Scottsdale arizona let me hear you do you know i've been waiting two years to say that this has been a dream of myself and ashley and i want to thank all of the team that you see wearing these shirts this started as a tiny seed but from a tiny seed in orchard grows.

And i want to thank you all for being a part of the very first one thank you so much you ready to kick off this production nothing makes me happier and see all your smiling faces right now i got goosebumps i'm not kidding this is awesome can you help me with the countdown.

10 nine eight seven six five four three two one.

Let's play some tuesday night pickleball y'all there we go live from the orchard at jigsaw health it's tuesday night.

Are you ready to meet tonight's ppa all-stars well let's bring them out from naples florida welcome catherine parento i love it from fresno california.

Irina tarashenko from los angeles california please put your hands together for jesse from wichita kansas lucy governor keep those hands going for these four amazing ppa all-stars everybody.

Scottsdale let's get to meet these players a little bit closer my name is catherine parento i was born in montreal canada i live in naples florida and i've been playing pickleball since 2015. i love playing pro pickleball because i love competing it reminds me of the good old days playing.

Tennis when i was four and then i just love playing the sport and being able to compete again outside of pickleball i care about spending time with friends family my little dog zoe i'm catherine parento and i play on the ppa tour my name is irina tereschenko i'm from moscow russia i live in beautiful fresno california and i've been playing.

Pickleball for eight years and i turn pro the first second i touch the paddle people who know me would probably describe me as a riot why you gotta ask them i love playing pro pickleball because i like to entertain the crowd and hit a bunch of sick tricks i like the challenge of the competition.

Greetings i am irina tereshanko and i play not just play i kick on the ppa tour my name is jesse irvin i was born in washington dc raised in cary north carolina i live in los angeles california and i started playing pickleball january of 2019.

I love playing pro pickleball because it has given me a second chance to be active and competitive again i used to play tennis and it was cut short because of injuries being able to play pickleball at a competitive level has given me kind of a new lease on life when i'm on the court i'm very intense very serious but at the end of the day i.

Want to have fun it brings out the best of me so i love it i'm jesse irvin and i play on the ppa tour my name is lucy kovalova and i was born in slovakia currently i live in wichita kansas i've been playing pickleball since 2016. i love playing pro pickball it allows me to compete travel to new.

Places and meet great people my favorite shots are forehand and backhand put aways not today baby not today my friends would describe me as intimidating but that's normal because i'm eastern european i'm lucy kovalova and i play on the ppa tour.

ladies and gentlemen please rise for the singing of our national anthem oh say can you see by the dawn's early light.

What so proudly we who's brought stripes and bright stars we.

birthday through the night oh and the home.

welcome to tuesday night pickleball at the orchard instead of the traditional first to 11 win by two scoring we will be using a 20 minute game clock the clock will run continuously for 18 minutes unless a team or the referee calls a timeout during the last two minutes the clock.

Only runs when the ball is in play if there is a tie at the end of regulation time then the team next to score on serve is the winner of that game points can only be scored on serve just like traditional scoring two 20-minute games will be played if each team has won a game then a game.

Three singles tiebreaker with rally scoring will determine the winner of the match he's ready to play some pickleball all right everybody welcome to tuesday night pickleball dave fleming here with morgan evans and morgan for the first ever event here at the orchard this place is rocking keep.

Those hands yeah so folks thanks for tuning in it's great to see someone's vision come to life and patrick sullivan the ceo of jigsaw health said i want to have my own place and i want to put on a special event and i want to have great.

Players and pack in the great fans here in arizona and they're here and they're loving it and we are loving having them morgan so tonight for the first time we've got a clock in pro pickleball what is that going to do to sort of the game strategy do you think as we progress through the night.

Yeah look i think to begin with both teams are going to play their regular games they're trying to win there's money on the line here i think as the game progresses though if one team starts to get a you know a reasonable lead that kind of time pressure uh against the opposing team that's.

Gonna have a real influence they're gonna start thinking about how they need to structure their points in terms of getting closing the gap quickly um hopefully taking the lead how often they're going to need to drive third balls serve aggressively try to get 60 seconds the fans chose it they voted and you can.

Vote for all of these tuesday night pickleball matchups throughout the year so folks you can influence the match so what do you think we'll see with four very talented ladies obviously but not used to having them next to each other i think both sides are going to look to see how well they can expose the middle that is one of those areas where.

