Okay guys uh the game that we're gonna talk about today uh one side is gonna be attacking other side it's gonna be counter-attacking um i i use this game a lot uh uh with my three-day camps and i think some of the main things uh that i that i hear are the scoring is confusing i don't understand this drill and why am i doing.

This so there's situations or there's select things that you should be doing on both ends okay anytime you're attacking you're obviously waiting for the right ball to attack on but we're keeping in mind our our sly stable location and yellow zone and then from the counter text end point this this is where it all.

Kind of ties in from a counter-attacking standpoint you were gauging off the speed up should i punch should i block or is it just a bailout or are they just trying to be a hero and hit through me so i should get out of the way okay um i would play two points as the attacker he would have played two points as the counter-attacker and then we switch.

Roles if he were to let one go he gets two points versus one okay so we're giving giving a little bonus point if you can let the ball go um but understand that dinks have to land in the kitchen okay things have to land in the kitchen um now i think the the biggest question that i hear is if i hit a offensive push dink.

That aims a little deeper is that considered a speed up what do you have to say to that i think that both sides should be trying to do more lifting dinks right we're up the line we know that we're a lot closer than if we were cross court most of the time in real match play if you're going to the person up the line with you you want to give.

Yourself a little bit more more margin for air so let's keep in mind a little bit liftier a little bit floatier and that'll leave us more balls that would be appropriate to attack anyways so both sides are going to get a benefit okay game here i'm gonna be speeding up first kyle's gonna be uh uh counter-attacking i'm attacking he's.

Counter-attacking rock and roll things have to land in the kitchen buddy doesn't matter who feeds right nope nope god i get that question a lot great drill for me too just start maybe working on some disguise with with my uh you know speed up kind of let him know oh.

Oh yeah no no no okay zero one might have taken the bait on the first one yeah you know what maybe uh oh gosh close oh no okay so zero two zero two i lose my ability to attack now we're switching rolls he gets to attack i get the.

Counter bring it back hacker here we go oh yeah too good okay zero three three oh yep i have one more attack here play it that's good okay so score is one two three change roles we'll play one more point for you here again it doesn't matter who feeds tyson's gonna be the attacker here.

And a lob is considered an attack but it's not helping your partner obviously oh god i don't know why i'm playing that i should have so something so something there if i i guess this is where the drill gets a little goofy.

If i hit a dink long kyle just needs to leave it why because he's the counter attacker i'm the attacker my dinks have to go in the kitchen so we'll play that again see it so it's one three right one three here or let's say it's one four okay i i lost that point yeah lost that point okay one four okay okay.

My point there he missed the dink two four now we're changing rolls okay now i'm the attacker correct yeah yeah we'll go one more here and it's good guys to always say before you start who the attacker is so everybody's on the same team correct yep again i miss the dink i have one more attack it's gonna be four three my last.

Attack here we go i have the option to attack if i see the right ball i want to give you plenty oh it's too good pretty
It’s frustrating to bail out your opponents by hitting their out balls. This pickleball drill from pro player Tyson McGuffin teaches you to recognize when to let the ball go, and when to counter-attack or reset 🙌

Thanks for watching Use this Drill to STOP HITTING OUT BALLS 🤦‍♂️ in Pickleball – Tyson McGuffin Pickleball Drills

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