actually playing women's Pro singles action the Fantastic tennis.

Former tennis stand out will face off against Yana gretchkina AKA Yana Newell as well who was just up watching her husband play on Championship court so Jesse Irvin she could be dangerous in terms of singles we have no idea what to expect I've seen her out Piccadilly uh training some singles you know for Major League pickleball but uh she probably.

Just wants some more matches maybe work on her Fitness a little bit Yana gretchkina obviously well versed in singles very quick out there probably the faster of the two players out here obviously Jesse Irvin with the more power but should be a great matchup without a doubt and so as we look now to the.

Women's Pro singles action a look around the draw you have Catherine parento in town as well as Leia Jansen she is currently the number one seed uh David Zay is also there Salome DaVita is the four seed Irina tarashenko is also in the house as the three seed and then some other names that definitely make you perk up in terms of what you will.

See You've Got Anna bright also in the mix says the seven Brooke Buckner as well picked up a first round win so she will face Irina tarashenko that will be three versus six and the winner of this match just about to take place on Championship Court will face off against Salome Davide Lauren stradman the eighth seed picked.

Up her win as well so she will face Leia Jansen next so Jesse Irvin and Yana gregkinah for women's Pro singles action the men are quickly along in terms of their draw and their placement my question is with Annalee Waters out of the mix on the women's side who do you think could take this one.

Could it be Leia could it be Anna bright oh boy I mean Anna bright it's interesting to see her in a draw again she kind of found her way in picked while playing good singles before focusing more on the doubles game so she has plenty of game I played a couple singles points with Arena tereschenko out in Mesa during the Super Bowl.

Is playing very well but uh how many of those did you win I want enough I want enough um oh one enough to win a game or one enough to just say that you want enough we didn't even play a game but yeah it's probably better for you it's better for all of us um.

But it's Lillian Jansen I'll be playing the best on the on the women in the field uh right now parento with the uh lost to Russia last week as well so but Catherine parento you also have to think back uh to Desert Ridge where Catherine parento faced off against Annalee Waters in the final that was some of the best singles action I've.

Seen from Catherine parento her physicality was on point her lateral motion she just seemed to stay in points a bit longer against Annalee Waters actually took a game off of Annalee Waters in that final it was a fantastic one of course you can go back and watch that here on the carvana PPA tour as each of these days is archived for you.

Online as well so interesting to note too Anna bright will face off against Catherine parento in a first round match as she had somebody withdraw from the bracket so that will be her first match and that's quite a tall task for Anna bright and Catherine parento to have to face off right away parento has really focused on the off-court stuff a lot.

More than most players traveling now with full-time physio as well so that's been really fun to see kind of her journey getting in Tip-Top shape really taking pickleball as serious as it needs to be taken so love to see that from her there's a look at Jesse Irvin game one representing a few of her sponsors.

Including fizzy as well as engage so I had a great first return for Yannick Regina yeah I think you're going to see Gretch again a moving Irvin a lot around the court that's the one question mark here is can Jesse move the way she needs to.

And we'll have the answer here shortly side out zero zero chkina just missing on the two-hand backhand originally out of Vladimir Russia.

Currently resides in Kansas City Missouri one of the fun things I think to watch with Yana gretchkina whether it's in singles or in women's Pro Devils action just the amount of chances that she takes how much she trusts her own game.

And her ability it's really fun to watch her go for certain shots right now she's showing some prowess at the kitchen line with some nice volleys yeah she's so fun out there to watch it's pork plug fast.

Small but can crack the ball what chops that ball down attended the University of Missouri Kansas City she won back-to-back championships in 2018 and 2019. upside out looks like having a little bit of a tough time on that backhand.

Side second early Miss one two side out 2-1.

And she corrects it a couple nice backhand Strokes to get her in good position at the net Diana really exposing Jesse Irvine's movement around port 31. what makes Jesse so good and doubles is her ability to really take control of the space around her as she's getting in.

A low position to defend and reset singles obviously way more Court to cover poses another challenge here side out Jesse Irvin again trying to find her way through the transition zone getting herself established.

It's got to be hard it's a little bit of an unknown for Yannick richkina facing us again facing off against Jesse Irvin gotta figure out just in these early parts of the game how you want a player yeah you know her strengths on a doubles Court you know if she's set both sides or tough backhand and four and you're just not sure in doubles are in singles.

Rather what side to pick on slide out Gretch Kina really just taken the court in the last year or so really she said testing the waters and figuring out exactly where she wants to be in terms of her Partnerships 1-4 there's the infamous backhand from Jesse.

Irvin that's what we're used to seeing Jesse up on the kitchen line holding her ground being balanced that's when we see the best out of her Jesse just four days ago was in the finals for the Arizona Grand Slam playing alongside Jackie kawamoto in.

Women's Pro doubles action he took home the silver there I really like that new partnership a lot straight away side out got shot by gretchkina what we call a whoopsie 2-4 now what she wanted to do.

At all find out 4-2 side out Jesse Irvin again continues to find that backhand side of Yannick Rich Kina point.

three four a great decision by Gretch Kina to get herself to the net I think that's one of the most challenging Parts at times in the game of singles is the decision of is my shot well enough to get me up to the kitchen line you go at the wrong.

Time and you're you're gonna put yourself in some hot water correct yeah you're a Sitting Duck if you go up at the wrong time or you're just you don't have conviction in getting up there three four five out I'm really liking the volleys.

From gretchkina adding just enough pressure as well as location but not necessarily doing too much 100 yeah I'd like to see her not hesitate just come forward take it to Jesse move her around expose that movement.

Point if Jesse can come up with a Goods then you re-evaluate go to the towel come up with a new game plan six three and sometimes the hustle pays off that it does for Jesse Irvin.

point I like that there from Jess Urban as well coming forward herself I think if she's passive and stays back and leaves it up to Yana to make a mistake it's too much up in the air please to take aggression come forward.

