Uh-oh oh no wow and fed running all over the yard somehow hangs in there with a moonball that again J didn’t go for enough on it yeah that shots but the good Court positioning almost as important at a right beautiful Megan Danon got all her steps in and one rally growing pain.

Will last with adjusting to a new ball I think that you can get used to it in a given weather condition relatively quickly if you’re used to it but the thing is you’re playing in different cities what a point great for himo wow oh point of the match Martinez Vic Cadence too early and it causes.

Problems I mean Megan design is wondering what do I have to do she hit the best role you do well big man wow oh this is awesome and Tyson McGuffin tracks down a ridiculous angle and the crowd is loving every minute of it goodness gracious Tyson slapping the chest and we always.

Talk about what point can of Megan deson no way to keep it in from that point oh my goodness not just ATP defense but ATP defense winner oh at a right ladies and gentlemen unreal oh Tyson come on Tyson again.

Deckle look at that Gap this is nuts oh no oh baby what a point that’s as good as it gets with the anticipation deal took off flying to get that angle and these boys kept scrapping all the way to the end Ben threw everything he could at him but those.

Boys too good no way down me Martinez Vic are you kidding me stop it right now this is the most ludicrous shot maybe I’m not going to say the history of pickle ball but it’s top five what in the world at 108 and the third just happened.

Oh no way that’s one of the best shots you will ever see James Ignat with the backside of the paddle behind him just hit a clean winner this is insane good God man I have never seen anything like that in all my days please alert ESPN right now that has got to be Sports Center top 10 come on perfect right out in.

Front this going to be a tough overhead this is unbelievable look at ped track the stuff down he’s there no Rico sta rude is the man oh my goodness this fet I do not believe what I just saw maybe one of the best singles points I’ve ever seen I mean J has him in every corner a desperation flick up in the air and he.

Finishes off with the backand that is awesome
The 10 best pro pickleball highlights of The Desert Ridge Open, February 2024.

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