it is time for the PPA parade of Champions into the orchard as a capacity crowd starts to settle in you know what that means we're about 40 minutes away from first serve another Tuesday night pickleball here at the orchard presented by jigsaw Health great.

To have you with us everybody Welcome to Tuesday night pickleball live Drew fellios alongside Morgan Evans Morgan four awesome players from the PPA tour and a great pairing tonight as well between the two teams this is going to be awesome yeah this is one of those rare occasions where we're gonna see the Newmans against each other we still.

Often see them really competing and competing at the highest level alongside one another but today it is going to be Riley Newman and Irina tarashenko taking on AJ Kola and Lindsey Newman it'll be the second appearance on Tuesday night pickleball four Lindsey Newman and Irina tereschenko as well as far as brother Riley one of the.

Outstanding players on the tour 29 years old one of seven siblings great all-around athlete he continues to take his game to new heights yeah he's starting to have a very strong argument to uh that number one men's doubles player and I think the way he's been able to move around the court his mix doubles has always been really just uh.

Next Level there's no other way to say it his positioning on the court his defense much like his sister is impregnable Arena tarashenko meanwhile Savvy veteran started playing this game in 2015. got that playful personality but also brutally honest in her game when she means business she's one to be recorded with for sure no she is the.

Veteran on the court and has been around and has won medals in essentially every tournament that she's ever really tried to compete in and I think Irena tarashenko she's going to bring real Firepower alongside her partner today Riley they haven't played too many times together but I'm looking forward to some fireworks take a look at Lindsey Newman.

Now a busy year in 2022 Stellar play on the court plus also had her child Oakley she played the U.S open a few weeks later right after giving birth just tells you a little bit about her toughness and her grip yeah every time we've seen her take a little bit of a break it's always curious to see how well she's gonna come back but every.

Single time she comes back with so much Firepower the movement has never really wave it and I think her natural shots elections really lend itself to the highest level play AJ Kohler one of our favorite players on the tour he usually pairs with Thomas Wilson on the men's side former hockey player just very basic very fundamental.

The way he continues to improve in this game it's really fun to watch yeah the fastest hands I think for a lot of people also the the strength of the wrist and the ability for him to be able to pull the trigger from well below the net and get enough topspin on the ball it's surprises so many players he's naturally.

Quite aggressive and I think he's recently learning how to play a higher percentage version of the game foreign take a look at the win loss records for all of these players Riley Newman leads the way over 70 percent sister Lindsay she's right there and then you've got Arena and AJ AJ that percentage gonna.

Continue to Skyrocket yeah certainly will he's you know it's easy to forget he's relatively new to the highest level of the game only a year or so ago he was relatively unknown but uh now he has become such a force out there and I think he's going to go very well with Lindsey Newman that cannot wait to watch brother and.

Sister face off they get ready let's talk about this venue which has quickly become sort of like the Wrigley Field of the sport of pickleball intimate atmosphere here at the orchard it's small but you pack the fans in it's the ultimate player Fan Experience and when it gets jumping when those points really start to matter you.

Wouldn't want to be anywhere else oh for sure it it has this Festival almost feel to it and it's a it's a celebration of the game and I think Patrick and Ashley Sullivan have done just a masterful job in creating an atmosphere that is really befitting of the sport the growth that we've experienced in the game over the last few years you know it was really.

Born out of a necessity during the opening periods of covid whereby players in a really needed a place to go that they were safe and able to still compete have fun and it's become this event that uh I can't even imagine the game without it now if you're a player you want to play here you're a pickleball fan you eventually want to put it on your bucket.

List to come check out a Tuesday night pickleball here at the Orchards so we're just getting revved up here on this jigsaw Health pregame show when we come back some of the top plays so far and Tuesday night pickleball will also go in depth with some of the players and later Morgan hits the court it's Tuesday night pickleball here from the orchard.

On PPA YouTube channel oh foreign part about Tuesday night pickleball at the orchard this door this is the door where the pros come in it's my responsibility a lot of people do a simple lock unlock test I do a 34.

Point inspection top to bottom left to right no door no Pros no Pros no pickleball foreign.

fruit s fruit smash super hot tells you with real juice it's party juice Tuesday.

Night pickleball is brought to you by gamma C and D pickleball Nets fruit smash the official hard Seltzer of Tuesday night pickleball Tuesday night pickleball continues here on our jigsaw Health pregame show Drew fellios with Morgan Evans scoring format much different here on Tuesday night.

Pickleball Morgan than your normal PPA tournament yeah it is time based to 20-minute games and uh if they split we'll go to a third that will be the singles tiebreaker with that time limit it changes their kind of Dimensions here I think we're gonna see how well the trailing side can really ramp up their level of hopefully controlled aggression.

In order to be able to you know get enough points back on the board and hopefully get to that two minute Mark whereby the clock will stop uh when the ball is not in play if they can get close then it's anybody's game you know there have been some tremendous moments so far and Tuesday night pickleball let's check out some of those top.

Moments here at the orchard Smith has uh has tagged a number of occasions today he's gonna feel good about that the scoreline might not be in the favor but um with a veteran move from a relatively new player fantastic Ernie in the backhand side.

and I think Jensen has found the line the villier came out of nowhere just really moved across the courtroom this looks like a season dueling each other only two points the margin that's fair very tight beautiful.

What it looks like is the the really high level plays have even down beautiful looking backhand cross coat that was thinking Ernie there it is that's got it I don't get the potties got it very impressive feet look to be in good.

Locations there it is and they've also got a Little More Alive I tell you in game one JD villier hit some shots that no one had any business hitting and he didn't Peter and it's five foot two oh beautiful oh no he didn't he didn't.

Yes is one of the great shots we are ever likely to see in the gamut oh so many awesome moments not just great moments but the personalities of the PPA All-Stars let's get to know these players up close.

A spoon spoon I prefer the Taco Bell Spork spoon definitely happiness obviously happiness riches riches numbers all the way I'm just gonna go with Ben John Denver here numbers letters numbers are confusing I'm a big numbers guy.

