Point-by-point players analysis and summarizedat the end of the video Sunday let's go first serve is now underway kovalova who will be serving next is playing alongside Matt Wright who's onthe left that's been John's wearing his championshipand of course the 16 year old Phenom Annalee Waters up at the kitchen now had to Stave off a match point down just toget here in the semi-finals cam so uh a lot of work just to play on Sunday they are also the defending champshere at Desert Ridge.

Wow Cross Court speed up Lucy kovalova notpools no just punch it you don't need to take a big swing at that let the pace of your opponenttravel beautiful job by kovalova same lady double side out score is two zero two and you can hear Matt Wright saying oh manI hit my knee paddle and knee not necessarily great together get that knee out of thereman that right out of Kansas now the corporate attorney one of my favorite stories about Matt Razziewas obviously he was a tennis player and he.

Said we were trying to get some extra conditioningin so he punctured a tennis ball and started playing with wooden paddles only five dollarsand taped the lines out that was kind of his first step to get going you're on a Obsessionthat we all love quiet and again this is only the second timethese two teams have met Ben Johns and Matt Wright have met several times but with differentpartners to this point last year at this event won that one and thenhave been flying have only not won one other event since that day foreign.

But you can't do that with the plastic Durafast 40 pickleball beautiful defense and that is the times it's between the third shot dropand drive Ben choosing to do the same and that is an especially available on theright if she's in a hurry give her the ball and they do it again there is the poach fromNatalie Waters so that just you don't really run a lot of plays in pickleball but that'sone you can as a team it's called a shake and bake you drive that third shot as youmentioned Cameron then have your partner crash and get the next one beautifully executedAnnalee Waters just 16 years Emily Waters and Ben Johnson sit atop the largest tournamentas the number one seed they also set atop.

The score to kind of squelch the momentumon the other side and then miss a return coming out of it and Anna Lee has been all fire on that shotthroughout the weekend I think that's the first time I've seen her miss it yeah that'ssuch a deceptive two-handed backhand because you can hit it a number of ways Matt Wrightwas beat luckily it went a little deep for him second sir and there's the we don't havethose Cameron you've got to go one at a time when you're down like this and a couple giftsfrom Bando so Lucy kovalova earns a point and misses the drive as well they are carbonthrough and through and then and very thin.

Yeah most people play these are 12 and theyare even making a 10 when this comes out to the market later this year from Onyx so verythin that gives up a little bit of control but adds power speaking of power for the doubletriple here today starting in game one second sir right ten two two Ben and Anna had a balanced winner to errorratio and Matt only had one more winner than error Lucy had the most errors which was thebiggest factor of the game and it could leave us you talked about patience on the side of kovalova and right and stayinga little bit more disciplined in some of these rallies oh my gosh first.

Some white waters so is that still the equationeven in the first rally of this this game Lucy's fed it up right at Van Johnson ateit and uh they're just gonna how you can't be tentative and not go after it yeah so that'smy next question is what does that look like to be able to grind out points playing pickleballis it just extending some of those dink rallies is it okay get to the kid with Lee and thenmake Anna Lee hit a billion decks to earn a point one of the best to do it with thatforehand roll there's your two-handed backhand flattening that out is Ben John so the tobe solid you got to drop that third shot we talked about how important that is to getto the kitchen if it's up in the air you'll never get the place left here's that dinkyou were talking about.

Lucy kovalova had a nice misdirect meaningshe got a ball up there then go after it earn the right to attack but don't just attackfor no reason and to your point it's almost as if you'rein their box just an extended rally there on the side of kovalova and right and theyopen up space behind Ben John's yeah this is again a lot of this looks like okay it'sathleticism and all that but the strategy and then the discipline to play that way isso important when you get to Sunday oh what a save from Matt Wright Annalee finding the middle sees not rightto the sideline and again that Ball's got.

To go slow he put it right into the Wheelhousethat's the no-fly zone there Cameron of Anna Lee Waters can't let those opportunities goaway well done by right the counter looked good but okay let AnnaLee take a ball and speed it up Matt's just got to make that one and again the backside of Ben John that'sa beautiful shot and we saw the patented kovalova fist pump to the penthouse you can see the crowd just in the backgroundit's been like this all week this place has been sold out as Ben gets this these folkslove their pickleball Cameron and they are.

Showing it by their attendance Can't Be Tardyhere there will be no seats what I was gonna say this anymore at thispoint three two one every corner filled 3-2 now for Anna Lee and Ben all right not being able is right now Vision definitelyimpaired yeah how do we know that because we were just standing there about 10 minutesago so really hard to see and Annalee really brought the lobs into the women's semi-finalthat she played in yesterday and they were really effective another great way to pushyour opponent off that kitchen line second serve later today Annalee Waters playingalongside Catherine parento versus Elise Jones.

