All right what’s up guys we are back with another podcast episode and this week we’ve just got some updates on some paddles like we always do but we also have a fun game where uh we’re going to guess some Mark we have marketing terminology from companies and we’re gonna guess which company wrote it or at least try to guess it and then we’re.

Also going to talk about MLP from this weekend and then make sure you stay till the kitchen because I have a rant I feel like the kitchen is kind of just turning into me ranting yes but that’s what we have this week and I this one I’m a little worked up about it so we’ll talk about it okay tell me why when you said I have a little game to play I just.

Thought of the Saw movies you know where people had to do some absurd things or they die and just hearing your voice being like the saw voice you know is actually kind of terrifying who’s to say that’s not what we’re about to do something there’s a delaminated paddle behind me.

With a ball ready just to aimed at my head yeah no that would be a really bad punishment that would hurt a lot that would be horrible are you kidding me yeah oh my gosh that’s funny okay anyways real quick we don’t have a lot for news and updates but just two things I wanted to talk about so if you haven’t.

Been on soccer selkirk’s Instagram page they officially teased the Lux control air the controller which will be coming out soon enough I can’t give you the release date yet but uh we’re not too far away and I just wanted to say quick I have had some people testing the paddle a little bit in my area and I I won’t say shock shocked is too strong.

But every single person who picks that paddle up likes it a ton and I like it I won’t go into play characteristics or anything because I don’t want to you know give anything away that I’m not supposed to but uh this is just the players that picked it up I was like I don’t think they’re gonna like this thing and then they did.

So a lot of people might end up liking this thing it’s it’s in my opinion gonna be top five best paddles all right all right bold statement there you heard I do like the uh the color mine is uh is a blue one and I think it looks I think it’s probably one of the best looking battles out there you in that blue man I love blue man blue ah.

It’s just the best color you can’t tell me Blue’s not the best color I don’t know about that what’s your favorite color will I actually like well it depends on what it is but I would say my default is red but okay uh when it comes to other things like my over grips or clothes or things like that that can be different just because I like red.

Doesn’t mean I like it on everything you won’t see me with a bunch of I don’t know red accessories or like like red clothes or things like that you know you know what’s ironic about this conversation what if you are watching the video podcast I’m the one with a red background.

Nothing do you know how this happened we just this is what we have just defaulted on and we never really spoke about it it just happened this way no I mean yeah we both just picked colors like I’ve been using red for YouTube which is funny because it’s really not like an optimal color to use just because it matches your skin tone but that’s just kind of.

What I landed on and somehow you landed on Blue well I kind of picked blue because usually when you call me your setup is already set up essentially and I noticed that you have read I was like okay well let’s contrast this and I went with blue and that’s how it kind of came to be fun facts about the Pod guys you learned.

Something new every day here there you go but yes the the Luxe control air I do think is uh is I I need to play test it more but so far I’m definitely looking forward to play testing it people in my area are liking it quite a bit so good signs there and then uh one of the paddles that I was saying you guys might be excited for or the reason you should.

Hold off is some releases from gearbox I’m not allowed to say anything at this time but that release is also not far away and these paddles uh they’re gonna be they’re gonna be good I there’s people people look forward to them for sure uh it’s here it’s just like thing a lot of times well.

I mean you know this as well as I do a lot of times companies are not exactly super clear about what you can and can’t say and I like to stay on the safer side sometimes they tell you but then you also see another person say things that you were told like don’t say this and you’re like is it okay now or did they just has the.

Flood rates open yeah so yeah that sounds just well be nice or not nice but we won’t be dumb about it well I mean I did play with I’ve been playing with it all weekend the the new gearbox battles and they are so so good I uh I in my opinion right now if you asked me to make like a list of.

Top 10 or best paddles out right there that would probably be top of the list like so all right so two of your top five are taken up by unreleased paddles so far pretty much pretty much pretty much shoot all right well it’s something for you guys to look forward to uh but then that’s all I’ve got I think you just add you said you got to play with.

The gearbox ball too yes they did send me some of the gearbox balls I don’t know if this is uh about that they had already released prior and I never got a chance to hit with it or if this is a new I think it’s a new one that they recently released or at least I would assume that that would be the ball they would send okay yeah.

That’s also a very good ball very fast uh very hard and stiff I would probably choose that over adura and the spin is very true I don’t know just I’m I’m curious to see what you would uh say about if you ever got a chance to hit it but it’s a very good ball I really like it okay good to know good to know well guys that’s all.

We have for uh Updates this week there wasn’t a whole lot just because I’m still in the middle of reviewing the engage paddles Which I have talked about plenty can hopefully expect that review next week at least that’s what I’m aiming to be done um but yeah let’s uh get into this marketing guessing game shout out to.

Kevin Lee for putting all of this together I mentioned it on last week’s podcast episode and then he just went ahead and made me the whole list even ask him no I didn’t even ask him he just put in the Discord he was like Hey I can make that if you want and I was like dude you are an absolute Legend because I was.

Probably gonna be too lazy to actually go and do it so this is happening because of Kevin wow Kevin you are goated amazing all right so I think we’re just gonna go back and forth will so I’m gonna open in this note the one that says four wheel and then you open the one that says four Crest yeah I’m gonna read it to you.

And then you can take a second and guess also if you’re you know listening to this you guys should also try and guess basically Kevin went through a bunch of pickleball websites looked at which ones had like the most outlandish marketing claims and then put it into a document and then hid who actually uh makes the paddle or which paddle it’s about and.

Then we have to guess which one it is so I obviously know the answers to Wills Wills knows the answer to mine we’re gonna read them you guys can go ahead and try and guess at home if you guys guess it correctly let us know in a comment down below but will okay the first one here is the tapered edges allow you to bring the paddle where you.

Need it when you need it by reducing drag with its specialized Edge design the paddle has faster swing speed that gives you a critical Advantage combined with the raw carbon hitting surface you’ll have the unbelievable spin needed to send opponents all across the court for the ball the thin profile allows you to have a generous sweet spot making.

This paddle’s potentially making this paddle’s potential easily accessible at all times the feedback from the thin design lets you dial in the exact amount of power you need to shut out to shut out your opponents and claim the game the long handle Works in tandem with a Sleek grip to make maneuverable maneuverability a breeze these features.

