I know that you know what the net is. I know you understand the net. But what you don't understand is howyou can use the net to your advantage. In this video, I'm going to show youhow to use the net to your advantage. By using that to your advantage, you're going to gain the advantageagainst your opponents. All right?So let's talk about the net. Now, the net in pickleballis a negative, right? We see it as a negative becausewe don't want to hit it.

We did several videosabout avoiding the net. I'll link to those up here, and it's superimportant from your side, from the vantage point of where the camera is located,that you try and avoid hitting this net. We generally recommend highershots, higher targets over the net. On returns and serves up here, ondinks up here and things like that. A lot of pickleball players out there, youall are trying to hit the ball like this. It's a recipe for disaster, because whatwill happen is you'll end up hitting the net too often by havingthis as your target. So we recommend a higher target.But I'll link to those videos.

You can check those out andlearn more about the net. But there is a side of the net thatis actually advantageous to you. Not this one. This one here is the bad side of the net. The one that we're lookingat from where the camera is. The side of the net that is advantageous to you is this side of the net,the side that I'm standing on now. So the side of the net facing your opponents is actually designed or actuallycreated in a way that it benefits you.

If you know how to use it. What I'm going to do, let's talk alittle bit about how you use it. In other words, whyit's beneficial to you. And then I'm going to share with you acouple of different areas in which you can specifically use this out of thenet to help you play better. All right?So let's talk about we already defined that this side of thenet is not good for you. This side of the net, however, backhere is actually to your advantage. You can think of it as a shield.

In our camps, in our teaching, we call this a shield or a force field,whichever you like better. So what you want to do when you're playing is you want to use this side of the net toact as a shield for you to act as a shield to protect you ondifferent sorts of shots. So let's break that down a little bitmore in terms of it being a shield. You can see from there that if you hit the ball here, up here, you havenot activated the force field. There is no shield.So you have no defense, no protection.

If you're trying to move around or ifyou're trying to avoid getting attacked. If you take this ball now and you drop itdown to here, down back here, what happens now you can't see the ballexcept through the net. So when you can see the ball through the net, what that tells you is this shieldor this force field is activated. Now it's basicallyprotecting you from attack. Putting the ball behind itprotects you from attack. So how do we use this area?How do we use the net? How do we use the net or theforce field to protect ourselves?.

Number one, the third shot drop. That's why the third shotdrop is such a valuable shot. As long as you clear the net on your sideand put it somewhere behind this net, you're going to be making it difficultfor the opponents to attack you. That allows you to move forward. Another area where you can usethis is when you're dinking. So you're up here and you're dinking,and you want to avoid getting attacked. You're going to dump it in behind here, hit a dink, which puts it behind the netin a manner that it cannot be attacked by.

Your opponents above the net like this,and you're going to be safe from harm. The last area that I highly recommend you use the shield to your advantageis when you're in trouble. So you're in a situationthat rallies going on. You kind of maybe lose track of it.You're not sure what's up. You're a little bit under stress. What do you do? Toss it up behind this net and you'll be safe from that attack, fromfurther attack anyway.

And so if you don't understand the non- volley zone on this side, I'm going tolink to a video up here that we did that explains the difference betweenthe two non volley zones. It's really important to understand, butit's really the non volley zone here, plus the force field that gets you the completepicture on how you use this space plus the shield to protect youwhenever you're under duress. Whenever things are getting outof whack, toss it back in here. Toss it back in here. Whenever you need to take a break and.

Catch your breath, tossit back behind this net. Use the shield.It will protect you when you're out there. I'm going to link to playlist up here to help you continue learningsome good pickleball tips. Otherwise, have a great day.
You know the pickleball net has a negative side to it – it is the one that we hit the ball into to end the rally. BUT … the pickleball net also has a positive side. It is one you can use to protect yourself from attack.

In this pickleball video, we explain the positive net to you and show you how to use the net when you are:

1 – hitting you third shot drops
2 – dinking up at the Non-Volley Zone
3 – in trouble (any time you are in trouble)

Bonus Tip – you can use the net to protect you against bangers. Use the net to create an out angle on their shot – or force the banger to hit their ball into the net. Give it a try.

Use the net to set up your pickleball defense and you will start to play your best piclkleball.

0:00 Introduction to the Pickleball Net and Common Errors
1:00 The Positive (Good) Side of the Pickleball Net
1:43 Using the Pickleball Net as a Shield / Force field
2:33 Three Uses for the Pickleball Net
2:40 Using the Pickleball Net with your Third Shot Drop
2:52 Using the Pickleball Net for your dinks
3:11 Using the Pickleball Net when you are in trouble
3:40 Interplay of the Pickleball Net with the Non-Volley Zone

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