Foreign thank you everything foreign foreign oh foreign so we've got a bottom half bracket match.

Between 14c Carl Lewis and 22 seed William sawback one game to 15. so that cold for right foot kitchen violation well left foot across behind after taking that ball out there so we saw Carl Lewis.

Play Federico statute earlier on here on Championship court number two very impressed with that big forehand and we see two quick points there off of it foreign call for another foot fault and the volley on the kitchen line yeah.

Right foot both of those has just been a little off balance and he's trying to gather himself and stepped on that kitchen line so quick 3-0 lead by Lewis and sobeck taking his first time out so we mentioned Lewis was.

Knocked down by Federico statshrued 11 9 11 7. statute winning that one and then he beat Big E Markowitz 15-4 and the bottom drawer and then William solbeck coming in from a withdrawal by AJ Kohler after he lost to oh he lost to Julian Arnold 12 10 11-2.

Okay now good kitchen control from solbeck there putting so much pressure on Lewis not able to get enough on that big forehand of his again good control there from Sobek and he gets on the board here all just wide from Lewis but so back.

Took that backhand on the half volley got some help from the net adding a little bit more backspin to it so Sobek thought that forehand from Lewis was out Louis asked the referee and it was overturned that ball was in then Lewis with a big forehand down the line.

It was potentially out so back not getting a perfect look at it okay good anticipation there Louis trying to hit throw him but solbeck says no not gonna happen good deep ball from Lewis catching the Baseline and skidding off so back a little frustrated catching that backhand very late.

Heavy Top Spin on that forehand that Western grip from Louis oh he tried to shorten up his swing but to no avail that ball flew off of his paddle missing wide right and that ball sat up just a little too much from Lewis and so back able to come across.

Good backhand volley and it stayed down lowest not able to catch up to it again I think Lewis's returned down the line was wide but so back playing it another good inside out forehand for the winner and we see that inside out forehand again.

Sobek's there but it's got so much tough spin on it it's just dying before he can even get a paddle on it and then that forces the rust return and Lewis taking an 8-3 lead here into the end change foreign try and pinpoint his balls here and go.

To the backhand of Lewis mall we already saw that earlier that Lewis had most of the control until Stack Street could get that ball to his backhand I think selvic definitely needs to get more balls to the backhand here but it's got to have something on it there we go.

Good kitchen control again good read something not quite able to get enough on that backhand Louis going for a little different look by throwing up that offensive all that LOB went tobac putting a good swing on the overhead.

Oh he was there he set it up well but Lewis over running that one so Sobek back within four foreign good cat and mouse play by William sobeck catching Lewis leaning back toward the middle.

So the selvic seeing that ball not recognizing that it's got some shape to it and curling into the court yeah that's Lewis's favorite shot right there the Inside Out forehand just running around that backhand let me rushed that one hot pot is with how big of a sub Lewis has there it's difficult to get enough angle on it and.

Depth to pinpoint the backhand we'll pick on the backhand oh unlucky from solbeck sliding on the court actually spoke to Carl Lewis after his match against Federico statue and I said you know pretty impressed with your.

Forehand need to work on the backhand a little bit and your game will be right there he suddenly I had an injury to his left hand that's stopped him from being able to turn over or accelerate as much on the backhand side just a little uncomfortable from solbeck there like jumped on him a little bit.

Pushing that up and out yeah good job from sobeck and that was a much better return he went for the slice return deep to the backhand side doesn't give Lewis as much return as much time to run around it I've almost just wide.

All right good pressure again from solbeck yeah it's too big of a return from Lewis really getting into that backhand of soul back hard and he's not able to do anything with it good kitchen control from solbeck we're seeing really good good control from him.

When he's able to get set and balance at the kitchen line there freebie with the Miss return from Lewis and take a timeout Well you certainly can't beat this venue here and love to call it pickleball in paradise and that's certainly what it is with the mountain views the palm trees.

The sun and the temperate climate couldn't ask for anything better to play Pickleball in and a big shout out to Desert champions for everything that they do here at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden they've we've got all of these pickleball courts painted and then once Margaritaville USA pickleball national.

Championships have done they'll all revert back to tennis courts and they get this venue dialed in for this event every year and they keep improving it a good deep return from sobeck let me see Lewis trying to run around it but it's just pushing him so far off the court and so deep.