All offer a paddle that has great reach control and response for players that need a strategic paddle for their strategic mind whether it’s singles or doubles you’ll be keeping your opponents guessing your next move well you guessed this I’ll be absurdly shocked that was also way longer than I thought it was that is so long and I I.

Already forgot half the things that you said all I got from that it was was that it was thin and okay I’ll read you a couple just bullet points long handle thinner and then tapered edges allow you to bring the paddle where you need it when you need it by reducing the drag with its specialized Edge design.

What oh and it does say raw carbon fiber hitting surface what does that mean uh uh what the heck thin tapered edges I’d be so shocked if you guess this is this electrum pro model electron Pro 2. I mean not super far it was the gamma obsidian camo seating okay.

I think it’s so funny to me when I read this one I was like what paddle could this be because all the answers were hidden to me initially yeah and then when I was like gamma obsidian they just tried to Hype up a gen 1 raw carbon fiber paddle like this I’m like come on yes is it that thin is it 14 it’s probably a 14 or 13 if I had to.

Guess I don’t actually know I I mean I I’ve actually never seen one in the wild so I mean I never like touched one or seen one in the wild so I wouldn’t know thought it was super funny too that they said the thin profile allows you to have a generous sweet spot like do they not know that you know thinner paddles typically were sweet spot worse twist.

Weight like nice clearly not yes people with obsidians at home are just livid right now for what you just said no one owns an obsidian oh my gosh are paid actors put it in the comments below right now in Flame Chris please okay okay for Chris number one for Chris we.

Have implemented the highest quality Torre t700 raw carbon fiber in engineering to help you perform at the highest level on the pickleball court foam Edge walls and a unibody design make it easy to reset place your shots and finish points while ensuring durability and a Nimble feel paddles have polyurethane inserts to reduce.

Shock and give players more feel the blank is ideal if you think thermoform paddles are too powerful but traditional sandwich style paddles are too soft vatic prism is it is it actually it is which one oh uh oh man it’s a 50 50 at this at this point yeah I’m gonna say V7 no it’s the flash dang it am I at my true answer.

Was the flash but I dang it okay that sucks well I should have said it because I said a Nimble feel true well this wasn’t really any bullet points but I think I could have picked out some Choice words and would have kind of given it away but good job.

Picking that one out what gave that away what did you how did you know that that two giveaways just from memory I feel like I remember them just from talking about those inserts in the handle I see at some point so that was a half giveaway but then the the bigger giveaway was when it said when Gen 1 is like too soft and Gen 2 is.

Too much it’s like okay well there’s only a couple paddles that have this and I know Yola didn’t make that marketing claim so that was okay that was what okay that’s probably gonna be the only one I guess if I’m being honest that was good all right give me my all right here comes your next one the blank is quite possibly the perfect pickleball paddle a.

True extension of the hand and the result of Engineers and designers who are endlessly focused on the needs of the world’s most elite pickleball players each of the four models in the series individually leverages the superior attributes of the most expensive rarest and most sophisticated carbon fiber on the planet what the.

Results the results manifest itself in a paddle for any player who demands feel touch spin precision and ball control without rival this is so funny the answer to this one’s hilarious what could have almost slapped that on any paddle out there there was almost no actual specifications or characters that.

Like that give anything away and do you want one hint sure because I’ve at this point I’m clueless what is it you you have lost to this paddle in a tournament I’ve lost to this paddle yes in a tournament yep it’s just so weird it doesn’t narrow it down too much but no that doesn’t I’ve.

Lost I’ve trust me I’ve lost to a lot of battles at a lot of different tournaments okay is okay this one will be memorable to you when you hear the answer we’ll be memorable to me okay hold on hold on it okay so remember so it’s obviously it’s something that you don’t see often I’m assuming.

Did I lose so the first almost the first thing that came to mind was like yonix because like I don’t see it but I don’t think I’ve lost two Ionix is it let me see is it is it bulk it’s a Vulcan battle it’s is it is that your final answer okay it’s hold on.

Yeah because if it’s a memorable loss the my biggest lesson let me see what was okay my losses were at my most memorable losses was against James Crosby and then Matt at PPA Texas in singles unless this is Devils but I don’t remember anything doubles I’m gonna go and I don’t remember what James.

Was playing with oh my gosh oh man whatever James’s play was because that was a memorable loss because I was up like 13-2 and I lost okay whatever paddle oh shoot I forgot what he was playing with was he playing with the no that’s it’s not Yola yo does it that doesn’t sound like you Evan I’m gonna go with Vulcan because I don’t.

Have any other answer but here’s here’s what’s so funny about this one first of all it says the world’s most elite pickleball players okay and then the part that made me laugh was the superior attributes of the most expensive rarest and most sophisticated.

Carbon fiber on the planet okay okay Vulcan let’s calm down here first of all that paddle’s overpriced by a long time and it has expels polymer and everyone who I have asked about the v900 does not like that paddle unless they are forced to use it in which case they’re not going to give me their honest thoughts anyways.

Now that actually I take that back only a little bit I take them back a little bit because there are a couple people who have commented telling me they like that paddle on the channel so that’s not entirely true but the people who I have talked to in person I see that is what I will say but nice job getting that I thought saying that being lost to it.

Would help that did definitely help but I mean you said it was a memorable loss and I was like okay well he’s only been to a few tournaments with me and it was PPA Kansas and then PVA Texas yep right so I was like okay we’re and when you said memorable losses and I was like okay well it can’t be like when we lost to uh you know uh.

The brothers um AJ so I was like okay so it has to be one of the singles and I don’t remember what James was playing with because that was my first kind of guess and then yeah Matt was with the Vulcan so that makes sense okay okay so funny all right give me hit me okay okay number two for Chris a high performance.

Thermoform paddle that has been carefully crafted with the same raw t700 carbon fiber face that is found in the best power Focus paddles on the market this paddle is also becoming quickly known one of the best Pickwell paddles for spin on the market clearly it’s a company that follows my.

Results or somebody’s spin results yeah no expense has been spared in the construction of this paddle which features the perfect balance of durability touch and power with this paddle players can be even more aggressive on the courts thanks to its injected foam that runs around the edges and down through the handle this film.

Not only adds stability and eliminates vibration but also greatly expands The Sweet Spot leading to improved shot consistency no matter where you hit the ball okay a pretty muted marketing uh this one’s really hard I only yeah to be honest I only have one I only have one guess I’m gonna say it’s.

