All right uh picklers welcome to another episode of tennis sucks I want to start the episode today with saying that we had our uh well first of all we're here in Mesa at the first MLP event everyone's excited to be here they always have an amazing uh party the night before the event starts and there was only one GM that.

Didn't make it and the only reason this matters is because in Vegas if you recall we had dinners planned we had events planned and there was another GM that didn't quite make it it's the man to my left and why his words I'm burnt I was burnt what the does that even mean they're burnt I'm looking forward to this for I don't even know we've.

All we've been talking about and he can't make it out first off I can't make it out I'm an interim GM you get what you pay for which right now I'll be paid nothing I pay to be the GM which is tough and I have to handle I have to handle quote unquote the talent all day long I am the talent and it's.

Exhausting like Beyond exhausting yeah I agree I agree with that I can't argue that I'm very exhausting but nonetheless here I should have been there and uh just like in Vegas you knew we had a great dinner with Steve where we talked about all things pickleball related you are not there very disappointed in you step it up I'm sure I was missed I'm.

Sure all the other gyms all the other teams and owners were like where's that where's that Graham guy you know like a separation anxiety cram so does I feel so does my cat and dog so I had to make a decision and the dog won again God damn harsh man okay uh Graham would you want to intro so we got uh probably our biggest guest to date the.

Largest guest today literally and metaphorically literally and metaphorically I mean the guy I mean we have to Black his face out By Request we wanted to change his voice but couldn't uh he we call him Nick bags bags and uh he's he's here to talk to us about what it's like being a being an influencer a.

Pickleball influencer right yeah well honestly I pick up all influencer I don't know if I I think at like 1700 followers now who are getting bigger and bigger and we're trying to reach what do you get paid for uh commercial space I'm thinking about putting up putting some stuff up there for tennis sucks you know what you definitely can honestly this.

It's lessons lessons from Travis lessons are true are you sure you don't want it from Graham because we have this debate all the time too dude we I could get lessons from Graham him and I play you're probably better than her no dude you play 2V1 versus Austin teaching cats to love yes and that kid is that kid's that kid's good he's good and he's a.

Nice boy a couple more weeks he might be he might get five four five even but he'll get there he'll get there that kid he's got a lot long way to go it just uses his height to his Advantage but I am taller than myself if you're gonna take lessons from Travis says payment for advertisement then your ad space is basically worthless is what you're.

Trying to say absolutely yeah once the reach gets it's more the fact that Travis's lessons are worthless they are they are worthless and honestly it's true but at least you know the nice thing is about Travis lessons is Travis's lessons is that he collabs with us on them and I feel like a lot of people have learned a.

Lot from his lessons the last video he collabed with us on was probably one of the our best ones yeah most well received where uh you're trying to play right side are you trying to play left side and the right side players trying to take all your shots right and it's just unfortunately out of here get move your ass dude move your ass D.

Get out of here D no but it's exciting it's it's tough being an Instagram influencer I will tell you it's just a lot of work man but it is a ton of fun and you are on it like it's incredible how quickly you put out like we are amazed at house at all no honestly thank you so much and uh the big thing is it's just like it's.

Because of you guys oh my God we got some commotion on the court yeah I know what they're saying that guy looks honestly when I say people look confused I never seen a guy look beautiful over here because I got a guy following them too I.

Don't know yeah I think I think they're just hoping here but the ball was in it inside I'm sorry guys my ADHD is off the charts man I think that's why I put it out so fast because the moment I see a video I get an idea and I don't like write anything down it's like off the cop it's it's like it's not script I just do it all at once that's why it's.

So good it has to be off the cuff does it work yes you're like one of those college guys for that guy it's all about quantity so is it is it just you now or is it you and how many there was three of us one is taking extended leave of absence uh it's a lot it's a lot of work is he still a friend or is he absolutely still.

A friend on friends for life um pickleball right yeah and we went playing pickleball and then we kind of started it and it's just a ton of fun and so let me ask you how much of beer City open this year's experience where we were obviously you guys were having some brewskies we were yelling each other brand was going ape.

