Welcome to Indian Wells California in the beautiful Coachella Valley it's here that we find the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships don't miss a second of the action as the world's best players compete to earn cash prizes and the coveted title of the national champion the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national.

Championships are brought to you by Margaritaville city of Indian Wells Franklin Sports Consumer Cellular Fila Yola pickleball paddle Tech pickleball Central.

Rocking protein and Selkirk welcome back ladies and gentlemen we are on cc3 about to have an amazing match between Jack Foster versus Elliot Markowitz we are of course at the.

2022 USA pickleball national championships the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships this is without a doubt the strongest competition in the game and men's singles this is a battle of the ages anyone who has the cardiovascular to really compete in men's singles they have my kudos.

Jack Foster and Elliot Markowitz about to do battle and Markowitz to serve a good looking inside out forehand gets the better of Foster Foster is on the near side and a quality return from Foster forces the error so he'll get the serve back.

Great work you can always tell when someone's done enough damage with the serve with the returner not coming in foreign game of cat and mouse from both players in the end it's Markowitz coming away with a win oh and a gorgeous two-hander he held it just long enough.

Faster thinking perhaps he was heading down the line but whipped across Court foreign and again that two-hander paying dividends you'll see Markowitz using the spin serve adding some pre-spin to the ball that is unfortunately going to be outlawed.

In the coming weeks so this will be one of the last tournaments that any professional player will be able to use it foreign attempt down the line doesn't work out so foster gets the ball back and some early fist pumping there from Foster.

Should spark the fire oh now you lift a leg on that one and uh arguably could have stayed balanced and a quality return keeping the ball low the winner of this match goes fourth to take on Mr Tyson McGuffin the reigning champion.

And a good looking two-handed Drive volley from Markowitz gets the ball back thank you and Foster electing to play an out ball just thought uh why not he's there needed the practice perhaps that appears to be a backhand slice winner I tell you back in Australia if you're a.

Tennis player and you ever got passed by a backhand slice you had to drop your Dax and do a lap around the court oh that's gorgeous impressive work using that backspin against Foster compounding with some added topspin dipping the ball down okay I'm liking the look of the.

Markowitz forehand On The Run just trying to draw that ball back very tricky shot aggressive serving from Foster four three and that ball I think Foster's looking at it whether or not it was actually in I think he's going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Chances are the ref wasn't going to be able to see it too clearly from her angle rockowitz is attempting the spin serve but he's not doing enough damage with it at the moment Foster has the serve advantage good accuracy from Markowitz oh hey and he goes for the wrong foot.

Lots of open space but trying to be cute with it and got away with it and I think when you've got that kind of hair you know cute just comes with part of the game I'd say and microwitz is taking a timeout so we'll be back shortly at the Nationals the best competition in the world is here and we will see you.

Shortly match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going foreign you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville resorts.com.

thank you thank you okay we are back in a heated competition with Jack Foster and Elliot Markowitz it is men's singles day.

At the Nationals Marco wish to serve just trailing by one point yeah that attempted passing shot from Foster just a little too high easy put away volley for Markowitz oh and again electing to play the most difficult shot there was plenty of space down the line.

And you could have just thumped it through the middle if he wanted but uh well let's see if he'll learn from a couple of these cute mistakes it's the returner server Foster that's really keeping him alive here some higher looping and deeper serves from Markowitz but uh the faster return has been up to the.

Task oh lovely inside out and it's just baiting the paddle testing the durability some of the veneers perhaps oh it was gonna be too good to be true no one's ever won a point when going through the legs but it's the pressure I think just gets to you you know if you.

Pull it off you're on ESPN and if you don't well you're on chord three let's just draw that one a little bit wide had a couple of ripping two-hand as early on so fast they're starting to walk away with it just two points though still in.

Anyone's game he's found his range Foster trying to cover the line ah beautiful work so aggressive with the return of serve but he's quick enough to get a up pretty close to the kitchen line and knock off a lot of these wallets so all power to him I often suggest people slow down their.

Return to give them all the time they need but it all relates to the kind of foot speed you've got at your disposal faster just looking for the ball at uh it took a detour ah it's a great pickup foreign ly the cute stuff pays off very nice.

So now he's doubled them up good effort that's impressive work he knew he was uh soap on a rope there for a moment but put in the work anyway and that was a Hail Mary of a lob so the serve back oh almost you could wait a little bit longer he may have had an around the.

Post opportunity but tricky one good work from Foster to get to that so Elliot once again calling a timeout will keep it here this is an intriguing matchup two guys very similar instead of height and shape foot speed and general ability Foster is the slightly more experienced singles player.

It's a still it is game one very often in these matches no one brings out their best in game one you don't see it until sort of the mid to late at the second game and well over the course of a two out of three we will find more from the not the best player winning as I mentioned before the winner goes.

Forward to take on Tyson McGuffin the fourth seed however he is the defending champion on the same side of the draw is uh Dylan Fraser be a good matchup AJ Kohler is playing Pablo Tellez to meet up with Dylan ultimately the semi-final likely looking like JW.

Johnson who is the number one seed Foster coming back in at 9-4 Markowitz just trying to get himself fired up four nine looks a lot like Foster is continually targeting the forehand of Markowitz on the return I'd like to see him mixing up a little bit.

And he's found it foreign so just two points away now from taking game one Markowitz did a great job to just hold himself in the point there looking to drop some of those balls getting him to bounce into the backhand side a foster would have given them a.

Chance to get forward and beautiful wrong footing there from Markowitz that's the issue with running around your backhand as often as Foster is doing it opens up the court drastically and you you know how quickly you have to get to cover the Cross Court that opens the wrong foot.

Had a good stick volley from Jack Foster and now he has game point oh certainly had it the Markowitz will get the serve back I was just not doing quite enough with his passing shots and I think Foster is starting to read how often he's trying to get to the backhand side.

And his backhand volley has been up to the task foreign floats along giving game one to Jack Foster in the bag so we'll be back shortly at the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships the strongest competition in all of pickleball.

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Foreign s everyone talks about the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the.

Podium but every winning shot 's right here paddle tech let's go again match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margarita now.

You can go to Margaritaville too visit margueritevilleresorts.com okay it's Morgan Evans here bringing you live action from Center chord three where Jack Foster is taking on Elliot Markowitz this is the sixth day of the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships and it's paddle Tech and.

The City of Indian Wells day they are the proud sponsors of day six Foster just getting a little advice from a random crowd member so we'll see early on if the side is playing a role oh that's that's good use of his height you can't really teach at all and he's.

Got it if you can I never learned it all right Markowitz see if he is going to make any tactical changes oh it's beautiful Foster anticipating the Cross Court ball.

Likeowitz just thumping it down the middle that is the problem with taking the Gamble oh that's better work from Markowitz starting to find his rhythm zero zero oh he's well that looked well wide but what do I know.

Great View so he's got away with that one faster not willing to call it out kind of generous Soul he is oh and a beautiful inside in forehand off the back foot look at that lift the leg nice work from Mr Markowitz it's a beautiful day out here on the.

Margaritaville USA pickleball National Championship court if you're in with him man that is a well-deserved timeout Markowitz is walking away with this game too whether it's the side or just him finding his rhythm and getting some some better reads on Foster's game either way he's putting in a great.

Performance so far it is absolutely perfect conditions here and day six paddle Tech day you know paddle Tech I've been a Selkirk guy in my entire life but if I wasn't a Selkirk guy it would be paddle Tech I'll be honest with you they always just seem like the.

Nicest blokes whenever they see me even though different teams they're always so sweet to me they uh they started as a small a small family business inspired by a Love of the Game and a vision for improving paddle technology they have since grown into one of the leading names in pickleball but their.

Mission Remains the Same helping you reach the next level of play paddle Tech the paddle of Champions let's go again and Markowitz with a commanding lead in game two just missed inches away from greatness oh that was a great looking return of serve but Foster.

Yeah just catching Markowitz leaning to his right that made the down the line all the more available ah good use of the net an effective strategy at every level of the game and the spin serve starting to pay dividends.

Markowitz again just lofting a little too many of these passing shots that one there I'm not sure if it was a drop or a drive and if we can't tell then well there's bigger issues almost found some Redemption with a good looking two-hander so Markowitz now to call the time out.

Often it may not be a particular strategy in mind that uh that comes to to comes to oneself when you're sitting down and addressing the issues but at least to cool off momentum I don't think either one of these players have a coach bro say oh it's uh Frank Anthony Davis that is uh having a chat to Jack Foster.