The Volare Forza Mach One oh that’s not actually a bad guess but no it is the bread and butter filth ah okay okay interesting uh yeah I guess I thought the Volare just because that was getting some pretty high spin numbers across the board so I figured maybe they were leaning into that not a bad guess not a bad guess all right all.

Right not too bad but you know can’t get them all okay I play I play with the filth and I wouldn’t have even guessed that it’s it’s two because half of these it’s it’s two well first of all it’s too calm and also everyone uses such similar yeah here’s the thing is there was 20 of these and there was a bunch of them that sounded.

So similar across the board like I tried to use the grab the ones that were just the most ridiculous and are you ready for this one well okay are you reading mind yeah I’m reading yours okay let’s go the natural texture of the carbon fiber increases traction on the pickleball for ultimate Spin and finesse shots without.

Sacrificing pop and power the one piece solid prop polypropylene core provides a strong durable construction that is built to last this lightweight pickleball paddle is also constructed with a non-slip Comfort grip that makes it easy to control on the court complete with a rugged Edge protection band this pickleball paddle is built to perform at.

The highest level year after year this is even funnier because I forgot what the answer was to this one what a protect they call it a protection band You’re gonna laugh so hard when you hear this answer and just because of them using that phrasing what is this uh died in Warrior V2 no.

Franklin STK would have brought your Edge protection band Edge guard hello oh my god there are a couple things no okay this is like we were talking about that video like marketing versus reality this is a perfect one because it says the natural texture of the carbon fiber increases.

The traction on the pickleball for ultimate spin okay SDK was horrible for spin all right not horrible but very mediocre and then also without sacrificing pop and power those things were giant pillows so bad it’s been and giant pillows like oh gosh that would never forget didn’t work I still have not seen an STK out in the wild.

Yeah I actually don’t know if I have either other than you know the pros I mean that’s not true I just wanted Nationals last year but yeah yeah the pros don’t count that’s not that’s not in the wild the pros don’t count okay okay next up let’s move okay number three for Chris the blank is quite possibly the perfect pickleball paddle a.

True extension of the hand and the result of Engineers and designers who are endlessly focused on the needs of the world’s most elite pickleball players oh wait wait shoot I think I think I gave you the I think I gave you the Vulcan one I think I gave us both the Vulcan one oh so you you know this one.

Shoot okay go go into the list because you have that the buzzword link go in there and just pick another one and uh like just pick one that sounds interesting in the list and then you can get the answer from that the paddle marketing blurbs yeah yeah because there’s two sheets so if you look at the bottom so I look am I.

Looking at sheet one or sheet I think sheet one sheet one okay but what what if I pick one that accidentally has already been used or that you have that to give to me uh I’ll tell you because I can see your last two okay um uh let’s see.

Here we go the t700 ultra raw carbon uh grips the ball for longer creating extreme spin t700 Ultra raw carbon is the strongest and most durable face material on the market giving this paddle unmatched pop and long lasting durability uh apolly propylene Honeycomb Core provides consistent power while.

Enhancing the control of the ball our Advanced honeycomb technology makes our paddles feel like one big sweet spot hold on oh my gosh oh blanks uh pickleballs debut of our newest technology the shock foam Edge guard improves playability throughout the entire face of the paddle by dispersing vibration for better.

Consistency on Miss hit balls I think I actually know which one this is because of one term they used I think that’s I think that’s the pro XR Zane paddle wow this guy is it yeah it is how did you know that dude I it’s sad how much of these marketing terms I remember from these companies holy crap was it the shop you want to know which one gave.

It away it has to be the shock foam Edge or the ultra raw carbon shock foam it was the shock foam Edge yeah impressive that’s funny that’s really funny yeah that The Sweet Spot on that paddle sucks so that is a hilarious marketing claim as well uh that’s super funny all right are you ready for yours yeah yeah hit me with it.

The blank is the ultimate paddle for players looking to dominate the court with power control balance and spin production well throw back to my rant in the Kitchen last week another company claiming power control balance and spin all in one paddle what a shocker anyways featuring an etched raw carbon t700 face this paddle is designed to deliver.

Maximum performance Spin and Precision in every shot you make there’s one word in there that I feel like should give this away to you but maybe it only gives it away to me because I know way too many of these marketing terms yeah because you definitely do is it is it the etched that’s the word that’s supposed to give.

It away I’m not going to tell you which word horrible uh oh my gosh I’m drawing a blank uh let’s see let’s go see why are you laughing so all right let’s let’s go with I don’t know I’m.

Just guessing carbon X Series now it was the diadem Warrior V2 which is funny because that’s what you guessed a minute ago it is I don’t know any of the marketing terms for that battle I’m pretty sure that died m is the only one that uses the word etched at least that I can think of off the top of my head so that’s what gave it away for me.

I still haven’t hit it I have it yeah it’s not good whatever but okay I mean it’s not that it’s not good it’s I think the paddle is fine I I need to make this clarification more often because I don’t think I make it clear enough when I’m talking about paddles being good or bad it’s not that.

The paddle is bad it’s just bad for the price like at 230 dollars I’m like yeah there’s so many so many other options even even if you wanted to go in a similar price range like the engage Pursuits way better uh I’d probably I’d probably even take a Perseus over it so like even if you didn’t go cheaper like I don’t know there’s just paddles that.

Are better Carbon 1X way better um Bear all right hit me okay hit you all right the blink is the first ever single piece textured Toray faced carbon paddle making it the most aerodynamic and fastest paddle in your hand it enhances reflexes in quick exchanges while producing more power compared to other carbon face paddles because of the.

Enhanced swing speed from its edgeless design heat molded carbon face on the polypropylene Honeycomb Core make the pop on the blank like nothing else okay I’m gonna that’s I’m guessing that’s the black Ace hey yo he’s too good is it yes why are you you’re way too good at this.

I mean okay this is why you’re the devil paddle reviewer out there you know this again though this is because they there was two things that gave it away in the beginning they said something about what was it edgeless what did they say in the beginning uh making it okay the first ever single piece texture Torrey.

Face that was it single piece okay give it away that’s why I gave it away yeah and then the ending I think the word hot molded I mean other companies are using that but I keep molding I remember yeah whatever it was like that’s funny but also like things like the pop like there was just a couple giveaways in that one but that was good.