It does take some work for a team to really figure out how they're going to deal with that and i think both teams are going to look to see if they can expose it they did get some practice today to get a feel for the court it's a wonderful court beautiful colors i love the lighting uh.

As you said they haven't played with each other before so whether they're going to start playing regular or if they're going to stack trying to keep a dominant player per se on the left side or the right side and there you see catherine parento irina tarashenko trying to work out you.

Know what are we gonna do tonight so uh just like you said will they put catherine on the left side try and really have her sort of control things we know that tarashenko has that beautiful rolling forehand third shot dropped we'll see a lot of that and then there's crazy power on the other side lucy kovalova and jesse irvin you see.

Him tapping paddles jesse irvin is in the pink lucy kovalova dressed all in white folks we are at the orchard this is tuesday night pickleball and it is timed you're going to see a clock on the scoreboard starting down from 20. let's play.

Pickleball so tereshenko starting off with a drive a quick error 102 from irvine all right let's go and the fireworks matching the intro fireworks i mean if you're gonna have pyrotechnics.

As you walk in you should have them on the court and it only took exactly two points for us to get there so kobolova serving to parental starting very strong she is unafraid zero one two start out one zero one.

Second serve and that drive just catching the net tape yeah you talked about the middle that's exactly where she was going with that one one zero two this is not a drill for third shot drops do try this at home and after all of that the patience to even this out and get up to the line was.

Phenomenal by parento and tarashenko but then you leave one up in that zone and jessie irvin is lethal just an inch too high with her range urban and kovaleva making their intentions known pretty early on we're going to see quickly if tereshenko is up to the task she is a veteran of the game.

There you see her nice close-up kovaleva and irvin as we talked about what we see stacking we are definitely seeing that you're used to seeing lucy kovalev for those of you that have seen her play before one of the best right side players ever in the history of the game 311.

Oh my oh well it was certainly high enough to win the point in seven different ways yes and that was the 39th way of those seven uh let's roll it off the tape when there's a winner though timeout it looks like that ball was wide and a well deserved timeout.

So we're going to take a quick break and we'll be right back if you want to have the best experience at a tournament i would definitely suggest the ppa tour the ppa tour has done a ton for the game it's brought better venues it's brought better tv and it's brought a whole lot more fans not only are the venues are going to be.

Amazing but if you're just an amateur going to watch the pro experience there getting to see all the pro matches is just amazing particularly at some venues where the crowds are just super into it it feels so much more like a professional sport no way she gets this.

Let's go thank you thank you thank you my turn call 911. all right we are back dave fleming with morgan evans the rowdy orchard here and i'm loving it and after sort of a tentative start kovalev and irvin to put five together we got a.

Time out on the other side let's see if that proves fruitful here in the orchard yeah good leave i thought she she thought about it and perhaps koval over potentially looking for an intercept and we do have replay available tonight so if that had been a tad closer perhaps we.

Would have seen that there you see on the left and dictating i think it was already due and i'm glad they made that change quickly so to get the ball back yep so parental is gonna serve it up one six one.

Down five but uh lots of time on the clock which you don't usually hear us say that is an incredibly slippery inside out forehand volley we've done a lot with that oh she got what she wanted boy that was the definition of the not today zone and.

It well i guess it's in the evening so not tonight maybe not tonight yeah we'll get her to change that great hands back to our shankar there and then a little love off the tape she earned that love by uh hitting some very high quality dinks crosscourt.

So she'll be testing to see how well uh jesse irvin can effectively dink down the line and whether or not she wants to test the range of irena tereshenko one of the taller players on the tour that's a great place to put the ball if there's no threat of an ernie coming around and taking that ball out of the.

Air well struck by tarashenko just vicious watch one-handed flick just get out of here yeah she uh did play at a lot of paddle tennis obviously as well as a great tennis player but that paddle really helps develop that wrist forearm strength.

Second sir that was a good attack kovaleva sitting back in his wrist you just have to get it on that right side of her body well done by catherine there crowd loves the network and again that flick backhand that can do almost anything on the court and so precise finding that.

Right shoulder paddle side there you see the jigsaw fan zone struck again from irvine she's leaving her mark on this game quickly yes and tarashenko's glad that didn't leave a mark on herself so uh five hole safety there.

And defense quickly turns to offense the speed in which these ladies are moving one good drop from anywhere on the court and the partner already knows where they need to be and that's impressive considering we know these folks.

Are all playing with 14 minutes a new partner yeah you heard don stanley our head referee announced the time so we're right around 14 minutes again the clock will run until the last two minutes and it'll only run when the ball is in play unless of course the timeout is called.