Fight out and Yana actually as I look through some of her records she actually has taken some time away from the singles as well having just played in the last Arizona Grand Slam for women's singles action previous to that her last event had been in Orlando back in December of 2022 so having only played in one now this.

Her second in four events four six side out foreign let's go side to side let's see how you do ah working Jesse Irvin to the forehand.

And backhand side one after another point and another point for Johanna Gretch Kina man those are tough when you're on the Move volley forehand or backhand to be able to pull that ball across court and.

Cross your body not easily done from an outstretched position so Jesse Irvin decides to slow things down but already early we got a chance to see Jesse Irvin on the singles Court she's got some game foreign.

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Gallery but it looks best in our signature glass Blue Moon One of a Kind every time timeout and Jana Gretch Kina in Pro women's singles action here in Lakeville Minnesota on the carvana PPA tour camera nerwin alongside Matt manasse Jesse Irvin on the singles Court.

Now we're playing some tennis upside out and I like it yeah it's a little different from Jesse Irvin but nice job in terms of location keeping anagram off the kitchen line where she has been rather destructive in this first game.

I like that though from gretchkina electing to come forward first she had the ball in her paddle she makes that she wins the point I think she'd take that every day well and chose a nice ball to come in and as well as Jesse Irvin hit that off her back foot from the Baseline.

six seven and some pressure applied I wondered if she was going to go for the kitchen after that forehand ball well placed into the corner sometimes it's all it takes it's just your presence at the net seven all so Jesse Irvin out of the timeout looking.

Steady point and that's what we haven't seen from karachikina at the kitchen early in this game one she has been fantastic but she's found a few errors there now so she decides to stay back and then finds herself at the kitchen line just Loft a little bit more on that.

Volley a nice job by her yeah not too much cause for concern yet she's putting herself in winning positions she has to make that final ball side out and aside out again for Jesse Irvin as.

She threads the needle here Johnny gretchkina protecting the line-to-line shot but still just enough room for Irvin side out what you don't realize about some of these volleys too is just the amount of spin that's coming their Direction and.

How far they're reaching it from some of the angles it's tough to tell but those well strike thirds makes this game much more difficult it was the first nice cover but again Jana gretchkina doing a nice job peppering the extended volley great two shot pass there.

Didn't go for the winner on the first one just to open up the court just enough handling the new pattern well here in just the last few points as Jesse Irvin continues to try and find the Deep corner on the backhand side for Grace akina.

Yana up now by one at one point she had a three-point Advantage she looks to close in game one first and I'm a professional pickleball player my daughter Anna Lee is my devil's partner and her 16th birthday is coming up be great to get her a car and carvana has helped us make that dream.

Come true they have thousands of options and I'm a mom so of course I want Annalee to have something safe Anna Lee has absolutely no idea about this car so I told her we're going to carvana's vending machine for a photo shoot I think this belongs to you oh my god my gosh happy Sweet 16 Annalee experience it for yourself at. just a one-point game here in game number one for Jesse Irvin and Jana Gretch Kina in Pro women's singles action on the carvana PPA tour.

And there's a nice volley and seems with a little bit more emphasis from yannica I love that you went to the two hands there she needs to continue doing that being aggressive up there at the kitchen line that she does in doubles needs to bring that to the singles Court Tina so after the time out she closes.

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Game one was off the close between these two competitors Jesse Irvin and Jana gretchkina Cameron Irwin and Matt manasse in the booth for you for women's Pro singles this is our first look into the women's Pro singles draw a smaller draw here in Minnesota but plenty of room for opportunity that's what we're gonna be saying all.

Weekend long is some of our traditional top seeds are not in the house but some others looking to make a name here at the Vulcan Indoor national championships what a shot from Jesse Irvin right at the foot of gretchkina 0-1 it's fun to watch these two strike the.

Ball right now just some clean Strokes from the Baseline oh yeah and you already see gretchina game two here way more relaxed being more aggressive it looks like winning game one kind of let the guard down a little bit now she can go after the ball thank you.

There again with that two-handed backhand up at the kitchen line we saw in game one when she was missing some of those balls going through one-hander boy I mentioned earlier on that yanagracquino was a fantastic tennis player at the Collegiate ranks but she actually found tennis back when she was about five years old and so The Story.

Goes her mom were out for a walk and they passed by some tennis courts one day and she just was relentless saying mom you've got to get me in a lesson you've got to get me in a lesson next thing you know all right her life has become all tennis and now all pickleball I love it.

4-0 side out thank you out of Gretch Kino you saw her look back behind her to the stands that's where Ben Newell currently exists so probably having some conversation between game one and game two in terms of strategy side out.

Yeah I think she thought she had that ball at cross-court angle she's feeling pretty good game too looking for a little bit more of that Slice on the forehand side that ball with a bit of side spin going the wrong direction zero four.

yeah already you can see the confidence from Yana grichkina just on her ability to attack some of these balls and the location 4-0 appointment is much better aggression from the kitchen line taking full cuts.

At those balls knowing just pose her will on Jesse's movement right now five zero I love the two in the back end up there point Fiona Gretch Kina adds an additional 6-0 now.

he's coming after Jesse Irvin here in game two yeah what a great read That's Just textbook catching Jesse off balance there open court winner 7-0 now has come to play in game two.

Point eight zero point shoot Jesse here just need to find glimpse of Hope side out.

zero nine great touch from early in game one Jesse Urban had found some success on the backhand side of Gretch Kina and even there was one rally early in the second as well where she found some success.

She looks to go there now Christiana looks like she's ironed things out though doing a much better job of covering the angle when she is opening up the court following that ball a lot of players go straight to the middle of the Court instead of following the ball and cutting off the proper.