And Leia Jansen yeah the other hand swearoff again in men's Emily Waters will be playing with Catherine parento and women's and thenthey'll play against each other in singles four friends close enemies closer right fromthe 44 by 20 and then we'll be friends when it's over that's the dimensions of the Court spin it so if he hits a regular swing that'sgoing to go well out the spin kept it in that's gorgeous from John's annalize says no you don't she gets lovedand is shaking her head Ben John's is shaking his finger too look at this don't you knowkeen and have crazy athleticism Matt right.

Come on man Ley Waters three one one eightTriple Crowns in 2022 and there's good reason sir three two the shots you just have to make it's got tobe a higher percentage than even your normal is a drop it's gonna bounce up soyou take a step back hit it at the Apex and slam it at somebody's feet Smart Choice byMatt right there opponent but in pickleball it'spart of the game you're only 14 feet away seven on each side of the net at the kitchen.

switch for Ben and Anna Lee what a point from the numbers don't want tolet them off the hooks they came in after that and finished it off oh boy the fist goes higher I mean she almostgets tacky with this look at what happens on this from the first round matchup theyhad they went to three games in order to make this final so talking about gritty and grindingthrough points well Matt and Lucy Hotel against Riley Newman and Anna bright so they've hadtheir backs literally to the wall of elimination we're starting to play a little looser overhere too as well Cameron and that only will.

Help your confidence you know that's not a bad take from Matt rightthere had an opportunity just couldn't put it away annalize siding on the left Matt and Lucy trying to figure out you wonderedif it was coming I was waiting the one hand backhand from Annalee Waters she's been workingon it she has and she has the best coach in the world to do it because Ben's been showingher how to do it and his tricks that's one of his best great coach as well great touchright there from Ben Johns and Lucy tries to find him on the left hip two-hand backhandyeah a little inside out on the forehand there.

That's just a tough ball to make against theseguys You're Gonna Leave It Up from that paddle position and then you're in trouble you'll get it but you gotta hit maybe 30 toget there and a missed return there 9-7 now in a hurry to get to that other side the momentum takes the ball Ben looking to do his own shakeand bake couldn't find it there that's a big the first final of the day it's mixed Prodoubles Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova versus Ben Johns and Annalee and that's twice turnonce and then now just to miss third you just can't have that happen when you're tryingto climb the mountain dinner is served from that right I was waitingfor the call some steak and potatoes for that.

Guy wow wow wow yes catches the edge of theedge of the line here with that ridiculous Cross Court roll great ball from Matt Wrightafter missing the third on the prior rally you hear the oohs and Oz as that ball wassent back with his backhand what a shame they got back into it a little bit there great partnership on display in terms of chordcoverage yeah so if your partner goes for the Ernie which is when you jump over thekitchen like that you've got to fill that hole that was vacated great job as a reminder this you do play two out ofthree so that's one of the big adjustments coming into Championship Sunday each of ourdoubles matchups will be played three out.

Of five somehow he gets back Ben Johnson was over formations for Jonathan Waters Matt and Lucy left to right to left to rightwhat an incredible point yeah Ben Johns was like okay we're done and it sprayed off thatPerseus paddle of his into the kitchen and Ben Johns is lurking on the other side ofthe Court and you're exactly right they do try and dropthat in front of the enemy to go behind him he can cover all of that this is coming and then just drops it overwith the same paddle look that's impressive another game point.

Game two is relatively close Ben and Annajust had more winners and less errors than Matt and Lucy Cameron Irwin alongside DaveFleming we saw lots of patients on the side of Lucy and Matt in game two and got themthat much closer and has especially good insights on a couple of our players her brothers Benand Colin Johns nice combination zero two it's all out of bounds to kovalova and rightzero two one everybody's lobbing now including Ben from the kitchen nice speed up there from animal speed up aball on the outside there's no way that ball can get back across your body if you're theleft side player come in and help out and.

Finish oh here we go Matt right left hip move by Lucy kovalova that's a tall lady havingto get out of the way of a mishit ball that's hard to do and then Matt Wright show anythingto keep this tight second sir one shot isn't good enough to winat this level no especially the Tennis Channel fans that are watching here today it's usuallya One-Shot winner in tennis but uh in pickleball paddle ready for the reply and even a thirdone the the beauty of that is you get the ball up and then you go down with it that'sgot to be the combo you'll see that all day.

Long Cameron switch over to the shoulder couldn't get itthere that's a great Target for Ben johns with her in front of him and that it's goingto get crushed by these two way too high right there lob is long operation on that you take itover the backhand of the of the player directly diagonal from you just gotta make it foreign has seen several opportunities making themost on that man he's got the bobble head nod going over there too with the feet wellout of the kitchen and a gorgeous angle get.

The protractor out and he throws his hand out 2-2 a little low sorry not right again nice counter from copalovaand right and a little preview of The Men's doubles coming later when they'll be firingat each other great job by right to have those fast hands ready some of the fastest in thegame oh that was awfully you can slide the sliceforehand down the line too bad for her pickleball does not have a doubles alley but it doeshappening Waters with a wicked two-handed backhand and again the drive's way too highlook at where her paddle is when she hits this above her shoulders that's gonna getcranked every time excited and final game.

