Thank you how's your day bro hey that's good boys coming back foreign thank you.

nice job Bobby foreign thank you are you kidding me all my shots are in every single one of my shots were in I love it I love it foreign.

come on it's me foreign.

Thank you foreign foreign foreign all right.

Yes let's go right here foreign blah blah blah no way let's go.

Okay come on nice to meet you let's go thank you press it right side right here let's go.

all right congratulations what's happening series okay.

thank you hello folks we have some more results tonight this is foreign youngdale congratulations nice job Bobby.

Thank you foreign foreign way to step in.

foreign foreign.

let's go Brett thank you what yesterday.

Oh we had it let's go good run what's gone oh thank you nice job.

Oh more good job thank you in this case all right let's go right here.

Taken 99 yep thank you here we go please thank you.

today let's go come on right here we go foreign.

yeah put it away let's go right here come on all right use it let's go come on thank you.

Bobby good job let's go come on let's go right here get it back okay oh you're leaving my hands.

You know hello one more let's go come on right here foreign 52 . 00.

Thank you right here come on guys good job yeah there you go one more right here here we go right here we're gonna stop right here.

Come on gimmick shot keep going all right keep going nice way to push it let's go foreign Wi-Fi that's cool too all right good run good run yeah got a.

Few let's go hello folks we have some more results this is for the 2022 yeah right here results are in for women's skilled age doubles senior 3.0 50 plus bronze goes to T5 and Rico silver yeah Melanie William and Melissa Dominguez.

Come on down to the podium with your paddle for pictures please let's go right here we go beautiful nice Bobby come on let's go use it let's go one more stop.

S thank you yeah it's good I like them right here Dustin come on.

Good job foreign thank you all right go on let's go get it back all right come on right here.

Thank you let's go come on one more right here.

Foreign come on anywhere come on.

one more come on you're up that's one right now good job one more come on Chase come on right here.

okay foreign thank you.

one more time University of West Side we've got snacks coming here so here she is West Side see who's got some energy left this evening.

Thank you too much championships foreign.

foreign thank you let's go come on buddy let's figure this out.

foreign double.

Prime Austin Texas foreign foreign.

thank you over here it's exactly what you had exactly.

Thank you all right right here come out let's go foreign foreign.

right there it's very nice foreign right now right now right now.

okay one more one more okay good job come on.

myself okay let it go next Point Let's Go nice do it here foreign.

Okay where you get one let's go right here nice return Chase come on let's go keep it here okay.

Thank you nice job Chase great job good job come on foreign okay yeah thank you you.

Oh great job great job wonderful job nice job nice try Brett come on buddy right now thank you nice job fires I need one of you to find.

USAP Nationals 2022 Men’s Doubles 4.5 35+ Gold Medal Match – Brett Warner / Dustin Tessendorf vs Chase Carman / Bobby Carlsen

Indian Wells Tennis Garden, California

Paddle: Selkirk 003