Angles it's good to see that from gretchkina from the splits Gretch Kino wins game two and the match 11 8 11-0 I'm speechless not a problem for Gretch Kina she was deadly in game number two she brought it from the Baseline and especially up at the kitchen line finding that two-handed backhand that.

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Getting juicy bro telling me it's all Sunshine inside but the frigid temperatures at Lakeville Minnesota have really put a little bit of a struggle in terms of getting these athletes on court however the one that's about to take the court here at the Vulcan Indoor national.

Championships is looking to make a splash J.W Johnson will face off against Federico Stack Street in quarterfinal action on Men's Pro singles Cameron Irwin alongside Matt manasse at J.W Johnson is a dangerous singles player and dangerous I cannot believe this match is a quarterfinal yeah it's crazy that should be at least a semi if not a.

Final um I'm excited about this one there's a look at J.W Johnson just 21 years of age he made a final just four days ago alongside his sister Georgia Johnson for mixed Pro doubles at the carvana Arizona Grand Slam out in the desert and they played phenomenally well taking.

Down Ben Johns and Annalee Waters prior to making it into that final they faced them in the quarterfinals but that man has a dangerous wrist you see it so often in terms of his doubles action but what will we see here in terms of singles action facing off against the winner from four days ago yeah I mean he has it all he obviously.

Has the quick hands but Chris as you said but his movement he works on the beach down in Florida on that sandal foreign coming up after this foreign.

thank you oh prickles you always gotta watch out.

For prickles welcome back to the carvana PPA tour Canada run alongside Matt manasse as he just has a slight chuckle that thing has become awfully Infamous as we shall put it JW Johnson facing off against the number one seed now in quarter final action Federico Stack Street is on the far side of the court and he is somebody that has just.

Been lights out in 2023 through the first three events to his name to this point two Silvers and a gold and that championship match versus Jay davilier on Championship Sunday in the desert 11 to 11-0 just remarkable and you look at Jay davilia he has a fantastic singles player but fed he can't miss no just a beat down and.

Then and that kind of results been a long time coming for him the last 18 months as I said he's been playing great singles obviously doubles game has improved a ton too but physically he has it all he can do the cat and mouse he can rip pass his shots off both sides this match is just going to be about execution because both guys can really.

Do it all well if you have been looking at the draw you've been hopeful for this one it's definitely been circled as these two two of our top Pros facing off against one of one another here on Championship Court Federico stackstrued hits some angles that is just remarkable especially some of those shorter angles.

Uh when he has his opponent even at the kitchen line you gotta watch out for oh yeah yeah it's not just power it's going to be the cat and mouse off that Yola paddle he's creating all types of angles so can't really protect against and guard anything you have to be ready for all angles out here hey W Johnson like I mentioned earlier.

On has spent some time away from the singles Court in 2023 however we're happy to see him in the singles draw here in Minnesota has a little bit of a different style to his singles game he's got a little bit different style all around right he's he's wearing the pants always very methodical he's not.

Going to give you a ton of emotion out there but he's going to give you everything in terms of how big he plays huge foreign huge serve and that backhand kind of bunt as he comes forward is dangerous yeah actually I love watching Jay W Johnson play Pickleball whether it's in singles doubles or mixed I think he has.

An incredible kind of way and mentality about him so stoic in his approach but also I don't know if anyone caught the uh fun play and um how emotive he was playing alongside his sister as she continued to play very well last week point that ball was out so ball out of bounds.

As Federico stack extrude excuse me this is just off the net cord so zero zero still be interesting to see where fed but goes with some of those returns will it be on that backhand side that's where we found a lot of success against Jay devilier he was pinpointing that.

Signed up so early side outs between these two zero zero sign out zero zero and the first point gets put on the.

Board by Federico stackstude both players cover so much space there at the kitchen line one really gonna be a cat Mouse game to find these openings so I know and that's been one of the areas that I think it's been so fun to watch Fed some of those Inside Out shots.

Whether it's from the baseline or within even the transition zone there Jay Doug just going heads up you have the ability to do that if you hit it well enough right that isn't as attackable one yeah singles is such a balance of the hard third shots to the soft right to.

Finding that you know to open up those angles and going in between smoothly is a very tough balance so I know a pro shot just popped up from JW Johnson one two what and again the assessment period taking.

Place for all of our athletes now playing an indoor facility where the game is played a little bit quicker ball stays a little bit more true in an indoor facility as well we've already seen so many serves kind of just been duffed because the ability to control the pace the power to.

Placement yeah indoors the temperature is going to stay the same all day long and the wind is going to stay the same all day long so once you find your serve and find that Rhythm you can just go back to it over and over and over again.

You know there's been an argument to say all pickleball should be played indoors and I'm actually the opposite I come from the beach volleyball world where I think you start to create great players who handle conditions better than others 100 and I think it creates a different way of winning and we've seen it from the Olympic ranks as well in the beach.

Volleyball world it's been really fun to watch you have great wind players you have great condition players different types of sand in court I think it makes it interesting boy ball just long off Federico Stack Street I think there's probably a mile per hour.

Wind gust limit that there should be outside I understand it's not the same game and the ball isn't the same clearly but it definitely has an effect with their plane and 20 mile an hour winds upside up they call it the great equalizer as J.W.

Johnson drops a side out to Federico Stack Street but off to a hot start with a three-point advantage two five cjw really going after Federico's backhand right away each point getting him moving to a corner.

point and fed even pushed you you can see even on that backhand side how far pushed he is in terms of his court position for the return to find the forehand and finds the line JW Johnson seven two.

Seven two these guys don't waste any ball there's not one ball that doesn't have a purpose to get the person moving to get the most balance highest level the margins are so small that every shot really does matter.

Foreign Johnson so in terms of Court positioning I'm curious too to some we talk about it but there's real Nuance is it necessarily that you're just following the ball all the time or is it really relative to Scouting Report it's it's both so you.