Irena there's one of the sick tricks back to our third shot drill session oh absolutely phenomenal by all four ladies and then.

That painted the line to finish the point two rotations of defense to offense stop the clock what's i need a call if not it's ian i need a call okay so as we mentioned there are challenges you need to have a.

Time out to use it i think tarashenko she's basically calling it on herself here but it looks like that either on the line or just inside the line yep we have our uh what are we gonna see.

Replay officials looking at that i'm working tonight what are we seeing and uh the fun thing here in the orchard morgan is the crowd is seeing exactly what the team making the determination are saying so uh the truck has their work cut out tonight but uh i think they'll be up.

Into the details if you're asking us that ball's in yeah and after that point in that shot so here we are about seven and a half minutes into this morgan is it in anything strike you so far from these ladies well they're playing phenomenally i mean.

Aside from the owners everyone has kind of taken five six weeks off now we're just getting the official rule from the truck and the ball was indeed good so flair will resume shortly yeah honestly you kind of you never know when the little bit of rust might come.

In everyone is striping the ball here it's beautiful please add 10 seconds to the game so they're adding 10 seconds here to the game clock all right so we are back.

The ball is good five nine two parent toe serves more precision from her a lot of players can hit as precise but i don't know if there's anyone that can hear not as accurately at the speed in which she plays these shots.

Obscene hands by perenta there oh that stays in when it rains it pauses yep so again if you're just joining us that is not the amount of time till the brownies come out of the oven that is a running clock that we have we will stop the clock at two minutes and the last two minutes will.

Only move when the ball is in play so the score will look different than what you're used to yeah for my money this is a time for jesse irvin and lucy kovalova to start milking the clock a little bit start thinking about how they want to extend the points sitting on a six-point lead here.

Dropping thirds would be a great way to start that just enforce a lot of cross-court dinks yeah because earlier today when they were practicing we had a couple of points that took 30 40 seconds just one point i mean that's tearing five ten percent of the clock the strategy change that we're going to.

See evolve through this series of tuesday nights and obviously in contrast tereshenko and parento are on the other side of that corner they're gonna need to start accelerating start putting the foot in the gas thinking about uh serving a little tougher.

Driving more thirds there's one and a quick freebie and two big swings at this because kovalev is in there too ready to rock i like the take by irvin there though she's situated at the line point would make it 7-eleven we have a video challenge of the alcohol.

Okay so the clock will stop on the challenge well thank goodness we put all these cameras in here and that was the the previous point that one was in folks yeah just looking very into yeah we're gonna.

Get that for you and for the crowd and you know i want to talk about the surface here we got acrotec that mixes up the paints and the materials and then the good people at pickle roll you can see them at the top of the screen there there logo this cord is actually rolled in here more yeah it's like a giant rug.

Only uh perfect for pickleball and today and i was lucky enough to join in with the the brunch um where the players mixed in with a lot of players from around the area and i didn't realize you know they had to tell me i mean it's unbelievable how well it.

Plays we played a warm-up game earlier with a couple of these these ladies and yeah you assume you're at an indoor tennis facility so it's a fantastic solution for anyone who wants to essentially put in a temporary court at a uh a world-class standard yeah it's it's impressive man let me hear you it gives you a chance to.

Put a pickleball court and basically this is a business park and yet here we are with people going bananas this is just another example of the meteoric rise of pickleball right here all the ingenuity oh and a good lead yeah well almost took her down catherine's been known to go to the deck.

To play defense she was almost knocked to the deck there by kovaleva but hangs in there now they're within three so it you know quickly it can change what your focus needs to be again we will play two-time games if they split there will be a special singles tiebreaker we'll talk about.

Later on in the broadcast do oh there's an invitation back to the kitchen she made a bunch of those drop shots in warm-ups today we were talking to her about them and it uh pays off in the actual game and folks don't be in a hurry to get to the kitchen line you saw.

It there kovaleva had to hit three or four balls finally got up to the line straight overhead angled off the court 1282 that is a great point by kathleen parento right there yeah she did very well to get that right leg back.

give myself plenty of balance a fortunate uh lit can we replay the lats much to the chagrin of irvine and kovaleva there which got the ultimate foreign.

and after slip sliding away in the middle of that point by toronto another phenomenal point whenever we see at least one or two transitions from defense to offense you know it is pickable at the highest level just beautiful.

