Hey everybody Jason askvis with the kitchen here to do another unboxing today I've got this this is a company called Ace pickleball and this is their first paddle called the Spade uh comes in a neoprene sleeve comes in an awesome box that's well packaged um but I'm gonna show you this because I.

Received this a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to put it down since normally I would play these paddles once or twice and get a feel for it but this paddle I absolutely fell in love with it is very light um my arm my shoulder was hurting so I needed a little bit lighter paddle and this did the trick it says it's eight.

Ounces uh but it feels even lighter I don't know if it's because of the weight distribution if you can see this is an elongated paddle it's 16 and a half inches uh long and it's seven and a half inches wide but you see that the the handle itself is elongated so a two-handed backhand feels incredibly natural and I don't even hit it.

Two-handed backhand but it makes me want to hit a two-handed backhand that's how nice it feels in in the hand and it's t 700 you know that Tory carbon fiber very very gritty get great spin great touch resets feel great 16 millimeter core uh honeycomb polymer core it feels just great the dinks were great it had the pop I needed on drives and serves I.

Didn't even put any lead tape on this usually I would weight it up a little bit but because my arm was hurting I had a great big sweet spot this thinning feels awesome and I it's funny I actually even lent it to a few people uh young lady and one of my buddies no one wanted to give it back to me after they played with it everyone wanted a chance.

To take it home to play with it another day it's pretty awesome uh also I'll say gay Joseph is going to be playing it with it at the PPA Texas open this week also Anderson Scarpa has now just signed with them so they're doing something right this is a pretty spectacular paddle um if you guys want to get a chance to.

To purchase one I have a link below uh they go on sale tomorrow morning Thursday November 3rd it's the first day they go on sale I know they have very limited numbers we have a batch at the kitchen for kitchen community members uh so I think the first 25 of whoever clicks that link will be able to procure one so.

Go and get one I mean this is if you guys want it is it is a truly fantastic title I am super impressed uh good job to those guys thank you for sending it and uh good luck
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Jason Aspes from The Kitchen unboxes the brand new Spade from ACE Pickleball.

This is the flagship paddle from ACE Pickleball is made with the best in class carbon fiber. The light weight is very attractive to those that desire quicker hands, but do not want to sacrifice on power.

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