The Fad one of the scrappiest players in the game it is amazing how well that guy gets around the court foreign has effectively doubled up faster but it looks like there's a little bit of a momentum shift.

And a big forehand from Foster and again Foster working so hard to get around his backhand it's almost as if he prefers his forehand it's just opening up so much space and unfortunately complicating a shot that could have much more easily been played by the backhand.

Some firm volleys from Foster keeping him with the ball back all right beautiful coverage from Markowitz sticking that volley nicely so he's maintained the lead that two-handed backhand I tell you if if he can dial that back in again it is.

Absolutely deadly but Foster with that blistering forehand so tricky to know where exactly he's going there Markowitz leaning to his left slightly making it that much easier and another beautiful forehand and it's made that much easier by knowing the previous shot was.

Cross-court and there's a good chance your opponent is going to be leaning in that direction so level the scores now six six and now taking the lead and a beautiful dipping forehand again that's three in a row from Foster and when he is Catching Fire like this.

There's not too many players on the planet that can handle that forehand however the net is always going to be roughly the same height and uh that's the one to watch here's your first opponent that's been undefeated on anything lower than 34 inches lovely read great volley into the Open.

Court and Foster had a great Advantage there Marco witz was not coming in it is interesting how often that apply applies a very strange kind of pressure when you realize that your opponent doesn't have faith in their return and it appears Markowitz now is.

Clutching for straws the lob serve it certainly works at a lot of levels at pickleball but uh in men's professional pickleball usually doesn't work out not to say it can't be a good mixer no nice looking backhand return.

We'll get him the ball back so he's got a little bit of work to do six nine and that serve as long so faster now just two points away again trying so hard to run around that backhand I mean how bad could it be it can't be that bad it's got you know it's a professional player the next time.

So we'll see if Markowitz can use this pick up a little momentum every time yeah I think there was a lot of open court cross-court when he elected once again to go to the backhand everything oh that's why he's running around his backhand okay that makes perfect sense.

Now forget what I said uh Foster keep doing what you're doing oh he had the Open Court available and a wise timeout so foster he's taken his foot off the gas just a little bit and Markowitz has seen an opening following this match we will have another fantastic match Jay devilier the.

Flying Frenchman versus Wesley Burroughs and if you haven't seen Wes play this is going to be a very interesting one he is arguably the most talented guy to not play too many tournaments um and you're going to see why very shortly big serve big forehand gorgeous backhand and he's far too good looking this is.

Actually without a doubt it will be the best looking match uh in Nationals all right we're gonna get there first and Foster protecting a one point lead ah that ball a little wide but around the post anyway might as well call it on the line.

Um yeah beautiful play there Divina just broken his head into the booth so that it's taking a little bit of wind out of my kowitz you can see some slightly labored movement and again faster trying the down the line ball and Foster hoping to get an overrule.

From the ref and Markowitz another time out and unless my eyes deceive me this is a cardio timeout just looking to rest the legs a little bit a couple of long drawn out points there we do however have absolutely perfect conditions you you couldn't ask for.

Better 75 degrees ish 70 degrees still hydration something that all these players need to be very focused on we do live in the desert a very dry heat so Markowitz he's right in this if he can take game two.

I tell you coming into game three you never know what the uh the side and slight amount of Breeze is going to do to each player he's pumping himself up I'll tell you it looks good in teal you know not every man can pull off teal but uh Markowitz nailing it oh and look at that look at that that.

Was both a fist pump and a little knee jerk so that adds some gusto so at one point away now from taking game two forcing the rubber oh and let's see if Foster can capitalize that two-handed backhand very close.

and the adrenaline pumping from Markowitz he does not have any more timeouts available oh that's tragic that is tragic I think the pickleball Gods should give this one to Markowitz.

Oh we rushed it he knew the available space was only going to be there if he took it as a volley so it was worth the risk that is two missed serves in a row from Jack Foster and a beautiful volley into the open area.

Foreign and it was a great looking passing shot however Elliot has really started reading how often Jack Foster is going down the line towards his backhand is anyone going to clutch Victory from the jaws of defeat here in game two.

I mean someone is right you know has to be to someone again through the legs can he win this point no nope no one's ever done it so it's not likely going to be the first time ever on Court three and a drop and another drop.

Well there you go a little change of pace from everybody Elliot Markowitz thinking outside the box so we're still stuck here at 10 10. security as well oh that's great work from Foster I can now fully endorse him winning game two.

oh but alien Markowitz with the two-handed backhand dropping that ball down just to the feet he's not out of the woods yet but uh I tell you that was a high quality shot on the Run has he got it he has.

And this two-handed backhand from Markowitz is really working out nicely still deadlock though 11 11. ah beautiful yeah it wasn't quite a drop or a drive that second attempt and gave Foster plenty of options oh he's missed that one didn't need to be that precise Markowitz.

Was already moving well to his right and another great stick volley on the backhand side I think at this point Markowitz is kind of hoping he had another timeout to work with and that is a beautiful forehand inside out I think it's been a even more of a.

Weapon than the inside in cross-court shot from Foster that has given him game and match point oh floating that one along he's got it he's got it that was a great looking passing shot from Markowitz but Foster just reaching getting a paddle on it.

And it almost accidentally dropping it perfectly in the kitchen Markowitz staying back and that is all she wrote well an absolute scorcher of game two especially great match from these two and if this is a sign of things to come here on Singles day we are in for a treat so it is Jack Foster marching forward to.

Play Tyson McGuffin but coming up next here on Champion short Championship Court two is Jay davilier versus West Burrows we'll be back I'm Morgan Evans don't go away.

Foreign it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margaritaville you can go to Margaritaville 2. visit Margaritaville resorts.com.

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Championships it is men's singles and well singles day in general I'm Morgan Evans and we're bringing you live action live at Nationals Championship Court three and it's will be where's Burrows taking on Jay de villier on paper yeah it looks like the number 25 seed versus number eight however.

Realistically you're about to see uh some fantastic pickleball from Burrows he doesn't play as much singles as he should but technique is phenomenal and he's tall on fast so what more do you need really look at that like a big cat.

And there we have Randall Emmett chiming in Point number one and the video just missing that backhand volley wide so the first point goes to Burrows Inside Out forehand gives him Point number two beautiful play and devillier again just a little late.

With a split step foreign little drop shot gives him three points on the truck and I think if davilia sees one or two more points slipping he will take a very early timeout that makes it number four that's gorgeous.

A single-handed backhand Clinic and devillier as the familiar walk of a man taking a time out so a very quick five-point lead of course we do fully expect devillier to mount a uh pretty sizable come back he is one of the best singles players in the planet but right now it's Wes Burrows having it.

All his way here at the Nationals this is the tournament that does have the strongest competition in all of pickleball as you all know there are many different uh organizations leagues out there but Nationals brings everybody together so it doesn't matter if you're PPA app MLP.

They're all here folks if you're going to win this one you're gonna have to get through the best of the best and the Villa is going to have to get these returns of serve into tough locations he's going after the Burrows backhand girl good clean volleys from devillier.

And a lofted floating return Amelia needs to be able to really take advantage of that foreign wasn't sure which way that one was going nice work there from devillier moving the ball around beautifully gets himself on the board and a gorgeous forehand.

Looked like Burrows wasn't quite sure which way he was going with that one plenty of spin oh he got away with it these two good friends oh that is stunning absolutely stunning we had some good looking backhands in the previous match but so far this.

Single-handed uh Affair here is beautiful and barra's doing a good job of moving the big man around foreign depth on his wallets I think he recognized early that he wasn't doing enough when he did get a look at the.

Passing shot and he is marching a comeback beautifully so only one point in it now five six foreign oh he did all the hard work got to a very difficult ball wide on the forehand kept him alive and that was an emergency lob situation.

And couldn't quite stick it at devilio with the serve back five six and he's called that return long likely because it was yeah nice bloke foreign but Burrows is there to handle it phenomenal Point look at the movement like a hawk versus a condor jeez Louise.

He's thumping that return that serve sorry and he's got it so back in the lead now the video read that attack beautifully moved early got plenty of meat on the backhand volley the kind of depth that burrows is getting on this return to serve.

That's keeping him in the point so early uh some great touchy feely stuff there painting the line with that shot oh so close so devillier serving six eight and again that return of served is doing such a good job of forcing devilier to have to have to hit some very difficult third shots.

I think the down the line was available that's too good he's just playing a very measured approach here not uh not overdoing anything so in the lead by two you can get this next one oh he's guessed right.