Comedy comedy comedy but more specifically romantic comedy action definitely action take sweatpants uh sweatpants ooh definitely uh sweatpants or even yoga pants ha I'm gonna go with suit I'll say blue Aquaman blue blue.

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Maybe pasta maybe some cinnamon rolls not got a lot to choose from there we're both essential I'll say push-ups push-ups push-ups baby neither I would prefer eating pasta daytime coffee nighttime tea coffee neither being raised in Seattle you would think I would say coffee on this answer but I don't like coffee or tea.

Old Salford Siberia but I think I've moved on the wine beer neither I would prefer a Jamba Juice Smoothie neither not a big alcohol guy right now pets for now it's pets I have to say kids I have two of them I was actually bit by a dog when I was eight years old so I am terrified of dogs so definitely kids.

Dogs dogs not much of a animal person to be honest but I hate cats so probably dogs I can't do the dogs got bit when I was eight cats they're just furry and they get fleece on your clothes so not a big pet guy call text definitely text text for sure night night definitely day night time I sleep till 11 A.M so definitely night.

Time up all night chocolate easy chocolate rainbow sherbet vanilla hate chocolate fruit fruit fruit anything tropical not a big vegetables guy but since I just had an apple I'll say fruits I'd take the dye job I've never dyed my.

Hair so bad hair dye job bad hair day job bad hair day bad hair day job probably a bad haircut probably gotta be a bad haircut Great Clips don't let me down good stuff from all of our players tonight as we get ready for first serve here on Tuesday night pickleball all.

Right much more to come when we return Morgan hits the court we'll talk to the players as they get ready for this Tuesday night pickleball Showdown where if the orchard fans still filing in and we cannot wait Tuesday night pickleball on Deck here from Scottsdale oh my God.

No way she gets this let's go thank you thank you thank you my turn when I'm taking jigsaw Health supplements I can stay focused energized and cram free I wouldn't recommend jigsaw Health to any of my opponents you guys continue drinking whatever you.

Drink to right now laughs ow oh boy Irina you didn't even hit the bottle off my head once sorry Patrick I guess I'm a little off today but here's something relief foreign you don't get the moments.

Everyone talks about the moments no one sees early morning practice late night drills running it over and over you don't get the crowd without the quiet everyone sees the glory the metal the podium but every winning shot 's right here.

Paddle tech let's go again Tuesday night pickleball is brought to you by Selkirk we are pickleball jigsaw health paddle Tech Tuesday night pickleball continues here on our jigsaw Health pregame showed I'm Drew fellios alongside Morgan Evans.

We'll talk to the players as they get ready for this Tuesday night pickleball Showdown let's send it on the court to Morgan it is mixed doubles night we've never done this before who's excited to see these four All-Stars in action all right I'm going to start over here with Riley Riley alongside Matt Wright.

You have started a rivalry against the Johns Brothers that has really started to Define men's doubles in their professional leagues tonight you've got to deal with your sister is that tougher oh it's definitely tougher there's no question about that uh not only am I playing against my sister but we are plaguing for bragging rights uh.

Thanksgiving so uh that'll be special uh but no this will be a really fun night special atmosphere in Scottsdale so happy to be home and uh let's bring it tonight Irina tereshenko is always a crowd favorite you have found another another second lease on life your game has gotten better and better what's been the.

Secret for you to uh to keep up your performances she's getting my beauty we're in there as well AJ call it you were recently part of arguably the greatest point in the history of pickleball has anyone seen.

That rally it was amazing and you were against the woman next to you uh what did you learn about her that's going to help you win tonight well I tried to remind her that we were playing uh tonight and so she should make me tear up my shoulder um on Friday because uh yeah it was.

Crazy um their defense is amazing and I'm psyched to be teaming up with her tonight um I got the dominant Newman on my side tonight so I think it'll be uh looking forward to uh to a w ow good man and lastly Lindsey Newman I don't like to put you on the spot but.

You're so much fun um against your brother you know his weaknesses no one else has ever found a weakness can you do it I don't think so if anyone has any ideas or coaching let me know um I'm so used to playing uh you know with him in tournaments but against him and Drilling and I have yet to find a.

Weakness so uh I have AJ on my side which I'm super happy about so I'm sure he'll find something okay so leave it to AJ the Iceman all right folks let's get this body started back to you DJ so Lindsey Newman excited about the potential of looking at her brother Riley Newman across the net and facing.

Off with him it's gonna be so cool to watch that match up Lindsay and Riley they won state titles a tennis together long athletic history growing up and it's been fun to watch them both grow in this great sport of pickleball Marina tarashenko meanwhile the perfect partner for Riley Newman tonight it's not Lindsay no better person to have.

Next year than Arena and AJ Kohler and Lindsay could be fun to watch as well back with more in a moment you want to have the best experience at a tournament I would definitely suggest the PPA tour the PPA tour has done a ton for the game it's brought better venues it's brought better TV and it's brought a whole lot more fans Not only are the.

Venues are going to be amazing but if you're just an amateur going to watch the pro experience there getting to see all the pro matches is just amazing particularly at some venues where the crowds are just super into it it feels so much more like a professional sport foreign people look at the orchard security guy.

And go what a joke he's got electrolytes on his chest he's got Electro rights in his squirt gun do I look like I'm a joke it's not funny to me hold on cocktails.

I don't Tuesday night pickleball is brought to you by pickleball Central the official gear supplier of the orchard pickleball tournaments powering pickleball tournaments around the world the professional pickleball Association all right.

Foreign foreign thank you foreign.

foreign Texas AJ color from Queen Creek Arizona.

from Phoenix Arizona Riley Newman foreign.

let's take a moment to meet these players just a little bit more closely foreign Kohler I grew up in St Louis Missouri I.

Currently live in Las Vegas Nevada I've been playing pickleball since 2018. when I was little I wanted to grow up to be a pro hockey player I started playing when I was six years old and it kind of ruled my life and my parents bought me books and sent me to camps for years and turned out I just wasn't very good it all runs my life now there's a.

Special adrenaline to Pro pickleball you have to be calm but at the same time you're on the edge of your seat and it's a game that can go from zero to 100 in a split second I'm AJ Kohler and I play on the PPA tour foreign I'm from Moscow Russia I live in.