Have to obviously cover the ball cover the angle to give yourself the highest probability of winning the point but then if you play Someone Like A James Donato which you can flick the back in from anywhere that poses a different threat than playing a Jay de villier who has more of a linear one-handed backhand so a little bit of a balance between the.

Two in terms of The Scouting Report but JW Johnson how that's the lead here OS first the official sock sponsor of pickleball stay in the game with OS first socks with purpose and compression bracing designed for Comfort injury prevention and improved recovery.

OS first is the official sock brand of pickleball and the PPA tour visit to learn more I hear the music better he goes stack extrude the number one seed and the gold medalist from just a few days ago is trailing here in game.

One to J.W Johnson Men's Pro singles two seven Jay Doug says that is no good lightning fast and he's got a big smirk on his face we've got a few other camera angles for us to look through and man JW Johnson love that one Tit for Tat Stack Street gets the better of him.

Not tuna row well I I I'm down for some more of those let's go boys it's gonna make it fun it's stacked screwed quick and compact with that forehand you notice the last two service points from Federico staxford moves around that back and immediately defined.

A foreign so in that timeout maybe said I gotta find more forehands get my feet going and try to create some offense here J Dub's doing a nice job in terms of the depth of his returns on that backhand side side out.

That is Infamous drop yep does not miss that too often I really loved his forehand before that hold it to the last second no idea where it's gonna go right and that's the serve that we've been seeing throughout the day from just about every player on the court to this point four seven.

Point J dub laughing there I think he knows that I might have been trailing wide extrude again he trailed two to seven and then called a timeout it is now six seven yeah again doing a much better job of moving around that back and not letting.

The ball settle there what and it's seven all yeah he's just made a great footwork adjustment seven seven so the next question is is what can JW Johnson do does he try and find the forehand or does he try and surprise him in that regard is that even worth it.

Because that thing's so dangerous yeah I think you have to I think you have to keep him honest if he's sitting moving around and finding that footwork look around back ends you've got to keep him honestly go to the forehand and the continuance from Stack Street there just when you think the point is one it.

Is not seven seven so instead he returns middle and the third is long side up just seven seven Point surprise there J dub could have.

Won that point earlier I thought a ball that sat up Let it bounce let Federer go back in the point really good composure that a reset seven continue oh my J.W Johnson with a nasty Cross Court angle that was Mick nasty oh my gosh had to.

Say it tied up I have no words seven nine Federico stature now with a shot Seven Nine he closed the the Five Point margin he faced earlier now it's just one it's really going after that serve as we.

Talked about so nine all as JW Johnson misses the forehand volley all right and he was looking for it right oh yeah going to that forehand side it's now 10-9 as that return is into the top of the net a risky but yet very solid leave from JW.

Johnson JW does such a good job of covering that angle that he knows if he can't reach it it probably is going to go wide it's very smart of him not to even go after that ball gets another shot at game point here Federico holding that line seeing who's.

Going to make the move first ten nine really really smart anticipation sign up and there's the risk reward we talked about earlier gonna go for big servers but once in a while J.W Johnson just pulled one out of his.

Pocket I have no idea how he got his paddle on this that's just to open a prayer type shot that worked that was incredible sign up so he ties things up at 10 a piece must win by two I'm still in awe from that last shot that was absolutely.

tied up we talked about in pickleball keeping the ball out in front all the time that thing was about two feet behind him all wrist flick unbelievable shot what make it 11 10 the missed return from staxford.

11 10. J.W Johnson just walked the net for a paddle tap you saw the eyebrow race he thought that was the game ball called out of bounds from staxter I might challenge that if I were him if nothing else at least ask yeah yeah artificial.

11 all the old junior tennis are you sure 11 11. here's a look at that shot just I'll leave that one for the viewers at home point and stacked screwed now with another game point opportunity as he finds the.

Line 12 11. that Ball's out of bounds sign up Stacks should go into the towel each and every time JW had a game point now he's got some work to do.

Covering the ATP what an event from Johnson just cat and mouse at its finest anything you can do I can do better what J dub gets two another game point opportunity for him 13-12.

point game and ball out of bounds it goes the direction of the eighth seed and the distance my goodness 14 to 12 first the number one seed and the gold medalist from just four days ago JW Johnson has come to play here in Minnesota seeing Skechers pickleball official.

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Game one Federico Stack Street and J.W Johnson in game two action just about to get started JW Johnson taking game one against the number one seed 14-12 welcome back to the carvana PPA tour the fourth stop on tour we went all the way across the country from Arizona to Minnesota in one week's.

Time so too quick for Federico stack extrude in game one J.W Johnson doing a really nice job on the backhand side and not just with his one-handed backhand but notably his two-handed backhand was doing some damage three zero.

Sign up clean finish great ball there from JW yeah the two-handed he was able to really hold that to the last second pull it cross goal line just the ability to hold it made Federico very uncomfortable up there at the kitchen yeah and even through the transition zone that one locked it just a bit too much.

we do play two out of three games to 11. ready zero sign up sometimes you can hold that forehand too long yourself not know where to go a little indecision there from Federico zero three.

side out see how much he flattened that out JW Johnson had multiple game points in game number one as did Federico Stacks true zero was it at most a five point margin in game one side up the JW's ability to flatten out that back end is actually something to watch.

Here throughout the rest of this match he waits till the ball gets to the perfect height and then just comes right behind it side out we always talk about how stoic J.W Johnson is if you don't think that man is has got some competitive energy that will come out of him you just saw it.

There 4-0 find out zero four there's the flick from JW Johnson one four side out.

Four one side out JW Johnson continues to return to the Deep middle Stack Street is trying to short hop those thirds and it's not going his Direction no he has not made one forehand there the last couple points so something to note moving forward.