Absolutely that particular instance lead to your you know what let's get more into pickleball let's do this tropical because this is fun as can be like what what happened there dude honestly so there was probably one of the greatest weekends of my life yeah you guys were juice it was beer City open honestly I was I did not follow Pro.

Pickleball I don't think I've ever told either of you guys this but Travis I didn't know who you were when I got to beer City I didn't and um when he does we're like we're sitting there on some random Court it was you Gabe uh the bulletproof Bolivian the the Bolivian band Dido DJ young and Zane navratil that's shake off feisty yeah it got.

Feisty man but like at one point we're hyping you guys up like we were making like you looked at us for a line call and we helped you and the ball was clearly in Graham's like wasn't the ball in and then we got super hyped yeah Raphael yells at us and then of the raphaels and also you guys can't make line calls and then and then I'm like.

And then I was like Travis asked us into this guy and then an awesome nice shot Rob Cassidy Big Ron big poach left-hander comes across Snipes it unfucking believable this guy and it's crazy because he actually won a point where he was not on the ground how often do you see that that once in a while.

Once in a while more time on his back than your sister exactly but the noble beer city um no that's exactly out oh it was what was it it was a good call good Fair Play Good call um yeah but uh we were just getting so hyped and then a game hit like an ATP and there was only four of us in the crowd he like looks in the crowd and her.

Eyes locked and he did one of those flexes like the one of these and well this is it that ATP was it was the song it was disgusting man especially given the score line I didn't even know what he was thinking going for which is a lot of times I don't with Gabe but yeah and no then he made it and then we got.

So hyped and then we were just chirping back and forth hyping you guys up I had it in and out burger shirt on you looked at me like I love in it on the Husky side just because I like to In and Out Burger when I come to the West Coast right when we landed from our flight here to Mesa for the MLP first thing Travis has said I think I think.

It's in and out around here yeah like and I'm like it's 10 o'clock at night dude it was there and I'm a pescatarian In and Out Burger three times I grew up having it three times a week like it's a staple of the California culture and then you move to the east coast and what do they have for you they're nothing that's smash.

The Smashburger buy me clothes dude I actually had water Whataburger last night and I'm not gonna lie it was pretty good maybe because it was 12 30 and I was exhausted and hungry but I hated no spider is also decent is that really good I mean it's a fat burger you're gonna have four pounds of Grease per Burger I'm a vegetarian so.

Um and in case you can't tell we're here with tropical Ball come on uh tropical come on uh you know what I didn't even I was trying to remain anonymous but then halfway through the the point no no no but the halfway through the point they announced it dude it is I started they must have known I started announcing the point halfway through if they can't tell.

It's You by The Voice alone then they're not true pickleball you know what the craziest part is I've talked to people that have met me in real life and they're like I'll be honest I thought tropical was a voice box like this I can't believe that's your real voice it's a perfect voice though like the.

Fact that you're not in Hollywood doing voiceover is a mistake like it's just a poor judgment on your decision honestly I like doing this but there's nothing better than going to pickleball tournament and hanging out with graham D'Amico and Travis the rattlesnake Rhett Meyer I'd rather be doing this anyways I got to give you.

This one really quick so D who's my significant other hated the rattlesnake she likes Dirtbag which Graham gave me which was my original she hated the rattlesnake you have made her fall in love with the rattlesnake I actually get called the rattlesnake now on the reg in the bedroom doesn't matter it's just the rattlesnake.

Honestly you know why in and out we're just chirping I can't believe how like messed up but we followed you guys for four matches yes four or five matches all the way to the bronze medal and I was trying to Hype you guys up like crazy we were talking midpoint mid-match Graham was all about it we're yelling floor to smash honestly that was.

One as far as individual tournaments go I'm up here side that was by far the most fun I'd ever had an event and it was because you guys were so Juiced yeah I was there getting hyped like I had so much fun you're sick there he is you see that roll around Castle roll around Cassidy roll around on the ground Cassidy.

Chilling like um wait how do you say chilling like a McMillan that's what it is chilling like a McMillan holy crowd Greg Dow and Sarah gate leech the peach I'll think of it I thought let's just think of it as we get there so bags tell me a little bit about your pickleball game you sent me a video you're pretty damn solid I mean what's your what's.