Beautiful Fresno California and I've been playing pickleball for eight years and I turned Pro the first second I touched the paddle people who know me would probably describe me as a riot why you gotta ask them I love playing pro pickleball because I like to entertain the crowd and hit a.

Bunch of sick tricks I like the challenge of the competition greetings I am Irina tereshenko and I play not just play I kick on the PPA tour my name is Lindsay Newman I was born in Everett Washington I currently live in Queen Creek Arizona I started playing.

Pickleball in 2017. I love playing pro pickleball because it allows me to travel to new places and meet new people and uh make that money so I ended up kind of getting into the pickleball scene because Riley and I were playing Division One tennis we played pickleball for the first time absolutely loved it signed up for the mix Pro bracket and.

One we ended up winning like 330 bucks and thought we were rich and decided to give this pickleball thing a go my name is Lindsay Newman and I play on the PPA tour foreign Newman I was born and raised on Whidbey Island Washington I currently live in Phoenix Arizona and I've been playing.

Pickleball since 2018. I love playing pro pickleball because of the insane competition you get on the PPA tour and best of all the prize money when I was little I wanted to grow up as a professional basketball player my dreams didn't totally come true I made it to college that was about as far as it took me but luckily instead of.

Playing professional basketball I am now playing professional pickleball my favorite shot is probably my two-handed backhand I feel like I get a lot of control consistency but also if that ball is up high I am going to slam it and I got lots of Power with it I'm Riley Newman and I play on the PPA tour please rise as you are able for the.

Singing of our national anthem oh say can you see by the dawn what's so proud ly we and at the twine.

Twice and bright stars we were we're so glad to be streaming.

was still there foreign.

Welcome to Tuesday night pickleball at the orchard instead of the traditional First to 11 win by two scoring we will be using a 20-minute game clock the clock will run continuously for 18 minutes unless a team or the referee calls a timeout during the last two minutes the clock only runs when the ball is in play.

If there is a tie at the end of regulation time then the team next to score on serve is the winner of that game points can only be scored on serve just like traditional scoring two 20-minute games will be played if team has won a game then a game three singles tiebreaker with rally scoring will determine the winner of the match.

Who's ready to place a pickleball the final cue from DJ pickle and we are ready to go here on Tuesday night pickleball the orchard is rocking alongside Morgan Evans hi Drew fellios Morgan tonight it's going to be about chemistry it's going to be about adjustments and big play making on the court yeah for sure I mean I think on.

Paper here it's hard to ever think that Riley Newman can lose again with mixed doubles it's he's been such a wrecking ball there's uh there are not many people outside of Ben Johns that has a decent win loss record against him so I think him and Irina are the hot favorites however AJ Cola and Lindsey Newman pose a really unique kind of.

Threat because they are going to be able to adapt Lindsey Newman isn't one of those players that has to sit on the right side she's very very comfortable on the left as well so I think they're going to have an advantage in one sense that they will be able to adapt their playstyle and their positioning very easily I think on the other side of the.

Net Riley will be on the left hand side the entire time I would be shocked if he's ever Meandering out on that right hand side just doesn't happen for our coin toss would Don take it away all right players here at the orchard.

The serving team always starts from the orchard wall side so you'll be picking to server receive Mr Newman will you call it in the air fails it is heads big sister one Riley's nothing very good yeah thank you so the great Todd Stanley our official alongside Maddie torn who also does an.

Outstanding job here on Tuesday night pickleball tonight's match is going to come down to what if there's one big key Morgan what would you say that is I think communication on the middle balls I I believe when it is a new partnership that is so often an issue whereby you know two players aren't.

Quite sure how much they should take and whether that left side player should really come over Lindsay Newman puts it in play We're underway and a beauty from Riley to start us off yeah he's already showing that he can keep AJ Kohler honest on that left side because he wants to keep him at Bay make.

Sure he doesn't cramp the middle foreign the defense from Riley Newman so good Arena comes up short there as AJ continue to attack yeah when we see the kind of shot selections that Riley Newman has when that he's in kind of that Baseline area Tarasenko choosing to attack.

zero zero one oh what a few days right down the boulevard the middle of the corner near the orchard yeah I mean that's really is the two-handed backhand that you would ask for from any professional player it's just a fantastic shot and terashenka has made it a a serious.

Weapon for her over the years everybody wants to play with Arena she is so solid so knowledgeable so experienced she's seen just about everything yeah we saw him in the very first point playing that shot to Perfection this one just a little long seven cameras throughout the orchard Riley having a.

Little fun instantly placed certainly an effect here on Tuesday night pickleball just skipping through a little bit catching Lindsay by surprise the quick hands of AJ he gets so much Pace sign on that backhand flick attack 1720 remaining zero one one that's why yeah Ryan having to switch to.

The left hand there he does it quite often and uh he's remarkably professional second serve rarely doing enough with that first volley to make things difficult the scores are leveled.

So Riley and Lindsey two of seven children two one two in their family very very athletic family are the Newmans brother going after sister there yeah they'll have plenty to talk about after this match hopefully still in good nature foreign.

AJ Kohler he is very aggressive when he gets a chance off the bounce I think even if that winner that one went over tereshenko would have been able to burn him down the line up just high enough and cola had a good look at it Don Stanley will resume action here with.

Tarashenko serving tied at two here game number one picked a spot yeah just longer so he had a great look at it and they got lucky 25 remaining that is uh gift wrapped last time Lindsey Newman was here on.

Tuesday night pickleball she was a little nervous a little tight looks like she is completely relaxed and you can see it with her team right now they're playing well yeah if she's able to really get those third shot drops three two bounce well in front of Arena tereshenko then it's going to allow Cola to apply so much.

Pressure like he did in that previous point a couple of return errors Well Done by Riley Newman and Riley tonight is sporting the gamma 206. you can order that paddle by going to the official gear supplier of the orchard.

Foreign Newman is ready for Newman I think those two have met and uh shot selections they came up with those shots together two four one High looping serve Ernie from Lindsey Newman very impressive work there's a 400 backhand sort of a pancake.

