Foreign foreign.

foreign at Indian Wells Tennis Garden we've got a quarterfinal matchup in.

Men's Pro doubles it's AJ Kohler and Thomas Wilson taking on Dylan Fraser and Rafa Hewitt the winner of this will go forth to take on Matt Wright and Riley Newman who we just saw handle business against Kyle Yates and Julian Arnold that was a Electric match-up and the other on the other side of the.

Drawer the Jones Brothers are about to take on Jay devilier and Tyson McGuffin to book a spot in the semis as well decobar and JW Johnson look like they're uh doing pretty well as is tradition hey there's a it's a good looking team they're going to be taking on Tyler Long.

And DJ Young if you haven't seen DJ Young when that man is hot wow dude can slap a ball like nobody's business it'll be rougher Hewitt to start proceedings he'll be serving towards the man the myth the legend AJ Kohler.

King Cola Iceman he is uh certainly in the top two or three lobbers in the game for my money Callum Dawson still Takes the Cake all right good move early on from Thomas Wilson to cover that ball on paper I think AJ Kohler and Thomas.

Wilson could uh could take this one but Rafa Hewitt is someone that you never want to sleep on if he starts really striping his third shot drives there's really nobody that can handle that kind of pace and and deal with an.

Oncoming Dylan Fraser oh gorgeous Hewitt was frozen on that occasion so 1-1 nice work there's gonna be so much fire Dylan Fraser typically uh pretty subdued stoic.

Some would say quiet Rafa Hewitt is the exact opposite so it's Fire and Ice both Thomas Wilson AJ Kohler cooler than the other side of the pillow oh oh that that I you know that hurt me you know if we didn't have these sort of barriers here one of those come through towards me.

could affect my vocal cords nice work from AJ Kohler I always loved seeing him engaged in hand speed exchanges so quick Thomas Wilson is the wild card here if he plays.

Lights out and I've seen him when he's hot the movement the power and the Top Spin especially on the forehand side is really such a good complementary style for AJ Kohler because cola's hands and how he handles.

Any real Attack it always looks so nonchalant Hewitt looking to drive even more finally getting the ball down and Fraser he was there just caught the tip and that's big from Rapha Hewitt reading his moment to shine.

and again Rapha Hewitt with a loud roar of approval for his own Ernie so they have really started to run away with it look at the hand speed of Dylan Fraser just missed and the points are a flowing six one.

Cola and uh Wilson look a little discombobulated they started slow in an earlier match but as soon as they found their Rhythm they steamrolled their opponents seems fair oh Dylan Fraser and a little slight uh miscommunication about the overhead I think it was the right call to let Rafa take that one.

And Fraser Uber aggressive it's often the case when your partner has had a couple of huge plays it's very tempting to try something very ambitious yourself and then it's so often the case you take a chance on something you wouldn't normally take a chance on it's a good looking serve from Cola.

and tough working transition from Cola he's become such an accomplished player and almost every discipline and part of the court but it's that reset where he lets it get into his stomach using his forehand it's not easy it was indeed wide.

Just uh asking the question ask and you shall receive the answer was nope clean didn't touch anything look at that two-handed backhand gorgeous and uh that's unforced error has initiated a pretty serious come on.

There is a level of excitement in the Rafa Hewitt camp that is palatable palpable yeah that's the one yeah I knew it was one of those two so they've got an 8-3 lead Five Points I think uh Cola and Wilson are gonna have.

To find some energy they are about uh what about 50 feet away from each other right now so not a lot of chat going on you may want to huddle up s come up with a strategy sometimes uh or you can really tell each other was let's just do what we're doing but better.

Gets that in in its own right is a strategy so eight three one still a first server so they have a real chance Hewitt using the spin serve as well ah the quick hands of AJ Kohler and fantastic slice.