Your duper as of honestly my duper is a good point right here okay hold on uh Cassidy hey combo to the net he tries to poach absolutely no shot oh out on the net she drops her paddle in disbelief she's like Greg Jesus Greg what are you doing don't I don't need any coaching right now Chief get out of here get the away from me.

Don't touch me ever again you're all sweaty and and it's like 60 degrees how do you get a little sweaty guy oh I'm sorry I'm sorry oh isn't that isn't that magic beer City been the one with against Zayn where DJ wrecked his paddle I went straight by my face yeah yeah but I mean I started it I told him he was a cheater no he.

Did say that yeah and then yeah and then he didn't mean to he threw the paddle down and it ricocheted and went right by my head not jumped right in the air yeah but my current duper right now I don't play a lot of tournaments I've only done two tournaments it's like 4.3 it was four six I feel like you're higher than that.

Um by the vid you sent me like maybe some of the greatest points you've ever played yeah of course he did of course he's the content that's all I do is just one shot I don't care if I did a net four times in a row Selkirk put this out please I'm teaching the pickleball that was incredible wasn't it dude um I'll never forget I didn't call like.

They list at least that video the first one we ever did uh the one about you like the training one and I called Grant I'm like what the is Travis doing miss everybody why the is this guy this guy they paid this guy to do this like I'll start I could coach I could be a coach if that's the case dude my 4.3 duper hit every ball long and.

Into the net I'm like dude everybody's long Dee's over there trying to do what she can she's trying to make him look good to give him soft balls and then literally everything's going longer into the net and that's how my God she's like and then he blames D4 in the video a little dispute oh my look at her fighting you can see this he oh you know.

He at the net everyone's yelling let's let's challenge it look at Rob not Rob notary comes in there new sucker's newest guy he's the 88th signed Pro that sucker has Rob nunnery unbelievable they signed another one today you know how that works out yeah absolutely not these guys Connor if I did see something it's wrong that ref.

Over there guess what that guy's I know I saw him this morning he was checking out of the retirement home and they come over here and bring him in there he was checking out the retirement home and now he's coming back no we gotta give him props it's a tough job on their feet no but like about my game I don't actually you know we can ask we.

Just played the 2V1 the 2V1 which was teaching Castle off ask ask uh ask this guy good Lord come over here Tom go I'll be honest he's the best paddle in the game yes I saw I already know the call foreign I mean is it is it pretty uh.

wasn't even close he says pal I don't even know your best day he says Cassidy don't even Best Day pal you know what guess what happens the Challenger league is going to have a lot of challenges Yeah so basically what happened guys is uh.

The Brooklyn Aces were playing the Utah black diamonds and I believe it was Rob Cassidy and Olivia McMillan versus Greg down Corinne Carr in this specific match correct out and uh and basically what happened was earlier in that match I believe the Brooklyn Aces made a call and used their own Challenge on their.

Own call is that correct yeah there's uh so we we thought we thought there might be an out Ball but we called it in so we challenged our end call just to just to make sure just to be you know Fair gotcha gotcha and the ball the ball was in so we're glad we did it right and didn't call them all out right but yeah.

But we lost our challenge for that right okay and so later in the match Greg Dao had a overhead uh both players from the black diamonds were back at the Baseline and he ripped an overhead turned out on replay it was just inside the line uh Rob Cassidy called that ball out he's looking down on it tough call for Rob and then Rob within a handful of seconds.

Says okay let's let me I want to challenge my own call and there was some slight discussion uh about that uh seemed like some people some players on the team wanted to uh make that call and use their own challenge against the call and what the rules uh set up from MLP that decision goes to the team captain.

Of the team so it doesn't matter what the other players want it's the team Captain's Choice whether to allow their team to challenge their own call or just scrap it uh and there will be no challenge because you'll use your challenge earlier in the match is that correct that's correct okay so basically what happened was Michelle Esquivel was.

The team captain and she decided that there is uh that she does not want to challenge the call they're going to play it as is and a couple points later you guys end up losing that match uh what are your thoughts about that specific situation Robert no so we lost the match on that call so it was that was match point it was it was 2017. so we win that.