All right let’s go all right how many have I got so far have I gotten three three out of four well yeah yeah you got three because this is way better than I thought I would do because these are a lot of these are just insane okay hit me with it all right are you ready for your last one yeah all right the blank is unmatched in its.

Balance between Spin and power a true versatile paddle that can reset the ball and apply power to those shots that require a little more oomph the Torre t700 carbon fiber face mixed with the special layering combined to make this paddle Stand Out amongst the rest the core has been modified to help reduce vibration for those players looking to.

Stay away from pesky arm injuries designed specifically to be well balanced fresh out of the package okay okay what wait can you read some like a little like the first two sentences again yep the blank is unmatched in its balance between Spin and power a true.

Versatile paddle that can reset the ball and apply power to those shots that require a little more oomph I’m gonna give you one hint in this that I don’t even know if it’s gonna help you this might again just be a me thing uh the tour I t700 carbon fiber face mixed with the special layering that is your hint.

Hey goodbye now dude just mix with a special layering what does it even mean this is definitely just because yeah this is a me thing for sure a special layering decent because when you said arm friendly the first thing I thought it was like broke headaches but a special layering.

Uh teasing how to mix with a special name what’s these 100 is mixed with a special layering dude I have no idea uh they’re out of gas um I’ll give you one more hand one more hand okay okay it’s a it’s a thermo-formed paddle.

not that that helps you that much but it Narrows down from like maybe like 800 paddles to like yeah like you mean yeah 850 yeah I know um I’m gonna go with I’m gonna go with the sucker zero zero six no what is it was the Legacy Pro oh okay.

Shoot what I’m not a special layering I didn’t know I didn’t know I had some special layering I thought things was just raw carbon fiber that’s so funny what okay okay pull up the last one I there’s actually one I’m gonna try and get from the list here while you read me mine and I want to.

Read it to you and see if you get it okay so you want me to read you yours your last one yeah read me my my last one the result dot dot dot the ability for the surface and core to act as one holding the ball even longer with consistent compression and release to enable the ultimate experience and playability the dynamic Fusion of these.

Cutting Edge materials empowers players with unmatched control increased spin capabilities the right amount of power and a gentler impact for heightened ball feel and Precision Precision taking your game to new heights dude I would have known like if you gave me this one I would have known this one you would know it or would I I would.

Have I would have known it oh man I I have two guesses okay hit me with I’m not sure what to go with they’re both in the same company oh okay it’s it’s either the original gearbox CX 14 or the ultimate okay I’m gonna go gearbox cx14 ultimate okay you’re incorrect it is the engage Pursuit Pro ex wait how why would.

You have gotten that one because I remember when I was first like spending over a hundred dollars on my first paddle and it was an engage uh paddle and I remember just very clearly like not too long afterwards uh they came out with the uh Pursuit series and they would say the co the surface and the core act as one and I don’t know.

For whatever reason I remembered that very specifically so I was like oh this is an Engaged Pursuit for sure you’re kind you’re kind of like me where it’s just a random thing just sticks out okay well dang I mean I’ll honestly I’ll tell you you did five because I expected to get zero out of five I really did I think it was gonna be zero that was.

Pretty impressive I’m not gonna lie okay I’ve got I’ve got a bonus round one for you okay I think I’m gonna have to skip part of this okay oh cheating okay okay go go go ahead optimal I’ll give it to you as a hint if you end up needing it okay optimal power enhanced control introduced to deliver Dynamic.

Control our patent-pending layered grid texture system gives you a true feel for the ball multi-layer carbon face featuring three layers of carbon fiber the blank for face delivers optimal power while ensuring you retain control slx1 polypropylene core but with performance in mind the blank core helps achieve the ideal balance of consistent.

Control and Relentless power play this is is this the uh the warrior Edge 18K do you want a hint oh no it’s gonna be so bad for you okay all right all right yeah go ahead give me a hit give me a hit okay your hint is macro Pro spin technology.

Macros Rose spin what is this one’s so funny what the heck is this thing oh well I don’t know what this is Dude tell me about this girl macro Pro Spin and slx1 polypropylene Gore slx1 is this is this a cell Kirk paddle because of the X I don’t know okay it’s a.

Max macro it is okay this is this zero zero six yeah I was like this man works for sale Kirk it don’t matter man you just know how the paddles play you don’t need the the marketing jargon sometimes they give me the marketing dragon and honestly before I make a video for them.

I try to dumb down all that marketing stuff or I cut down a lot of it I’m like I’m not saying some of this because it’s ridiculous and is indeed ridiculous but I I had to throw that one in there because I was like well he works for Selkirk so maybe he’ll get this right and I took out the macro Pro spin because at least for me.

That was a huge giveaway so I wasn’t I wasn’t sure if that was going to give too much away honestly the macro threw me off if you said just like that’s pro pro spin because the marketing term right here is like Pro spin like plus I think but when I hear Pro spin ah sure everything says everybody has like pros Pro level spin or whatever or I feel.

Like that is a term that’s probably used a lot all right for sure for sure all right just we’ll go only over a couple of these just because I think there’s going to be a couple funny ones and then we’ll move on yeah but I want to do the marketing buzzwords so just pull that up in your tab just find.

One that just sounds ridiculous to you and then read it to me and I’ll guess and I’ll give you one as well okay all right let’s see let’s do it’s funny how many of these I know just from looking at this are you serious I feel sad yeah there’s a bunch of these that I’m pretty sure I know okay.

Ah man this would kind of give it away nah we’re not gonna do this no that’s gonna give it away dude you know this I know some of these just look at this I know some of these okay uh let me okay go ahead oh okay all right I got you uh kinetic technology our patented shock and vibration absorbing system.

Come on that could not have been the worst that’s like the worst one you could have picked yeah like you couldn’t wait to see that one’s proken X okay that’s true this is a proketics black Ace okay all right give you one give you one okay it’s that one I love how you’re like no that one will give it away and you give.

Me like the easiest one these other ones are even easier I feel like uh okay like if I gave you if I gave you gen 3 patent-pending Edge grid technology yeah that one’s super easy only because it’s fresh on my mind but okay see uh yours is hyper Spin and power one Technology hyperspin power one technology I don’t know I actually don’t know the.