You talked about in the pre-game how the middle is going to be something you're just not used to where each other are on the court and yeah you know it's a ball if you're really confident on the left side you will cheat to the middle and have that but catherine still trying to figure out.

Where's arena going to be exactly tereshanka did have her shoulders locked and loaded on that one so a tough one to know who's gonna take it so with six minutes to go a five-point lead and there's the fist bump we would you not all the way to the penthouse from kovalova but took it up to about the.

12th or 13th floor of a 15th floor building and down six with five and a half minutes left again folks we are not playing to a number 14 22 could win 16 could win the night it it's when that clock strikes zeros a little ambitious on that one no doubt about it.

And obviously when it does get down to two minutes to go things are going to change second server five minutes even gives don stanley something else to talk about here mentioned five minutes ago.

And there was a shake and bake which we think the team behind should employ you're gonna tighten up the timeline on these points quickly if you do that yeah and really to make it a higher percentage shake and bake you do have to go for more in the certainly to make it.

And the pressure's starting to mount on the team of toronto and tereshenko 1591 yeah there's the beauty of the two-hander at this point there's really nothing to lose for perrento and tereshenko they're going to be pulling.

The triggers fairly quickly regardless 1592. just wise all right it is now or never don't you think dave i do you know get within three or four when that clock stops and it will stop even if we're in the middle of a point at that two minute mark that's a good way to do it.

Pulling the trigger a cramped volley we have kovalev and irvin feeling pretty comfortable on the defensive side here not switching don't want to get caught in a pattern they don't like here we'll see if that changes and there's the difference of backing.

Away you can see tarashenko backing away kovaleva holding the line that's usually how those types of points end yeah she's so good at knowing when she can afford to move back into the kitchen and assert dominance boy i think i think we need the shirts to be.

Tonight not today but tonight because that was just her favorite dessert sitting there just roped it into the net okay a little dessert it's a little tick off the just roped it into the paddle and within.

Three and they got to get a serve off before too all right so this will be the last point and then the clock will stop and we'll get into that in a minute two minute warning all right so here's where we're at we're at the two minute warning we will be right back here's where we're.

After this and explain everything kovalev and irving it's brah don't you want to watch pro pickleball please patrick you don't have to make that sound anymore i mean i get the point people need a simple way to find the details for live pro pickleball.

Events exactly and that's why we need to figure out how to spell brock does it start with a b or a w i don't know it might be both check i hear at least three maybe four a's guys it's not a real word but we still have to figure out how to spell it.

Look just wait until you see the video we're gonna make all right you guys let's do this gotta return the suit by five brock all right dave fleming back here with morgan evans now we're at the two minute.

Warning so morgan now the clock will only run when the ball is in play so two minutes we saw before might take six we'll see how long those points go what did parento and tarashenko need to do to close the gap here it's really now another it's only three points the difference but they really need to.

Accelerate their play move quickly drive thirds get in there shake and bake one all right gotta get the ball back here we go okay so now you start looking at okay that was a 12-second point okay 15-12-22.

And a good leave perento quickly moving out of the way that outball tarashenko with the serve now let's see how quickly she can get this off second serve just short on that one i think kovalev and irvin should be looking to extend.

Even on return yes and now you think you know how many times you know you talk about possessions in football now it's really how many possessions am i gonna get yeah with the ball and two-minute warning here to get those three points or more that are required to get this tied up.

Beautiful finish there parento a little late to fill the middle in the middle of that point in trouble four points to gap filled in where ervin had been and then.

Who goes back door tara shanka it was textbook play from everything so they give up one but they also give up time so only one minute left on the clock they're gonna have to move 12 16 one so just outrageous oh unbelievable defense from porento there.

In the end sustained attacks the perfect point for kovalev and irvin took 22 seconds and they won it just phenomenal play we talked about they've been awesome for six seven eight weeks and everybody is on point here.

They were itching to play clock stops at 16 seconds i'm not saying it yeah it's going to be a herculean effort and a timeout is called and again the timeout doesn't stop the clock it can stop momentum certainly so.

We'll be right back our momentum's not stopped we're at the orchard tuesday night pickleball brought to you by jigsaw health do it's brah don't you want to watch pro.

Pickleball please patrick you don't have to make that sound anymore i mean i get the point people need a simple way to find the details for live pro pickleball events exactly and that's why we need to figure out how to spell brock does it start with a b or a w i don't know it might be both check.