Forehand it looks like so so far a uh 441 return error a couple of return errors from Riley Newman and one from AJ Kohler nicely done by AJ and Lindsay Newman just explaining that she can take care of business on that side.

It was almost bait from terashenko try and attack my partner go for it see what happens sure enough Riley Newman was wise to it lead back to tarashenko and Newman Lindsay continuing to have fun and that's gonna go out so side out to Newman and Kohler.

Very tight match so far Tommy in four five one it's about what we expected second serve yeah nice firm backhand volley from taroshenko 40 remaining AJ just asking if we could take that one again contrast.

It's true he has to be good if he wants a Christmas present oh great point wow and Lindsey Newman and AJ Cola pull it out that point out everything longest point of the match crowd absolutely loves it.

Here at the orchard oh he's so good with that two-handed backhand around the post plants himself Cola is coming over to try to defend it I think Lindsey Newman probably could have taken care of that one six four.

To the net again Riley continuing to man that side perfectly is an incredibly accomplished mixed player 742 so precise doesn't overplay too often he's really what you're looking for foreign.

Here we go and once again the defensive Lindsey Newman saving the bacon that got himself out of trouble close enough to the kitchen line allowed her to unwind and get the better of Tara side out now Newman Kohler gotta make up three points here about Midway through this game one.

he's tried that same shot three times he had success on the very first occasion since then it hasn't worked but it's an important part of the game just to apply that pressure sideline that's long probably using the full hand side of the.

Paddle on the backhand side creative work sees the Newman's use it to good effect really entertaining game number one there's another winner by Riley fun to watch Riley team with Matt Wright in 20. yeah they have really taken over to a point where it's hard to tell who is the.

Top team anymore foreign just gets into these zones where he can be unbeatable yeah stays engaged so well moves obviously better than I think almost anybody on the planet 761 former basketball player I don't think there's a better defensive men's player in the game.

Oh yeah yeah I think that's unquestionable there's a lot a lot to be said for that side of his game but one of the things that really separates him is the quality of the third ball he rarely hits a third shot drop that someone can really attack Lindsay on the left-hand side of the Court we talked about that a little bit.

Earlier that this is an option for them acknowledging his mother here at the orchard yeah moms need love get it AJ can't lift it and they had a bit of a moment there so Riley was able to barely get this one over but it was too tight for Kohler.

Was a little confused as to why uh Riley Newman was coming in so close oh how about this it's so impressive to see how well polar can keep his lower half stable he uses his wrist to generate the vast majority of the ball speed therefore really never gets himself out of position just Rock Solid nine six.

That's gonna be wide so nine seven here quick hands from Kohler again to the rescue seven on one time slowly starts to become a factor remember inside of two minutes we will stop the clock after each point so we're now seeing Cola in front of Riley Newman and uh I think that's going.

To be a great strategy to hopefully kind of ward off some of the many Lethal attacks that Riley tends to put out if if you want one man in a defending those weapons Paul is a good choice seven one second third the threat of the Ernie from Lindsey Newman drew the ball back Cross Court AJ Kohler everything he.

Wanted he's straddling that line foreign out about a foot long 5 48 remaining seven on one a chance to commentate a few events with Arena.

Tarashenko her knowledge of this game is just off the charts oh yeah really has got a great uh strategic player knowledge Arena says check that foot I think she was safe but they uh aren't limited to challenge what would you uh official timeout what.

Would you be challenged across the plane over to hit it like across the plane that's why you want towns out yeah this could be trouble he did not go there oh the trauma builds here in game number one from the orchard Tuesday night pickleball we're back in just a moment the most important part about Tuesday.

Night pickleball at the orchard is the net every Tuesday 4 30 a.m you're sleeping I'm not I'm measuring the height I'm measuring the length I'm measuring their circumference and I'm measuring the tension who does tension we do.

Foreign Tuesday night pickleball featuring The PPA All-Stars is brought to you by pickle roll just say no to cracks acrotech Sports surfaces onyx durafast 40. just before we stepped away we were looking at a review for this right here.

On instant replay powered by pickleball cocktail what do you see Morgan yeah well she does strike the net so the original reason why the uh the shot was challenged wasn't to do with that but given that the replay shows you second server.

hey Lindsay let's go to a second server she knows where he sleeps came here came here AJ there yes sir I'll call the score time in it.

Arena trying to hold things up AJ puts it in play back underway here less than five minutes remain here in this first game side up and we see Lindsey Newman with the typical Newman willpower usually works didn't quite get this one over there that's everyone second third didn't work for him either.

Really see a contrast you see Riley on one side hopping around jumping around AJ just very calm on the other side kind of two different styles foreign well played by Lindsay yeah when she has that pancake grip organized locked and loaded she gets.

Plenty of power I'm not going to take that in anywhere uh very important AJ knew it look at that look if he makes that shot then he's a hero and uh 356 remaining time remember his name nice flick attack catching terashenko by surprise.

They are within one how about the hands from Kohler must be the right one and he uses both those hands so well does he AJ Kohler the man has never hit a two-headed backhand in his life he might have I don't know may have told otherwise.

Look at that again the Steely right hand of AJ Kohler to the rescue oh is that a fastball slapped that once so quick still Lindsey Newman and AJ Kohler have the lead so the pressure is now on tarashenko and Riley Newman to level the scores point and to the net and we're tied at.

10. that is the tricky part of being on that side and knowing little brother is over cross-court you tend to want to redirect and that's uh can be a little nerve-wracking when tereshenko's there break for Lindsay and now the lead back to tarashenko and Newman it's been.

Seesaw battle here in game one this will be the final point before our two-minute warning well played Carla getting it down forcing the era so our two minute warning now is upon us here on Tuesday night pickleball good game 11-10 and we'll be back in a moment.

Foreign foreign foreign sir looking for the restrooms what are you doing.

My job Orchard security guy I'm the orchard security guy if you're the orchard security guard then who am I I'd like to know that um looks like we have a situation Tuesday night pickleball featuring The PPA All-Stars is brought to you by pickle roll just say no to cracks.