Answer to this one you don’t know because I don’t hyper spin who uses hyper spin is that a gamble tell me is that a gamma paddle I you’ll have to hover it because I don’t think I can on my phone wait wait wait wait okay hold on hold on it’s near the it’s like 14 row 14. oh I should have hypers okay gearbox gbx.

Oh okay see that would have been my guess but they always say Hyper bike so I didn’t that’s I was gonna say the same thing I was like if it said hyper bite I think that I would have yes because only Power one also made me think gearbox but I just because it didn’t say hyper bite that.

Made me think there was no way it was was them all right what is nah oh my did you you know these come from I’m gonna give you I’m gonna give you one really quick okay Quattro carbon face with Zep nine core what what is Quattro cuatro who’s Quattro that’s that’s like that’s is that.

I’ve heard them funny I know this one but at least I’m pretty positive I know this one but Zep nine core is hilarious zip nine you and you only have to guess the company you don’t even have to guess the it’s paddle I’ve heard quad I know I’ve heard that before he used Quattro that’s a Vulcan.

It is I’m pretty sure it’s Vulcan I’m pretty sure it is that’s Vulcan right all right let me see where where’s near the top two uh okay I see I see yup Vulcan oh good guess good yes Quattro carbon I only remember because I remember that’s because that’s what they use when those first.

Came out and I remember all the different colors and stuff for all their 900 series and I was like Quattro Carver like what does that even mean dude I’m rating these I’m pretty sure I know every single one of these except like two or three so out of 18 I’m pretty sure I know every single one of them you’re such a paddle nerd oh my gosh.

That’s so bad okay anyways let’s move on I’m done with this oh that’s funny I feel sad how many of them like I got corrected though I mean you should feel proud honestly it’s your job that’s why you know you’re trusted I know it’s my job but it just feels like one of those like no life things I don’t.

Know even though I should know these things but like that was wow that was bad uh anyways okay we’ll move on let’s talk a little bit about MLP first thing I want to talk about I don’t think you you didn’t get to watch any this weekend right no I know you were kind of taking it easy I was taking it easy and then I was cleaning my house.

I have some guests coming over and uh staying me for a little while so just moving stuff around where was the invite never inviting well you think I wouldn’t fly up there on a dime would you probably not I mean it depends it depends it would depend on if how much I had going on and also how much the flights were oh okay so there you go see.

My friendship is not worth that much to Chris guys and also let me add a third condition the more important condition is depending on what I needed to be there for ah see it’s not just to see me if it was like emotional damages or like I knew something was wrong oh yeah price and schedule probably go out the door okay but if it was just like bro let’s.

Go play some pickleball then I’d be like okay price and my time now matter a lot okay well good to know good to know I appreciate it that’s funny all right okay anyways the next two days call Chris CV comes down hahaha really really putting it to the test uh.

Okay but the first thing I wanted to talk about was MLP and I don’t know if you heard about this but they removed the freeze at 18 and 20. oh I did hear about this actually and so this was the first tournament that they implemented that um so you only had to win on your serve that was the Only Rule you had to win on.

Your oh okay so technically it was 2018 and you lost the point they get a point at 19 and then let’s say you got a point again or you you know side out you got the ball back you have to win the next point on your serve to get to 21. oh that’s the only thing that remained so now it’s just first to 21 win on your serve win by two that’s great honestly.

So much easier to explain how did did the players like it did the people like it what was you know the pulse in the pickleball community I actually didn’t get a great sense of if people did or didn’t like it what I will say from watching it is to me it felt better because it felt like the phrase at 2018.

Okay the team might have been able to come back to 18. I always thought people always said oh it artificially makes the games close okay yes it might do that but it the difference between 20 and 18 is still pretty big you still have to get many points in a row on your serve to win that so to me it was still kind of mute the other team was still up a.

Lot now it really feels like it can go either way yeah I actually didn’t see a lot of the scores I over the weekend I did look at some of the scores and they were either let’s see they were either washouts there were some good blowouts this weekend yeah yeah I’m looking at it right now and no a lot of these scores.

Look very close dang 28-26 what you do these scores are super close dude most of these must have been a really good match holy moly I did not see that one yeah it was either really close or did they win by like six they’re a few blowouts but but for the most part just from a quick scan many of these games were very very close.

Like I’m looking they’re they’re past the like 22s I see like 24s 25s wow sixes like yeah these these are tight so I guess you know you don’t need it to be the the freeze to make them close this this new rule makes them even closer I feel like and I will say I didn’t personally I never really had.

An issue with the freeze but I think in terms of Simplicity and making people understand it it’s so much easier to just be like when on your serve win by two first of 21 yeah that’s easy instead of being like okay now when you get to 20 you freeze and they can keep scoring until they get to 18 and now they freezing.

Like it’s just a lot more to explain so I think I’m I’m content with the change I think it’s fine I like that too uh comment down below if you guys like the new rule and if you know people who like the new rule or maybe they dislike it or maybe they just don’t care for MLP at all who knows which is crazy which I’ll get to that in a minute also there’s.

Gonna be spoilers so I’m gonna let you know now that you can turn it off if you don’t want to hear those spoilers but they are coming uh okay so first I watch this at a friend’s house it was me my brothers my wife and then my two friends Caleb and Sydney they offered to have us watch the game at their house that sounds a good end where was my my invite.

No it was I well I mean I you didn’t invite me to your place so I was just making it even okay not that I knew that I wasn’t invited but you know nor did I sure well look now we’re even okay all right fair enough fair enough that’s funny okay so I will say I’ve only watched pickleball in groups a couple times I did it with.

You Shay and you know whoever in Arizona a little bit and then I’ve maybe done it once or twice here but this one for whatever reason this one was just really fun probably because the pickleball was really good but dude we were literally screaming like at the top of our lungs it was like people watching football who are really into it that’s.

What it felt like I was so invested in this game it was crazy like watching it with some friends who care about pickleball way better than watching it on your own way better oh yeah I could see this for sure so you guys had what like food it was like a whole Soiree you know food drink yeah we had some soda yeah people brought their.

Own food um but yeah I mean it was just kind of you know kind of like watching football you know people people hang out eat some food it was good I think more people should try that if they haven’t especially if you have some friends that are really into pickleball um but just for those if you didn’t get.

To follow it uh the two teams that made it into the final were the Orlando squeeze which consisted of Zayn Anna bright Rachel rohrabacher and Andre dasku and then DC pickleball which was Riley Newman Christian Alshon and then the cow Moto sisters so both lots of great talent on both sides and then uh Instagram duper or MLP had posted that.