I hear at least three maybe four a's guys it's not a real word but we still have to figure out how to spell it black look just wait until you see the video we're gonna make all right you guys let's do this gotta return the suit.

By five brock the level of play is outrageous the setting is outrageous the clock unfortunately for parento and tarashenko is very small this looks like the last point and despite losing the points you win the match so that is one of the.

Intricacies of this format you don't usually get to tap paddles after you put a volley in the net as irvin did there but it all worked out they played great so many wonderful 15 20 shot rallies for players that aren't used to being with somebody on their side for sure no.

And it's one of the beauties of indoor pickleball you take away some of those elements that often cause some differences amazing style amazing play from all four players we'll be right back with game number two hmm okay.

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feel good yeah we actually got it who's having a good time hey tuesday night pickleball is brought to.

You by selkirk we are pickleball c d pickleball nets fruit smash the official heart seltzer of tuesday night pickleball welcome back everybody dave fleming with morgan evans it's tuesday night it is a party in the orchard it really is the the production they've.

Put on here it is a festival of pickleball and game two is about to get underway so we put 20 minutes back on the clock kovalova and irvin two touchdowns in the field goal was enough to take game one 17-12 and you're determined to teach me how football.

And not the football you think it's american football let's go steelers here we go let's play pickleball first so much power yeah and you saw parento trying to get out of a problem there and then left the next one up and then she knew her partner was in trouble how in the world did that come back that.

Was a great hand literally we usually say plural yeah that's as singular as it gets yeah the left had nothing to do with that one so they've picked up where they left off yeah let's bring in the heat and doing a great job we talked about it several times taking the d to the.

Offense and back and so effective sorry not sorry in a big way from the canadian yeah they're with you for some love from the net come on orchard little loopy serve there from tarashenko just missed that one wide it looks with a.

Scream of way out by kovalev i'm not sure what the definition of whey is in slovakia but we'll find out afterwards more than a couple of inches i guess and the net again so that's a ball that you saw just the vicious angles that irvin goes for usually makes those just kiss the tape we're knotted up at two.

Two minutes into the game two twos are everywhere yeah one of the things i'm curious about is just how much confidence game one has given to kovalova and irvin you know is it an overdose so often that happens you you recognize that you've got a great flow with your partner and you feel like you can do no wrong.

Until you can wow took control of that point take the bull by the horns there catherine well played and that time than that said uh would you like extra butter on your fillet because uh i couldn't have sat up any prettier for.

Jesse you know fifth shot drive sometimes is the right choice certainly was there oh yeah yeah paid off doing a great job of resisting the urge of that middle attack there's a serious space there but i think she knows that the long arm of the law is.

Wow and that has played significant dividends we saw the c and d promo from cammy and darren mcgregor being the cami part of that oh and friendly fire.

Unfortunately this one oh there it is half didn't move no no she wears a good hat arena kept herself well balanced that right leg back four two two you know irina she looks so comfortable with the two-handed backhand however when her opponents are driving these.

Third balls so often she's relying on the one and it has uh has cracked a few times i'd love to see her commit to more two-handers as the counterpunch and it gives you the stability of that second hand on it when you have pace coming at you as well yeah i mean what.

You lack of course is range but if the feet move quickly enough i think there's uh there should be more than enough opportunity to get a second hand on there and provide the stability great handle there by tarashenko because the net again was a factor yeah kovalev just reached a little too.

Far for that last one had a surge of adrenaline from the previous three or four shots trying to sneak in there and kovaleva was wise to it those teardrop thirds are just so beautiful yeah it really is it's a picture-perfect and stylish third shot drop and it goes.

Straight down you'd think maybe kovalev or reach can take that out of the air but that's difficult she does there nice job by parento coming into the middle and then sets up her partner she wasn't sure prior to the uh the start of this match if she was going to be able to play a lot on the left side but she is doing it beautifully right.

Now and taking full swings on her transition to the kitchen line and that is working and guess who's got a lead just nice inside out tarashenko looking in the middle where the ball had been going consistently nice job yeah placing it over power yeah that was falling in i think.

Oh for sure that's that when you when you're rolling your two-handed dinks you have to be so precise because if you just aren't set you leave it up a little bit and then bad things happen as you saw there see tarashenko jumping all over the place to give parento room here.

And that's fantastic play from porenzo and good compliance from tereshenko yes i mean when your partner's engaged oh yeah continue stay engaged folks yeah it gives that player so much confidence again 11 23 is not the snooze on don stanley or referee's phone.

