Wait what's are you serious yeah what what are the airport so we got one last game all right Chris what are we doing yeah what's up guys in today's video we have will and myself taking on Susanna Barr and Kyle mcmaken if you don't already.

Know who these two are they are both Pro pickleball players and they are two of the most wonderful people you will probably ever meet if you take a look at their dupers Susanna is a 5.61 and Kyle is 5.51 on our side we have will at a 4.47 duper and myself at 4.2 well I mean does it really matter we all know I'm 3.5 at best so Will's gonna have to put.

Me on his back and carry me for this one oh his Barefoot again he's not even in court shoes they are oh this is bad all right Zero's there too no get there oh let's go I know let's go.

What was the amateur now this is the nut Lord we're gonna catching it on the pro tour 102. foreign I am never gonna financially recover from this oh oh you don't want it they don't want it I'm watching you now.

Zero two oh my gosh dude The Stance is impeccable one two three yo all right let's go get the ham and cheese 201 foreign.

oh nice shot two two one got it you was the amateur now try to get out of the way okay it's not a peace sign This means war three two one.

You oh you got him he's trying to make that highlight feel so bad the Highlight Reel can be us winning got it you yep.

You got it you actually I honestly wasn't sure you were gonna make that but I said it for encouragement five two one got it you yours after that he felt no shame uh five two on a two.

oh okay oh you had it you had it you had it kinda that's kinda you had it so you didn't speak cute cute I'm in danger.

I told you not twice two six one you jump three six one nice try hey good hands yeah good point a lot of good coverage all right three six foreign.

victory hey get there.

Dang it I have the easier one great shots guys good stuff seven three on it too you would have had me if you didn't pause I wasn't paying attention it's always coming it's always I'm ready too okay oh yeah.

kill him that's our net then after that good all right three seven uh two it was at this moment that he knew up what was that that was weak that was weak I was trying to make it look like I actually want to hit me now be mean yeah recalibrating seven three.

it's fine oh no wrong oh nice shot Nice Shot Emma taunt lands never doubt my partner.

Oh you can't mess with server turns eight three two thank you I wanted a body bag I wanted a body bag I wanted the body bag all right.

Come on yeah no oh I didn't Susanna get him nice move all right oh all right here we go uh five nine two.

Um so that's one to two one to two baby that's a body bag six mine too foreign ah.

Okay I'll give you 10 bucks if you hit them careful will he knows he knows they're evolving thank you six nine one ten six ten oh again go again go again six ten one.

I am never gonna financially recover from this nope 10. 10 bucks is still on the table yes yes yes 20 20. I'm not.

You haven't we're not chancing it not on game point of yours nope nope six ten one oh two two one of you guys's apartment.

Grab that ball I'm gonna hit you again and he's bloating about it oh even worse I'll get a clean one don't you worry uh Seven Ten one you you know that's out net Lord who that Lord.

It's Me Oh no come on come on okay fifty dollars a hundred dollars a hundred a hundred no joke a hundred a hundred on a two what he's looking at me this is that they're shaking her head Seven Ten one.

You cheers what you oh man oh you gotta get those over there we go oh is it another one nine ten two.

heads up ah get out of the way nice shot thank you 200. oh my God Landon hello.

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