Devillier put his hand up there to shelter it from the Sun decided in the end better to just play a little drop shot seemed to work out for him he's French he's been playing flamboyant shots since her childhood oh I'm lucky foreign.

The firmness to that backhand volley I'm not sure I've ever hit a forehand volley that clean so one point the margin now excuse me still two it is the danger of looking to be that aggressive on the return of serve when it works out great if you're certainly in the driving seat.

When it doesn't unfortunately you've allowed your opponent to claw back a couple of very easy points shorter return but davilia unable to capitalize so real back and forth here so far and a drop shot from Burrows I didn't think we'd see that one today.

Typically more of a blunt force trauma kind of guy well and that uh is gonna sail wide but give him credit for getting there oh that's too good too good the full spectrum of shots on display here from West boroughs it will be Jada villier calling time out and not a moment too.

Soon 10-8 is the score where's Burrows in command and well if you look at the seedings you wouldn't uh you wouldn't see this one coming but those who know Mr Burrows knows that uh he just doesn't play as many tournaments as most of these other players gender villio has become a household.

Name plays often plays three tournaments in a given weekend it's amazing plus an MLP and a probably a Vibe thing coming up I heard they they just merged yesterday that's great way to put your swords down folks we are of course at the Indian Wells.

Tennis Garden for my money and I think most people would agree just the most beautiful venue you could ever ask for Perfect chords reasonable commentators fantastic producers so it'll be boroughs serving for game one.

And there's the LOB I don't think that one's gonna work out so it's a tricky way to make a living in singles sometimes there's no alternative foreign oh too good devillier anticipating Cross Court and Burrows going down the line.

Yeah that looked a little predictable unfortunately I think boroughs would have needed to play a handful of good inside out four hands if he's gonna sell Mr de villier on that shot so close it looks so pretty when it works.

and that's it that long return will give game one to Wes Burrows over Jay de villier so game two will be on the way shortly I'm Morgan Evans here live at Nationals foreign.

Mom can you play with me just a second Bubba mom is not done yet mom come watch this video hold on sweetheart mum's not done yet mom can you hit with me oh yeah moments definitely not done yet match point it's all up to me nothing.

Can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margarita now you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville resorts.com welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Championship Court three.

Where Jay de villier is going to try to take game two to force a rubber game wesborough is taking game one I'm Morgan Evans we're here live at Nationals as always at the beginning of game two we find out if there's a bit of a side advantage so 1-0 devillier already.

A little bit of Breeze that's uh assisting that ball going from left to right on your screen oh that's stunning clear the net by well I'd say we're going into the metrics there less than half a centimeter foreign.

Thinking that that one was going to be heading potentially cross-court perhaps but in the end a trigger ball and devillier out of the way hoping it was going to go long Ah that's too good that is one of his best shots he leans in takes a beautiful flick backhand.

Volley can do almost anything with it typically going Cross Court short angle another great return from Burrows foreign nice and early Reddit like a children's novel it's a 3-1 lead oh and that lob a little long Boris.

Can't believe the shot selections like devillier hesitated a moment after the return of serve virus is really knifing that return when he lands it it's just making life so difficult for devilier to really get good purchase on the passing shot oh.

He was all over that one set up the point beautifully but devillier up to the task good looking serve now he's within one and Burris just misses that one so it levels the score that's too good davilia again he's at full stretch.

Making it very difficult for him to be able to go cross-court with any of the any of these balls and Burrows sitting on the down the line uh it's a great time to go down the line he has hit a handful of really good inside out forehands and that's freezing to villier closer to the center of the Court opening up the.

Down the line option wow with or without the net there he wins that point so nice work come on oh he's got it I mean that was unnecessarily good illegal use of height reach and talent that's unbelievable.

Yeah that gets on all kinds of highlight reels you should put that man on the back of a box of Wheaties foreign unbelievable stuff from both players folks if you're just tuning in this is as good as it gets was that a clean winner return of sir.

Everything is coming out here you typically just never ever see that it's just drawn it a little too far and the villier is uh getting some obvious signs of discontent On The Run blasting that forehand and a gorgeous single-handed backhand from davilio so the Gap just one point now.

And the man is getting excited there's a real confidence player when it is high I tell you he is incredibly tough to beat a hunt where's Burrows is there he was down the line then he was cross-court fantastic read he's tied up the scores.

He's had a couple of those this game moments where he was in great position and that is all over oh and the ref is called something and I must imagine it was a footfall my apologize I couldn't hear her clearly so perhaps the pickleball Gods deciding in devillier's favor.

Referee is obviously doing a wonderful job here we can't do it without them and the video has called that one along okay so the players and the ref all deciding who gets the point there in the end we uh luckily came up with some kind of solution.

So after that brief interlude devillier with the two-point margin off the back of that gorgeous single-handed backhand I tell you when he really loads up I don't think there's anyone who hits a single-handed backhand quite so fast on the run so close but Burrows is continually doing just enough to get to.

Some of these balls foreign I think Barra set up a beautiful point there that drop really paid off he was in position for the volley but a touch of Brilliance from the big man the flying Frenchman Jay davilio oh and he's done it again oh the flare.

very nice for the man in blue and now two points away from taking this game into missed that one wide exclaiming that he never misses those hopefully he does look back at some of the footage and readjust that uh the killer sentence.

And nice work from Burrows getting to that low ball time is seven four unfortunately he did so well with those four hands he's gonna have to close in and put some extra pressure on devillier if he's gonna have a chance to to wrestle.

From defense to offense oh lovely short angle stick volley it's nine where's barrows just talking about how aggressive that was true oh so close it was a lovely idea.

Traditionally players going for the short angle Cross Court there but uh tried to thread the needle oh and that is a stunning backhand and that gives Jay devilier game two so we have tied it up here on Championship Court three and Morgan Evans here for live at Nationals do not go anywhere we'll be right back.

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foreign match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margaritaville.

You can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville resorts.com okay welcome back everybody Morgan Evans here coming at you live from Nationals we're on Championship Court three and we've got a tide ball game here Burrows took game one diviliate took game.

Two villier will have the serve back I was a great looking backhand but where's was there look at how quickly he sidesteps and their last second cross step it's all in as soon as the crosstab happens on the forehand side oh look at that.

Like a mongoose with a backwards hat a cool Mongoose oh really I trying to be cute with it and as far as he knows he's quick enough to not have to gamble and try to pick those areas he knows he can stay home really do a good job handling the down the line ball.

So far there's only been one point where Burris has been able to really strike that single-handed backhand with power and then transition into a soft drop a shot it's not easy very few players can just do it Ben Jones makes it look easy but uh going from power to touch in a blink of.

An eye is a difficult thing however it is Burrows with a two-point lead rifles that serve and tickles that one in it was at a height that was certainly going to go long if it wasn't uh if it was over hit but that one played to perfection has he got it no.

The look of dismay on his face says no so zero three the man in blue the big man the flying Frenchman Jay devilier serving oh it's gorgeous yeah and a well-deserved fist pump on the back of that see if that can start the fire oh.

That's happened three times so far in this match every time Burrows has been in full flight regardless of the height of the ball that was at a height that certainly should have been put away he's just catching the top of the tape we'll see quickly if he can calibrate.

That and dial it in oh this is expert play their Precision pickleball de villier just doing great work off the backhand side moving the ball around nicely he has deservatively deservedly yeah that's a tough one to say level the.

Scores are now pulled ahead foreign didn't hear the timeout the players walking towards the bench it's usually a bit of a sign it has become a bit of a trend in professional pickleball which is generally walking away from the court until the ref asks you if you're calling.

A timeout usually squeeze in an extra 10 to 15 seconds of a sort of an ambiguous time period we are at the of course at the wonderful Indian Wells Tennis Garden go for the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national champs is where all the big guns are playing folks.

We take everybody we're kind of like the Ellis Island of uh of pickleball you know doesn't matter if you're app PPA MLP we'll take all of you and that gives us the greatest competition known to man I doubt and a beautiful backhand again I tell you if you ever want to learn how.

To hit single-handed backhand drives this is the match to watch just run this on repeat skip that one obviously but uh you know all the other ones were great so after a 3-0 lead Burrows finds himself at a two-point deficit make that one now we can't do.

I don't see any sweat on thoroughs at all not sure how that's happening devillier is drenched is that a magic shirt of some kind from boroughs well the video I did hit an out ball there but regardless he wins the point wow.

Sprays that backhand volley wide davilio takes the six point margin so the break at six points take a one minute timeout here we're gonna stay a little bit of hydration break able Paradise Indian Wells Tennis Garden okay I live just about.