Duper according to duper uh DC pickleball had odds of winning this 65 to 35 percent which is some crazy odds uh so I thought that was kind of interesting wow well kind of from these scores I could kind of see that to be quite honest with you even though uh DC pickleball team spoilers uh loss but yeah I I can see this it was.

Must mean okay read me the first two game scores so I think first right yep yep women’s doubles Anna bright and Rachel how do you say Rachel’s last name Aurora Bacher Aurora Barker Aurora I’m sorry Rachel I’m sorry um and it was against the kalamoto sisters and it was uh the kalamotos took.

It 21 to 16. pretty okay that’s that’s it pretty convincing win an MLP I’d say very convincing okay men’s doubles descu and Zayn got mopped 21-12 by Christian Alshon and Riley Newman okay yeah that game dude was okay first of all just so everyone knows I actually told Will hey watch.

This match after and I was like we’re gonna talk about this on the Pod and he tried to watch it but because it was on ESPN2 you couldn’t watch re-watch the final yeah anywhere so that’s why I’ll have to kind of recap some of this for will but we he was gonna watch that one but there was just no way to watch it in time for when.

We’re recording this pod okay okay good so first of all blowouts so well now this the men’s was a blood the women’s was like close in my opinion if you’re below 15 it’s a blowout in MLP scoring agreed okay men’s Andre was just not having a good time like really what was going on I don’t know man he just felt like he was all over the place just.

Felt like he was missing a lot of shots like you could tell they were after him and they actually toward near the end ish after the half they put Zane on the left uh because Zane was on the right to start and uh yeah that was not not enough to save them Riley and Christian just like absolutely dismantled them so at this point my friend is like okay.

This is over in three like we’re done and I’m like no no like come on it’s MLP what if we go to a dream breaker which is like there’s absolutely no way we go to a dream breaker and I’m not gonna lie I didn’t really believe this I just wanted to play Devil’s Advocate yeah but I was like you never know so next up it is Christian Alshon and.

Jackson Jackie I think whichever one yeah whichever one’s the righty and then it was Anna and ask you right yes that is correct me and my friends kept joking we were like oh man Anna is gonna have to absolutely carry Andre here because that was not good in math and what happened did Andre like.

Wake up but did he like dominate or did Anna take over he didn’t play a bit better in mixed but I feel like Anna really stepped it up played well what was the final score on that one again and Anna uh took it 24 to 22 very close okay if I recall correctly they were up 2017 Anna and Andre and then the other team just started making a comeback and.

Dude like I’m telling you this is like when we’re all screaming at the TV we’re like just so many points were like you know something stupid would happen I think like Andre drove a ball like at 2121 or something or somewhere in that range and it just went way out on a server turn and we’re all just like no why would you.

Do that like what like it was crazy being some armchairs yeah oh no we were big arm chair in it like it was a lot of it was sarcastic armchairs eating my Chipotle drinking a Sprite so I’m I’m just curious I want to know who got to choose the lineup like if you knew if you know if they I actually don’t know who got to.

React because I got I got to the house after the first game had been like 10 points in so I didn’t get to see that part right because based off of Andre’s previous game with Zayn I would have thought to not put him up next you know what I’m saying like like not well I actually think it almost makes me think that Zayn’s team got to react because I.

Think it’s smarter to put out Andre against Alshon and Jackie rather than Riley and Jade this is true who probably would have cleaned that game up yeah I would have eaten him uh this is true but also if this is the third game you need that win and you need your best players but yet who’s not you know who’s not having a bad day to play up next because.

You need that win so that’s that’s my thought process I think some of the teams at least I thought Ben was doing this he preferred to go last just because he was less susceptible to being nervous like if you have like a slightly lower team that has to clutch it that’s more pressure than someone who can probably.

Routinely do it okay that makes a lot of sense okay there’s some there’s some psychological strategy coaching going on so okay that makes it well anyways they clutched it do you remember yep how I mean obviously it was close but how did it end or was there a pivotal moment in that game where they down the whole game and then they they called their way back.

Up for a comeback win or were they in the lead the whole time do you remember it was I think they were if I recall I think they had a decent lead nothing like insane but they did have a lead and then DC started to kind of claw back a little bit and then all Sean to end it he went for a big Ernie after it was like maybe the fourth or fifth shot I.

Can’t remember but he just was like crazy angle Ernie and he’s hit it a bunch during the tournament I was actually it’s really good Ernie but he just hit it wide and uh that’s how they lost so yeah that was crazy but we all went nuts because we were like okay okay so you’re saying there’s a chance yes and you’re and you were probably.

Screaming at the TV he’s like I told you you’re just telling everybody is like dude it’s going to a dream breaker I’m calling it I’m calling it so when we get to the next match okay first of all did you see the Instagram clip of Zayn with uh after they beat Rafa the post-match interview no I didn’t what did he say this is so funny.

So it sounded like in that match Rachel rohrbacher was just eating up uh Rafa during that match and Zayn said something to the effect I have to paraphrase here because I don’t remember the exact quote but it was essentially like yeah I know Rafa’s dad like I’ve met him before but if I didn’t know Rafa’s dad I would have thought that.

Rachel was Rafa’s Daddy and it was just so funny it was it was so funny so I had to preface that because Rachel clearly played great in that match I didn’t actually see that one but then in this match dude okay so first of all I don’t know much about her other than Anna’s been hyping her up and that yeah and she pleases she was kind of.

And now playing pickleball but she from what I understand she was kind of the gamble pick you know how like last year Paris was that pick where you picked her didn’t really know but then she had a ton of upside yep that kind of sounds like that’s what Rachel was at least you know how Anna’s been talking about it and uh dude she.

Was just going head to head with Riley a bunch and I like she was coming out on top and I was like dude like it was the stock went up it was on top against Riley oh my gosh I know it was crazy that match absolutely insane I mean towards the end I sent you that one instagram clip where Zayn just.

Clutches it out at a super pivotal moment and he just screams at the top I was like dude like I’m telling you this final aside from those first two games probably the most exciting final I have ever watched and this is why when people say like oh like here’s the thing I like watching the PPA I actually don’t dislike it but when people say oh MLP is.

