Live games played alongside Brendan long and Pablo Tellez no idea when you're going to play so you got to warm up and then what this match is two hours long yep more Curious how Tyson's practice together they enjoy each other's company and they are getting better and better both made their Mark in singles but.

Really what's making this draw so fun this weekend opportunities have been a plenty has won back-to-back crowns with his Bay Area Breakers and he is just breaking one on the board you get the momentum and the energy from the play of your partner now it's just you out there and he is watching One.

Forehand hit on the run to his forehand side on occasion as well Skechers primary sponsor alongside Selkirk what's up man in all of sport and that's why her has one in the stands has him within one in game number one of the Men's Pro singles final to Selkirk Red Rock open.

come all the way back to another chance to chip into the lead here get some help from the net he doesn't care he'll take it either way and he would love the crowd to enjoy it just as much game one to McGuffin the win at 11-9 now just one game away.

From double gold and that's a great start a fantastic singles rally the cheats to the backhand so he doesn't ever ever have to hit a third shot on the backhand side he's taking that shorter return and just smoke and four hands past McGuffin with his best point yet.

He's seen enough McGuffin cheering on the crowd angle bun it back in foreign take his time with a little kick and a little jump Dyson McGuffin with six seven making.

Sure he is prepared once that score is called cat and mouse Tyson McGuffin found some cheese seven Tyson McGuffin doubles down and finds double gold nice.

Recap of the best-of-3 match between Tyson McGuffin & Pablo Tellez

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