Point we get to 18 we go to side out scoring which is a big deal um versus 2017 it's an outcall game over we're down 2-1 um and then you know climbing an uphill battle to to knot it up at two uh but yeah so so right when it happened Cassidy was like Cassie's like I saw it out but of course of course we'll.

Challenge it I'll challenge my own call all good so then at that point I just kind of sat down I was like okay cool they're gonna you know we'll challenge it they'll you know I saw like from the guys they're like yeah it was then it was way in um so I was like okay cool so it'll be 2018 we'll move forward here and keep.

Fighting hopefully we can claw our way back and and try to get a w here because we need it and after a while um Courtney Courtney Johnson is like what's going on are you guys is there a challenge and I'm like yeah they said they're challenging it they said that so let's let's get moving and then um.

Michelle just jumps on Court and starts warming up I'm like what what what what what's happening why are you warming up for your match when this match isn't over and um then I go talk to her like Michelle what's going on like you're challenging Europe and she just flips out and like starts yelling at the ref saying I told.

You not to let them talk to me I'm like what excuse me excuse me I'm just what now that was for you guys meaning her opponent or her opposing players her her yeah she's like oh okay like she wouldn't even talk to me she was like talk like I asked her a question like what's going on they're gonna challenge this call.

Um it was it was in Michelle just like I know you don't want to win like that and then she flips out on the ref going I told you not to let them talk to me like talking about me I'm like what what like okay and then um yeah there's big you know hoopla she didn't Michelle wouldn't challenge it um Conor partozaris the team owner and.

Towards the end like when all the stuff calmed down and they decided not to challenge honestly I wanted the challenge but now it's too late I wanted a challenge but come on dude if you wanted a challenge you you would have told Michelle like Michelle that was then let's do this the right way let's we need to challenge it I'm the team.

Owner you're the captain yes but you need a challenge that's called because we got to do this the right way and uh just yeah she refused and you know if Connor wanted to do that I think he could have done that he didn't do that which is disappointing right you're you know you're a team owner you're the commissioner of the PPA I believe that's.

His title uh and and my eyes it's just a really bad look she was sweet dude that was really sweet last year uh even at MLP Columbus one of our guys was there last year and he was filming it um we got a lot of good content over there did a lot of good points over there okay so go back to Michigan yeah Michigan how's that pickleball uh the play is getting.

Better and better I mean I'm from the East side like Detroit area so it's about two and a half hour drive to uh uh Grand Rapids and then I'll look at that okay yeah he's chirping he's not even in the game he comes out here he took a loss he's grumpy oh yeah standard foursome or do.

You have a large is it like where we are we have like 50 people is it comparable yeah no it's kind of crazy I guess I'll tell you how like that whole thing started like my crew right and did you see the rec games paddle in the rack and all that no we try to do private games um because it's just not enough courts.

Right and then plus it's like in the summertime there's not enough courts there's just too many people and then uh in the winter time um you just gotta rent a court there and it's just you got to pay for court fees but I'll tell you like the game has gotten a lot better in my foursome we have like a foursome we do like eight.

Some now but like a couple years ago people didn't want to play with us because we weren't good enough so I'm never playing like with these people ever in my life it's like we got our three five crew and we all got to a really high level like all my boys all the people I play with in Detroit they're like their dupers are like four.

Eight four nine they're all they're all playing at really really high level I'm probably the worst one honestly I use my I use my uh I height a while yeah I use my head once in a while yeah yeah it's a once in a while I use it but the problem is I'm like I'm on the Husky side and then I get out of breath quick and then until I realize that and then it was a.

Two it was we played the 2V1 and I'm like me and Graham tried to stack the same side right right side we tried to play we both played right side we both played right side we left the left side open and then the weird didn't work out and he slowed us right that middle still I still was right down the middle still Nate's from that same area we talked.

About it before a lot of a lot of good pros come out of uh they got a good scene there in Grand Rapids you got Andrea Coop Leia Janson Jensen um now like are you on the reg watching I'm trying to to get the content to get the content yeah I'm trying to but you actually enjoy watching the pickle yeah.

I do I honestly I'm no joke I love watching the game I love watching people play that so you get better like I will no Travis that one video you did um it was uh oh the you gotta close your Suite not a big back swing a big bag it was huge man it was actually really helpful I'm like Mike I think a message.