Well a really good three iron from here and uh like a really really good three iron and I never get tired of seeing these mountains you know I always think at some point I'll get sick of the scenery but it's never happened beautiful place 5800 seat Championship Court.

The atmosphere here is just to die for evilia is enjoying it one point lead but he got the switch that's important and he's followed up that with another gorgeous single-handed backhand I hear Mozart usually when when he hits that ball you know some of the early stuff oh Wesley Burrows.

I do hope your parents weren't watching that forehand volley or that one so devillier now just two points away he has capitalized after three point uh deficit at the beginning he has gone on a tear.

Oh but a lovely forehand roller he's found it it was certainly missing might have been in his other pants but he's got it back so five nine Four Points the margin he's gonna have to do some serious work here if he wants to make a meal of this one.

Certainly helps the winner of this match will go on to face the winner of Eden Leica versus Frank Anthony Davis that's happening on the championship Court two one oh he's got it that is unfortunate but great hands from devilier to handle that net cord.

So nine six let's see if you can't put a stamp on this one oh beautiful single-handed backhand what he's doing so well is using so much of this backspin that Wesley Burrows is giving him on the return of serve that allows him to dip the ball naturally making that passing shot even more.

Deadly fantastic Court coverage from Burrows 10 he's still alive and need to go to work here oh he's got it devillier predicted the cross-court ball and Boris just threaded down the night and on the line easily so 710.

I think if we get one more Point here we'll see a timeout foreign and that volley floats long giving the game set and match to Jay de villier a warm embrace to finish so he will march on to the next round a valiant effort though from Wesley.

Burrows do not go anywhere folks Morgan Evans here court number three we'll be back shortly after these messages all right foreign.

Match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margarita now you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville resorts.com bro.

O fruit smash super hot tells you with real juice it's party juice thank you.

Hold up thank you foreign thank you.

Foreign just teach me.

Boy foreign.

live at Nationals we are on Championship Court three for a men's singles matchup Travis rettenmeier versus Hunter Johnson this match will determine the lucky player who gets to go forth and uh take on Ben Johns.

And you know I might be saying that a little prematurely he does have a match to get through and that matches against the brother of Hunter Johnson Yates Johnson so you never know but uh smart money is typically on Ben against most land mammals so.

Court three we're about to get underway rettonmeyer is the man closest to you in Black tall Selkirk man and he's one of those players he's so new to the game that uh the seed or black thereof is not going to be indicative of his level we're.

About to see some wonderful Strokes foreign looking Play Already Hunter and Yates Johnson they have really started to take the pickleball World by storm in the last few months especially but if you haven't seen retinmeyer then you're in for a treat here.

Lots of power goes for the serve stripes the ball I'm gonna find out fairly quickly if he's comfortable with the soft game as well Johnson adding a little bit of pre-spin to the serve it's gonna have to enjoy that while it.

Lasts oh lovely ball so much Top Spin Hunter and Yates Johnson former practice Partners to the Bryan brothers this looks to be some incredibly quick exchanges a lot of agility on the side of Johnson.

In particular so if Rhett Meyer is going to have a chance here it's going to be really relying on serious power and a good leave tell you this two-handed backhand from Johnson is already on fire very close a couple of inches outside the line.

That two-headed backhand it's impressive to see him going for the down the line not just the cross-court short angle ball yeah great work the sun certainly affecting the overhead performance there foreign just taking a moment to adjust his vision.

Oh unlucky the net getting involved early and a great return of surf setting up a routine fourth ball oh the short angles being employed by Johnson just amazing work missing that serve that's too good the net did get involved.

Again that uh allowed Johnson to really get back in the point and then dictate play great stick volley very nice yeah the depth of that particular serve gave him a much bigger margin to work with retinmeyer had been using just a flatter.

Lower serve so far and Johnson was was able to really do a lot to get that ball back to the backhand side of retinmeyer on that occasion he floated it and gave himself an easy forehand to work with Thursday morning oh I'll tell you the kind of speed he's.

Going for on that two-handed backhand the margin for error is Tiny if it works great if not well that's what happens oh gorgeous he held that ball on his paddle froze Johnson just for a moment who didn't dare commit to the Cross Court or the down the line again it's Johnson with that two-handed.

Backhand that's whipping the ball across Court keeping Rhett and Maya in a tough position and a big serve from Johnson thank you Court coverage of young Johnson here is unbelievable we are seeing a new breed of singles.

Player into the game and jumps into seven to run away with it nothing retinmeyer would be wise to start thinking about a timeout perhaps trying to stop the bleeding oh he did such a good job of getting that ball down the line.

Forcing retinmeyer to really have a full stretch and that's a kind of ball he needs to make if he's going to be able to really compete well against these Young Bucks written by certainly the senior and he doesn't move like it though but the serve of Johnson right now is.

Applying a level of pressure that is forcing some return errors from retinmeyer on that occasion though the wingspan power of retinmeyer to the rescue foreign floating long oh they slice threaten my On The Run trying to curl.

That ball back in very tricky foreign who has doubled up rettonmeyer good work to keep the foot on the gas and it's Johnson calling time out he looks to be in command but uh possibly just wanting a bit of a breather.

So Rhett and I will take a moment he will have the serve when he comes back find out what he needs to do to get himself back into game one so we are here at Indian Wells Tennis Garden we have 100 of all the top 20 players in the world 150 Grand up for prize money here this is pickleball Paradise the Indian.

Wells Tennis Garden we are live at Nationals and it is day six this day is proudly sponsored by paddle Tech and the City of Indian Wells if you're not here folks if you're anywhere in Southern California then we still have tickets available grounds passes for 25 bucks.

This is the kind of sport you gotta watch it live to really appreciate the skill uh of these players uh great work again it's the serve that's doing so much initial damage from Johnson just forcing retinmeyer to be in a tough spot now just two points away from taking.

Game one oh that is a stunning return of serve very few players elect to hit that uh single-handed backhand flat like that but we do see how well players are abusing the kind of backspin beautiful beautiful it looks so much like the backhand of Jay de villier.

Obviously both players coming from an incredibly strong tennis background excited oh look at that and that and don't tell me oh wow unbelievable point from these two leaving it all on the court written by doing a fantastic job to be able to get to those balls.

And he's curled that forehand into a great spot making the shot very difficult for Johnson foreign Johnson tell you that two-handed backhand when it's on when he's really striping it it's uh yeah it's just a thing of beauty but he's missed a handful already.

Going for shots that probably don't need to be quite so precise one of the tactics in terms of the long game in singles is to take your opponent's legs away you can already see that rettonmeyer taking a little longer between points trying to catch his breath that is a gorgeous shot.

In a part of part of what makes Travis Rhett and Meyer as good as he is is the height the ball speed the kind of power he's able to put on serves and drives it's massive but it comes at a cost they're bigger man typically does not have the same kind of gas tank that the smaller man does Johnson needs to be thinking about using.

That to his advantage and we get a timeout there so if you're in the area as I said before come out Indian Wells Tennis Garden check it out or if you're just looking to watch online live then head to USA pickleballnationals.com but why not come out I mean we've got.

Margaritas and pickleball what can go wrong I've also been told and I'm very excited about lunch here that uh there's Pizza fired up pizza one of those wonderful mobile units that has the uh the stone-fired pizza pretty excited about that myself I'm.

Sure here at the producers next to me are going to steal most of mine so you'll be able to catch it here up until Midway through Championship Sunday then the live stream will head over to ESPN2 and be able to catch the rest there and Hunter Johnson making great use of.

The net nine eight two points away when he has curled that ball about six feet left of the Court is left so Rhett and I are still in with a Chance let's see if a good serve and a quality passing shot that's what we're looking for that level.

The scores that's what he needs he really needs to be trying to keep these points as short as possible it's not that he can't move around but the younger man will have the longer legs not literally obviously oh no he didn't he did on the Run slap that ball down the line and a.

Well-deserved game point coming up for Travis retinmeyer beautiful shot and a single-handed backhand for the ages to cap off what was an incredible comeback from Travis rettonmeyer so folks you're not going to want to miss game two can the young blood pick it up or will the Old Guard continue.

Morgan Evans will be right back here live at Nationals foreign athletes know nutrition drives performance I will not slow down Superior lab supplements help you power up and recover faster.

Superior Labs is a proud sponsor of USA pickleball fruit smash super hot tells you with real juice it's party juice.

Okay welcome back ladies and gentlemen are about to get game two underway of the Johnson V retina my Epic in the making we're seeing quickness and Agility from Johnson that uh well you just do not see outside really a squash court or a badminton court unbelievable stuff the power and wingspan.

