10 mistakes beginner pickleball players make part two what do you do on your third shot so when I serve the ball that's my first shot the ball comes back to me that's the second shot now my third shot is an interesting one what I see a lot of beginners do that's a mistake is they try to rip every single ball so they take a serve ball comes.

Back and they come here and they hit that thing as hard as they possibly can now the problem is if you're not good at that then what happens is you miss a ton of those quick Stories the other night I was playing at a park and a friend of mine was actually there and as we started playing he missed eight thirds because he drove them either into the.

Net or out of bounds the next game we played he was on my team and I just made a suggestion let's drop every single third so what did he do he hit a serve the ball came back and he dropped the third into the kitchen when he did that he only made two mistakes one ball went into the net he popped one super high and all sudden he turned into actually a.

Pretty good pickleball player in a matter of moments so what's the mistake it's trying to rip every single ball if you enjoyed that video make sure you follow me because I'm going to be sharing one pickleball beginner mistake every day the next 10 days