But uh the amount of time left here in game number two and another netcode getting involved a tough person i mean it really shows how precise the ladies want to be with their shots that we're kissing a bunch off of there so the lead is two 10 55 to play.

Yeah at this point no team needs to really uh alter their shot selections catherine did a nice job of reading and she knows that just obscene angle that erwin likes to take with that but didn't get enough on it on that occasion the net not helping.

Them so the ball goes back still a two-point ball game 961 and timeout wondered if they might so the clock stops the momentum stops and the smile on jessie irving's face and the determination of lucy kovalova as.

Their opponents looking for the right strategy tuesday night pickleball at the orchard we'll be right back oh i was born yet i was made for this to be a legend to be glorious refined by fire you'll soon be seeing stars of gold.

Sparks of gold appreciate the hard seltzer from fruit smash here too morgan uh great sponsor of tuesday night pickleball beautiful finish by catherine they get one stop coming out of the timeout.

Vicious drive but the next one goes deep trying to tag her maybe like a freight train so parento tarashenko perfect use of a timeout there there's that big reach a little low for the angle she.

Was looking for probably could have flicked it straight ahead and been fine that second one got the uh the monkey off the back certainly you see catherine serving in a hurry down three and did she get it and everyone is unsure.

There's a moment of hesitation she's hopeful yes ma'am yes ma'am okay hey don stanley's our head referee and maddie tauren 18 years of age is our second love youth in the sport everywhere morgan yeah put a rental.

Gets a quick point back cramping up kovalova again attacking that paddle side when she sits backhand go back to 8-10 and don stanley has new authority here morgan you can put time back in and we are knotted at 10. and parento hit almost the exact shot that irvin did.

A few minutes ago yeah overreaching in every sense of the word so a little sloppy here for the last minute has enabled this game to get tied up let's see if irvin and kovaleva can find the rhythm that had the lead earlier oh she really went for that inside out.

She loves it it's her you know it's her guilty pleasure yes it really it really is and there you see they're saying maybe i gotta just finish through that ball instead of the once once every five years i have mcdonald's it's my guilty pleasure okay delicious fries now everyone's hungry at home yeah sorry folks wash it down with.

The fruit smash folks you'll be in great so no one able to dent the scoreboard and father time keeps rolling 6 35 left 10 10. again the dipping two-handed dink by parento makes that very difficult to make because it is lower than you think when you reach in there right now all four players are.

Really pulling the trigger much earlier than they would typically trying things that uh they may not do in the final of a major let's just say that i agree entertaining for television i'll give it that we love it the ambitious meter is at the top it's a great take by catherine there.

Just didn't execute it because sometimes when your partner's back there they're going to keep trying to float it back to keep them back there's a chance to get in there and poach uh irvin did enough damage with that uh that lovely single-handed backhand kovaleva finishing off with that.

Monstrous forehand five minutes ten ten one twenty three seconds just to be clear second sir now we're a little nervous well i think kovalova and irvin know that if this comes down to the singles it could get very dicey both tereshenko.

And very very accomplished singles players still playing singles kovalev obviously has had a wonderful singles career but it's been a few years and that is the tiebreaker a rally scoring take turns singles battle will only get there if parento and tarashenko win this one.

Brilliant point as they saw an opportunity to move in after just fending off deep ball after deep ball and they have the lead with 4 15 to go irvine doing a great job of writing a previous wrong found the gap and again the middle proving dividends.

Yes ma'am and you saw tarashenko give ground on the one ball that unfortunately she thought parento thought she was gonna see a two-handed backhand coming from tarashenko neither took place.

Thank you time in 10 11 1. and irvin and kovaleva have been on 10 for a long time if they don't get off this 10 unfortunately the momentum is firmly in the favor and the ball keeps sitting on the tape and staying on the side of kovalevan irvine and.

Three minutes but here's where you think god if we can just get two full three-point lead would be massive going into the sudden death two point two minute warning i think they'll try and do it by the book and we've seen all four players on the court use that inside out backhand.

All the way across the body effective standing tall there not able to give it enough room oh and one of the prettiest shots on the court at a critical time comes up just short 12. brilliant oh but can't get the next one so.

Irvin and teresh excuse me irvin and kovalev will want to hurry they will not get there in time so it's the two minute warning we're gonna take a break like we did last time just to remind everybody the clock will only run when the ball's in play kovalev and irvin will have the ball.