Of retinmeyer on display as well that's too good moving around nicely and that is just missed so at the side out foreign looks like it's caught the line fantastic shot Inside Out forehand we see the split step early yeah for that ball to dip as much as it.

Did there you know through the air to begin with you'd think that was possibly going along but it's a sign of obviously the power and technique the modern players are using but also the kind of spin technology that's uh that's coming into the game it was an impressive return of serve.

Certainly but rettonmeyer unable to catch up to that fantastic passing shot 4-0 the lead already to Johnson this is a familiar sight as we what we saw in game one Johnson taking an early lead Meyer clawing his way back and finally taking over oh that's gorgeous open stance kept his.

Balance just to write it down the line that ball floating a little long so Johnson's Still In firm command here historically so far today decide that Johnson is on has had a bit of an advantage oh he did so well to just get himself back in the point.

And then he went all in on the first single-handed back double-handed backhand sorry that he had those are the moments where a player has to just keep a level head decide that there might just be one more ball required before they can put the foot on the gas oh that's cute.

Yeah it's devillier-esque really yeah some extra footwork was required to uh to make that ball a little easier but I can I see some fairly heavy breathing from Hunter Johnson professional singles both men and women obviously a very arduous task at the best of times Hunter Johnson wisely going towards the.

Towel for his little cardio break that single had a backhand has looked Unstoppable so far today it's one of the first ones he's found the net with oh beautiful planted nice and early and he's done so many really good looking curling backhands cross-court.

Short angle that when it does go down the line it's a tricky proposition for anyone to really read two great serve written my inner a real hurry to get in suddenly that two-point margin has become four a huge serve from Johnson.

All right and a slow melodic walk over to the sideline indicates the time out from Travis rettenmeier looks to be drinking out of a giant milk jug we will work on that see if we can't get him a more substantial bottle I have one here.

I can I could lend to him right still 7-2 is the score line game one did see a a good looking comeback from retinmeyer I think he certainly has it in him it's one of those situations where a bigger.

More powerful player has a longevity in their game you look at someone like Matt Wright 45 46 years old six foot three with serious power at his disposal that means he's been able to stay at that top level for so long very difficult for someone you know five eight five nine five ten to be able to.

Do the same thing rettonmeyer has that kind of wingspan and Power gonna have to go to work though both these players are playing some very high risk High reward pickleball and it's working out beautifully for Johnson here in game two he knows that uh single-handed backhand returned from retinmeyer when it works.

It's beautiful and it's a tough to tough shot to drive off of but when it doesn't and it can bleed some points and that's what's happened here in game two largely the serve dictating play Hunter Johnson takes it so we will go to a third and deciding game do not go anywhere we are live at Nationals match point it's all up to me nothing.

Can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going foreign we're going to Margaritaville you can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville resorts.com you don't get the moments everyone talks about.

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Data starting at just twenty dollars a month it's like four scoops of ice cream for the price of one switch today and get a 100 risk-free guarantee call or go online foreign.

Welcome back folks Morgan Evans here live at Nationals we're at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden for the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships heck of a matchup underway rettonmeyer vs Johnson retinmeyer took game one Johnson to game.

Two and I think whoever wins this one is gonna win the match and another booming forehand from retinmeyer he has got such a good looking single-handed backhand but if the forehand is able to do that on a regular basis then it's worth running around you know he's not not exactly a one hit.

Wonder player but in terms of wanting to hit 12 balls each rally he's not the guy he's one of those guys that can grip it rip it and find a line more often than anyone should that kind of talent he's up against the serious Young Blood though Hunter Johnson brother of Yates Johnson.

Twins retinmeyer massive forehand down the line followed by a good looking and very very concentrated fist pump that one a very quick 4-0 lead yeah a tough one we talked about it in one of the previous matches just how difficult it is for a player to play.

With such power and then cool off the ball and drop it delicately in the kitchen thank you the conclusion of this match we will have a another heated exchange between Rafa Hewitt and Pablo Tellez served just floating along.

And a great little short volley from Johnson whether or not he actually meant to drop it that short or not all as well that ends well that two-headed backhand it's a tough one it's uh it's one of those shots whereby if that's the only go-to then it's gonna.

Be tricky because at a certain height the two-handed backhand has a very difficult job of getting under the ball the single head of backhand has a greater reach both laterally and in terms of height above the above the ground that gives you a larger margin a larger comfort zone so to speak.

Where the two-handed backhand yay can absorb a lot more pace but it has a much smaller comfort zone so that is gonna be out oh and well played from Travis rettenmeier and he's gone for a tactical shoe tying that's well played veteran move there.

From the big man you know I think it actually might have been undone so no no it's tactics nice work so he's gonna use that a nice uh timeout from him catch his breath he's in command of game three to Johnson his brother Yates Johnson they will be doing battle.

In the immense doubles as well I have a little little look at the rest of the bracket here we've just saw Federico Stacks rude defeat Carl Lewis so he'll go on to play Julian Arnold Ben Jones is in Waiting he managed to dispatch of the brother of the gentleman on court now Yates Johnson.

12 10 11 9. and Dylan Fraser is through uh my money's on him playing Tyson McGuffin who's on court right now playing against uh Jack Foster who we saw here earlier Rhett and Maya serving at 4-1 oh look at that oh what's absurd what are we evil why are the rest of us.

Even playing the game if someone can do something like that so he stretches the lead to five it's so important to get the switch with a healthy lead when there is a bit of a side Advantage we're seeing it time and time again here and he's got it so six one players will take a one minute hydration.

Break and retinmeyer is cooking with gas now we'll see if he's able to continue the trend or if Johnson can slowly Whittle away at this lead 150 Grand is up for grabs here at the Indian Wells Tennis Grand Tennis Grand tennis garden guy I used to work here too.

It is of course the Nationals live at Nationals you can catch all the action at usapickleballnationals.com up until the last three matches on Sunday that's when both the men's and women's doubles as well as the mixed doubles championship match will be live on ESPN2 everything else before that including.

The men's and singles men's and women's singles final that will be here at usapickleballnationals.com you'll also be able to catch it on Selkirk TV so retinmeyer looking to keep the foot on the gas at 6-1 on that net just.

Getting in the way one six is the score and that is the point of the match by a margin and it's gone to the big man Travis rettenmeier unseated genius impressive work for him to scramble and pick up those balls impressive work six one and again the power on the Run that's.

The big difference Hunter Johnson has wheels for days unbelievably quick retinmeyer has longer stride length and he's got the will and determination right now to put in the work get to those wide balls and when he's there that extra power he's got is really working out nicely not much you can do about that one.

Though there's no one who's gonna get that he is uh breathing a little heavy I'll be honest with you and he's wearing black in the desert oh that's gorgeous the touch oh and it looks like the referee.

Has gonna be issuing she's issuing a warning he did slap the ball within the vicinity of her and we like her she's been around for a long time great ref more time for Tyson a nice looking return of serve dropping very low still six points the margin.

That's been the big difference especially with the the sides helping or hindering kind of work you can get off the serve and Johnson doing enough on both the last two points giving him a much easier chance to dictate with his third shot passing shots and retinmeyer a little bit outside the.

Box thinking there some creative work throwing up the lob over the backhand side yeah it's too good that one over the forehand side not going to work out too well against a former professional tennis player.

So I've written my still with the lead but Johnson starting to work its way back in and another point there so four seven tricky part here for retinmeyer is just how close to the lines do we start to put these returns to stop the bleeding.

I was thinking about the paddle throw luckily uh thought wise of it that is the Selkirk lab zero zero two incredibly durable but uh I'm showing a lot of the patrons want to pick it up and that lob and there we go yep just testing the aerodynamic nature of the zero zero two looked like it got through.

The air beautifully and just caught the uh the screens at the back there no harm no foul but fortunately for Rhett and Maya it is now just a one point margin we're seeing the player on the near side have a decent Advantage power and spin so the kind of action that Johnson is.

Putting on his serve is giving himself a a good chance to derive thirds and forcing retinmeyer to be just a step back from his preferred position up to the kitchen line question is is it now time for Rhett Meyer to think about staying back on a return to serve is that the lesser of.

Two evils oh and it looks like retina Myers called it good that's a great shot from Johnson so from a 1-7 deficit he has brought it back to 7-7 all the momentum on the side of Johnson that is off the.

Edge guard and now the lead is with Johnson and an amazing two-handed backhand rettenmeier is determined to return to the backhand side but at this point Johnson's form on that side is lightning quick might be time to.

