You don't want him oh great Hustle by Paul fantastic oh wow great point three point s uh confusion over the score the ref called The Ref called one one two.

right away and question over whether uh Paul and Barra have scored a point or not in Poland bar are not saying anything haven't scored here we go.

Well you can a point okay so they are calling the head ramp to determine what happened here and whether Paul and Bara have a point we'll see what happens here okay so just a quick update here it's.

About at least 10 minutes later they're waiting on the head rep to show up to have a conversation about this I actually offered to the ref to take a look at the video footage that I have which I actually haven't not quite yet looked at so I don't even know what the answer is because in order to look at the footage I've got to stop my video.

And then once I stop my video it's no longer one single file so I'm just uh pausing the recording and then recording more is the way that I record here on my phone so I actually don't know what the answer is as of right now and I offered to the ref to stop the video and have him look at it and he said that it doesn't matter they cannot.

Use video replay uh so whatever I have recorded doesn't make any difference because he has marked on his scoresheet that both teams have one point so we will find out here in a few minutes what the determination is but uh based on what he said I can't imagine he.

Would overturn that and since he has a point marked on his clipboard unless the other team were to admit that they don't have a point which I don't even know what the right answer is but if they were to say hey we don't have a point then I would assume he would go back to uh or he would go to 1-0 but as of right now the score is 1-1.

Because he has a mark on his board saying that the score should be 1-1 we'll see what happens okay so quick update here it's been another at least 10 minutes the head ref is finally here in the blue hat and they are discussing what's going on the opponents Paul and Bara.

Came out and we're warming up for a few minutes but they stopped so I'm assuming what's going to happen here is the head ref is going to say that he has to back up the court ref because the only notes are that a point was scored on each side but we'll find out and the ref talk to.

Aaron and Julie for a minute and now he's talking to their opponents stop shot okay the ref's saying it's one one two okay the rest saying you made a mistake there it's one one and telling Aaron and Julie that they lost a timeout.

And got a technical warning or since they lost their appeal to the Head ref one one two
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Mixed 4.0 19+ Gold Medal Match at Nationals 2022