Boring or whatever I’m like then watch this final and if you can truly find almost a single PPA final that is as entertaining or more than this I’d be impressed there are maybe one or two that I can think of that actually were pretty entertaining but this was top tier entertaining pickleball I need to go.

Back oh well I don’t even know how I’m gonna watch it now they’ll probably post it I’m sure within this week they’ll post it okay all right I think next time I just gotta I could I don’t was it announced somewhere that they were I’m sure it was announced where they were streaming it on ESPN or YouTube or Instagram yeah okay because.

Well obviously I I shut off all my social media this week because I didn’t want any of that jazz but yeah I wouldn’t have known I would have tried to record it or something had I known it was on ESPN but anyways so yeah Zayn clutches it out wins 22-20 I did see the clip and uh yeah in that bright orange.

Also I did see uh it was a memes of pickleball make fun of everybody’s outfits or attire I thought that was hilarious and they even got that custom orange uh Pro XR which I thought was kind of sweet not gonna lie that orange looked nice I’m not gonna lie again if they just cleaned up that face a little bit would.

Have been even better but that I will say that orange I was like that is a nice colorway I almost think they should just release that as a color I think they are because that’s it’s sick I think I actually think that was a cool color anyways but um anyway so they go to the dream break here absolutely crazy what.

Happened and I’m looking forward to call this DC was predicted 65 percent but like favor a percent favor of winning this which is I mean I mean these next to them the two mix doubles matches were very close they just barely lost barely yeah and uh yeah the dream breaker.

I guess I’ll just keep this nice short and sweet it was a absolute blowout stomping 21-10 distribute like what I’m pretty sure Zane went 4-0 against who um Riley to start Andre we were just cheering if he even got a point yeah they’re like oh man you.

Did your job right he he went against Christian so I’m going to assume that Christian won all those match-ups he didn’t win them all honestly I I can’t remember for sure but we definitely had a few laughs because most of the time when Andre did get it it felt like it was because Christian lost the point not because Andre did.

Something oh that’s rough so that was funny to us but I think he went even in the first one and then in the second one he only got one or possibly went even I can’t remember but yeah Andre only held that one or or he went even on the first and the second or potentially uh or was it he possibly went even in the second he did for sure in the first and then.

The second one I can’t remember if he only got one or not got it okay and then um Anna had a huge clutch moment at the end she they were up like 15 something probably 15 10 I think it was 15 10 or 15 nine and she wins 4-0 which was crazy yeah and then Rachel rocker uh well three because they only needed or no it would have been two no sorry I.

Think it was it must have been 14-9 because Anna won all I know is that I’m pretty sure Rachel had to get three if memory serves me right and uh yeah she had a really nice sick cross-court passing shot winner obviously everybody goes absolutely nuts like dude oh my gosh I need to see this I mean yeah that’s single team singles for that team.

Is stack so Zayn only had to go out once Zayn had to go out twice and he won 4040 on I don’t know if he won for all the second one I only remember the first one being a 4-0 just because that was easy to remember but my guess is he went at least 3-1 in the second one gotcha so Riley only got like two on Zane if that yeah wow if that I’ve done better.

Against Zane you should have put me in there like absolutely atrocious okay singles champ that’s right shoot yeah I I had a feeling if it did go to a dream breaker I mean I think statistically that it’s probably pretty clear that uh Orlando squeeze had the odds there I mean Riley’s doesn’t play.

Singles don’t play singles yeah I think Jade is decent yeah and Christian should have cleaned up I mean I don’t know disco I feel like yeah that was in his favor for sure yeah oh man and then of course obviously we know Anna placing even though she doesn’t really play singles anymore but she’s.

Came on the scene known to be you know a singles player so she’s no slouch and then of course Rachel I know plays you know high level college tennis so yeah oh man absolute destruction I’m kind of I wish the dream breaker was a little bit closer to be quite honest with you Sam I think that’s the only way that.

Final could have been any better is if it just ended in like a 22-20 or something but dude I still put it in the top I mean you just think the whole time like okay this is gonna be a blot it’s a 3-0 this is kind of lame and then they just have that epic comeback some of the points are just absolutely insane like.

That is really really good pickleball I I loved every minute of it nice all right well can’t wait to re-watch it um was there anything else that uh you wanted to go over oh yeah baby we’re at the kitchen now tell me about the kitchen and you we cooking you cooking in the kitchen oh you’re about to eat you’re about to cook.

Somebody you’re about to cook somebody because you said you had a rant so man or not not somebody I’m cooking people you cooking people you accountable now I had no idea okay here’s the thing so you’re familiar with how MLP created a rule about banning certain colors right yes yes I heard about apples on paddles.

Yeah it was a white yeah and yellow I heard yeah huh yep here we go okay this only only impacts MLP players so you’re talking like 0.01 of the pickleball population that this actually impacts at all okay and now I am seeing ever since this all these posts from people who are like a.

Paddle will come out uh-huh it’ll come out and they’ll be like no that paddle’s illegal and I’m like first of all no it’s not it doesn’t impact you or people start saying here’s the thing because it’s not before that it’s only for a rule for MLP exactly it’s four Pros has nothing to do with the amateurs and here’s the other.

Thing prior to this rule coming out or a single Pro complaining about it because first like maybe one or two Pros started talking about it then it became an MLP role I never not a single time maybe once maybe once and that was with a paddle nerd have I heard somebody say a white or yellow paddle I have such a hard time seeing the ball come off which.

Is why this is a rule is because it’s you can you can you could in theory lose the ball a little bit which you know maybe gives an advantage or whatever but then this becomes a rule and suddenly all these amateurs are like nope I wouldn’t play against someone in that in wreck it gives them an advantage and I don’t want.

Them to have that Advantage I’m like okay first of all I played in a facility today it’s a facility I hadn’t been to in our area the walls are completely white I had no issue seeing the ball that was with a white background behind me the entire time and then also I’ve played against white paddles like the.

Power air plenty does not bother me at all I’m not saying that there isn’t an advantage to be gained the only time I do think like on a really bright day really bright sunny day at noon the paddle could reflect and make it a little hard to see I’m not saying that doesn’t exist but the amount.

I’m starting to see people complain about this I’m like guys like of all the things to complain about this is what you choose like come on gosh the fact that people are just like no it’s illegal it’s not you can’t use it I know it’s so annoying yes I’m like we’re not talking about a delaminated paddle or Eva which I.