My back inflict is something to note there too that was an amazing shot well each time jdub has come in kind of on that backhand side cutting that he's cutting it back to the Federico Stack Street backhand side so he took an early jump there in terms of anticipation and that's what's gonna happen in that regard opening up some space to the.

Forehand one four and the same thing Cuts Cross Court backhand side inside out let's see the amount of reach from Stack Street four one side out.

Timeout receiving continue to go there until Federico can prove him otherwise so J.W Johnson seems like he knows exactly what to do on the return now he's got to find some offense just one way.

There's only one foreign Federico stacked screwed a game two action versus JW Johnson here on.

Championship court for Men's Pro singles women and men both playing now into the afternoon in Minnesota and there's a difference just early for JW Johnson out of that timeout in that transition zone on the backhand side one of the conversations we had during commercial break or what are some of the.

Things you can do do you maybe drop one just to keep him honest up the line or maybe you actually fire the ball and the other thing you can do is go inside out find a forehand just like Federico Stack Street yeah that's the first point back he went to the forehand the second Point goes to the back end but made Federico lean so he's not quite.

Ready for it a little bit more Pace too yep so problem solving on full display for J.W Johnson four three all right stacked route now up five three five.

Three and Jay Dove again with the smile from both of them speed up right into the body Jacob well prepared again Cameron to your point just not as balanced on that second ball not waiting for it anymore great change of uh four.

Five speed and spin there by J dub side up I think he thinks he could have Let It Go just a second longer jdub was on top of this tries to carve it's so hard to get the feet right so tough especially when you had to move.

The entire length of the Court four five out so the drop to the backhand side and then the fifth just missed hand on the hit for JW Johnson five four side out it's really struggled with that forehand.

All game long more so just out in the middle of the Court though and now JW Johnson again finding some success with some more Pace to the forehand side and I really liked how he didn't let the.

Return settle to his back in there moved around and used the footwork to create space and time for himself and now he's got things working just about every direction mixing up his shot selection finding the edges of the court on both sides.

side up five six I know great execution and shot selection again from JW Johnson six five point.

drops to the forehand J dub staying at home there seven five so now the question for me as J.W Johnson finds the eighth point is what can staxter do does he go to the forehand side of J.W Johnson because.

Right now it seems as if J dub is wildly comfortable on the backhand side getting to the net applying pressure and finding just about every shot that he wants to yeah I mean not so not even so much about strategy it's just moment we see as the time out here needed because JW is running away with this finding his rhythm doesn't seem to matter where the.

Return is going right now it's just all in the direction of Jada all the momentum on the side of JW Johnson foreign a lot of us miss hit the ball I know I missed hit the ball a lot um.

thank you what are you guys doing we're getting our duper tattoos you know it changes every match right oh duper keeping tattoo removers in business by updating after every match download the app and claim your free.

Profile today can you change that six to an eight I sure can try JW Johnson is just on a riot right now in terms of game number two versus Federico statured already one game to his name in this quarterfinal matchup tries to get 50 chance you're wrong.

Or right I guess federicostaxter needs to make some moves here we talked about momentum before the break so that Ball's just this long but also plenty of expectations for Federico.

Stackstrued now having picked up two Silvers and a gold in 2023. he comes in the tournament is the favorite for the first time it changes things right you come in with this this expectation I need a win or it's a failure and playing someone like J dub in the quarters you already have enough.

To worry about and staxter does look to the forehand side that was one of the questions I asked in terms of jdub's comfortability this ball just wide of the Court throws his hands up in the air is like wow finally made a forehand.

Six shorter return though there from JW which had a lot to do with it and fed steps in a few in a row but the second has too much pace nine six thank you beautiful shot from Federico Stack.

Street the outstretched backhand Cross Court it's an incredible ball j-dub obviously has to cover the line so last second pulls that across his body with a ton of spin a ton of pace six nine it's a great touch there too good all right we talked about momentum right.

Now it's on the side of Stack's route as he finds his seventh the winner of this match will face the winner of Dylan Frazier versus Julian Arnold right a lot of throwing my arms up in the both players right now.

Eight nine sign up nine eight point there's that flat backhand 10-8.

And I could reach there from Federico staxtered and I'm looking back through the number of times these two these two opponents have faced each other as it is now 10-8 or 8 10 for Federico structured as side out side out comes for JW Johnson but it's.

Interesting 20-3 in favor of JW Johnson upside out JW going for the high risk serve there time out serving team last time Federico Stacks true one it was back in September of 2022. so J.W Johnson has definitely have the.

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With cash offers and win call a guaranteed rate loan officer today thank you thank you server no timeouts Federico stacked.

Screwed with a serve and a bit of a nail biter here in quarterfinal action for Men's Pro singles and a missed return he has a little bit of room to wiggle however JW Johnson wants to close this out in two games to back for Stack Street it's 10 all.

There's that footwork finding the forehand opening up more angles for himself that is some Fancy Feet what JW Johnson trying to cut that ball down and all of a sudden it's a game point opportunity on the opposite side.

stack extrude from left to right to left to right unable to finish this one 10 10 11. side out forehand getting away from him last time these two even played each.

Other was in December of 2022 11 10. signed out and another side out for JW Johnson 10 11. and the Cross Court winner fed is going to ask the question that ball yes good.

11-0 just like that first game that had a game point okay dub we've thought it off he decides to go back cross-court traditionally you would think he'd go up the line but plays a little bit of a.

Tougher ball the opposite direction JW Johnson has match point sign up 11 12. the mystery from JW Johnson has Stack Street sliding held it to the last second could have gotten three different spots on the.

Court trial 11 . he left it and it landed oh my goodness he pulled his paddle down ball just inside the line Circle that point if it goes three eleven twelve following the ball is JW Johnson in the.

