Foreign drive he uses that drive to enhance his drop comes in I try to go back behind him I gotta hit that one a little deeper and this one right here is just disgusting gotta has Pace hits it so well you know three o'clock kisser yeah you have to give something up and if.

They can hit a dart of a dink across their body measure the speed and angle perfectly just just too good okay so I you know I I go to uh even though it's like 50 degrees here in Rockwall I um I'm pretty pumped up I'm sniffing Victory I'm very sweaty and I'm like you know what I'm knocking I'm not gonna lose in my white T-shirt I'm gonna throw.

A tank top on and see if it changes it changes the match start striping forehead that's what you want that's when you go come on oh yeah you know it honestly I'm just a little more aerodynamic out there I'm very strange like that yeah if if I'm playing well I'll use the same paddle all weekend.

Long I may even use the same Turner grip I kid you not um if things are not going well uh I will uh you know change paddles each day or if things are not going well in like a particular match I will definitely change my shirt or you know hat wristband but just mix something up make something it can be me it's gonna be the.

Clothing right here okay short return bang a forehand and something I do different on the forehand here is it's not it's not hold and pick my poison I take it early early I run through it boom I'm looking to come in and it's like I guess yeah there's like there's there's two different ways to do it if there's running through it getting.

In their Vision kind of like a Frederico does that well closes well or you know it's it's they come in you hold you kind of let them move uh maybe you wait for the Apex or you wait till like the ball drops a little bit um so there's there's that uh ground stroke where you're like I guess making contact as it's rising and you're moving through.

It or the other one when it sits at the Apex or maybe it you wait longer and it comes down but think about you changing the timing of that I think that's what makes or breaks like a lot of these good singles players with their passing shots is just the timing of when they hit them yeah yeah for sure you know uh earlier a little a little later uh and and that.

And that goes to like a good good attacker as well you know some some of the best attackers like uh like a Matt Goble or like a Matt Wright you know or I mean AJ like AJ can speed up as the ball's Rising AJ can speed up when it's on the Apex and it's bouncing so if you're playing a good counter-attacker and you're trying to.

Speed up and maybe you're always thinking Apex yeah maybe try to go a little sooner go a little later um but uh yeah just changing the timing of that goes a long ways yeah it's a lot like I made this analogy before a lot of pitching in baseball right you've got a few pitchers that get a lot of strikeouts but there's a lot of guys.

That make their living just slightly throwing off the timing of hitters and that's really what speed up should be right if you can vary patterns spins speeds location when you hit it the timing when you hit it all that's gonna throw off the volley or just a little bit and sometimes that's all you need to gain the advantage okay.

So to climb short return inside in telling you short returns are deadly out here they are deadly I think I got some more shape on the serve maybe not deep enough but same thing here I'm taking the ball a little sooner trusting it swinging.

Good Night Benny yeah and so much of of driving and singles and you know just aggression is just preparation right and if you look some of the freeze frames that we've watched for you and Ben I mean up till the last second based on where you're standing you use nothing visually that lets him know where this ball is going.

Right you're in a position where you could hit to either side there's no tell at all and you vary your patterns enough some winners are gonna happen
The forehand is one of the most important shots in pickleball, and there are two vital approaches you can take to the pickleball forehand. In the TM Boiler Room Breakdown Episode 25, you will learn all of the best pickleball tips, pickleball lessons and pickleball tips to improve your pickleball forehand.

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