Sorry a fantastic forehand drive from Dylan Fraser off the slice that's something that the team of cola and Wilson gonna have to be aware of Fraser lives to feed off those slice returns and drive well yeah so much power good looking overhead Fraser.

Wisely bouncing that ball Dylan Fraser known for his paddle spinning the man can restart a dead star with the kind of spins he puts into that thing oh look at that that's gorgeous and Thomas Wilson ready and waiting.

AJ Cola has seen a lot of the balls that backhand volley from Fraser floating long so it'll give the ball back still they've got a lot of work to do if they're going to try to mount a successful campaign to take game one.

foreign he's one of his players as well that loves to keep his body closer to the center and really cast out the arm to handle the Dinks and that ball floating wide has given.

The ball back Fraser and Hewitt they are really feeling it right now another 1700 spins and We're Off to the Races can Rapha Hewitt fire off a big serve nope he goes with a sneaky backhand thing probably not the time to reinvent the wheel there but what do I know.

Oh well as long as they get keep getting away with that kind of errant dink then uh they can probably just kick the ball over the next time they serve don't tell me don't tell me that man is ambitious and now very confident has he got it.

he looks like he has no no second server that's a big single-handed flick from Dylan Fraser catching Wilson by surprise and this for game one oh.

It is not to be though some aggressive work and a beautiful overhead from Thomas Wilson so they have a mountain to climb oh look at that that stick volley just keeps himself so cool calm and collected and hits world-class shots.

Thomas Wilson coming to play so they bring back a couple of points oh it was there until it wasn't unfortunate and uh at this point I would definitely be considering a timeout.

That's three point slide so 610 1 is the score Hewlett so much confidence Thief doesn't doesn't believe he gets you know possibly lose this but now wisely taking the time out so good call it is Hewitt and Fraser with a three-point margin still a first server over on the side of Wilson and.

Cola have done a great job of just weathering the storm and it's not an easy thing to consider a high level of your opponent as something that uh can't really be sustained Rafa Hewitt is someone who kind of rides the waves.

When he's up he is incredibly hard to beat when he's down there can be three or four points happening quickly so Thomas Wilson will bring things back so 710 won so much pace I think he flattened out that ball yeah I think if the plan is to see if they can't.

Tear his rotator cuff after the 300th lob then it might work who knows I think that's what happened to mine and that ball is wide Wilson can't believe it it was on his paddle so that gives them the ball back and another look at game one.

And that will float slightly wide good work from Kohler I am seeing a couple of interesting bounces from this ball I think someone should probably check it there was some beefy overheads Rapha Hewitt.

And that is out good leave and they are awarded with game one it's Fraser and Hewitt the slight underdogs but they have done the job nicely we'll be right back after these messages from the Indian Wells Tennis Garden we are live at the Nationals match point it's all up to me nothing.

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Taking game one Kohler and Wilson are the number four seed they've got some work to do though and that ball catching the net and off the paddle of Wilson Wilson and cola have looked a little flat.

If they can get some energy up I know it's not their style but uh it wouldn't hurt and the trend continues Cola appears to be calling well doesn't look like it's a switch so we'll see if there's any discernible change in the strategy.

and that is impressive work so difficult to leave those balls when you're engaged like that so off to a quick start 2-0 and good looking squash there from Thomas Wilson gets them the ball back don't do one all right ladies and gentlemen.

it looked to being around the post opportunity what I've noticed in this tournament more than any other there's a lot of people that are not taking the opportunities for around the post and I think it's a reflection of how well the defense of the ATP has.

Become oh and Dylan Fraser where did that come from no part of him was angling anything in that direction but uh seemed to go there so hold on Fraser Magic that ball is wide.

We'll quickly see if they can find some Mojo AJ Carla calling for the switch and a softness don't tell me don't tell me Rafa Hewitt and Dylan Fraser clutching Victory from the jewels of defeat and a deflated AJ Kohler Thomas Wilson.