Hands battle it is not easy to take him down in that regard a very long up at the kitchen line 12 11. and these two are just going one after another nobody can close it out 11 12.

great location from Stack Street it's now 12 all really good deep serve there keeping J dub back allowing Federico to get forward in the point first which usually does not happen on your own serve what's crazy is the scores right now you still.

Look even 14 12. we're at 12 12 now 12 12. one of the most extended singles matches we've seen just in two games played 13-12 this could go three let's play the third game the 14. 13 12. much needed side out for JW Johnson.

12 13. upside out and Miss serve can't let that rattle you gotta find a good return here 13 12. and there it is Federico stacksrude picks up game number.

Two 14-12 mirroring scores from game one to game two there's not a lot of room between these two players right now Federico finding the forehand behind in the open space not a lot of room only four points of room between these first two games in terms of difference just absolutely Wild for the one and eight.

Seats we'll be back with game three foreign that thing he uses to warm up and stay loose before he throws it down that thing Tony finau uses on course between shots oh that's money that thing Robin and I use before and after are on the bike so we can ride harder tomorrow that thing erlin Holland uses before smashing.

It into the back of the net I think that's for everyone the hyperbole from hyper ice give your body the daily relief it's been asking for to game three we go for JW Johnson Federico stack extrude and men's quarterfinal action camera.

Went alongside Matt manasse and it was 14-12-12-14 this is about as close as it gets just seems as if in-game adjustments are not the only piece to this storyline but it's also the level of execution the Rhythm that it is required to face off against an opponent like JW or stackstrued 100 and just the ability to limit the mistakes and just.

Put the the ability on the other opponent to come up with something better JW at the end of that game on his first match pointably missed the serve right you just have to stay present make balls at some point and for jdub going to game three he just has to forget about this last game.

Move forward try to get some early momentum as much as you forget about it you also need to make sure you understand at the end of that game Stacks you started to find more of his forehand so keeping that in The Scouting Report as you head to game number three.

He goes immediately to the backhand side yeah game two JW went down zero four to start zero much better start here again commentator's curse zero one one point it's fun to watch the movement of.

Federico stack extrude especially at knowing how far out that ball is for JW Johnson the only thing he really can do is just drop that ball across Court one one there's the backhand of Stack's route took Pace off that for that find the court find that angle there.

Two one speaking of taking Pace off again I talked about it before this match started just some of the sharp angles in terms of pace control for Federico Stack Street back to back points that's really on display here three one.

I think that's one of the hardest elements when you get on the singles chord is you think I've got so much space and I need to beat the opponent so you play with Pace but in reality I can also handcuff you that kitchen line is The Equalizer or the kitchen itself you have to can't.

Break off that angle by cutting into it so taking off Pace can allow that ball to dip past your opponent point three three now so J dub earns two back three three that's one of my favorite volleys.

Regardless of men's game women's game whatever it is in singles you have the availability in the kitchen or excuse me coming through the transition zone to kind of unleash more often you wouldn't traditionally see that as much in doubles point.

there's the flick for J dub good anticipation timeout receiving teams great time now Stacks through JW finding a ton of momentum and rhythm so five to three we will stay with you through this timeout as Federico Stack Street needs to find some problem solving question is where.

Can he look against jdub in this game three yeah I mean it looks like there he said he had some trouble seeing from that side so maybe we are having an issue of one side being a little bit better than the other so he'll have to fight through that but JW doing a great job himself now of taking Pace off the ball finding.

Those angles and then doing a great job of closing that space down with his feet well you can see it on screen now for mouth was presented by by coming up next it's Catherine parenzo versus Anna bright that will be first round matches for both of those individuals but it will be second round of play.

In terms of the bracket and change so six three out of the timeout a missed return from as there is now a change of ends at six so now JW Johnson might have to deal with some impaired vision.

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Hey Cameron how's it going almost done perfect can't wait to see your number number duper because ratings shouldn't be a surprise download the app and claim your free profile today I haven't even started yet oh after the change of ends J.W Johnson has a 6-3 lead in game three over Federico.

Stacks through the number one seed and gold medalist from the Arizona Grand Slams in sixth grade it's just missing and we talked about it not long ago but you can see there is just a bit of light coming through from one side of the court so there are some.

Bleachers down below which as long as the ball stays beneath that in terms of your vision becomes a little bit easier if that ball gets above some of those bleachers you kind of lose it in that light already number six JW Johnson on the side where he might have some difficulty in that regard.

sign up six four side out Federico Stack Street giving himself a little bit of a pump up there that was a solid read and nice execution by him as he earns the side out trailing by two.

Yeah great disguise there he had his body moving back towards the middle but flicked down the line four six I know just a hair late on the two-handed backhand six four.

I think one of the hardest parts especially on his backhand side watch the vision for Stack Street as he dips that shoulder it's so much harder to see your opponent on the opposite side and where they are in terms of the kitchen and Court position she does slicing that like butter look at this.

Thing he's out of control oh my that shot should not be there again trying to find the Inside Out forehand knows how important each one of these points are right now down by four needs to cut the deficit.

Sign up he was on it I was well played until that last contact from Federico Stack Street oh it is inbound I lied I'll give it to you more than earned right at the left toe of Stack Street eight four.

crafty crafty from Stack Street had that risk completely cocked to be able to pull that ball back across Court he's gone down the line a lot all match long so the go Cross Court definitely had j-dub fooled me full too upside out.

it's really been that same return location for JW Johnson that's created a lot of success not necessarily straight up the middle but just off center on the backhand side out four eight.

Point good ball from Stack Street two-handed backhand Line to Line five eight point it's so funny because as often as you might think you know it's an overhead they're sitting there they're on that it's so often one of the more.

Challenging contacts is that Folly on the move especially up at the kitchen line six eight point so stack Street's starting to make some moves trailing by one.

Seven eight slide out and he's just not letting him off the hook right now from that location jdub's gotta find a spot here on the serve to get a short return sign up.

