Here we go we got PESA serving from the right side here and Craig you're gonna see him return good slice return here towards the middle of the Court look at this just like non-verbal communication I just want to talk about that Cayden when you get this middle return how do you deal with that here's here's our thing right is it doesn't matter whose.

Middle ball it is but believe it or not pissa and I actually like to take that middle ball that's maybe a little bit more on the opposite side even here Kanan I don't think you both don't know who's going to take it yet right right so again this ball is coming kind of in an angle it's coming from the left side of the Court here correct and here you.

Can see um PESA takes initiative and see he starts his backswing right and this is one thing I know you can see it on the corner of your eye and as soon as you recognize this you you let it that's why and I let it go right so laughs