It would be if they end up Victorious herethey will have the match victory and there's the same no fly zoneon Lucy kovalova on the two-handed backhand you don't want to speed it up there it isready and it is a heavy heavy ball sitting on that the forehand does not always havethe middle camera and that is a misnomer what then you got to deal with the power yeah andshe ran through that she wasn't set that's the challenge Jeff hit a great return or you'rein trouble and you can see the adjustment there it doesn'thave to deal with as much sand you have to just add a little height to that return toget the depth to give you that time if you.

Really crank it then they're going to havethe ball on them quicker sending the ball up to the sun is Lucy kovalova thanks man three five second serve sign upso this is what's porched third shot drops you gotta make it your percentage has to be90 or better to be competitive in this match because the other side is so good and there'sanother problem Gettington across the court second third second meaning take agood crack at this one to be because she's got Ben John's forehandin the middle she needs to just let him have that and sit forehand there at the last second she said there's no waythis can be in but beautiful spin from Matt.

Right there finds the right shoulder the bigserve from Matt right there to set that up six one second serve there's those fivesix two again just way way for the JW Marriott DesertRidge Open we're in the middle of the mixed doubles final Ben Johns Annalee Waters Lucykobalova and Matt Wright second third little football game in Phoenix next weekend as welluh Cameron just a small one a lot going on here in this great City Lucy again trying to go heads up with BenJohns there yeah so you talked about the combination.

And had that question earlier she's got acrowd defense Johnson he's having a good laugh after that ball breaks it's been packed everysingle day these people love their pickles are urgingMatt and Lucy we want to see a fourth game can they be that third person on their sideto make it happen they're gonna try I have no idea how she stayed out of the kitchenbecause if she would have fallen in eventually right here that would have been a fault butshe left back over Toes that was impressive Ben John Stanley Waters get the ball backstill up by two what and there's that that is really hard to handle it over there secondserve a rare Miss he's doing anything he can to get the crowd behind him.

I love that kitchen and that opposite leperto be able to take some of those volleys out of the air you want to do that take time awayand uh if you're tall go as far in there as you can just don't get off balance Cameron from Ben Johns great job of holding it thereMatt Wright's like okay I'm gonna charge over there if you try some sort of cute littledrop shot that ain't cute so I love the change there from Anna Lee goodvariety in your attacks if you go to the same place every time these players will figureyou out quickly secretary trying to find a second goalie thereis Annalee Waters but too much Pace from kovalova yeah they've done a nice job of the last coupleof service opportunities they need to get.

One more stop here and then go with the ballon there with paddles nearly nearly us oh and again SmartChoice by Matt Wright a lot of times in pickleball the opponents will run to the angles he wentright down the middle to finish that Ben jump or the two-handed backhand now everytime he does it he speeds it up but that one worked and a league called that after not executingthe Scorpion and here we go can they tie it up at eight second sir a desert ridge where they madetheir debut just a year ago.

And that ball is out of bed and that crosscourt dinking with Annalee Waters and Matt Wright found a chance to get in there andthen Lucy finishes beautiful job Ernie from Ben Johns Lucy working from leftto right looking to close the door and again attackAnnalee Waters up the line yeah got a little love off the net to help him out there butI love when he saw a ball was about to be down he came charging in Crash when you havethe opportunity with the one point advantage talk about some power Ben Johns bounce openJohns and Annalee Waters get the ball back right foot stepped in the line Point frontfault on Matt Wright again saw an opportunity.

And jumped over there but didn't clear thekitchen spoke we're gonna go back to back challenges hereCameron receive a video review so there was a foot fault called here's a look at it potentiallyin this next ball yeah I'm thinking man so football will standscore is nine nine one perfect timing there from kobaloba so she'sprotecting the right side of your body there's two ways you can Scorpion and sit there oryou can fade like she does there you see her slide to the sideline and SWAT a two-handerWell Done by kovalova watch out they just got the ball back it's 9-0 a little overzealous there for Mattress agood position there but pushed it as he ran.

Through it and then stop hit it and then go oh peace no no man you gotta feel like a missedopportunity there and there is a now has the waters and Johnsat match point doing our best to fend off the pressure ofAnnalee water game three was relatively close Ben and Anna just had more winners and lesserrors than Matt and Lucy again which determined the outcome of the match if this video ishelpful to you a subscribe would mean a lot it gives us an indicator that we are buildingan audience by creating helpful content
In-Depth Analysis of the Mixed Doubles Finals – Metric being analyze for each player for every point including winners & errors. The player analytics is summarized at the end of each game in a pie chart graphics.

Pickleball Mixed Doubles Match Finals with Ben Johns / Anna Leigh Waters (ALW) VS Matt Wright / Lucy Kovalova at the PPA Desert Ridge Open in Phoenix, AZ at JW Marriott Desert Ridge – Date: 02/05/2023

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