I'm like dude that's the best video you ever did because it's real genius genius one for six one for six twenty percent of the time every time you've got time to be in the MLB right now if you're bad in one for six two and a half what do you think about the scene here I mean it's only Friday Friday morning crazy way busier than I.

Thought it would be there selling tickets for the first time with crazy so to be selling tickets and have it this busy on we're on grandstand Court not even Championship quarter Championship was packed for the nle match it's gonna be insane this weekend oh this energy is going to be Madness 20. honestly the energies are already.

High I will tell you guys this first match was the energy was high and it was like really morning and then indeed I like the very second point was a Long Point and then I like scream and D's like Nick it's only a second point you gotta calm down she was like Jesse was like you gotta calm down I'm like honestly I'm getting hyped man I mean.

It's just like you got to do it gotta do it early and I'm gonna tell you Stir It Up there's the way I look at it is like there's only two matches like two games right there's only two like you guys are playing right today is two games like we got to bring it right away it's like you can't sit there and like halfway through games.

Dude really look nervous dude it's nervous I was playing tight really honestly you didn't look it I mean that's good I'm glad I can act that yeah but it definitely felt nerve-wracking and then you had honestly it does help have the number one player in the world at your side it does have having growing.

You're a big fan of tropical balls about them all the time yeah this sucks what do you got producer bro you know I uh we have to speak I'm trying to think oh yeah I mean a lot of questions we're obviously gonna have bags do a breakdown in my play uh did you know in those 240 tournaments no no he hasn't seen you.

Haven't seen it no what's what's happening oh dude I heard about it man I heard about your play actually the last podcast dude you went to the floral played singles and got demolished you're the first person to get negative points in the tournament ever they're just like a little guy dude you're gonna get minus two I heard.

Seventh grader was like feeling sorry for me knee pads knee pads with street art right not yeah street art and then what was the what was the reason for the tape in the middle again grip yeah yeah gotta have the traction on the yeah you'll get there one day dude at this rate.

At this rate dude don't make a 1-0 division we'll just take gold in that Palace zero it is really cool honestly it's super tasty I liked it my wife was here she really liked it I had the wall what level do you put the flavor at I think I did a four it was still super tasty man.

That's a smart number yes a little weird so tell me it has pickleball obviously it's consumed your life in some regard now like you obviously you're here yeah how would you say that this stupid game which is the favorite getting best game that I've ever played but it's a stupid game yeah perfect game also but anyway how has it.

Changed your life honestly I'll tell you right now I met so many like cool people and made a lot of friends right like I will tell you man like I feel like I well I'll tell my wife it's like yeah dude I'm talking she's like we're talking to Graham Travis you're gonna talk to them a lot honestly I feel like they're my friends man at this point.

It's like they're like it's like we're like foreign I truly love to do what I do it's like there's nothing more than like making these videos and like like collabing with pros and I will tell you like like we'd roast a lot of people we like have a lot of fun like um but for the game like the game is so.

Raw it's so new it's so malleable and it's always changing right and a lot of these Pros it's like their followers are like a thousand two thousand three thousand four that's like man the more people that see it and have some fun of course and like we do like just I feel like we do so much like just like with people and they they truly love it I.

Mean because I think you can I truly believe you can monetize what you're doing because as a pickleball fan which there's 36.5 million pickleball players in the US now no people are going to be interested to watch I don't know but it's this is a three on two match in case you're not doing the numbers three on two what the hell.

Happened too nice yeah they play women's how about so the Brooklyn Aces both their female players are currently pregnant no so when the women's match goes on it's a four on two unreal hey solve that riddle I honestly not good at math I can't I'm not gonna I'm gonna try and then the shirt might hurt myself um who do we want who do I guess I'm.

Gonna ask this like uh who do we want to win on this court well here's the funny thing Travis made a bet with the owner of the Brooklyn Aces that they wouldn't make it out of the playoff out of the pool rounds they went one and two yesterday because the point difference in one of the matches they got out of the pool and he owes them 100 bottle.