Should probably call a timeout but they will not Wilson calling for the switch oh great defense Cola finishing things off nicely still Frasier with a second serve.

Tough one to control cue it unable so they get the ball back 1-3 and the net gets involved and uh just deflecting off the body of Hewitt but no harm no foul that is startingly good from Rapha Hewitt this is a level I have not seen.

Him play before very impressive work just to keep them in that point let alone finish it so much confidence and that ball just floating wide AJ Kohler happy to call it in because the ATP was uh spot on so 3-3 is the score.

And a good looking two-handed attack from Fraser one of the few players with that bounce two-handed backhand attack and therefore able to really use some great disguise same player and that is wide Wilson his body moving to the left.

Unfortunately drawing the ball that way as well and cola getting low hoping his cobra-like movements could uh take care of that one let's go and that's good looking overhead finds the body of Fraser however Fraser does not go down.

And what was that was it a forehand slice attack through the middle one of those moments where straws are being clutched out that is just too much Hewitt and the right amount of rougher it looked like there was an option to attack him however a man who can rotate.

His shoulders as quick as he can will be able to get a two-handed backhand cross-court gotta be careful of that oh and a good looking defensive lob just floats long foreign defense there from Wilson.

And that keeps him in the point they just need one or two really big points to be able to get some confidence back and then who knows that always helps yeah that's impressive work he somehow let that ball get pretty far behind him but uh with so much pace so much power.

It's still able to do something meaningful a little giddy up there from Wilson I'd say we're getting close to something that borders on enthusiastic and cola they're starting to find some Mojo definitely a worthy time out with such a a rampant rampant display from AJ Kohler.

And Thomas Wilson rattling off plenty of points now a two-point lead Thomas Wilson and Rafa Hewitt I've got to do some well I don't know if I don't know if it's a tactical change required but they're certainly gonna have to stop the bleeding here.

all right Thomas Wilson to serve they have found a good level in the last few minutes especially if you have played an out ball thank you and that is certainly a much more measured approach from Wilson and Kohler.

And I think a general strategy of getting Rapha Hewitt to make the first move and countering up that is going to be a good one right now his hand speed is certainly on point and he's got so much power but if that first punch comes back in a good location it's going to be tricky.

Oh so they'll get the ball back they have game one in the bag only three points down has been a real game of runs and Wilson tried to get extra slippery on that one hey Jay Kohler just uh talking to the.

Referee casually asking for some dinner recommendations AJ Kohler those quick hands they're often used to counter punch and to win hand speed battles but uh when he's able to just get close enough to the ball it looks like he's just gonna dink something and with the wrist strength he possesses.

It's uh incredible how much space how much Pace he gets in the ball one and Dylan Fraser handling the initial attack resetting beautifully getting a good ball to work with off the two-handed backhand and he is so good at that shot.

I think that's one of the big things we're gonna see over the next five ten years very few single-handed backhand players in the game the two hands does have the deception pace and the counter punch ability okay we're getting a little bit of fire now from Cola and Wilson.

All they needed was a post game one Siesta and they're up Double Espresso Off to the Races still I'm seeing some better work from Cola starting to be much more lively in transition dropping balls well Dylan Fraser with cooler hands prevailing.

Had it Thomas Wilson he's bouncing now so they have the lead 971 two points away from taking game two and a rare dink error from Rapha Hewitt he's been so solid this is one of the best matches I've ever seen him play.

again so much Pace Wilson has to be careful he continually wants to attack Rafa Hewitt the percentages have not gone with him so far he has to keep the pressure up certainly but be careful and.

Fraser texted in the leg Big Sur from Rafa Hewitt and a well we'll just call it a subpar third shot from Dylan Fraser one Wilson struggling with that one in transition.

still second chance to win game two and that has inspired a hat throw Cola is walking off he's not mad he's just got a place to be he's got a Gatorade to drink one of the nicest gentlemen out there so we will be back shortly.