Acrotech Sports surfaces onyx durafast 40. security guard signing autographs he has become famous here on Tuesday night pickleball as we get ready for the two-minute warning Morgan it's been a very entertaining first game here from.

The orchard what has struck you so far about this match well I I love the way that Lindsay and AJ have adapted their positions I think that's really been a a real cause uh for why they've gotten back into this match Riley and Irina could have easily run away with this with the original strategies but they adapted quickly and they've got Lindsay.

In front of Irena more often I think that's proved well useful for two two reasons obviously she likes that heads up match but also now Riley is stuck with the Steely AJ Cola the Iceman that's a tough Prospect so Tara shanku and Newman trying to add to their lead here remember clock will stop between each.

Point to get the ball back great requested timeout I guess point so that ties the score and now things quite interesting here 146 to play in this first game.

Wow oh tough break yeah trying to go behind Riley Newman 35 remaining 11-2 oh AJ thought it was going out I had to retract it Dan Riley Newman able to deceive with that two-handed backhand that's a great shot from Terry schenko 11-1.

Battle here in the end Cola trying to flick that forehand from above his head when enteroshenko the lead foreign do that he really prefers to take them out of the air and I think he recognize that uh the rebound was certainly going.

To be high enough oh Beauty big sister teaching little brother a lesson stay on your heart for the court or I will burn you cross court 48 seconds so don Stanley 48 seconds he makes it known each point here is so critical.

This to tie for Newman and Kohler that's the perfect time for the Iceman to cometh beautiful work from AJ Kohler cramping middle great setup 30 . Andrew could not have asked for a better game.

One let's just say once again this will be second serve here so Newman and Kohler still with a chance to win it really is a full body explosion when he gets into that forehand biggest point of the match thus far right here.

Foreign finally puts it away spot on he checks his feet just to make sure he is outside the kitchen and sure enough I think that's going to be enough to give him the uh the ball game here in game one yeah six seconds I don't think it's going to be enough time for tarashenko and Newman.

To get a side out and score let's see they got to make this a really quick point do so they will have a chance one second it's gonna be tough to win the points but I think if the as long as the point starts then it could be a draw going into.

See the crowd recognizing the circumstance here oh and they come up short so Riley Newman Kohler fighting it off back and forth several lead changes tarashenko wondering what could have been they let a chance get away there Morgan for Sean I mean anyone watching at home wondering if pressure affects the best of the best.

Well you've seen it right there they are human folks Riley Newman was spectacular but it wasn't enough to take down Newman and Kohler and game number one our jigsaw Health halftime show coming up next you're watching Tuesday night pickleball evening sir you looking for the.

Restrooms what are you doing my job Orchard security guy Spirit of the orchard security guard then who am I like to know that know that no 6 27. we're all right got the mail 5 11. 250.

Slightly gaunt red in the face no no no backup we're fine I got two and I don't want to have to use them like they have electrolytes in them cocktail electrolyte Supreme I got both I've never crammed a day in my life and.

Neither have my patrons looks like we have a situation I really don't want to have to do paperwork tonight so I'd appreciate it if you just leave and let me do my job foreign.

Let's talk about life it's scientifically let me hear the science time 22 increase in serum magnesium 30 increase in RBC magnesium.

And 63 decrease in magnesium deficiency symptoms foreign take one more step those guns aren't even real I don't do not make me do this.

get your together you need the bathroom whatever I'm nailing this every time and we gotta keep doing this because you can't get outside I was rolling it's too real now it's too real put your serious face on it I'm here all right and action take one more.

Step and I'm gonna pull my this sucks my job I can melt that with a candle two candles that's the one two candles one come on getting ready for game number two Tuesday night pickleball let's send it.

On the court to Morgan all right so game one is in the bag now Riley at eight six you and AJ Kohler had kind of a mistletoe moment up at the net here then he missed a serve do you think he was kind of lost in you know the Sea of your baby blue eyes you know that's what my mom always likes to say I got pretty blue eyes.

Um I just tried to uh poke a little fun at him make him uh look at me a little bit but he had the last laugh he won game one Lindsay and AJ played really well so we'll uh battle hard and get ready for game two fair enough good now Irina you may have noticed that your opponents mixed up their positions you and Riley kept uh.

The traditional mix to him on the left are you going to mix it up in game two well I think we just won the most important challenge Riley versus Lindsay on that uh Ernie so I think that was the key to success and we're just going to capitalize on that even though the game one escaped from us you don't know what you're gonna change or not we'll see how.

It goes oh keeping the cards pretty close to the chest all right let's see what they can do in game two back to you so Arena tarashenko and Riley Newman gonna try and regroup you look at the crowd chance to head up get a beverage get ready for game number two we've got it for you next stay tuned.

Thank you fruit smash hot salsa with real juice it's party juice if you want to have the best experience at a tournament I would definitely suggest the PPA tour the PPA tour has done a ton for the game it's brought better venues it's brought better TV and it's brought a whole lot more fans Not only are the venues are.

Going to be amazing but if you're just an amateur going to watch the pro experience there getting to see all the pro matches is just amazing particularly at some venues where the crowds are just super into it it feels so much more like a professional sport foreign.

Tuesday night pickleball featuring The PPA All-Stars is brought to you by pickle roll just say no to cracks acrotech Sports surfaces onyx durafast 40. foreign here for Tuesday night pickleball game number two Arena tarashenko will serve.

It with Riley Newman they Trail by game Drew fellius alongside Morgan Evans fun halftime segment we just had but now back to business Irina tereshenko just setting things up beautifully for Riley to come in and squash that middle forehand one zero two foreign if there was one adjustment that.

Tarashenko and Newman would have to make here in this game is it maybe Arena getting a little bit more involved wow I think the tricky part is if she tries to cover more of the middle balls than Riley Newman may not feel as comfortable playing the natural aggressive style that he you know typically does and has done so well on.

Tour On Cue Arena tereschenko sporting the paddle Tech Phantom the XL Pro find it at Cola will say that again came over a little too far and that ball got behind him very risky play second serve.

1835 remaining shot selections from behind the basement they really are in contrast to both the Newmans they typically want to drop that ball do the damage from much closer end terashenko often looking to attack memories from AJ you're so relaxed lays the wrist back.

