Care down O2 racer yeah that was all right gonna be a Let There is a net so research zero two oh Jay try to catch up to that one just did catch the net as you see that certain again.

And with pickleball you do have to have an upward motion on the on the serve and devillier is just at that line and now the official bringing the players together this is where we need some sound on the official yeah and I'm not sure what the discussion is I almost wonder if they're they talking.

About the villier serve is he is he getting enough time to put motion on that serve two zero that's what that's indeed what they are saying they're saying that it's an illegal survey you have to have an upward motion on the serve I was going to mention it from our angle that we're looking at it appeared that it didn't.

Have one it seems like that's the correct call hits it wide and that's the thing right like you're trying to find that line right you want to get you you really would love to be able to hit it sideways but it's a reserve I'm calling it on the height of the ball.

Players let's get back to playing okay Tyson doesn't think Chase found the line he's not happy with the serve the Jay is offering but and Jay missed that serve there and so right there that wasn't a legal sir that's called the replay but he missed the illegal surge that should be a fault in my opinion there's no way you.

Should be able to hit a legal service yeah I'm 100 on on Tyson's side here the rule the rule is a research okay 15 seconds every time and hope they don't call it right the score is zero two and I will recall zero two or you should at least have a limit on.

How many illegal serves you can hit right and you hit the if you hit the illegal shirt do you hit more than two in a game then it's a automatic side out and I gotta be honest with you Sam I've called a lot of pickleball matches and I know that knowing the serve has to have an upward motion I've never seen the illegal service get called like this.

In the recent Takeya PPA Championships Jay Devilliers imitates Tyson McGuffin’s serve. No one is 100% sure on what exactly happened. Are either of their serves legal?