For game three the thrilling conclusion of this quarterfinal matchup at the Nationals we'll see you shortly thank you foreign.

because there's only one match point it's all up to me nothing can get in my way and when they ask what are you gonna do next I'll say I'm going we're going to Margaritaville foreign.

You can go to Margaritaville too visit Margaritaville and we're back at this quarterfinal matchup live at the Nationals Rafa Hewitt and Dylan Fraser are taking on AJ Kohler and Thomas Wilson it's a game of Peace we're about to see who makes it through.

To the semis uh then move the ball around beautifully on that occasion spreading both players the ball gets back to AJ Kohler fantastic defense from Wilson oh.

Look at these gets oh unfortunate all the hard work was done and a beautiful flick attack on that occasion with the single-handed backhand from Rapha Hewitt so no points I couldn't tell on that particular one well they've got the point.

one zero one and a good looking third from Fraser so two points the margin now I'll get a second chance but great aggressive closing from Fraser and Thomas Wilson jumping the line incredible play you're hearing a fair.

Amount of applause and there has just been a major upset Tyson McGuffin and Jay de villier have just taken down benjons and Colin Johns Fraser whipping that backhand down quickly look at that.

Like he's not even ready and then he is so zero two two and Rapha Hewitt finding an opening gets that ball down pretty quickly forcing the error so we'll get the ball back.

I tell you Thomas Wilson he's done so well with the Ernie so far today setting things up beautifully gets a great read when to jump that line that is a very good eye AJ Kohler he had everything he wanted out of that shot except for the ability to bring it down into the court.

and Rapha Hewitt his blood type is Red Bull and a man can go around the post like nobody's business deal the Net's involved but play continues and all four players sort of just watching the ball.

And AJ Kohler it's his time to shine foreign oh another jumping of the line from Wilson that's around the postable oh oh that ball was high enough AJ Cola did didn't do quite enough to.

Counterbalance I'd love to see him employ that left hand push it back give himself a little extra reach and Thomas Wilson he is getting Ernie happy that one wasn't there he's been watching too many Tyler Long highlight videos so on the back of a 4-0 lead for Fraser and Hewitt timeout is called.

Certainly a worthy timeout I think what helped him so much in game two level the playing field was just a more measured approach conservative looking to build the point longer and remembering that the kind of controlled aggression.

That they should bring to the table does relate to whether or not they're on serve and return we're seeing some real risks being taken on the return of serve and uh unfortunately not paying off so if Wilson and Kohler can just calm things down just a dash right now it is Hewitt and Fraser Fraser almost falling.

That ball catching the net popping up nicely and AJ Kohler taking care of business oh and Rapha Hewitt who was attempting the side saddle flipper but nothing doing one four one Cola once again he's looking to get to.

The outside of Hewitt so often don't know if it's the play but he's not trusting that he can get the better of Fraser on those initial attacks so one four is the score we did on that occasion and he did it with the backhand look totally doable just.

Very nice amazing point oh and that log from Cola it's become his signature shot that one had some curl it didn't just bounce nice and deep but it had a a bit of side spin to it curled away from Fraser and that's given him another point and drawn it back within one.

And cola starting to feel it I think he's recognized the cross-court attacks we're not paying dividends now he's found his number on the side of Fraser oh great scorpion from Thomas Wilson in the end it was not enough.

So Rapha Hewitt serving scores are leveled four a piece oh look at that Fraser with the patience to let that ball drop down to within half a millimeter probably four or five inches to be honest I was gonna say a millimeter that would have been a slight exaggeration wouldn't it even even for a metric.

Yeah I think that's around so yeah agreed we've done it again Fraser it's like there is no post we all know there is no spoon and there is no post six four those of you who don't get that reference.

I don't think you ever watched The Matrix one of the great movies of our time the original one of course not the second third no one knows why they did the fourth one Geez Louise but Hewitt and Fraser have a two-point lead.