Actually played against a delaminated paddle uh just at a like open play thing or whatever it was like a higher level group dude I forgot how hard it is to play against one of those like the drives are an absolute rocket yeah but those are the things that people are complaining they’re complaining about.

The white palette you must be hearing this a lot because I haven’t heard it that often or I haven’t seen it I see it on Facebook I see of course it’s on Facebook where where yeah I mean that’s yeah it’s gonna be probably one of the best places to to see it would be Facebook but I’m like guys like this is.

Probably like three five no disrespect to three five players I’m a three three five at best I’m just saying of all the things to complain about like you’re probably popping your dink up too high and they’re hitting an overhead like it’s not the pathway another reason you’re losing exactly at the highest level where that.

Margin that difference matters then yes yes but at the lower level I yeah no it doesn’t make sense I don’t know yeah yeah it uses that was the nicest roundabout way Chris that I’ve heard you say and tell people out there that they suck but I’m here for it more so than the complaining about the color that’s what I mean I think that’s.

Silly but what annoys me is when people hear like a rule somewhere and they just assume like oh yeah that’s banned like the people can’t use that I’m like no like stop reading headlines and like actually click an article and open it and read it please please are you about to go there and like police people you should you know what.

Maybe you should just make a YouTube video about this or maybe you should write your own article you know what it’d be funny if you wrote an article that got picked up on Facebook or something where you just made some absurd rule just to see just to see if people would this is if it’s stuck yeah exactly I mean paddles with a handle.

Longer than four inches are now banned by usaps who knows you know if I I mean if you did something and I heard it that’s why that’s how I know like you’ve gained too much power in this whole entire pickleball space in community that would be bad gotta use the power responsibly but yeah I just if you hear.

Someone say that white paddles are banned or some guys it’s only MLP and like it’s just don’t don’t overthink it there are things about the game again like a delaminated paddle actually I’m gonna tell a really quick story because I don’t remember this okay this is the only time this has ever happened to me and it just happened to me against.

A delaminated paddle we’re warming up and you know how you like go straight ahead warm up or whatever I’m at the kitchen hitting like my partner’s hitting drops and both the other guys are Baseline I think the guy on the opposite side of me has the delaminated paddle not who I’m warming up with just the other guy so.

I’m like looking straight ahead and I didn’t see anything coming but this guy was hidden drives and he whacks a drive and just squares me right in the collarbone and I had no idea the ball was coming like I was probably about to hit a roll and all of a sudden like a ball just I was like ow I was like did not see that.

Seriously like yeah it left it left a good Mark at the time but yes only time I’ve ever been hitting a warm-up and had no idea that ball was coming hey okay I have one last thing about the the color on the paddle so let’s just hypothetically say that this rule was implemented across the board like yeah you know by the governing body of pill.

USA pickleball says that you can’t use yellow paddles or white paddles what would everybody do because there’s a there must be a crap ton of white or other like yellow paddles out there on the market what are those people supposed to do like just get rid of their their paddles like it would just cause.

You know an absolute uproar I think you would have to give a warning ahead of time like maybe a year where it’s like okay let’s say when they update the rules for 2024 they say hey in 2025 this is going to be done so that way companies could clear their white inventory if they were going to clear it and then people also just know well in.

Advance like okay I’ve got to stop using this okay no that makes sense that makes sense also I’m gonna add one caveat while I really don’t think white is that bad and now I haven’t really I haven’t really played against any paddle that has significant yellow the only one I can think of is a bablot and I’ve also.

Played against that and didn’t have issue but I I would probably give people a pass on paddles that are really yellow and like match the ball color because that it’s actually matching the ball color I for me I don’t think it’s that hard in white um but yellow I’d maybe give people a.

Pass but yeah I just I’ll throw that in there because that one could be bad I just want to like throw this out there in a caveat until everything that Chris is saying is because Chris is actually colorblind so there you go like to some degree he’s kind of color blind.

I I am colorblind I do fail the test at an eye doctor but as far as I can tell in my day-to-day it does not severely impact things I mean I’ve color graded all my videos I solved Rubik’s Cubes the only colors the only ones that it makes really bad for me are green and yellow like if you put certain greens and yellows right next to each other then I.

Get them really confused so actually if anything for like the babylot that would possibly make it worse for me like there are sometimes um on the Rubik’s Cube there are a couple cubes where the green and yellow were so similar that I would like finish and the green and yellow were swapped and I didn’t realize it uh.

Intel like I could tell like one part of the cube wasn’t done like in the back I see uh but yes I am technically colorblind so if you want to take that as a caveat you may take it as a caveat but I still think people are overreacting parameters yeah you tell them the lower you go down the totem pole the more complaints there.

Are the the less complaint I think you get the higher up you go like you know four or five I’m like ah I don’t even know if you should be complaining but maybe 5-0 okay they might start mattering Pro okay whatever you’re gonna complain anyway so like there’s something you’re just cooking everybody the lower levels the.

Pros dang No One Is Safe no one is I’m not trying to cook like there’s no disrespect to the lower level people it’s just that I’m like of all the things that matter the paddle color probably matters the least that impacts your gameplay in my opinion no I agree I agree makes sense all right well I don’t have anything else do you.

Have anything else Chris anymore are we about to clean up this kitchen right now you gotta do the dishes and you know there’s a murder in this kitchen it might Maybe feeling really spicy today I guess man yeah and you don’t even eat spicy food that’s not true I like spicy food oh okay next time I got a Chinese.

Restaurant I’ll take you to here I’ll show you some spicy food as long as your sister come in is she order in Chinese then yeah no literally that’s the restaurant I’m thinking of all right let’s go let’s go ask your sister to come with us next time there you go there you go yeah that’s all I’ve got for this week.

Um so yeah we’ll uh we’ll catch you guys next week hopefully next week it’s not a rant I didn’t even intend for these to be a ramp but last thing last thing before we go I just saw that one on Facebook and for whatever reason I was probably I might have been in a mood when I read it and I just read it and I.

Was like you are kidding me right now I was like red stop you were seeing I probably was saying red but probably wasn’t actually red because I’m red green colorblind so it was probably more like an orange see ya.

0:00 – Intro
1:17 – Paddle updates
6:43 – Marketing guessing game
38:30 – MLP Atlanta finals recap
59:43 – The Kitchen Rant

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