Down too when we come back food with real juice it's party juice hey irina i got your new paddle it's pretty cool isn't it what'd you sign it that's gonna cost you how much well show me what you get.

okay i'll take the pickleball cocktail and the watch but this is my last packet tuesday night pickleball featuring the ppa all-stars is brought to you by pickle roll just say no to cracks acrotec sport surfaces.

Onyx durafast 40. welcome back everybody dave fleming with morgan evans we're at the two minute warning can kovalev and irvin stage a comeback yeah she's just off the line you know six inches eight inches when she's moving forward to take that shot it makes it a tougher.

Proposition oh and that one does dribble over so second serve again and she freezes with the with excitement on that one i mean you wonder will we get the ball back that's how critical this is in this timed event for irwin and kovaleva that is massive.

That big two-handed backhand from kovalev coming to play again this is win by one when the clock strikes zero before todd will play until one team wins on their server so they get the ball back and it'll be tereshenko serving to kovaleva tied ball game 12 12.

So now you start thinking all right we've got the ball we've got two serves we've got a lead yeah how will you play some really long yeah how long can i keep a ball in the air with a one point lead oh and a long point that parento and tarashenko.

i think we will see a dropped third ball here a lovely drop at that lovely fifth as well and that's what irving's feeling that time pressure i'm sure i think that's the point that's won them game two so morgan has called it.

And i'm proud of them they've got to they've had a great tactic this game 23 seconds they have one more serve let's make sure we have the right server that is catherine i'm thinking even a slow serve and that's deep in.

We are looking like we're going to get the pleasure of a singles tiebreaker here i'm very glad i opened my mouth and said what i said seven seconds again that cross court attack and folks those are not uh mega millions numbers up there 12 17 and 17 12 but that could be what the final.

Score is again yeah nerves are getting into the game you can just see it so kovaleva and irvin will serve with one second on the clock and there is no five-point play to tie this up so uh we will definitely go to the singles tiebreaker oh and tereshenko.

Tarashenko just to eat up the lead that she has even kovalev is smiling at that the crowds loving it we'll be right back if you want to have the best experience at a tournament i would definitely suggest the ppa tour the ppa tour has done a ton for the game it's brought.

Better venues it's brought better tv and it's brought a whole lot more fans not only are the venues are going to be amazing but if you're just an amateur going to watch the pro experience there getting to see all the pro matches is just amazing particularly at some venues where the crowds are just super into it it feels.

So much more like a professional sport let's explain it as i mentioned there is no five point play so parento and tarashenko are going to take this and force a game three this will show you what that is all about during a game three singles tiebreaker there is no game clock we switch to.

Rally scoring and the first team to 11 wins the match team a 12 17 1. we'll see who wins the last point anyway yeah and it is a beauty so 13 is most definitely unlucky.

For kovaleva and irvin and 17 is it's a great number today so we're going to singles dave we are going to singles let's try that video again yeah i like that video during a game three singles tie breaker.

There is no game clock we switch to rally scoring and the first team to 11 wins the match team a and team b will secretly select their lineup and submit it to the referee the referee will announce the order of play and the tiebreaker will begin team a player one and team b player one.

Will play four rallies in a row then team a player two and team b player two will play four rallies in a row once each team reaches ten points by rally scoring the final point must be one on the serve meanwhile the other team remains in rally scoring mode until they reach 10. if that happens then both teams will be.

Tied at 10 and the team that reaches 11 points wins the match simple we play rally score every time the ball touches the ground all right we are back folks and we are going to play some singles here in the orchard tonight morgan.

So let's reset this it's gonna be rally scoring and that for those of you that don't know what that means means you score whether you're serving or receiving we're gonna play four points or four rallies i should say then we're gonna rotate to my partner we're gonna tag in like.

Wwe here yeah i mean it has that feel to it right yes it's a it's a mix between the ppa tour and the uh the world wrestling entertainment uh so this is gonna be exciting and lucy kovalova is an amazing singles player but she hasn't played for a couple of years she hung up the singles battle.

Both arena tereshenko and catherine parental are still actively playing parental near the top of the game so you only have to play a few points so it is irina tarashenko serving to jesse irvin first one to 11.

Your 11th point has to be one on serve that is the only time rally scoring is gone here we go and that ball goes wide so already irvin the one player on the court that has never played singles very happy to be getting a point we will always serve from what our score.

Dictates what a bb of a two in it backhand there yeah she absolutely railed that one very impressive the drop shot and don one more to get to four here we'll switch players at four so one more serve for one two tarashenko no matter what happens here we will switch just too much.