That guy right there is Samir yes he's uh what is he he's uh Kevin Durant Kevin Durant part of his like all the ownership yeah yeah yeah yeah but he's not part of it he works for Kevin Durant directly his little I think boardroom oh wow oh and now he owes him a 100 bottle of alcohol.

He sent it to me last night I believe that's what he wants jeez and then like you said the match of the century I enjoy that kind of stuff man and I watched I watched Rob not a replay last week holy holy not today he says that's a rattlesnake man he says so Rowan do you have anything else for.

Tropical ball before we uh I think I think my last question is you're you're obviously you're the most enjoyable like commentator by far to listen to and you know when when you're watching pickleball I mean do you have any how can how can pickleball improve in in that area you know on what area like commentating yeah.

Um I will say like to be honest man the commentators do a really good job but like I feel like it's got to be more raw like raw and it's got to be more real I feel like it's not like real enough like I don't feel like the commentators like truly say what they want to say or like what they feel and I'd really just feel like that's the case right now like.

Because I say or I say or we say whatever like we want or like comes to mind like I don't care like I don't still care what people think even here it's like man you roasted a lot of people then you see them it's like yeah it's who cares it's like we're having for all this is a good point is flattery.

Current car big wind-up oh my God want to reset they're at the line oh she's that wasn't that shot kid too early too early man she tried rattlestick would have done it though you would have made that shot I don't go for that no but um that's how I think honestly had to prove it like.

People just do a better job and not saying like um like you have to oh guys this is unreal front had a really high down and they actually said like don't say negative things about the players oh really if you want to go back go to Tuesday night pickleball okay Travis is playing in that one it's the only one.

Who plays in you see the commercial now all the time on the live stream yeah with him spinning the paddle yeah I was commentating really and I mean I felt like it was innocent enough Lee had been we've both been drinking oh and Lee had to go to the restroom so I said you know I wanted to keep the I was talking about the PPA one oh they tell you like you.

Can't say anything about like cancer guy's a bad same thing happened MLP though all right Tuesday night pickleball and I said yeah Lee went to go break the seal we got to do it and let's just say I don't know if you want to tell people like we got something in the works we talked about it previously Trev gave me.

A call he's like Nick we got a bag idea but I think it's a good idea oh D's idea yeah nice job D once in a while D comes up with something good once in a while once in a while and then it's like dude let's do it like oh like the Manning cast right you know like a ESPN it's like the Manning cash is like Hey we're watching it and like we're giving our.

Commentary correct because people can do it real oh yeah people do love them when you start getting more views on your commentating than the actual PPA feed then they'll take notice and things will change right exactly and you have to roast like it has to be there you have to be able to say facts no absolutely facts that's all it's about man people.

It's like that's I mean that's only I commentated in Cincinnati and it was a tennis channel and they gave me like a three-page directional about only positive never negative no criticism stay nice like on and on and on I'm like well that's exciting yeah you know today if someone was commenting I would hope they would see me like wow this guy.

Looks tight as a drum that's what you're loosen up yeah it's gonna loosen up a little don't want a baby out there no you know what I would have said Grant if they would have hit me with a three-page thing guys unfortunately I cannot read so I'm just gonna I cannot I got something else I cannot read I'm gonna come out here and do what I do and.

That's the energy we like that's the energy we're like let's start screaming let's keep it High I mean we'll just do it if I can keep going you got a mask we just do this now Smith with the surf none are you with the return not anything he's playing good with we'll play with the Halo Smith coming over.

Oh not a race playing pretty good just recently moved to United States America from Hawaii took a nice long plane ride he still has jet lag doll and he's hopping all over the country he's got his own little blog or something now he's making happen what's your favorite what are some of your favorite like other pickleball.

Influencer Pages or pickleball Pages honestly I follow them all man you have to right because like that means the pickleball is fire it's like the funniest and um like the dink is always good um MLP even right about Sam query about Matt Manassas.

Here coming out with good stuff no they are coming out of good stuff and I love that man the whole thing with the MLP too it's like that's what we did I did I did like the longest video we ever did was like announcing the Challenger I think like the draft and the premier draft and giving my thoughts on it like uncut thoughts on what I thought.