Readdress the tactic perhaps go to the forehand side that's too good that's too good and uh written my just some some slight you know words of discomfort and that is long and a fantastic fight back from Hunter Johnson after a blistering start from.

Retinmeyer after the side switch it was all Johnson so he is marching forward to play Mr Ben Johns who recently took down his brother so they'll see if they can't keep it in the family we'll be right back after these messages with the next match here on Champion short Championship Court three.

thank you do do I will dig deep.

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Pickleball you don't get the moments everyone talks about the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the.

Podium but every winning shot starts right here paddle tech let's go again foreign foreign we're going to Margaritaville.

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Hit climb hustle or just move bounce 50 less with sheep it we got you because we are you she bit foreign.

So we are underway here Pablo Tellez versus Rapha Hewitt this is a backdraw match one game to 15. this is one of the rare moments where you might think your TV is upside down or you're just living in Australia they're both left-handed it's madness out there.

Rafa Hewitt if you haven't seen him play you're in for something special massive amounts of power and a level of intensity that well should be almost illegal really oh lovely Pablo has curled that ball beautifully down all right great work from Hewitt finding the open space.

So it was Dylan Fraser that put Pablo Tellez into the backdraw oh look at that Hewitt and they're trading impressive forehands down the line at the moment pull it up a little bit with Rafi Hewitt yesterday first thing I noticed is he's uh he's trimmed down a little bit oh that ball catches the net and floats.

Long it was William sobeck that got the better of Hewitt in their first match three games Sobek some young blood Hewitt just calling that one long foreign just looking for blunt force through the middle.

A bull finds the net from Telus and Pablo tellers it has called at an early time out and the wise move I think 5-1 Hewitt racing off to a quick lead and in these one two one to 15 matches you cannot afford to let anyone and get away with four or five points.

Unanswered so a good timeout the match following this will be Tyson McGuffin and Dylan Fraser that should be an absolute ban burner if anyone at home knows how that whole barn burner freeze was coined I am very interested so please uh hit me up if you can find me on Facebook or something.

Tell us he's just bleeding some some volleys right now Hewitt is running away with it oh look at that that's too good this isn't stark contrast to what we've seen in the previous matches whereby the player on the near side has had a pretty serious advantage but they were right-handed people.

Could be an enigma so tell us we'll get the serve back one seven thank you oh that's a beautiful shot tellers using his speed across the court beautifully for trying to go around the post but it wasn't quite there and he would call that one wide.

If he can take this one he'll get the switch and that ball floating long right now Pablo is he's playing with uh a greater margin than he can get away with unfortunately hide above the net that Hewitt is employing is drastically lower than.

Tilles almost he was there he loves that forehand down the line tell us we'll reach for the towel two seven that's a good job there from telez I think he has started to really figure out the fact that his opponent much like himself is remarkably left-handed and.

The typical areas that you would go to to get to a backhand is indeed a forehand 15 seconds that's a great serve Hewitt going for a lot on the return to serve as the breeze is just picking up a little bit here at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden and Rapha Hewitt just asking the referee.

If the wind is going to change obviously as a qualified meteorologist and referee she should be able to answer that question ah sorry Tellez has done a great job leveling the scores the.

Unfortunate anger that Hewitt is bringing to the table that's costing him and looking towards the paddle to do better yeah that's rarely the arrow more often the Archer let's be honest thank you the wind's going one way so Tellez now in the lead one point.

These are the kind of moments where you realize that you don't necessarily have to win the game you just have to help your opponent continue to lose so if you can draw out the points get a couple of loose errors from Hewitt and feed off that frustration see if he can influence the wind a little bit and should work out nicely.

fired up though much like the villier a real confidence player when he finds that confidence success is just around the corner unless of course someone has erected a net in front of your ball and it is at the right height.

Foreign and that put away overhead very close to the line looks like it's in so the score Remains the Same seven eight Hewlett serving to Tellez and he's blasted that one very tough to get too much spin on that particular backhand.

You notice he should have rolled that one and that is a a very loose error from teles I think he was almost surprised that Hewitt wasn't coming in we see that so often it's a bit of a shock to the system and you kind of wonder what you're supposed to do when you haven't got two very small targets to go for.

Out and tell us again that forehand side is just getting a little loose and when I say A little I mean a lot might be time to consider the backhand side as the go-to return weapon for tellers perhaps the shifting wind has.

Played a role in the other side of the Court having a bit of the advantage now Rapha Hewitt certainly making a meal of it as I mentioned earlier we've got Dylan Fraser versus Tyson McGuffin up after this on Championship Court three we are of course here at the lovely.

Indian Wells Tennis Garden they're putting up 150 000 in prize money I've got 100 of the top 20 male and female pros from around the world this is without a doubt the toughest tournament to win.

Really getting after that forehand eight nine oh beautiful play he knew when he got that one ball down it was time to move in for the kill nice work and hear it just throwing his hat some people throw the kitchen sink at it.

Others just throw the Hat 10 10. big return from Hewitt and a great finish the man is fired up well let's uh that's all fair I think tellers has been able to get the better of the net on a few occasions so.

I think Hewitt was an old one and Hewitt trying to go back to what is normally going to be a backhand side of someone but instead he finds his counterpart with a nice forehand into the Open Court that's big work and the loop that Telus is putting on so.

Many of these passing shots it's just giving Hewitt a little extra margin to work with that next ball can be an easy put away look at that Slice on that serve foreign 's in the lead by the slimmest of margins but Tellez with the serve and he levels the scores.

Another big forehand gets the ball back this is not gonna go well for Tilles whenever it catches the top of the edge guard if you're very very lucky it's got so much backspin and just pops over the net that it comes back into the net but this was not that time.

And a huge Inside Out forehand and a Roar from the big man he's starting to feel it now just two points away from progressing on the winner of this will head on to play the winner of Jack Foster and Anton Goods yeah that's a great placement there from Tellez yes typically.

Aimed a lot of the balls to the left-hand side of the Court as both players are kind of programmed to do that's typically the backhand side of a player oh he's gone cute with it and he's got away with it so a certified member of the J de villier.

School of cute touchy feely volleys well a massive Roar hoping to influence the core right at least he's honest just trying to get you to change his mind uh oh wait we still love him but what we have is a tide ball game anyone's got it and that's big from teles he did hit an.

Out ball but it doesn't matter in the end clean winner and now he has a chance to take the match and move on just wide firm call too certainly no discrepancy ah don't tell me that's in.

Unbelievable points unbelievable had everything point of the tournament so far I'd say unbelievable I am lost for words both players gasping for air but the cardiovascular of these guys to not take three or four timeouts plus a medical.

Very impressive and that is it down goes the paddle and it is Pablo Tellez marching forward amazing match finishing with some of the best pickleball you're ever likely to see folks do not go anywhere we are going to be right back after these messages with a huge match between Tyson McGuffin.

And Dylan Fraser foreign foreign all right friends.

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you don't get the moments everyone talks about without the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet.

Everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot 's right here paddle tech let's go again foreign.

foreign foreign.

thank you thank you.

So we've got McGuffin and Fraser and this quarterfinal matchup this is gonna be an absolute treat Dylan Fraser part of the new wave of young blood coming into the game often you'll see him alongside JW Johnson those two have really made names for themselves in the last few years Fraser has been playing for four plus.

Years now however he was really just focusing on the the circuit and the local stuff around Missouri but recently in the last year year and a half or so he has spread his wings and the pickleball World thanks him for it incredible hand speed at the net the foot speed is to die for he's one of those guys with the power to weight.

Ratio that really lends itself to pickleball getting around the court with the kind of agility that uh well you just don't see Tyson McGuffin the man needs no introductions he's a man's man he's a man with a mustache he's a man with a mole uh but more importantly he's a man who can walk.

In and out of sketches and that's uh that's big these days sorry Kanye and uh you know it is what it is bad luck mate so this matchup promises to be huge on the other side of the draw on this half ryla de heart is through he'll play the winner of Jay de villier.

And Eden Leica and that person will meet either McGuffin or Fraser Ben Johns has somehow found his way through shocking I know as well as Federico statsroot and Julian Arnold so that rounds out the quarterfinals.

It'll be Frasier to serve first here at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden live at Nationals and we are underway we're gonna see 47 000 paddle spins from Dylan Fraser and it's not you know the ideal start for him and just missed.

McGuffin has found a second gear in his level uh over the last really three to six months I think there's been a bit of a transformation for him he recently was able to get the monkey off his back with regards to Ben Johns and when I say.

