Other than the V7 vatic also has the flashlight off of paddles while the V7 is a traditional elongated offering the flash paddles have what's called a hybrid shape it gets this name because the total length of the panel sits about 0.2 to 0.3 inches shorter than an elongated paddle so lengthwise is in between the standard and elongated shape.

Paddles now generally standard shaped paddles are crooked or swing while elongated panels provide more power and extra reach the hybrid paddles actually lean more lengthwise to the elongated paddles so what they try to do is provide a quicker swing speed without sacrificing too much reach and Power in terms of comparing the V7 versus The.

Flash I definitely noticed this difference the flash was quicker to swing and this was most noticeable when at the net on the other hand the V7 definitely had more power I felt like I could generate more power on Baseline drives and serves power wise I actually thought the flash was too soft for me I needed to add lead.

Tape to it to get it to my liking as for the difference in reach I've heard some people say that they didn't really notice the difference in length and were able to adjust to the shoulder region very easily personally for me I'm not sure if it was psychological because I knew there was a difference but it took me several play.

Sessions until I could get used to the Flash I felt myself Miss hitting shots at the top near the edge guard several times before I got more adjusted to the flash but even so I still feel like there's a small but noticeable difference in length whenever I switch between the Flash and V7 so I would classify the.

Hybrid paddles with having a slightly smaller Sweet Spot than the elongated ones the surface material and weave pattern is the same between the two paddles so I didn't notice any changes in spin but the other big difference between the two is the shape it looks similar to the Yola Hyperion.

With a rounded top but the flash uses the same mold as the six zero paddles where the top corners flare out slightly more to the sides now since we are on the topic of hybrid paddle shapes there's actually one more pad I wanted to talk about and that is the new rhombus R1 Pulsar that is releasing later this month.

It's going to come in two handle length options 5.25 inches and 5.5 inches but both will use the same shape as the r1.16 I was able to try the 5.25 inch handle which essentially made the paddle the same length as the hybrid shapes but without the tapered edges I believe those tapered edges are.

Marketed as widening The Sweet Spot but I didn't notice that in my play test between the three brands if you put the R1 coalstar side by side with the hybrid paddles you can barely notice the taper on the corners and the pedals don't really seem to be wider there I do think ramus is onto something and.

Mimicking the hybrid shapes without trying to make a new mold for the paddles but instead just shortening the Handle by a little bit to bring the overall length down I was able to spend time demoing the six zero Double Black Diamond 16 millimeter and R1 Pulsar alongside the vatic flash 16 millimeter and as far as how I felt.

About them I think they're all similar with small but noticeable differences and don't think you can go wrong with any of them the first two I tried were the 6-0 and vatic paddles and I honestly didn't like either of them when I first tried them out I found the power to be lagging from what I was used to and the paddles lack.

Stability when hitting shots I ended up adding lead and thought they played best when I added 0.15 ounces of lead strips from the sides down to the throat on both sides to increase the power and more importantly the stability of the paddles I thought the 6-0 paddle had more pop and power and a bit more stability out.

Of the box while vatic was softer with the stiffer feel vatic was also initially my least favorite of the three and benefited the most once lead tape was added since without added weight shots just didn't feel very substantial as for rhombus I still think their paddles produce more spin than the other.

Brands with a pleasure feel and the R1 Pulsar is no exception it was also the only one I didn't find to have issues with stability out of the box so I didn't find the need to add any lead to the throat but I did add it to the sides for more power since I found it to be just as soft as the batter price wise I think with discount codes.

They are similar enough in price to each other that you shouldn't consider that when deciding between the three if possible I would recommend trying out all three to get a feel for which one you would prefer to make your choice but like I said earlier you really can't go wrong with any of them and don't think you can make a bad choice here.

If I had to pick one out of the three to use I would go with the rhombus R1 Pulsar because I think it has the best feel when hitting shot unfortunately I haven't been able to drive vatic's new 14 millimeter flash battle which has a different surface weave pattern but from what I've heard from people who do use it it's not as.

Forgiving as a 16 millimeter sweet spot but it's got more pop and swings quicker I haven't heard anything about the new Surface speed providing more or less spin but hopefully this is something I'll be able to try myself in the future as for how I feel about the vatic Flash versus the V7 I still prefer the V7 and similarly the R3 over the R1 pulsar.

I just prefer elongated paddles in general over the hybrid shaped ones because I like the small amount of added reach and like having that extra plow through on Baseline drives while it was fun for me to experiment with different lead tape setups with the hybrid shaped paddles I did like how for the V7 I could just use it out of the.

Box and not worry too much about adjusting the weight if you do want to check out vatic 6-0 or rhombus paddles I've linked discount codes in the video description below oh scary
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