Finds that inside out forehand and Morgan if you're on the other side of the Court you just don't know where that Ball's going to you no no no the last time we saw a shot like that God was a child Riley Newman once again covering so much ground he reads the play so beautifully one second serve here.

Riley able to climb the ladder and then come back with a winner cross-court it wouldn't be an AJ Kohler match without a love from the Baseline 1725 remaining one zero one second serve yeah it is high risk High reward he.

Knows that those kinds of uh plays uh are gonna have to be in the budget very cerebral Riley a little bit more colorful on the court he likes to chatter just a little bit sort of gets him going doesn't it yeah and this is kind of basically a home court advantage meme I think he feels they uh they live.

Relatively close to the orchard here 16 38 remaining 111 has he got it very close yeah it looks like that has landed Plum on the line two one one and she comes and gets it has she got it it's just wide.

It looked Incredibly Close she may have a good argument for a challenge official timeout and she will such an influence on these challenges they feel like that ball grazed the line and now John Stanley gonna check it out so a challenge coming up we'll step aside until then here at the orchard Tuesday.

Night pickleball the most important part about Tuesday night pickleball at the orchard are these cameras this is the Canon 6r44-2b we got a red light situation.

Here ah there we go green light all right that one's done 35 more to go out Tuesday night pickleball is brought to you by gamma C and D pickleball Nets fruit smash the official hard Seltzer of Tuesday night pickleball.

so was this in or was this out of bounds well certainly not long I'm gonna have to see a different angle to see whether it was wide very close I do not envy referee Don Stanley what do you think Drew well fans were calling for the replay let's get the.

Call here for Don Stanley everybody also having a look right now up on the big video board Maddie scoring next to Stanley right there let's get the word a more flattering angle here's the challenge has lost a team of all right so.

Unfortunately the challenge did not pay off so they lose a timeout two one two Don Stanley resumes play let's get back to it oh she had all the time in the world lots of angle to work with but just just cramped her up a little bit.

One two one Lizzy wants that one back misfired there is slightly long oh that's much closer than I thought from that angle certainly not long thinking about it they're getting incredibly challenge happy.

birthday that's the beauty of Tuesday night football you're not going to get this at a normal turn no it's basically interactive pickleball yes two two one.

That's a cute little drop shelf opens up the cord good coverage by Arena and Riley Riley's everywhere and then also pays off that man is ridiculously quick moving around like a stabbed rat and the crowd really appreciates that extra effort he's feeding it back to him here.

Pickleball fans they are so much fun and that's a point Tommy in three two one Cola feels like he played a perfect point oh she was doing so well I love how well she can fight back for one shot and then instantly reset that is such a skill in itself and she's really one of the only.

Players that possess it aside from uh for the man who just hit the ball into the net hits it into the net but you just saw what makes Riley so especially covers the whole Court and it comes right back gets into a hands battle I mean running balls down the things that he does.

Fitness level just incredible Tara schenko just got that one over that gets them back into the point 13 37 remaining two four one so very soon low scoring game so far thank you second serve it's cold as Tim to uh the durability of the net.

another one this hit from AJ in Venice the the level we saw in game one was through there before one not so easy for even the best players in the world to maintain that kind of standard that's long so the air is starting to pile up here.

Yeah and Riley instantly knew it's amazing he and Lindsay are so in tune with apples clear loud communicators yeah we'll see it there again certainly uh no questions asked about that tell everybody's very playful having.

Lots of fun Arena I think a little bit more business like here Riley doing it all at the moment oh one moment where aj he moved over didn't do anything and it was left to Lindsay she was surprised true right down the middle she tested Cola.

And found wanting quickness of those wrists two six one so now Newman and Fuller trailing by four Arena and Riley oh it's in but like they'll let game one get away they don't want to let Lindsay and Kohler get back into this one yeah Cola had a great look at that ball.

Should have done more oh great Exchange oh and he leaps back for the overhead getting it down to the feet of AJ Colo incredible points all four players Morgan we all know Ben John's the number one player in the world but you watch Riley Newman placed at times I mean he.

Can be just a Human Highlight Reel oh he really can the movement the shot selections the consistency you know he's the full package six two two thank you foreign I'd say one of the points of the match.

For sure both Newman and Kohler doing a lot of work across the kitchen Lane blocks resets fantastic Dinks we will see a timeout at 7-2 yeah a little bit too much Riley Newman at the moment I want to make sure AJ and Lindsay cannot get back into this game like they did game number one step.

Aside Riley Newman flexing his fossil here at Scottsdale a spoon spoon I prefer the Taco Bell Spork spoon definitely happiness obviously happiness riches riches numbers all the way I'm just gonna go with Ben John Denver here numbers.

Letters numbers are confusing I'm a big numbers guy comedy comedy comedy but more specifically romantic comedy action definitely action take sweatpants uh sweatpants ooh definitely uh sweatpants or even yoga pants that's tough I'm gonna go with suit.

I'll say blue Aquaman blue blue Arena which one blue or green I don't know we need more time we don't have time bring me the jigsaw Orchard security has become a celebrity takes his job extremely seriously here.

On Tuesday night pickleball and Morgan so far neither one of us have had the guts to cross him no for sure but uh I do remember seeing at the Nationals he was uh we had some words with the actual security guards from the Nationals and uh told to remove the uniform which was a shame I think they could have used a little extra help.

O'Reilly and Arena here in game number two foreign suddenly whips it down into the court gotta track it down oh Arena's there still can't put it away oh wow and they clutch Victory from the.

Jaws of defeats fantastic play and the wheels from Irena tarashenko to get back and do something decent with that ball kept him in the point beautiful play you don't see that very often may have raised the top of the net perhaps Israeli do you see a Miss like that yeah I think uh just didn't believe the ball was coming over.

Foreign right down the middle though Riley takes advantage yeah she really is just a defensive machine and I think Cola would be wise to just let her handle the vast majority of his middle balls and allow him to disconnect get up there and try to be menacing on that next ball.