Yeah so back starting to gain some ground back into it he's only down by two now oh and then he missed the sub excellent job on the back on the backhand volley from Sobek creating the angle with the paddle not trying to hit it across there.

So like telling himself you just gotta lift it a little bit on that one but it's very tough to do on the heavy forehand from Lewis yeah that's where so back has to go he's got it isolate to that backhand of Lewis and control again from solbeck Lewis trying to do a little too much didn't.

Quietly get full it didn't quite get fully extended through that forehand and cuts it off into the net wow nice get nice coverage nice angle so Sobek able to tie it all back up at nines now little Sobek's having a rough one with.

The foot fault sets number three and it's that movement when he's falling the left foot being called this time a better job by Lewis getting selvac onto full extension so hard to keep that ball down especially with the pace that that Ball's coming at him.

Back and forth here good shot and then a missed shot oh good sharp dropping ball from Lewis so back thought he was going down the line ten nine Lewis telling himself to stay ready he gave up on it and then selbeck hit it straight back at him.

Another Miss uh from solbeck ten nine on a backhand winner with some shape from Lewis sobeck thinking is going to go out but he was able to curl it back into the court so sobec taking your time out here now that he's gone down by three.

Lewis able to string a couple of points together here it's definitely been a back and forth battle here between solbeck and Lewis I've seen some flashes of Brilliance and then a little bit of unclean play with some missed Subs Mr tons.

Miss sitters both Lewis and Sobek having a little discussion with that crew in the stands all right it's that inside out forehand again from Lewis solve extra ton a little short and a little too far inside the sideline.

Allowing Lewis to get around that and there it is again bringing up Match Point here for Carl Lewis gets around that backhand nicely really drops a paddlehead underneath and just accelerates through I tried to change it and go inside in hoping that Sobek was going to slide.

Across think he's going inside out oh Far Side overtone from a referee Lewis calling that one out wide but being overturned a good stick volley on that one sobex ball just a little too high oh I think sawback hit an out ball there in.

The middle of the point anyway Lewis is going to call another timeout take a look how our drawer is shaping out so Julian Arnold succeed takes down Federico Stacks Route 12 10 11 7. foreign still out there playing right uh Jay de.

Villier took down ryla de heart Jay uh 11 4 11 3 after the heart with the upset over JW Johnson and then McGuffin and Frasier just uh just finished on cc3 waiting on that one too update a good deep ball from Lewis there.

Oh that ball is wide Sobek not willing to lay down here keeps fighting through and he's got that one inside so down by three now good angled volley from sobeck again just creating the angle allowing the paddle to do the work not.

Overheating it foreign cross-court passing shot there oh nicely played by Sobek excellent Court coverage Lewis trying to stretch him out as much as he can solbeck holding it like he was gonna go around the post but just floats it back.

Up and over he's back within one that bald missing whoa It's only had a lot of overtone calls here from our referee Lewis thinking that return was deep called it out the referee overruled so now we're all tied at 14.

Forehand from Lewis let me see a good deep ball so back not able to catch up to it Starbucks had very good kitchen control once he's established up there he has had three or four kitchen violations just by being off balance but did a good job.

Well good ball from Lewis going back behind solbeck sobeck thought he had the angle to beat Lewis but was not the case and another good inside out forehand Sawbuck only just able to get a paddle on it then it looked like it was going out off.

Of the paddle but again with that Western grip and heavy Top Spin from Lewis too sure about that blob a short love being that on Match Point Lewis kind of sucking a little bit of wind right now oh the adjustment off the net yeah good job by Sobek making the adjustment.

Off of the net Lewis tries to go big forehand but solbeck just holds his ground and guess what folks we're all tied again at 15s oh that ball missed out Miss deep so back now with match point oh and there's match point for Sobek so.

It was down brought himself back into it we had a bit of back and forth Sobek saving four match points and then finally getting the opportunity to close it out so solbeck takes this one 17-15 and he'll move on to play 17 seed Riley.

The heart we're going to take a quick break and when we come back we're going to have Pablo Tellez and Jack Foster here on Championship court number two thank you match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what.

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Foreign so we're back at the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships on Championship court number two for men's singles bottom draw match between number 12C Pablo tears and 13c Jack Foster Foster missing that return deep to put Tears On The Board.

Two freebies there from the heavy Top Spin sub of Tears quick 3-0 lead on that ball dipping in landing on the Baseline tayas very risky with his swings adds a lot of spin it also helps bring that lefties got the unconventional look.