That I mean beat him in the final play each other so often but it's usually John's that gets a better of it McGuffin able to win that match up recently so filled with confidence and he is the defending champion here at the Nationals but Fraser is.

He is electric the movement and how Compact and efficient his paddle speed is something that allows him to thump so many balls and be ready for a counter punch he also has a good amount of Disguise on a lot of these forehands it's able to keep players in place.

And right now he's looking at a 4-0 lead oh that's gorgeous that's big and there's the first bark from the dog leaning in Rolling that one well good looking passing shot catches the edge Guard from Fraser unlucky McGuffin has one of the best serves in.

The game he'll be looking to really utilize that Fraser has found the net twice already quite remarkable here was skating off to a 4-0 lead oh three minutes it looked like it was gonna be there why is it home watching.

Dylan Fraser you'll notice just how much footwork he does when he's up at the line you look at these split steps it's trying to get in as many as possible you never quite know the exact point of contact of an opponent so throwing in 46 000 split steps means you probably get a pretty good chance to time one perfectly.

Often having a little bit of fun with the crowd already he's enjoying himself out here foreign former wrestler turn tennis player turn pickleball master and that backhand volley floats wide.

Girlfriend really trying to start starting to find that forehand foreign work when his family is here there are some players that really really feed off their partner their family loved ones being in attendance.

And he is definitely one of them they give him energy so he has squeaked in front five four big serve look at that big work from the big man and Fraser Meandering towards the sideline.

And calling time out so players will hydrate here for toweling off it was Fraser out to a quick 4-0 lead but since then it's been all McGuffin we see it so often a uh an interesting start to a match and then player.

Either figures out a strategy or just warms themselves up enough to find their true form and suddenly the complexion of a matched Lutz looks entirely different still Dylan Fraser is one of the few men in the history of pickleball who have beaten Ben Johns at Singles McGuffin obviously one of the others but uh he is.

A fantastic player and this matches anybody's oh it's an amazing pickup from McGuffin still in the point but Fraser wisely moving him around playing with the short angles and that's a that's a part of the game that very few players really try to utilize.

And I think if you if you look at the dimensions of a chord players would be very wise to think about the diagonal being that longest distance ah look at that working a little cat and mouse and then pouncing quickly it's been really the major Improvement.

In mcguffin's Game of late just how Compact and efficient he's been able to play and it's happened to a large degree because of these new paddles Selkirk have come out with so much power phenomenal play McGuffin runs around the backhand to try to stripe the forehand.

In the end nothing given and Fraser he has massive skill sets however one of the things that he doesn't do that you'll see the vast majority is play with Big Top Spin on the forehand side and he's able to do it when he plays that inside in forehand however on the.

Run an open stance often quite a flat ball if not coming out with some backspin side spin and play just paused momentarily and we're back great volleys there from Fraser Penny McGuffin to the back so scoreboard hasn't changed much recently four six.

this one means a lot to him he knows if he can take this match he's got a good chance to get through to the final oh beautiful play no don't tell me that is huge work from McGuffin I tell you he has always been quick around the court but he has taken it to.

A new level so extends the lead to 3.74 and he couldn't resist the urge to keep playing cat and mouse did a good job keeping Fraser honest Fraser was already looking towards the center on the cross court volley from McGuffin.

McGuffin was wise to it oh yeah great Wheels did a lot with that first ball there's a tricky proposition to be able to play that kind of touch feel drop shot on the backhand side very difficult to be able to create any shape on the ball.

That's one of the reasons why you see so many players electing just to chip that ball Cross Court a little bit of luck goes a long way both McGuffin and Fraser good sell Kirk boys Selkirk recently signing Dylan Fraser just a few days ago oh look at that the pickup out of.

Nowhere the crowd going absolutely bananas and he has found the Open Court no more touchy-feely stuff from McGuffin blast that one Cross Court beautiful backhand doesn't often use the power in the backhand usually likes to just chip that ball get.

Up there very comfortable with the cat and mouse game up at the kitchen line so he uses it as more of a weapon to try to set himself up for a forehand On The Run forward do the damage up there and really test his cardio versus his opponent soon more from the nut it's his opponents found wanting.

So it is day six here at the national championships proudly sponsored by paddle Tech and the City of Indian Wells paddle tech one of the best manufacturers in the game so McGuffin has extended his lead nicely after Fraser really ran out to a 4-0 start it's gone for a little too much and.

Not a lot of spin on that ball tough to keep it down Fraser now trying to play very very quickly another couple of spins oh Fraser is one of the few players at the top level level of the game that doesn't necessarily come from a professional.

Tennis background and that ball is wide and again the hard work has paid off forcing Fraser to play another ball again and again and again and at some point a body in motion towards a sideline so often sprays are volley wide Governor McGuffin hasn't missed too many.

Of those four hands you had a good look at it he's really been enjoying that short angle cross-court forehand roll but it's Fraser takes the point starts to close the gap 5 10. yeah that's one of the few forehands where he does possess a good amount of topspin that inside in.

Just curls the wrist nicely a great Pace on the return able to stick that first volley just enough so another point to finish game one oh he's just missed it it was right there on his paddle phrase I'm missing that one wide.

It's the ball once again back on the McGuffin paddle to try to finish game one and a great serve and a misreturn from Fraser gives McGuffin game one fantastic work so we'll be right back for game two do not go away after these messages from our wonderful sponsors.

foreign match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margarita now.

you can go to Margaritaville too visit margueritable resorts.com welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships it is singles day Tyson McGuffin has taken game one against Dylan Fraser Fraser started well in game one but it.

Was McGuffin that came roaring back literally and figuratively ah it's just too much McGuffin there's too much mole I mean it's hard to compete with just a standard haircut I think how can you couple that with a mustache the tats it's essentially undefeatable aside from the general dimensions of a.

Court and there's no way to beat this man good hands so tricky to be able to react quickly enough off the net like that foreign that is the wonderful byproduct of a a good deep powerful serve oh that's a beautiful volley.

Frasier starting to read the directional options for Tyson McGuffin good stick volley it's at the moment it's largely the consistency of McGuffin that has been the Difference Maker oh beautiful what.

Do things make a player consistent that's good footwork and good shot selections both these players have phenomenal footwork McGovern has a slightly bigger arsenal of weapons and get a lot more experience in the game of singles we've got to remember Dylan Fraser is a young buck and certainly part of the the future of.

The game McGuffin has been around the block a few times though uh just phenomenal footwork that traditional never stay dye attitude and there's a nice freebie 5-0 now and he started the bark before it even finished that point.

Born and Fraser taking a a quick side out a quick timeout my apologies I do Wonder what camp Fraser is gonna tell him McGuffin in good command here looking towards hopefully Championship Sunday both these players will obviously be.

Competing in the men's doubles and the mixed doubles as well if you're in the area folks anywhere Southern California I think it's worth the trip without a doubt you can get a general admission pass which will get you into the championship stadium for only 25 and.

You get to see the best of the best doing it live there's nothing like it you know you can watch as much as you want on TV but to be able to see the players live like this it's huge so come on down Indian Wells Tennis Garden one of the Premier sporting venues around the world.

Oh he had it he put all the work in understandably the tongue out on that one so Fraser a little bit of work to do and with uh with deep returns like that that's not going to be too easy so phrase is gonna have to start thinking about how he can adjust his serve positioning.

Possibly pace and depth as well uh great work from Fraser the amount that he's doing on a lot of these first volleys hasn't been enough to be able to really dictate the point Tyson's been able to wrestle it away pun intended but on that occasion really did well lovely held it now nothing but open.

Court oh but Fraser With A Touch of Class On The Run he was being moved around McGuffin did a great job of turning defense into offense looked like he was in full command foreign but it was Fraser with a short angle.

Cross Court ball keeps him alive and finishes the point yeah that's the kind of error that he can ill afford to make you got a nice short return out of McGuffin foreign that's big work again 7-1 so much of the damage is being done with.

The serve here Fraser he was all over that read it perfectly it was right in position for him foreign it's too good and mcguffin's right no one was home oh too good Dylan Fraser the wheels on this man I.

Tell you they are very similar in terms of Court Speed and Agility phrasing now so just starting to turn it on and catch McGuffin a few times but he's got a bit of a mountain to climb here and that serve is not deep enough I'll go from doing a great job just holding a position.

Drawing the ball back Cross Court at the conclusion of this match we will have the Share Bear Ryan Sherry versus JW Johnson who was the number one seed JW lost to Ryan raila de heart and a tough three-game match Jay devilier has subsequently beat the heart so real toss-up.