Very closely contested match we're seeing more fire from Wilson and cola cola's attacks doing well down the line it'll be Hewitt to serve towards King Cola six four one I was gonna say I've just been so impressed with.

Keywords work in transition so often dropping the ball down into a great location giving him and Fraser a great chance to move forward what is Fraser doing over there I think Rafa was more than capable of doing that.

That's a relatively routine error from Wilson this has been one of the longest matches in the tournament just long AJ Kohler doing a good job just uh telling his partner that it was still a good look he has got an absolutely blistering.

Forehand and when it works oh amazing oh great pace put that ball down quickly very nice all right Fraser and Hewitt will have another chance cute does appear to be eating his shirt full of sweat right now so I'm not quite sure what he's doing there.

But it certainly helped him with one of those shots so they've got a three-point margin and that is a great time for the net to get involved if you're Rafa Hewitt they've doubled them up and AJ Kohler has meandered towards the sideline and murmured the words time out.

Ref so that's what we'll get Rafa Hewitt and Dylan Fraser Dylan Fraser in control here there's been a little bit of luck involved so I think Wilson and Cole I need to remind themselves that they are phenomenal.

Players and the strategy is not bad some of the execution has been left wanting but this is the Nationals this is the strongest competition in all of pickleball oh and the net Love Has Gone the other way the pickleball Gods always find a way to.

Level things out and there's a ball on we've got a big matchup just getting underway on the adjacent Court but you should definitely just stay here and watch this one because oh they're all really nice blokes.

And Dylan Fraser had such a good look at it ball just got marginally behind him and it opened up the paddle so they've drawn one point back five eight oh it was Dylan Fraser gets a little bit of love off the net.

Sets himself up and every time he's been given just an average dink or something that catches the net and pops up off that two-headed backhand he has done the damage slice from Rapha Hewitt my goodness click hands of cola looks a lot like the last point doesn't it.

And that's enough for Rapha Hewitt to give his Roar of approval all right and that brings them within two points and they've called timeout and uh easy to forget they don't have a timeout should we give them a broadcast timeout yeah commentator timeout Maybe.

No 951 is the score and Rafa Hewitt decided it was time to be a hero Ah that's big work from Rafa Hewitt and he points to the sky you can see how much this means to him they have match point 10-5 is the score.

Again around the post goes wanting and he's missed it so a momentary reprieve at least for Cola and Wilson look at that the athleticism of Hewitt to get back for that one in the end however point is awarded 610 is the score.

he's done it and look at that Hewitt and Fraser combining perfectly to finish that point no points for them but they do get it to the second serve if they can win this one the smart money.

Will be on them to take it in the next side out that's aggressive dinking from Fraser that ball is wide and a ball came on so I don't think it's going to be a let it'll be a point awarded.

Mm-hmm fantastic hands from Fraser and that has given them the ball back three-point margin if they can do this one by the book then they'll be marching forward to the semi-finals oh it's too good came out of nowhere the.

Inside Out rolling forehand winner from Rapha Hewitt a polished performance from these two congratulations Rafa Hewitt and Dylan Fraser the new man for Selkirk God that paddle just really suits him doesn't it they will be going forward to play none other than Matt Wright and Riley Newman in the semi-finals on the.

Other side of the draw it's Jay de villier and Tyson McGuffin versus Barr and Johnson do not go anywhere folks well it looks like this is the ultimate match for court number three folks I have enjoyed my time here at the Nationals I hope you have as well for everybody the broadcast staff Here.

Eddie Dawn just just wonderful humans pushing buttons you know turning microphones up and stuff really good it is the 2022 Margaritaville USA pickleball national championships the strongest competition in all of pickleball if you're anywhere near California America North America just the Northern Hemisphere really come on.

Down Championship Sunday is tomorrow tickets still available I'm Morgan Evans from everyone here we will see you right in the ground stand take it easy folks we'll catch you at the kitchen line foreign.

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