Hi welcome to Brianna's pickleball my name is Jordan Briones and in today's video we're going to talk about how to go from offense to defense just like that now let's Jump Right In all right so in this game we know that up at the non-volley zone line there are very very quick exchanges here obviously you can be dinking and then all of a.

Sudden someone could speed it up on a dime there's a fire fight and at higher levels you'll see certain players reset the ball very softly into the kitchen or into the non-volley zone to get out of that firefight one thing that I didn't know how to do or I just didn't understand it when I first started is how to do that and when to do that okay.

It's ready hard enough to track the ball but how can we learn how to be in some sort of vaultly exchange and then slow it down well in this video this is exactly what we're going to go through we're going to go through a few progressions here to help with that and we're going to talk a little bit about why you should slow it down and when you.

Should actually keep engaging in that rally alright so here I have my wife Katrina with me up at the non-volley zone and we're just gonna volley the ball a few times and then we're gonna talk about when and why you probably should slow it down at times okay here we go all right so that was just a quick.

Example of us in a quick volley exchange here now let's first talk about why and when we should slow the ball down usually when I slow the ball down it is because they are more hitting down at me or they're kind of in control of the point so sometimes you'll be in some sort of rally exchange and your balls are lifting or they're getting higher.

Balls that they're going to hit down that's definitely a time where I would want to kind of slow the ball down or reset it to hopefully to engage in another dink rally another time is kind of when they have me in a bad spot or you know I'm reaching for the ball and things like that if they are in control and in command any time in our fire.

Fight or or volley exchange that is when I'm going to want to reset it alright so how do we practice though these very very fast exchanges and then resetting it on a dime well we're going to go over the progressions now and the first one is going to be a dink rally and then I'm just going to speed it up at Katrina there and she's just going to.

Reset it back into the non-volley zone so we're going to dink I'm going to be the one that always speeds it up and she's going to be the one that always resets okay so it's going to look like this here we go okay I just want to wait for a good opportunity good again.

Good again good a couple more times here oh might wait a couple nice again up here we go last two okay up and one more.

There we go sh okay so that first progression is pretty simple there if you don't know how to slow the ball down and hit a reset we'll leave a a video below or in the comments below so that you can see exactly how to do this but in this first progression you know who's going to be initiating the attack and you know who's.

Going to be resetting so you can do the same and switch roles and then now she's going to do the same thing to me all right here we go okay good okay that's a good reset there okay and maybe two more times okay she might wait a couple shots okay.

And then one more time here all right hi if you're really enjoying this content go ahead and please give this video a like and if you're not subscribed we really appreciate it if you hit that subscribe button now let's get right back to the video alright so now after that progression.

What we're going to do is we are going to attack or one person is going to attack the second person is going to counter so attack it back and then the person that attacked is going to reset so this is a really really good exercise to get the attacker in a mode of you know switching from offense to defense right so I'm attacking I'm trying to be.

Offensive on that ball and if I don't put it in a good spot Katrina is going to counter it and then uh now I'm going to be ready to block it okay so I'm going to start here the initiator okay I'm the attacker I'm going to get that counter back and then now I'm going to block okay so let's see how that goes here there we go so Katrina is going to.

Counter okay good good really really nice okay good oh that reset was a little high though here we go last one here okay all right so now we're gonna switch rolls again Katrina is going to be the.

Initiator initiate the attack I'm gonna attack it back counter and then she's gonna block it and reset it into the non-volume zone okay so you're gonna attack okay here we go that's pretty good again good nice go ahead nice good okay.

Two more times okay that was a tough one that was kind of at our feet here we go again good okay all right so that is the attacking counter back and then reset now we're gonna go to the next progression where I attack.

Then she attacks him back and then I'm going to counter back so after that she's then going to reset it all right so this one is definitely the hardest sometimes it's hard to keep track but um you know remember this is all these drills that we're doing is just to improve your decision making right we're.

Actually deciding early for attacking or resetting so it actually trains the mind really well and also it just is good for hand speed and resets okay so again I'm going to initiate she's going to counter back okay and then the next shot I send her I'm gonna attack again and then she's going to reset so for the one receiving the first.

Ball they're gonna counter the first one and then reset the second one it's very very simple so we're gonna attack here okay and then once I initiate she's gonna counter and then the next ball she gets back she's gonna reset that's one way to keep it really simple okay here we go last progression here okay good.

Good one more time there we go let's see if you can do it again good again good good good the last one here last one okay now we're gonna switch roles she's going to initiate.

Um as soon as she does I'm gonna count her back she's gonna counter and then I'm gonna reset okay so here we go she's gonna start it okay here we go all right that was a good example there see it again okay really good up here we go we'll show you a few more.

Times here okay a couple more good ones here okay here we go again again she's waiting for a good ball okay now one more time oh here we go last time okay good okay.

Okay then one last time for good luck here all right good okay okay all right so those are the progressions that you can go through now we're just gonna play a couple of points and again we're gonna try to implement it now in.

Our volleys and are attacking so this is a really good exercise that you can you know do with a partner after you go through all those progressions we're just gonna Dink and then when one one of us wants to speed it up we're going to attack and we're gonna at least try if we feel that we're in control and command of the rally maybe we keep going.

With the attacks if not if you know they're attacking a little bit lower something like that maybe we try to reset it but we'll just play a few good points here okay here we go good really nice good nice okay all right that was really good here we go a couple more.

Okay good dink there good really nice good decision good really really nice all right there we go yeah really nice okay good good guy okay so that was a really good combination we had a few.

Resets there a few you know counter attacks but again this really trains your mindset on you know attacking going from offense and then defending going on defense all right so hopefully this video is very very helpful to you remember this takes a lot of time to train the mind on which balls to speed up which balls to reset.

So just go out there practice it with a a friend and a partner thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next video for exclusive pickleball content from me check out brionist pickleball.com for awesome pickleball paddles like this one make sure to check the link in the description below thanks again for watching and we'll see you in.

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Quickly going from offense to defense, and defense to offense, is one of the MOST important skills to have if you want to play at a high level. Sometimes it can be hard to know when to keep attacking, and when to slow the game down. In this video, we show you EXACTLY how to take fast balls and slow them down in real time (if you have to)!

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