Happened like the whole Sam query thing I think I butchered that to death man trying to make fun of that guy and at this point he's got a he's gotta show up and ball out and like perform right I mean I also say you're drafting number one overall it can't be a bust dude you can't be a bus stand 35 years old well especially when you're gonna be top 10.

In the world within three months of January 1st and he and you know I will give him credit he's handling the fact that he's way off on that expectation the guy's not even a close pal that guy's close honestly top 100 top 100 dude he'll get to the top 100 one day because like right now the channel I don't know man.

He'll get there I just got to prep play a little bit what do we think about the Miami pickleball Club did you happen to uh passing and I think I don't think they want to match did they I think they went 0-9 yesterday is that right is that possible I think they did someone said Matt played well I think their team.

Wasn't great but it wasn't constructed honestly yeah well the whole thing for me in the MLP is the cool you know what the coolest part about it is like team chemistry right it's like what is that what is the team chemistry like a huge Factor dude I love it man because even like Georgia today I was watching her play it's like like honestly she missed.

Some shots of that last game and it was got really close but then you came over took a couple shots she got a little bit looser yeah um Julie came over or started chirping I started chirping everyone started yelling like hey we got this let's finish it and then she did man what it's called team chemistry it's like how.

Everyone plays off each other and you guys honestly played so nice man like you guys really turned it up and it was great and we're just a gamer man oh like let's be honest she didn't play her best but when it mattered do what it matters and that's respect right there that's when you know you got a competitor on.

Your hands dude left side God I love like putting around you guys put on the left side and they kept picking on her dude they really did in that Jesse match and then she showed up and they they came ahead man and they really did and I really liked it yeah we haven't had a lot of time together I feel like we feel rushed with all of our practice and like.

Getting to talk and getting to try out different partners and so as this weekend goes on I think you're going to see that chemistry get better it's not there it's not all the way there yet you know for sure that means we have good potential even you know like we have another level we haven't hit yet absolutely we're gonna.

Be a scary team no absolutely because honestly uh watching it some of it it was just so cool to see because I was standing right there and it was listening to and I was recording some stuff I'll put out some content like after the fact I was thinking about recording like live live I just couldn't do it man you'd be able to hear me like.

Midpoint right and I just couldn't do it but um like mid game like the adjustments you guys are making you're like Georgia like let me take that shot like you gotta let me take the middle because she was she has a great two-handed backhand but it's like dude when the round state does in and out the old one too I mean you gotta you're.

Gonna have to look out man you're gonna have to look at it all three but that's right a few you can you can now I'm excited for I think you guys are playing another match in a couple hours correct yeah 5 p.m tonight wait this won't be out by then but yeah we have another one against the uh Team Clean so you guys.

Will know those results before we do Smith lost it in the sun oh my goodness Kareem car maybe this we started because you guys got a couple got we got a couple guys doing it love love what we do man the game's only gonna get better it's only gonna get more fun I love playing it I can outplay it every day if I could and I will tell.

You this is my favorite part of my day is doing tropical stuff like that's really it man come on drop it off dude come here Graham give me your best tropical come on I can't do it just do a little one all right wait a minute topical come on wait do me yours first and then I'm gonna try to mimic it all right so uh I I guess I don't know I.

Just don't do tropical come on like sprecha Smith I'll do all right and the point's over guys that's it tropical tropical that's good that was good that was really cool what about you dude you got it let's go let's go let me put his pads on first hang on yeah uh tropical come on okay that was actually really good dude honestly Ron I.

Think you're funny as too man some of the stuff that comes out of your mouth on this thing honestly you don't talk much when you do it's gold met today yes he had a Smasher or not and like walk up hey you talked to Graham yet oh wow big ball into the tent um into the tent uh and so producer oh I saw him with the Florida Smasher down.

The camera like you talked to Graham yet or Travis he's like no they're not here and I'm just like yeah dude they haven't seen him you want me to call him dude and I'm like no not right now and I'm like what's up man and he's like nothing I'm like what's what's going on and I'm like ah dude it's me and he's like who's me and I'm like dude Nick tropical and.