And the roof the roof the roof is out of bounds here at the orchard that's a good rule that's an important one time in seven three two under seven minutes Riley and Arena need this game to tie it up force a third foreign.

from Riley Newman it wasn't blistering it gave him plenty of time to get in position to deal with the uh the likely counter punch from Sister Lindsay is starting to get away from them here just over six minutes on the clock six points the margin nine three deficit is going to be tough.

To make up and right now Riley just started to tee off foreign hitting his lovely sister I'm sure the parents will get on the phone quickly as well.

And our side out so critical side out coming up here Morgan for Lindsay and AJ that's his first um dink category at least foreign pedicure on the right foot Cola looks like the cameraman behind the curtain.

The legendary Steve Taylor helping out with that one Italian three two there's oh tried the ATP and just not what AJ was looking for there yeah it was there he just allowed it to get something reminded him I think he needed one extra step second sir yeah that shot from AJ Kohler.

Really illustrates why they're able to play this particular formation with Lindsay on the left AJ on the right he's got enough power with the backhand but he can be a very good dominant force on that side as well and that's just hit wide so Lindsay and AJ perhaps one final chance here to make noise game number two time is running.

Out some spectacular points in this game but just not as clean clearly as AJ and Lindsay would like yeah yeah that's the Difference Maker right now just the quality of third shots and transition play from Riley and Irina another ATP that was the beauty good patience allowed the ball to get.

Nice and low certainly close enough to it fantastic is that the key to hitting an ATP Morgan that patience and making sure you get it perfectly yeah you've got to be comfortable letting that brawl get very close to the ground CJ Kohler sporting the Yola hyperium you can find it on pickleball Central reporting

Lindsay just staying in that straddled position trusting that Cola can handle the rest of the book 10-4-2 so now Riley to serve getting close to that two minute warning sit over Riley able to regain his senses but.

Cannot return it Lindsay Newman again doing a great job knowing when to earning Fortune One Lindsey Newman's paddle the gamma Havoc paddle he planted on the official gear supplier of the orchard ready and waiting.

Two-handed backhand shout out good communication on the outboard 220 remaining and Newman and tarashenko are really jealous foreign ER has the final six he did so well to stay in that point but he was the one at.

The kitchen line and she could never take the hill heck of a point right here Kohler and tarashenko battling it brings us to the two minute warning here game number two Tuesday night pickleball it's been all Arena and Riley here in game two can Lindsay and AJ pull it together gonna have to take a heck of a run to pull.

Level at 10 or possibly take the lead back with more Tuesday night pickleball after this daytime coffee nighttime tea coffee neither being raised in Seattle you would think I would say coffee on this answer but I don't like coffee or tea Old South of Siberia but I think I've.

Moved on to Wine beer neither I would prefer a Jamba Juice Smoothie neither not a big alcohol guy right now pets for now it's pets I have to say kids I have two of them I was actually bit by a dog when I was eight years old so I am terrified of dogs so definitely kids.

Dogs dogs not much of a animal person to be honest but I hate cats so probably dogs I can't do the dogs got bit when I was eight cats they're just furry and they get fleece on your clothes so not a big pet guy oh foreign.

look I get it people want to sneak into Tuesday night pickleball at the orchard and watch the pros play it's my job to regulate and regulate I will listen.

I can't be responsible for knowing everybody's name you're on the list or you're not on the list Tuesday night pickleball is brought to you by gamma C and D pickleball Nets fruit smash the official hard Seltzer of Tuesday night pickleball.

this is as active as we have seen our Orchard security guy throughout the Tuesday night pickleball season and the fans seem to be accepting him they don't fear him as much as we do yes no I I don't know if I ever want to.

Get too close to them and you never know when you're gonna get shot by one of his many hydration guns that vest is loaded and the wave is going here inside the orchard Tuesday night pickleball such a awesome event that's been added to the pickleball slate Morgan in 2022.

Yes such a welcome addition look forward to many more in 2023 one night it's one match players put it all on the line Tommy in 10-4-2 so Riley Newman to serve remember clock will stop between points and he and Arena right now in the driver's seat foreign.

Lindsay you don't want to have a dink battle here because time is of the essence so the side out comes that is it too little too late four ten one yeah Lindsay looks up at the scoreboard she knows it's gonna be an uphill battle.

You can already see AJ trying to be a little more aggressive oh wow point just wide from terashenko yeah looks to be 19 remaining five let's see if uh caller especially can start to be more aggressive they got one they need five more not.

Gonna come there both Newman's giving Irena some instructions so that's going to go along so keep in mind it looks like we could be headed to a game number three singles format so stay tuned for that here on Tuesday night pickleball second serve.

She has such a beautiful third shot drop when it works so often going cross-court though in this case now that Crosscut option is where aj Kohler is that makes it a little more ominous for her to play that kind of shot selection so the down the line third shot drop is a trickier proposition Nancy Newman with almost a little.

Proposal smash there so just 43 seconds let's see if alcohol is going to be much more aggressive now AJ in the zone yeah and fortune favors the brave yeah that ball is good six eleven one point.

Got a chance here good for now at least this high risk play from Cola is working if he's gonna make it work now we've got a second serve so final gas pure for Lindsay and AJ that is gonna just about do it 18 seconds trailing by four yeah High.

Looping serve a gentle third shot drop the clock enough I'm sure foreign foreign so with one second remaining.

Second remaining thirteen seven one so this will be the final rally and cola blasts a return winner saw a game of Peace for these two outstanding teams AJ and Lindsey Riley and Arena were going to game three singles format next call text definitely text text for sure.

night night definitely day night time I sleep till 11AM so definitely night time up all night vanilla hate chocolate fruit fruit fruit anything tropical not a big vegetables guy but since I just had an apple I'll.

Say fruits I'd take the dye job I've never dyed my hair so bad hair day job bad hair day job bad hair day bad hair day job probably a bad haircut probably gonna be a bad haircut Great Clips don't let me down foreign.

if you want to have the best experience at a tournament I would definitely suggest the PPA tour the PPA tour has done a ton for the game it's brought better venues it's brought better TV and it's brought a whole lot more fans Not only are the venues are going to be amazing but if you're just an amateur.

