Point-by-point players analysis and summarized at the end of the video shoot comes out swinging with his passes Stacks rude will not let him off the hook if those balls are not where they need to be if you're just joining us you notice immediately just folder see a little.

Sunlight Creeps in onto the court on John's back there stocks through with a nice little drop shot yeah and you got to do is bend it in and let it bounce but good job by stacksford reaching in with John's well off the court Ben John's coming right back the thermometer feels even cooler than that.

We've got some occasional wind gusts as well here yeah and absolutely no Sun shining on you said minus 10. pickleball with December right you gotta play When the conditions aren't ideal absolutely you've got Arizona you think you're going to have conditions like.

We'll have Sunday where it'll be in the 70s oh did it praise the line it sure did length of the court that ball was struck from John's just a little wide that time from Stacks route 3-0 John's out to the three-nothing lead statute off the edge of his paddle.

In return get the ball back what five zero and that one hit just wide from Ben oh and that went for the big server and got an absolutely short return foreign was obviously looking for that one not even close yeah it would.

Hit it well wide and six six straight for Ben Johns stocks will finish this one off Hanover college tennis teams oh how about that from Ben yeah that's his fourth ball volley after your return just really sets everything up that's a great great singles point.

From Ben Johns you didn't need to ask Frederica you could ask Ben a grimacing about missing that Ben can't return it that's the first point for Stacks one six what now a couple back to back that's a high high roof here but the there.

It comes in and you get to his face there clearly affecting John's points coming in punches here six for Ben three for Federico Ben Johns because of the race of the Sun it's five straight wow what a Java shape in that two-handed backhand around and in the corner if you're looking for a timeout from Ben you can keep looking it.

Isn't coming sign up finally halting the run with a side out five six Dave Johnson with the best growl and pickleball is a referee there and Beyond's just minutes to go leading six nothing just like that the match completely changed and now he concedes his first lead presented by Hyundai.

Absolutely thrilled your witness Drew felios and Dave Fleming rude and John's battling here on Championship court and right now cold it is and it's actually sunlight that has been affecting Ben now as the sun moves that spot will go away and that is big you want him to keep playing when he's just a little bit off his Moorings here.

Eight six and the Argentinian comes up with a Dandy yeah short return staxford's got so many options with that forehand ran around it beautifully there it's 10-6 game point just a start turn of events oh that would take tremendous where's.

This gonna go and then Inside Out dropper beautiful shot Stacks rude comes right back he'll get side out hey Drew just there's no way Johnson could run it down sign up that game Point's gonna happen fend off again point just wide on the return from Ben you can see him swiping at the Perseus.

Paddle just not comfortable with how that's coming off there the Rays of sun are coming in from the side of the Court sat long by Stacks Route Seven now seven chance trying to get back in this wide that time wild Miss at 7 10. Johns comes back statured loses his.

Paddle four tries to finish off game number one hasn't been able to do it in first volley and a frustrated Argentinian everybody this is where Stockton you've got to take advantage it's your fifth chance right here you know pickleball is probably the most.

Enjoyed out of you because there's nowhere else to look you have got to push through yourself it's been a grind so far foreign could not crack a forehand to finish that point and then try to drop shot and left it in.

The middle of the net this is dangerous for Federico oh and that one's off the net and off touch point Stacks who just shanked it yeah they're going for the pounded it down the line and it's 10 a piece as Dave Johnson barks it out oh big Miss from Ben.

10. wow wow who is going to grab this first game post here to lose it it looks like yeah Mark out the score got pretty good pipes doesn't he indeed strewn with a big winner eleven ten.

Stacks rude wants it and he gets it Ben Johns had more errors and less winners than Federico statsrid even though both had high service errors these were the determining Factor on why Federico won the first game pacing and talking to himself which is a rare site he's usually bouncing the ball on the side of his paddle and just happy.

It was mouthing the words so bad let's see if he can find so good here in game two stacksford's not going to let make it easy Stacks rude making him cover the entire court that one all day after losing game number one yeah I had to do that earlier today in the first round as a matter of fact.