And jesse irving takes three of four she has done her job well kovalova is very happy to see that scoreline coming in she knows she has a she has a chance with perento brentel has been playing phenomenal singles of late but feels a little pressure down a.

Couple textbook singles point by katherine there yeah she's going to uh she's gonna have to really move well she knows how much power kovaleva has kovaleva gets a point on a missed third she is happy about that.

Two more till the switch can she get another one willing it in like the drive on the third tee trying to find the fairway doesn't do it there yeah reluctant to call full rental would love to call four here and tie the score.

In the game three tiebreaker back to uh square one again first to 11 win by one got to win the 11th point on your serve oh my goodness just that irving come on was ridiculous.

Unbelievable play i mean tarashenko will take that drop 100 out of 100 times oh it's a beautiful shot wow memo to the singles players on tour a little like whipping single we're gonna switch sides at six here and yeah she's thinking about uh a bit.

Of a career change just throw in the singles just once in a while perhaps so she has won five of six from a tremendous singles player in tarashenko yeah and one of the things one of the factors here is no one's ever played against her.

So no one's got the book on how to beat jesse irvin in singles no one's needed to the book doesn't exist so will we be knotted again tarashenko would love to hand the keys to the car back to parento tied and she will.

So now the pressure switches over to lucy kovaleva and ironically in the practice earlier we started singles practice at six all practice and reality matching up here and kovalev is sending that return along 7-6 just very pretty and that gives them a.

Two-point lead and the ball before that was the magic deep kovaleva such a good serve from catherine and puts pressure on that return.

Four rallies not four points scored so if we get to a 10 and they're stopped that doesn't mean that they play until there's a number change and tarashenko has the first tuesday night title on her.

Title tech paddle oh my goodness and that's it we'll do it unbelievable parento tarashenko drop game one win game two and take the singles tiebreaker we knew they could singles players thoroughbreds.

I tell you for an inaugural event the orchard jigsaw hell tuesday night pickleball you could not ask for more what a night here's what's coming next tuesday incredible folks give it up to these four ladies.

Who put on quite a show for the inaugural big thanks to the effort by lucy kovalova and jesse irving tremendous so katherine how does it feel to win the first ever i mean there's only one first ever at the orchard and you are the winner no it feels amazing i know how much work it.

Took um you know patrick and the whole team they were so excited for a lot of a few months and uh we're finally here it's super exciting so i would like to thank you to everybody and everybody that's here um that was amazing amazing night arena you're certainly someone that loves to be involved in the crowd how.

Did that help you overcome losing game number one i don't know i wasn't thinking about it but uh you know i've played quite a few events in pickleball i've seen some electric crowds but you guys uh currently in the lead so lots of expectations for next event catherine tell everybody what it's like.

You know you guys haven't played together much if at all maybe one exhibition how are you able to gel as you went through it yeah i mean i lend it last uh yesterday i landed like in the airport and arena texted me she's like do you want to practice a few i was like yeah that's going to be a good idea let's do it.

So we practice a little bit and yeah i mean i think we played pretty well we figured what worked better for us and that's kind of how we did it irena you guys come into the singles it's rally scoring your very accomplished singles player did you guys talk about anything or just go out there play our best game and what.

Enabled you to ultimately take game three and take the title well i think it was uh pretty close in the beginning i think we're head to head at 6-6 katherine and i we talked about a couple of strategy points she gave me a tip i gave her a tip and then both of us somehow managed to use it and then we just came big toward the end i know.

Catherine hit a few big serves and i just got lucky because jesse was playing amazing getting every ball and i just was crappy so nice to come out on top folks give it up for your winners and i want to thank guys.

Before i bring them out isn't it great when someone has a vision and when someone works this hard with all of their team to make something like this happen so as he comes out here patrick sullivan ceo of jigsaw health.

Wow congratulations irena catherine not only was that an amazing match it was so so entertaining for the folks here for the folks at home and for our broadcast team can we get a sigh of relief from the broadcast team we pulled it off guys it is my.

Pleasure to give the first orchard cup to catherine and irena hold it up show the fan home you guys did it the first timed match hold it up and one thing last but not least.

Wow we did it guys thanks to my amazing wife and my amazing team for bringing this dj hit it thanks guys thanks for making this amazing for all of us remember.

We'll be back here next tuesday let's help
The PPA All Stars Battle it out LIVE from The Orchard at Jigsaw Health