Seven eight it took about three strikes at it but not able to actually connect off the net court so eight all eight eight largest margin here in game number three was four points it was at that eight to.

Four mark as staxter just found four straight eight winner working inside in is J.W Johnson finally found a good spot they're a good location on the serve the backhand short turn able to move around as well to create.

Space J.W Johnson now with a match point opportunity swinging volley for the 10th sign up and he was gonna return excuse me was.

Gonna put the third right into the middle of the court and on Federico's tax crude not a bad play there we talked about just making Federico play that ball very similar situation to game two oh boy here we go down by two point back to back on the outstretch JW Johnson 9-10 for Stack's route.

9 10. I had to try and get out of the way as he chased that one and found himself up at the kitchen flat on his back he says yeah time to take some time no we'll see how long he sits here for that was a whole lot of hustle from.

Federico Stacks dude who Trails by one and faces another match point at the hand of J.W Johnson Anna Bryant who you see just behind the court goes man he didn't have to go right at you on the ground did he yes he did he did he did everyone would have done the same exact thing I know and we love it a nice play by JW.

Johnston who's stretching Federico Stacks true the entire length of the court in terms of from the kitchen all the way to the Baseline and back great locations from him as he now sits in this timeout prepared and ready so the next question is where is this third gonna go and.

Where is the return more importantly going to go for Federico's Stack Street and I think if you're JW you have to find body or backhand on this serve and look to find your forehand but you have got to make him fight on that third ball you cannot dump it in the net again yeah out of the last time out he had two straight points as it was tied up at.

Eight a piece and found some success in that regard and then that third ball where he had Match Point hit just in the center of the net on that third shot so we'll look to see where this third ball will go if you're Federico I think you're going to the same spot you're going to the back end on the return to change it at.

This point in the match you haven't done it would be it'll advised in my opinion uh recalled the score 10-9 JW Johnson in three games takes down the number one seed a fantastic match played look at the separation between these two 14 12 14 12.

11 9. just two points of Separation in each of the games the number one seed Falls you don't get the moments everyone talks about the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and over.

You don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot 's right here paddle tech let's go again foreign.

All right what are you guys doing we're getting our duper tattoos you know it changes every match right oh duper keeping tattoo removers in business by updating after every match download the app and claim your free profile today can you change that six to.

An eight I sure can try foreign foreign welcome back everybody what a thriller on the men's side there's JW Johnson.

Takes out Federico Stacks route so he will not play in his fourth consecutive final I'm Dave Fleming thrilled to be in the chair with my man Kyle McKenzie Kyle welcome to Tennis Channel folks we are calling these from uh California I know a lot of our players had to fight their way to Minnesota and I'm glad they are they're safe and sound so had the men.

Classic match now we see Anna bright re-entering the chat on the single side what do you expect to see from her here well definitely a tough act to follow after that last match but this is one I'm particularly very excited for Anna bright more known for her doubles accomplishments um certainly a great singles player and.

She has all the tools in my opinion Dave to really be an elite singles player she doesn't play every event but I think she can really push Catherine parento one of the best uh singles players in the game no doubt so uh in their history last year we feel like Anna Bright's been around forever she's played literally one year plus crazy to think about that.

Pro pickleball Catherine took three of their four matches the most recent was out in Rockwall Texas in the backdrop 15-7 before that at the PPA championships in October went three with Catherine taking it 11-4 in the third so I think what we have here is Catherine's played a lot more singles pickleball recently Anna bright has all the tools.

So will it be recency of experience versus what Anna Bright's got and we're gonna have 200 backhand slashed everywhere here won't we Kyle yeah absolutely and Anna obviously coming off very confident off her mixed doubles win at the last PPA event we'll see if that can translate into singles here I'm in all right Catherine parento to serve.

Let's play Pickleball side out and right on cue there's the two-handed backhand now Major League pickleball obviously Anna bright got some singles in some her team seemed to be in a dream breaker the entire uh event so that certainly is some recent history for her as well yeah I think the big difference for.

These players going from an MLP format to the traditional tournaments is such a small sample size in those dream Breakers so really not having to solve for the equation of your opponent in front of you like you have to for a full match here side up yeah and the dream breaker for those of you not interested or not uh.

Experienced with that you come out play for it four rallies and then get the heck off the court so you can just sort of go For Broke a little bit side up and and that's what Anna Bright's going to be able to do she's going to be very good at being able to hit good passing shots on each side for.

Me I think looking at her double skills translating them over to singles there's a couple of areas that could potentially be problematic that's the weight transfer of getting in off the return and also she's got a great two and a backhand but when she stretches for that volley I think she's less comfortable taking that hand off uh to do it with.

One hand didn't need two there though yeah there's big swinging two-handed backhand those folks that loved the two-hander love it when it's up in your eyes and you can really rip it so nice start for Anna bright here the seven seed just feeling very comfortable on this.

Court so far Kyle yeah she's hitting the ball really really clean right now we'll see if parento starts being a little more selective on when she comes forward if she's just or if she just continues to come forward on each return side out not the cleanest volley after a uh a.

Couple of uh backhand returns back and forth and she'll take it zero three point yeah parent are doing a good job the last two points of when she has approached she's approached up the line taking away the angle of Anna bright and.

Just forcing her into a tougher pass and we have a Guaranteed Rate sign opportunity here uh we're gonna play on okay again really smart from parento she's waiting she's been a little more selective on when she comes forward waiting for an opportunity to cut those.

Angles down of Anna bright and just really force her into multiple tough passes into a tight window side up and an apology after going body and Smart Choice was it not there Kyle yeah it would have been a lot trickier going either other direction so it was short enough I like her saying hey let's.

