What is up farm and family how y'all doing today we're checking out vatic Pro this is a 14 millimeter flash we're gonna you know figure out if this paddle's for you and by the end of this review you'll definitely know so stay tuned when it comes to the specs the first thing we're going to talk about is the.

Thermoformed edges and the unibody construction that's going to make the paddle almost indestructible when it comes to snapping at the handle where the handle and the head meet in previous paddles they would snap really easy if you saw Riley Newman and his gamma paddle is snapped in the.

Middle of swinging this paddle won't have that problem it also has foam injected in the walls for an increased sweet spot which it definitely helps it helps a lot you can tell the sweet spots are a lot bigger on these star reform foam injected wall paddles then the regular you know generation one raw carbon fiber.

Paddles the average weight is from 7.8 to 8 ounces the total length is 16.2 inches the width is 7.7 inches the grip circumference is 4.25 inches the grip length is 5.4 inches and the core thickness is 14 millimeters the shape of this is really unique.

Compared to all the other paddles that you know I've played or seen other than the head gravity it had a really unique you know face too but I really like the shape of this paddle a lot I just got back from playing with this paddle and I gotta say that it definitely has more pop than the 16 millimeters.

I didn't think it would be too much of difference with two you know two millimeter difference from the 14 to the 16 but after playing with it for a bit and playing singles with it for a bit I noticed a difference in the two paddles you know the flash version not talking about any other versions of the paddles right now just flash 16 of Flash 14.

Probably wouldn't use the flash 14 much in doubles based off the power I feel like it has a little too much power and it's not as controllable but dang in singles you can get the ball by somebody quick yeah and I definitely agree this paddle would probably be fantastic in singles but for doubles it's just not really for me because the.

Control is lacking but the paddle did feel good it was just way more popular than the 16 millimeter vatic like I mentioned earlier I didn't really like the control of this paddle as much as I did a 16 millimeter if I was going to play a lot of singles I could definitely see myself using this paddle but overall since I played.

Doubles the 16 millimeter is going to have more control for me so I would probably lean more to that I'm not saying by any means that the 14 millimeter is uncontrollable it's just not as easy to control as the 16 millimeter is so if you're wanting something with a little more control the 16 millimeter is that but if you're.

Wanting something with more power that you can get you know Balls by people quicker or if you're a banger you probably like the 14 millimeter more there's bangers where I play that like 14 millimeters and thinner paddles because they can get it by people yeah I didn't really find this paddle that uncontrollable for me I did get some.

Third shot drops and some dinks that hung up a little too high sometimes but for the most part it wasn't like super uncontrollable this paddle has really good spin if you're doing your slices your chops your Top Spin serves which everybody I feel should have a really good Top Spin serve it is a very good weapon and it makes.

Your third shot a lot easier and I feel like the 14 millimeter does a great job at that the 16 millimeter does too but the 14 millimeter when it comes to your serves as that extra pop that you know gets the ball deeper and it also has a lot more speed on it too so it's harder for him to hit and they'll you know just try.

Their hardest to get it up and they'll get a pop-up and you'll get a free third shot draw basically instead of you know you hitting just a little lollygag serve and them getting it all the way back over the ball is going to dip drastically and they're going to have to scoop the ball that's what I mean by you're going to get you a.

Pop-up yeah there's really not much to say about the spin it's a thermoformed foam Edge paddle so it'll get spin very similar to a lot of the same paddle tops in terms of maneuverability it did feel a little bit lighter than the 16 millimeter when you had them both in your hand but I didn't think it made a.

Crazy crazy difference when it came to the hand battles maybe it will you know if someone else buys the two and they can compare it but when it came to me I feel like if I was using the 14 or the 16 when it came to the kitchen and it's changing you know fast-paced balls I wasn't going to struggle with either one of them.

The difference was when you use the 14 millimeter you're going to hit each of them back with extra pop and extra speed and it's going to be harder for your opponent to get their paddle up and hit it back so you're going to win probably more hand Battles Through you know the 14 millimeter but you're going to end up in.

You know worse exchanges because you're going to pop the ball up more because it's not as controlled as a 16 millimeter but the mobility and moving the ball or paddle around is not really a problem at all to be honest like I mentioned at the beginning it is a uniform body it's thermoformed this.

Paddle shouldn't snap or break or anything like that I know they were having delaminating issues and they're waiting you know to see how the new batch you know acts and see if there's going to be problems in that they said they got a fix so you know if you're looking into this paddle and stuff just know that there that has been.

A problem but if that does occur you know I feel like you can reach out to this company and a couple of the other companies and they will you know do what's right when it comes to your paddle messing up you're not going to you know get stiffed out of the money just because you know it messed up which all pedals have a chance of messing up.

So I feel like I would still you know take a chance on it even knowing that the delaminating does have a possibility of happening after a lot of play when it comes to customization I definitely put an over grip on this I didn't put any lead tape on it I wanted to see how lightweight it felt and see if the hand battles made a big.

Difference without the lead tape just like I did with the flash 16 millimeter without the lead type I didn't notice a crazy difference so I'd probably put lead tape on the throat of it because I'm not going to be sacrificing too much in the hand speed because I feel like the weight difference from the 14 to 16 I can just make up with just you know a.

Piece or two of lead on each side and it'll probably help the paddle overall to be honest but definitely at an overgroup it's hard to beat the price of vatic paddles and I heard they're coming out with cheaper version paddles as well for you know people that want but you know more.

But more of a budget paddle when people here budget they think it's going to be you know horrible quality but for the quali for the price of this you were getting top-notch quality like when you play with a paddle and you get it you could tell it's made really good and it is going to play really good everybody that's played with a vatic so.

Far you know my vatic has loved it so I'm thinking you know if you get the vatic especially for the price you're probably going to love it too oh yeah and I have a code for 10 off and just know if you use that code I will get a drawback from that but even if you don't use the code I would still recommend it definitely.

And so for the price of this at 140 I really think this is a deal for a paddle that you should definitely look into you can't really beat the price per performance but yeah this has been my review of the vatic pro flash 14 millimeter I hope y'all enjoyed this I hope this answered your questions when it comes to.

The paddle and what it's like I feel like it's more of a power paddle that's for singles I would probably not use this for doubles I would stick with a flash 16 millimeter or the V7 both of them are really good paddles I don't feel like you're going to go wrong with either one of them you're not going to really go wrong with.

This one either you're just going to put in a lot more focus when it comes to doubles but for singles though yeah definitely 14 millimeter for sure but I hope y'all enjoyed this I hope y'all stay safe have a good day drink plenty of water peace y'all
The Vatic Pro Flash 14MM Pickleball Paddle is an good choice for players who wantgreat performance at an affordable price. This paddle features a poly core and a high-quality Raw Carbon Fiber surface. The Vatic Pro Flash 14MM remains reasonably priced, making it an excellent option for those who want a high-quality paddle without spending a fortune. If you’re looking for a great all-around paddle that won’t break the bank, the Vatic Pro Flash 14MM is definitely worth checking out!

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