Going to watch the pro experience there getting to see all the pro matches is just amazing particularly at some venues where the crowds are just super into it it feels so much more like a professional sport Tuesday night pickleball is brought to you by pickleball Central the official gear supplier of the orchard pickleball.

Tournaments powering pickleball tournaments around the world the professional pickleball Association getting set for game number three here at the orchard and a special way of doing things here on Tuesday night pickleball take a look during a game three singles tiebreaker.

There is no game clock we switch to Rally scoring and the first team to 11 wins the match team a and Team B will secretly select their lineup and submit it to the referee the referee will announce the order of play and the tiebreaker will begin team a player 1 and.

2 player one will play Four rallies in a row then team a player 2 and Team B player 2 will play Four rallies in a row once each team reaches 10 points by rally scoring the final Point must be one on the serve meanwhile the other team remains in rally scoring mode until they reach 10. if that happens then both teams will be tied at 10 and the team.

That reaches 11 points wins the match so we've set the table and now it is time for Don Stanley the starting playoffs will be AJ Kohler against Riley Newman tarashenko is a tried and true singles player AJ Kohler is also out in the uh the.

Singles tour as well doesn't play as often as uh as we might like to see Riley Newman used to play a lot of singles and I think the way he moves around the court in mixed doubles especially lends itself very well to the game of singles okay so it'll be AJ versus Riley and then Arena versus Lindsey Point AJ Kohler.

Air to start from Riley and singles there are so much more onus on a quality return to serve d Four Points a piece this is where that tension really builds doesn't it one one with no partner to blame it's online.

And Newman really attempted down the line I think one too many times reluctant to go cross-court two one we're gonna split to a piece interesting here because Arena's got a little bit more single savvy than Lindsay for sure Lindsay Newman has not ventured too closely to the uh singles court for at.

Least three years or so I'd say Point Lindsey Newman side out Irena is a regular on tour and often medals three two side out cool calm and collected over that backhand volley just dropping it relatively short.

Three let's see the Court's open she takes it fantastic work that return of served really set things up beautifully almost painted the corner there four or three foreign so the scores are Level would you say though that's a win for Newman and.

Kohler because she split 2-2 yeah oh yeah for sure so Riley Newman four four pension music coming in foreign curled it in beautifully five four Riley Newman switch ends and now an error or so six four little separation.

Here for arena and Riley and they will switch sides yeah the accuracy with the drives from Riley Newman it doesn't matter which discipline he's playing he's that good at picking his spots and he's got enough topspin to be able to really hit with some decent margin above the net at a.

Good Pace trusting that that will drop into the court AJ trying to take a deep breath here can just sense Riley Newman smelling blood in the water at the moment yeah I think if he gets one more here it's gonna get tough for a cola and Lindsay Riley Newman.

That's a freebie 7-4 Ronnie Newman switch players again Newman really peppering the backhand side of cola it's very reluctant to test the forehand I mean he knows just how much power Cola can put on it so it paid off on that occasion so a lot of pressure put on Lindsay Newman here.

After AJ surrenders four straight foreign a and Riley three points away now two points away yeah Lindsay looked like she was still in motion how she contacted that uh backhand volley in that Center ball wide Arena not gonna miss.

Yeah she got the ball low enough and read the down the line from Lindsay Newman they're ready and waiting so match point tarashenko and Newman this is for five thousand dollars Drew starting to see that payout and there it is Arena tarashenko Riley Newman they.

Come back from being a game down win the last two and this dynamic duo able to get it done on Tuesday night pickleball but again phenomenal rallies we saw crowd into it from the start great individual play tarashenko Steady As She Goes and Riley Newman simply diamond dynamic and This Crowd Oh did they add something.

On this edition of Tuesday night pickleball maybe the best crowd that we have had so far Riley Newman Arena tarashenko giving them a memory to take home Morgan Evans has made his way down on the court Morgan take it away all right ladies and gentlemen your winners Riley Newman and Irina.

Tereshenko Give It Up thank you okay Irina you're one of the only active professional singles players in the game here on the court uh did I said one of one of AJ's the other one however you were partnered up with Riley Newman and Riley hasn't uh played single since the Clinton administration were.

You a little concerned well I actually gave Riley a lot of motivational speech before and uh we had an epic match back in the day in Washington at Redmond Senior Center we're grading singles forever and ever and I just saw Riley you know you got to go back to 2017 and channel that energy imagine you're five years younger and let's go.

So Riley do you feel five years younger no definitely not um no but it was fun I mean I don't think I've stepped on a singles court for a while but uh some motivation for my Arena some motivation for my family who's in the crowd here as well today and uh just just tried to go back to what I did in 2018 2019 when I played.

Singles uh I don't really play as much anymore and so it was fun though I think I mean or uh AJ's a tough competitor so I was lucky to get a few points there yeah for sure I think let's be old I'll be honest here you turned mixed doubles into men's singles a while ago was was that a bit of a role in this well that's true I mean mixed doubles I do play a.

Lot of the chord already so uh nothing new there uh but no it was fun I think really hopefully the crowd enjoyed it tonight I think so another absolute Triumph one more time for your Champions Riley and Irina all right DJ take it away guys don't go anywhere you gotta lift oh he's the.

Orchard cup Riley come on back give it up for our champions of Tuesday night pickleball ten thousand dollars Riley and Irina thanks so much for coming out guys so two great examples for the sport of pickleball Arena tarashenko Riley Newman congratulations also great job AJ Kohler and Lindsey Newman another Tuesday night.

Pickleball in the books hope you enjoyed it everybody we certainly had a blast again this belongs on your bucket list if you've never watched an event at the orchard Tuesday night pickleball certainly the place to be for our phenomenal crew from my partner Morgan Evans I'm Drew fellio saying so long from Scottsdale Arizona Tuesday night.

Pickleball congratulations to Riley Newman and Arena tarashenko foreign
From The Orchard @ Jigsaw Health, it’s Tuesday Night Pickleball featuring PPA All-Stars Irina Tereschenko, Riley Newman, Lindsey Newman & AJ Koller!

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