Sleeves you with the senior pickleball report powered by TNC Network let's get it going last week's video titled is USA pickleball doing their job well it elicited a response from Vice chair Ernie Medina Jr that's what we're going.

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Description let's get to the content foreign last week's video is USA pickleball doing their job and it really pertained to what was going on in the paddle Industries No Man's Land blog brought up a point that someone had gained access to Catherine parento's paddle and it.

Wasn't a paddle that they'd ever seen on the market from paddle Tech now I don't know if the rule is the same where we have to play as amateurs with the same equipment that pros play either way the question has come up are they playing with paddles that are to spec and by USA pickleball standards and.

Really since they play in the PPA tour who no longer is well isn't a sanctioned tour isn't USA pickleball sanctioned does the PPA really have to play with any sort of paddle that has the stamp of approval and that's really the big question as we go down the road here um I posted this video and it got a response from Vice chair of the board.

For USA pickleball Ernie Medina Jr and he wrote um at least two responses to my video uh one to me and one to another person who was commenting and really his argument was that obviously USA pickleball needs to be held to a higher standard but you know what are the everyday people doing about that as far as participating and.

Joining USA pickleball they don't have the resources as he points out to compete with billionaire backing and those were you know his words he's capitalized the word billionaire and he's right so there in a sense what he was telling us is they're overwhelmed and if you go to the blog that really initiated this and that's no man's land.

Pickleball and I'll have a link in the description as well and you can check out some of the comments there um Carl Schmitz uh who is apparently the guy who runs sort of uh these standards for equipment for USA pickleball commented as well as Mark pifer I believe that's how I pronounce his name who is the head referee at Nationals.

Both these gentlemen chimed in and wanted to begin a dialogue with no man's land pickleball because they were the ones who brought up the critique it's interesting that they're reacting to a blog post and that was kind of the argument for some of the people posting is that their this organization USA pickleball is very reactionary and when.

Things come to a head then they reach out into reaching out to um you know a blog post but you know in the defense of doing that uh no man's land and blogs um and influencers like myself and Chris Olson from uh pickleball Studio who did an excellent podcast with um pickleball will about uh paddles and are they.

Um you know up to Snuff because he reviews Chris reviews paddles basically that's what his show is about and that's what his channel is about he had a lot of really good inside information about this because he's on the inside in a lot of ways he gets all these paddles he checks the specs he does the reviews he mentioned how he was threatened by a.

Major uh Paddle Company if he released some of his data that they might sue him um he kind of rubbed shoulders with a lot of the pros so he gets a little bit of the Inside Story anyway there'll be a link in the description to his episode as well about this and I'm sure there'll be some follow-ups but long story story short these three gentlemen at least the.

Two from the you know USA pick up all that being um earning Medina Jr and Carl Schmitz basically in a sense said um yes we can do better but the overall um feel that I got was that they're a bit overwhelmed with all the new paddles flooding the market um and I get it you know you the the.

Increase has been staggering and it's one of those things that I don't know if it was anticipated um that well by USA pickleball and again you know uh Vice chair Medina Jr points out that many of the things that USA pickleball does that you know nobody knows about like you know getting courts built and getting grant money and so on.

And so forth all the people in the trenches all the ambassadors doing the hard work that you know you don't get a lot of credit for and you know this particular item becomes sort of a Hot Topic because pro ball Pro pickleball is blowing up isn't necessarily fair and I get it but perception is everything and if you're going to be the governing body.

Of an entire sport for the entire us well then you have to have you know dot all your eyes across all your t's so that's kind of where we're at um and I get it you know people want to defend what they're a part of and you know we probably all need to become members of some level and in an organization that supports pickleball if.

We wanted to go in a particular direction because right now there is sort of this struggle This Game of Thrones struggle between those who have a lot of power and influence on in the Pro game and those who are trying to work from the Grassroots who have been there all along on some level so who is going to come out on top in a sense.

That's um up to us and how involved we become in the game but you know it's a long slog in 2023 is off to a Rip Roar and start as we we fight through just basic things like are these paddles legal that people are playing with and what does that even mean and who gets decide if they're legal and do we care if one group says Ah we don't care what.

The governing board says so that's where we are um so check out the comments below from my last video um in read uh Vice chairs comments Medina's comments and again go and look at the comments made by Carl Schnitz as well and Mark pifer I think you'll you'll learn a lot and get involved.

Comment yourself all right that's it for this week and hey let's pickle hey if you're looking for a very very comfortable Court shoes in fact the most comfortable Court shoes I've ever worn and I've worn a lot of them over the years playing different sports try fitville we have a link in the description that gets you 20 bucks.

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Officials from USA Pickleball respond to my video last week, “Is USA Pickleball Doing Their Job?”


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