He's on zero zero sign up stickers 12-10 in game one after he had John's in trouble so staxford good up at the kitchen the last few times they've been up there still looking for our first point zero zero.

Zero points and there's the first point Stacks rude zero one Ben Johnson puts it away degrees colder and then you're going to be seeing the Shadows you're starting to shame from the lights inside this particular Center Court setup.

Stacked route oh he is moving right now but the pinpoint so two one see if John's can stack a few of his Marquee points together big serve again you heard Annalee time that range you get the wind pushing that serve deep into your opponent as well 3-1 Stacks rude man can't return it which.

Into villier coming up a little bit later on Championship Court Ben Johnson once again makes you do what you don't want to do flicker so uh three these guys are gonna are likely in off courts just gonna want to hit a few balls during the women's.

Semi-final that comes up here next given those Stephen across this thing it's gonna someone's gonna feel more comfortable so that's why I strongly encourage if I was one of them or coaching one of them to hit some balls during the women's semi-final that will obviously you're going to be on an outside court but just.

How does the ball come off the paddle in that weather back through right now four one point and John's attempting to come from behind five one stance hits it long we did see during that situation like this it's huge and even if it has zero to do with strategy.

Just hey little brother oh my oh man can read the Onyx logo on that one hey you're gonna be just fine here's maybe one or two things he's seeing you know I know you're mad about that great shot from the truck just get through it attack through takes a moment.

And battle won by Federico the singles but uh Stacks Stacks route up for the test there well done open court Ben Johns the possible volley Drew is so critical because it gets your opponent off the court they have almost no options after that and you got a wide open ten feet what to hit a winner in two.

For the number one six two saw this happen to Christian Alshon as well it just didn't look the pressure and then you try to just be a little too fine as staxford did there foreign feels great about that especially driving that two-handed backhand in singles.

Really loves the shape of that uh and there's a beautiful shaped winner well World by storm with the signature battle from Ben Johns last year and for those of you who want to get your hands on that Perseus I'm told it's still trying to finalize but probably this summer guys will be available that's an eternity to wait for.

Pickleball fans but it'll be worth absolutely he got Andromeda too in the end didn't he welcome to Greek mythology class everyone classic three and just to be clear been through the approvals approved paddle and all that that happens a lot is the pro players use the paddle comes but.

It has to go through the same USA pickleball testing oh right on the line beautiful and I would definitely expect we're gonna see testing raised to the next level here in the coming weeks so many new paddles coming oh drop shot that time from foot three into the kitchen.

Stack screwed with another winner see if he can build in just feeling comfortable in your movement and everything now you're fighting some different elements see the glow of the sunset there in the background here of the desert it's a good shot also see that big Dura fast four biggest.

Pickleball I've ever seen it's a great uh photo off it I see so many people gather grounded at all the stops on tour and it's next up Minnesota Red Rocks such a great site yep get all the details pickleball and get tickets and watch them up close and.

Personal nine four whoa how about that shot if that's up at all and stacks rude has the paddle out front you can find that angle quickly great job by him and then same problem the other way we seems to win out yeah he's was definitely as frustrated as I've ever seen him after a game.

What usually so composed not that he wasn't come with Ben Johns which you just don't see very often and now here he is at game point first ATP Ben Johnson's there to defend it and put it away Federico stack shirt had way too many errors his errors were double what Ben Johns had and this was the determining.

Factor come on she's good to go yes so uh so cool such a great experience and we love having carvana be a part of this great tour back to work Ben John starts with the serve it'll be a side return from Stacks right there he's got to go full on here okay so this is a great.

Erratic a bit game number two see if he can straighten that out points just like that where he probably will match that we played a couple of weeks ago with these two and just you too many mistakes points then John's covering lots of ground.

with the winner yeah you're not hitting Perseus isn't striking twice in the same spot there good job by fad just sitting on that line I have a feeling we're going to be in for quite a game here Ben Johns redirects once again staxford's third have got to get lower.

Or bounce or it's going to be a tough game three for him both players up to the kitchen Ben John's able to win The Exchange a little fist pump there for bad ever so subtle those unbelievable hands from first drive from Ben stack screw it up against the net.