Just make this a hand speed battle I know how to do that from doubles and that translates very nicely and a bright sort of lets out a sigh of relief after having three or four balls that seem to have lots of open court that weren't put there yeah parento guest right a couple of different times but still unable to to get the point.

There got up there's a good look at the type of returns when Catherine parento took a game off Annalee Waters a couple tournaments back real aggressive with her return choices so let's see if she can tear down two here in game number one.

Side out and Anna Brad giving parental a little taste of her own medicine there waiting for the right ball approaching up the line to take the angle away and was able to get the side out Point great leave there by Anna bright and uh two-handed backhand exchange goes.

Her way again four is five yeah the early story here to me Dave is just seeing the respect that each of them have for the passing shot they're being selective and when they come forward so good start for that lady Anna bright will be back with the rest of game one right after this at Foot Solutions we have highly trained.

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Come into Foot Solutions and see for yourself how visiting with one of our Specialists can improve your quality of life welcome back everybody good start for Anna bright up 5-2 here in game number.

One boy what a terrific choice on the dead run to throw the two-handed Top Spin lob over Catherine's head there yeah it seemed like prento was completely in control there nice choice by Anna bright throwing in the lobby singles point and I've talked to Anna bright.

About singles and she's like I just don't want to do it a lot because she knows the training required to play it at a high level perhaps a match when she's this sharp will change her thinking points well we mentioned you know that she has on paper she has all the tools I would not be surprised if she chose to.

Really concentrate on Singles to heavily climb up through the ranks but to her point it requires a lot more Fitness some unique uh patterns to train for but she certainly has the ability as we're seeing here and this is coming off a week where she.

Won mixed doubles she won women's doubles so we saw J.W Johnson and Dylan Frazier choose not to play singles to conserve energy and fitness so she may just pick her spots a little smaller field here gonna hop in where there's an opportunity that'd be a smart conservation of her own personal resources.

Yeah I don't think people realize the the mental grind that these athletes have of playing all three events week after week on the margin of error is so tight and some of these matches sometimes just being able to pick your spots like you mentioned helps you play your best when you do decide to play nice deep serve there by parento into.

The body looked like bright wasn't really able to clear the spacing uh for the forehand return there great job by parento of keeping the pressure on and Anna right now we'll call timeout so Catherine parento obviously has dug out of many holes in singles matches before so not going to stress out about it you see a good look.

At her Invicta Vanguard Power air paddle there will it four to come back we'll find out after this I don't think she's feeling it right now I'm gonna be on my phone all week looks like somebody needs a little hurts TLC Liv you're on vacation right I don't think you're feeling it yeah.

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Great for inflammation great for Recovery I keep coming back to this alumd all day long baby I use it I use it I use it I use it I use it aloe MD acute relief cream welcome back everybody to the Vulcan National indoor championships presented by LifeTime we've got a good one Brewing here and a bright jumped out to the big.

Lead But Here Comes Catherine parento missed return coming out of the timeout is the exact last thing that Anna bright wanted to do there side up yeah it's just a great pass there by Anna bright but I still like the commitment of Parental looking to.

Get forward I think if you're choosing between the bright forehand or backhand not a bad idea to approach that forehand side a camera not disagreement side out nice little stab volley there by parento she looked like she was in trouble but.

Good reflexes to get the side out side out boy got the short return there but didn't take advantage so Anna bright has been at the Snowman forever and we can tell you there's plenty of snow to make snowmen up at uh the Minnesota area we're glad that these players made it there safely.

oh side out Wicked yeah and for me Dave I think uh Catherine parento has about as much variety as any of the women singles players and has so much experience she's really gonna feel bright out here and she was the appropriate style that she thinks gives her the best chance.

There's a beautiful one-handed punch volley that's the difference between the best players is it not Kyle yeah she has a little bit more versatility in singles than bright and that's one of the areas we talked about when you get a little more stretched the ability to use one or two hands on the backhand.

Side out oh my so parento on the comeback train hits a nice little drop volley the dead run bright tried the at the body again shot and then got the dribbler yeah pretty unlucky from parental because I don't think that ball was high enough to go with the body successfully but had to hit the tape to have that one work out.

So can Anna bright get that elusive ninth point inside out she cannot that's just great coverage at the at the net from parento those are a couple of really good passes up the line shouldn't hit an amazing volley but just enough to stay neutral in that point and we are tied up.

The winner of this will get Brooke Buckner in the semi-final Brooke is a great ball Striker if you haven't seen it I'm looking forward to having her on the court coming up she beat arena tarashenko in her corridor point and another timeout called from Anna.

Bright so Catherine parento called time out when things weren't going great settled in force bright to call a timeout when she was halfway up the mountain now she's on top hasn't finished the deal though yet what would you like to see on a bright do here well I like that she called the time out immediately and to me that says.

She was feeling parento come back she kind of told herself okay I'll keep it going while I have the lead the moment that changes I need to settle in and I think that she's gotten um parental just a little too comfortable right now as being the more bold player moving forward I think Wright's gonna have to look for maybe not the perfect moment to.

Kind of take it to her and flip the script a little bit here so there's good look at Catherine parento hanging out in the lounge area where you can buy your favorite sofa over there look like got the uh do a little shopping for the interior there yeah it looks comfortable I'm a little jealous.

Damn right on cue right after the timeout Brett says you know what if I'm gonna lose I'm gonna lose by being bold returns comes in and she gets the serve back here hey nice side up terrific job by parento and you talked about the variety there it is the.

Disguise of she's gone inside out from that same position well and I don't think she gets enough credit for her footwork either to make that ball a forehand she stays so balanced even as these rallies get extended side up and a bright points to the wide open 10 feet of the court that was.

Available on two different swings there kind of wondering the same thing myself that's a couple of points where she's tried to go inside in multiple times in a row point just a phenomenal women singles point right there Kyle no absolutely again we talked about the mutual spec.

That each of them have they're trying