Foreign the video channel devoted to helping you improve your game through concise easy to understand video lessons please like share and subscribe so that you will never miss out on our latest content let's begin hi I'm coach redo today we're going to focus on how do you transition to the.

Kitchen okay the one thing that we're going to focus on in this lesson would be a lot of people when they come into the kitchen they rush to the kitchen area too quickly they don't give themselves time to come in on the right shot.

And the right shot meaning when you're hitting the ball and you're coming in forward you need to evaluate how good of a shot you hit before you get to the kitchen but if you hit a weak shot and you go all the way to the kitchen you're not coming in a good position therefore most likely you're going to lose the point unless your.

Opponent makes an error and that will demonstrate all right so I'm going to start on the Baseline and the Baseline I'm going to hit a ball as a ground stroke when I hit this ball my job is to slow down as I come in okay read my shot how deep he was is it effective if it is effective.

I'm going to continue to move but the moment my opponent will make contact point I need to make sure I split step and stop okay because I need to be prepared to engage the next shot if I don't split step and stop I'm not ready for the next ball I'm going to make errors okay so I will.

Show you guys one forehand coming in forward what then I hit another ball and then I continue to move forward and I'm judging the top of all that my opponent is giving me as I'm coming in forward I might have to hit two three shots to get to the kitchen area I might have to hit one shot or two.

Shots if I had a good return deep for an example I will come all the way to the kitchen area if I had a really good 4G so if I'm setting up for my position and I'm white based I'm low the ball comes to me I'm trying to hit it deep now that's a deep bomb coming all the way to the kitchen area and then I start.

Thinking okay um the other thing that coach Kisha who's right here um would very she helped me with a lot is also making sure that you have a good base a wide base making sure that you low anytime.

You're moving in forward or you're always coming into the kitchen area a lot of times we stand so high okay so we need to make sure that we're not standing up here when we get to the kitchen area that we have a low base down here and our elbows are out and we're getting ready to move forward we're anticipating the next fall but I'm.

In an athletic position a lot of times we'll come to the kitchen area and we're standing up straight and that's not really uh effective because if you play good players and they think the ball at your feet you end up having problems thank you
Short Pickleball video on how to transition to the kitchen (non volley zone) strategically. In Seneca SC Spindletree Racquet Club gives concise free video lessons to help the beginner to intermediate play advance their pickle ball skills.

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Okay. So we’re gonna focus on how do we transition to the kitchen area? The mistake you see, a lot of people will make, is, they hit this ball right here and then they just charge the kitchen. They wanna get here as fast as they can. You wanna do that? But you also wanna evaluate the quality of the shot that you hit before you get to the kitchen, because if you hit a weak shot and you’re coming in, you are not putting yourself in good position to defend.

So the idea is I’m gonna hit my first boat from back. And then I’m going to evaluate what’s. My opponent is going to give me if they give me a softer ball, then I need to reset, put my anchor, and then I keep moving forward, anchor. Okay. That, that was for my, my friend hit it. I come in, I put my anchor and I come in, I put my anchor and I come in and as long as I have my anchor.

I set my feet. I’m in good position. I’m in control of watch and how I’m going to move forward. Okay. I see that a lot at the three oh level, even the four all level, a lot of times good players that I’ll play with. They just wanna hurry and get in. But if you’re playing against a good player, he should gimme a high volley here and they can hit a ball like this.

Why do I need to go in it’s it’s not. So I wanna stay back and I’m gonna defend until I get a shot and then I’m gonna go into going. Okay. Uh, that’s it.

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