Use if you're fed three one oh Ben chasing it down going the other way yeah again a humongous serve right off the back line and stacksford was barely able to muscle that in but had a look at that one again the movement of John's terrific.

Stacksford needed that one big time Ben likes to hit that big topspin inside out just can't get it down and get the right amount of spin that he wants two four s just wide Atlanta open in 2022 took down Rafa Hewitt there that was when we had the classic fed versus Rafa you know that's gonna be good oh yeah.

Sign up slide out back to Tyson McGuffin at the U.S open at one point gotta have that shot right there okay then we'll switch sides at six here in game three and after the kitchen and then got a gift back to bed.

What can't get that one three four oh Ben comes back and gets it what great hand speed instantly followed it in and then just too good from John's five three these are the moments that Ben Johnson referees bundled up everywhere too we.

Appreciate all their work too because it is chilly for them they don't get to run around Point Dave we've seen this kid singles where you've got to just have the internal fortitude both mentally and physically to find it and he did not have it in game one here three seven.

I mean just perfect I can't play it better than that and I've talked about this a few times but this is the point for those of you that like to play singles carve that volley this one you see right here and then it is almost to get beat with the next ball if you just anticipate where the next one's going.

So much cord is available such a smart job and now I missed it just can't happen starting to open it up five point lead stocks are desperately needing a side out and Ben overcooks that one so we'll be.

Starting in this particular building because it's open but it's definitely comes through just took that lob from Ben and now four eight little Flex a little bit long and all of a sudden as they five eight yikes wow.

Can't serve it fast enough with your Stacks are in right here really picking up the pace maybe worked a little bit too quick that time in case you're drop and get it just didn't find the cord oh there it is the opportunity there it's wide and and doubles yes you'd have.

To make a vicious angle Ben is not anywhere near that ball just has to put it in Federico he has come up with some big shots in this match he still has hope yeah that's that's all the better angle he needed on the Ernie on the rally before great job of holding that and then.

Whipping through the outside of the ball folks don't go anywhere Dave is just barking out the score over there too he hasn't lost anything another winner for Federico it's a one-point game with smart pickleball from stacksrid and it is on the line yes it is have a big win time to find out but my goodness.

Nine a piece in game three it's battle won by the goats oh what a point and stacks rude had a ball at the beginning of this rally that one right there that he left to wait comes up with another winner exclamation screaming out as well great job by not being scared of the moment he hit a huge return just inside.

The Baseline in a big Inside Out backhand volley at crunch time John's attacking the kitchen Federico tried to stay away from that Let It Fade wide and John's comes up short stacks route again doesn't have that good feel of the ball to be able to spin it inside out Cross Court.

Statured into the net on the backhand just couldn't raise it and it was high easy volley for Johns to get ahead in the rally wow can't return it and now we've got match point oh no here we go for the match gonna Escape here uncharacteristically.

With a service error foreign I don't think so yes is it yes it is two of their best in a row who will do it everybody holding it was inaccurate so uh good all around from Fetch then John's attacks.

Beautifully done so again somebody's got to find two in a row here Drew Stacks rude I'll tell you what he has matched The Goat in this match with great players and Ben doesn't trust that inside out to the backhand so he went for the drive and not as good a shot.

Is it on the line yes it is and the biggest point of Federico stacksroots pickleball career then gonna hang on with an amazing shot oh wow after a shank off the side of Ben John's paddle to be able to get your footwork right beautiful job by Stacks rude second match point coming up here watch.

This Federico Stacks rude it doesn't come back wow this was a really close game Federico stacks for just Edge Ben Johns on the winners and that was the determining factor for the match and the win for Federico
In-Depth Analysis of the Men’s Singles – Metric being analyze for each player for every point including winners & errors. The player analytics is summarized at the end of each game in a pie chart format.

Pickleball Men’s Finals Match Highlights with Ben Johns VS Federico Staksrud at the Carvana Arizona Grand Slam in Mesa, AZ at Bell Park / Legacy Park – Date: 02/16/2023

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