Stay down a little lower than today is expected better ball from Foster as gets from Foster but it is just controlling too much of the kitchen line keeping him on the Run deep serve again catching the Baseline Foster throwing his hands up a little bit what.

Can I do with how deep that is a little bit of net love for foster there Taya is not able to make the adjustment faster with a heavy topspin forehand himself that ball missed just wide has tried to put a paddle on it I look like Taz was gonna set up to go.

Cross-court here and he changed his mind at the last minute and kind of sliced across the ball the wrong way good job from Foster putting some pressure on too well a heavy serve and then a heavy forehand right at the body of Tears as it was coming forward and puts him on the board.

Oh a little unlucky catching the net cord and pushing wide balls deep from Foster it's already Foster giving up about four three points here oh good reading good movement foreign Mission producer Mitch and I discussing how long the stream is going to we will.

Be here through 4 P.M good low sliding return from tears there forcing the ball into the net by Foster oh faster a little frustrated thought about hitting it up into the park behind us but just trying to do too much with that ball sitting up.

So we're going to going into the end change here with tez up eight one foreign I got distracted bye crying Sherry taking on JW Johnson over here Cherry trying to get the crowd pumped up but I think you know Foster he needs to.

Clean up some of the errors that he's made doesn't help with full missed returns and a couple of bowls into the net full estate has to make a few more balls thank you so JW Johnson beating Ryan Sherry over.

On Championship court number three thank you oh Taya is missing that one so foster using two timeouts there or just one oh I got you yeah sorry the free timeout from the end change and then called.

Another another timeout that's why we had a little bit more extended good forehand from tayers there off of the deep return Foster not able to put a whole lot on that one yeah good anticipation Jack.

Yeah nice Inside Out forehand with the passing shot from Foster oh he was going for the aggression and the pressure and just pulled it wide good pressure from Tellez he's going after the backhand of Foster and taking.

A step in on each ball that he hit now that ball coming up too high off the paddle of Tears as soon as you hit it missing about a foot deep so that forehand missing wide lockers.

And Foster taking his second time out here definitely showing some frustration walking off the court saying he always plays his worst pickleball against Taz it is I'm not doing a whole lot other than just hitting a hard heavy ball faster not able to do a whole lot with.

It when he does he kind of rushes through it and either pulling across the body or missing it deep so today is still up by seven nine two oh nice passing shot down the line from tears tears up 12-2 now.

10 point lead yeah good touch good touch good movement so it goes with a softer Pace ball there to throw off the timing of foster foster red the second one but tears really in a rhythm and a groove right now yeah good misdirection from Foster on that one.

Foster needs to find a way to cut into this 11 point lead a ball from Foster there keeping it lowered so he's not able to pick it up and get it back over the net foreign Bowl kind of slid a little bit there not sure what happened on that one didn't quite come up.

Now that ball missing wide Foster definitely showing some frustration in this one foreign oh not able to do much with that backhand good aggression on the forehand look like he might have changed his mind there.

At the last minute that ball missing just wide from Foster a little bit of chirping back and forth here between tears and Foster I'm Foster missing that one deep and giving tayers the 15-2 win and tayers will move on to play let me pull up the drawer Dylan Frasier.

Nope sorry where'd we go oh that well tayers and Foster the match is not decided yet on where they will go through we're going to take a quick break and we'll return here to the Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships right after this the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball.

National championships are brought to you by Margaritaville a state of mind since 1977. city of Indian Wells Indian Wells Beauty unmatched Franklin Sports the official ball and Youth Development partner of USA pickleball.

Consumer Cellular proud sponsor of USA pickleball Fila the official supplier to U.S Nationals foreign match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what.

Are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margarita now two visit Margaritaville friends fruit smash super hot tells you with real juice it's party juice.

thank you hold up foreign foreign.

foreign foreign all right thank you back here on Championship court number two for a matchup between the 1C JW Johnson and the three seed Federico stacksrude.

Good start from Johnson oh nice deep ball from staxter Johnson not able to pick that one up foreign flick from Johnson can hold and go any direction that he wants a quick timeout here from stack shroud so what the issue is with that one.

Johnson's standing in the back corner here with a little bit of smirk on his face and talking to himself statured with a somewhat angry and frustrated look on his face as he came over for that early timeout three news.

Thursday, November 10th on Championship Court at the 2022 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships for full production with commentary, replays, interviews, and more!