The winner of this will go and play devilio again strong work from McGuffin gets the ball back foreign three points away from booking a place in the semi-finals make that two there's been a handful of those from.

Dylan Fraser trying to flick it back and keep McGuffin honest try to avoid like often closing with a big forehand that's big that's great work this one means a lot to him Dylan Fraser is an incredibly tough opponent McGuffin is handling business very well.

Oh he's done it he's done it and he's done it with style big work from Tyson McGuffin and his fans are in appreciation a lot of heart he put in a lot of work there to make that one look relatively routine it is anything but fantastic work from Tyson McGuffin going forth to play Jay.

Davilia in the semi-finals we'll be back shortly after these messages from our sponsors thank you thank you foreign.

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thank you foreign.

foreign Morgan Evans here Championship Court three the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships this.

Is the strongest competition out there folks we take everybody the PPA the MLP the app all the other P's and the A's whichever one you want to go with we have the best of the best from everywhere around the world here to compete and the match up upon us now is JW Johnson the number one seed however.

Your eyes do not mistake you as Ryan Sherry and this is a backdraw match JW Johnson was defeated by ryla De heart and the well it was his first round match that's always tough he had a buy it was a tricky one I used to hate those buys no one likes to buy you'd get warmed up.

Ryan Share Bear Sherry as he is affectionately known he is an absolute Talent monster you're gonna see some entertaining shots from him he will stripe lines the smart money goes with JW Johnson and uh well I bet my day salary on Johnson winning this one but.

You never know with a man like Ryan's share bear that is a big serve from Ryan Sherry I played a couple of games against him and one with him I think a couple of weeks ago and a charity event in Georgia can attest to the quality of the serve he really.

Goes after it that makes a big difference in the game of singles oh look at that he does such a good job of holding that two-handed backhand look at that everything about that shot says down the line Suddenly It's a short angle Cross Court oh really.

so often we've seen today you know players starting off with a three four five point lead maybe six but then eventually the player destined to win starts their comeback finds the Rhythm against their reeds and matches away with it.

Perfect conditions the little breeze that we did have has basically died down oh look at that Sherry picked the down the line he knows at the end of the day singles is a young man's game E2 I'm gonna say I'm gonna say 43 years old.

But with touch like that hard to compete if he picks the uh down the line volley position well we're going to see that short angle Valley time and time again so five two Sherry doing a great job with the net if Johnson Waits too long to make his.

Move this could be trouble Brian Sherry has won a PPA tournament this year he is not just a flash in the pan he doesn't love the long drawn out cat and mouse shots but the amount of talent he possesses and creative shots that he can do will catch a lot of people by surprise.

and uh apparently that's his timeout one of those non-verbal timeouts sort of meanders towards the sideline grabs the water and JW Johnson where The Balancing Act when he's not playing pickleball he is working at Sea World as a sea lion.

And as we see here I'm guessing he's not making too much money still one of the younger sea lions that's starting off with the beach ball hasn't progressed to the volleyball yet oh beautiful work Sherry did have a lovely looking passing shot unfortunately J.W Johnson as quick.

As he is he gets his paddle on so many balls great serve from Johnson for my money JW does have I think the fast the fastest hands in the game or at least the best combination of speed and Power we have to look at Ben John's as the best player in the world in every.

Discipline but the the pros kind of know who's got what AJ Kohler is in that hand speed conversation certainly as is James ignata witch JW Johnson however the speed of which he locks and loads and gets real power is just phenomenal Ben Johns has more accurate volleys that's one of the.

Things that makes him as good as he is Share Bear putting in the work to get to that he has taken his physical fitness much more seriously in the last year or so so you know he's hoping that's gonna really work out well for him.

That was too good Share Bear drift so we have a tied ball game six six neither player really putting a stamp on it all right not too similar to Jack Foster who we saw in the very first match here on Championship Court three.

He's doing a lot of work to get around his backhand and try to play forehand oh sneaky however just long it's a nice idea the winner of this match will go on to play Federico's tax rude again this is a 1 to 15 match Julian Arnold got the better of Stack's.

Root booked him a spot in the semi-finals he'll play the winner of Hunter John's to Hunter Johnson and Ben Johns yourself that's a big play from Ryan Sherbert Sherry so so far today we have seen again and.

Again the benefit of a big serve Ryan Sherry is doing so much damage with that serve that it's forcing both errors and or short returns from JW Johnson we saw in the previous match Tyson McGuffin using it as a massive weapon against Dylan Fraser as we know the uh outrageously effective spin serve is.

Going to be outlawed in the coming weeks by January 1st 2023 the dream will be over all those players that we're enjoying the spin serve I said that of course with the tear in my eye because I invented the spin serve I don't actually think I made much money.

Out of it oh I won one tournament with her it was quite fun In fairness I had Jay de villier next to me so that was good and Ryan Sherry with a blistering forehand he has caught fire and J.W Johnson if he doesn't uh start stemming.

The tides here he's gonna be in trouble especially with big serves like that an out ball was hit but either way Johnson able to handle it two points to deficit though again Sherry trying so hard to get around what is obviously a backhand he has a beautiful backhand as well this is not like you know the Jack foster.

Situation oh and Johnson tagging him on the way through such quick hands so he's tied things up nine a piece foreign.

Nice work as Sherry looks towards the millions watching him around the world right now his fan base such confidence such Swagger so nine a piece as Sherry lines up his opponent and that's a big stamping forehand volley from JW Johnson strong work.

A well-fought match so far no one really running away with anything foreign trying to be cute with that one uh good hands to begin with but that has inspired a timeout from Ryan Sherry feels the momentum shifting in favor of Johnson as indeed it has.

So he'll look to stop the bleeding here hydrate consider his options this match is certainly within his grasp it's uh it's up for anybody he's gonna have to stop this attack though potentially mix up the positions on the return of serve but the man is able to pump himself up.

No doubt about it he is one of the most exciting players to play against with or just watch on TV oh beautiful work JW Johnson there with plenty of time to spare just unnecessary amounts of Youth and athleticism and a great flick attack.

Suddenly it's looking like one right one-way traffic and JW Johnson he is in the correct side of the Court and Ryan Sherry is now on the correct side of the Court 13 9 just two points away that ball just long so Sherry clawing things back can he pull off the upset of the ages.

Do it for everyone out there in the 40 plus Arena possibly sporting dad bod oh he Stripes that forehand oh almost a lefty winner oh we would have loved that one so Johnson two points away though 13-10 okay cute volley there and he needed to do a little more with.

That one oh beautiful stick volley he read that one perfectly so much pace and uh Ryan Share Bear Sherry looking for some crowd support he got a handful of quality collapse as well he's now talking to our producer if he can just keep the ball in hand.

Still has a real chance here and with shots like that you can see why he has just known around the globe as one of the most entertaining players in the game 12 14 only two points in it gives the ball back up 14 12. so.

Can JW Johnson close it out Sherry look at that that's that's almost as good as it gets the pace on the return of serve and the knifed short angle volley I tell you you can be just a walking occasionally running highlight reel or we can just serve it long and give JW the match.

another adorable shot oh look at that and the crowd suddenly in the corner of Ryan the Share Bear Sherry is that gonna be the momentum shift he's looking for he will wander around aimlessly for a little while.

Ref calls the score 12 14. Ah that's too good from Johnson being the only chance share bear has here is not going to be off the back of slice returns so one more chance here for JW Johnson and that's all she wrote.

A great match between these two good friends fellow Floridians beautiful work in the end it is JW Johnson marching forward in the back draw albeit and that's it for Ryan Sherry today we will see him in the men's doubles that's it for me here I've been your.

Host here on Championship Court three here on Singles day the 2022 Margarita USA Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships today day six was sponsored by paddle Tech and the City of Indian Wells please anyone around Southern California well just anywhere in the country really if you want to see.

The best of the best do battle because this is the strongest competition in pickleball come on down Indian Wells Tennis Garden if you want to watch it live USA pickleballnationals.com is the place to go we will see you tomorrow folks I'm Morgan Evans take it easy see you at the kitchen.

match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margarita now you can go to Margaritaville too visit.

Margaritaville resorts.com foreign hold up.

you don't get the moments everyone talks about without the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet.

Everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot 's right here paddle tech let's go again foreign.

I will dig deep I will crush this game athletes know nutrition drives performance I will not slow down Superior lab supplements help you power up and recover faster.

I Will Never Surrender Superior Labs is a proud sponsor of USA pickleball
Thursday, November 10th on Championship Court 3 at the 2022 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships for full production with commentary, replays, interviews, and more!