He's like oh my god dude no way and I'm just but I didn't know how I did not know the voice I don't get it you know what's so weird I wasn't expecting him to be a giant you know yeah yeah just for those of you that don't know bags here is six seven pushing 340. three four three forty three four pushing 342 maybe.

342. so what do we what are we really bags where are we at six seven dude it was crazy I dropped 15 pounds in the last month because I went to the doctor and I was too robust I'm two years foreign versus teaching cast a lot I'm like hey dude you got to cover the court and he's like and I'm just I'm like you take over.

About 98 I'll just sit there and do the the column backhand and then try to clean it up a little bit and that's what it was so I guess we're just going instead of wait six seven and thick okay thick honestly dude it's yeah yeah it's on my driver's license so Nick tropical ball was the first people to purchase gear off of us he's.

Wearing it right now I don't want to talk about it it's a double XL looks like it's a hoodie it looks like a t-shirt so I went to pick up my wife a little bit ago uh to bring her here and then I walked in there she's like Nick you look like a sausage.

And I go I go dude Graham why don't you tell me he looks like an idiot and he's just like I didn't make me feel fine that looks good man that's it dude no but I love it man I love you guys dude yeah yeah well we're stoked you're here man we're really excited that we get to share this uh this experience with you and hopefully you get some good out.

Of it no honestly I want to say one thing and my I I did this do a four day weekend and the only reason I did it was for Sunday to cheer you guys the whole way like that's honestly the only reason I get told I told everyone I like I got when I told people I'm coming here I'm gonna get kicked out of this this is Sunday they don't.

Even let me be back here dude there really are honestly that's a little it's honestly that's that's the only kind of fan we won that's the only if you come any other way we don't want you here watching you come big or go home oh absolutely it's the MLP is Florida smash right man it's the rattlesnakeo.

All right well thanks tennis sucks tennis sucks thanks back appreciate you being here thanks you guys love you guys love you guys travel come on
On this week’s episode, the boys are joined by one of Pickleball’s biggest influencers, Tropickle Pickleball. Rarely seen in front of the camera, Nick is known for his off the cuff, sometimes vulgar, Michigander Pickleball commentary. Over the course of the past year, Nick and the Tennis Sucks boys have built a strong rapport, so much so, that he chose the Tennis Sucks Podcast for his first “official” face reveal!

Brought to you live from Major League Pickleball in Mesa, AZ during a match between the Brooklyn Aces and the Utah Black Diamonds; join Travis, Graham and Producer Ro as they sit down and shoot the sh*t with the social media legend in the making.

The group discusses a number of topics including: Roasting the pros, Nick’s Pickleball background, his giant stature, MLP, how he met Travis and Graham and how Pickleball commentary can be improved.

We also get some live Tropickle commentary during the podcast and the Tennis Sucks Court Cam catches a great view of some intense drama between the Brooklyn Aces and the Utah Black Diamonds!

Special thank you to Nick for hanging with us and for the always hilarious commentary. If you haven’t seen his stuff, you are seriously missing out, so please do below. You will not regret it! />
Also Florida Smash Merch is finally available for all of the awesome Smash fans that tune into the pod. Check it out below and make sure to pick some up before the next event in Daytona at the end of March!

Lastly thank you to Rob and Stone for clearing up the mayhem on the court between the Black Diamonds and the Aces. Check out the rest of the episode below to hear the full story!
Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Travis Has Separation Anxiety
1:30 – Tropical Reveal
2:00 – Do Trav Lessons Have Any Real Value?
3:25 – The Life of a Big Shot Influencer
3:33 – Court Drama
4:42 – The Guys Behind Tropickle
5:00 – How the Boys Met Nick
8:30 – The Origin of the Rattlesnake Nickname
10:00 – Just Shootin’ the Sh*t
11:30 – More Court Drama
15:10 – Rob & Stone Explain the Drama
20:00 – Pickleball Scene in Michigan
21:55 – How Addicted to Pickleball is Nick?
24:00 – Producer Ro Gets Roasted
24:51 – Even More Court Drama
26:30 – How Pickleball Has Impacted Nick’s Life
29:20 – Pickleball Commentary Improvements
34:50 – MLP Chat with Tropickle
37:55 – Producer Ro Was Caught Off Guard By Nick’s Monstrous Size