Hi welcome to Brianna's pickleball my name is Jordan Briones and in today's video we are going to be talking double strategy including Court coverage around the post shots and how to defend them now let's Jump Right In all right so in today's video we're going to dive into three different.

Points here so we'll watch it first and then we'll slow it down talk a little strategy Court coverage and around the post shots six one foreign here we go all right again I got the boys back we got Joe and Craig on the far side me and.

Pessa on my side here we got a stacking trying to keep our forehands together if you haven't noticed pessa is a lefty me with the serve here Joe with the good deeper turn all right so now we see PESA hitting this third shot drop here and looky looky where it lands right on that line again your third shot drops you want dipping at that non-bully zone line.

Which forces a low contact ball all right and we can see here Joe handles it pretty well he's forced into a half volley but he keeps it down and again when you're hitting this kind of quality of a third shot drop you don't need to rush in and charge the net right you can see PESA actually finishes his follow through and he kind of delays it because.

He's not sure I think maybe he doesn't know if it's gonna go wide or not but you can see the reply of this shot is very weak in a sense because of the low positioning and the low contact that Joe had he can't really do much with it so now PESA comes up and he gets ready to just dink the ball all right so this thing from PESA goes right to Joe's.

Forehand here and now Joe Hooks it Cross Court to pesos backhand and as we can see here this ball lands really close to the line if not on the line and here we see that around the post shot so notice a couple things here PESA lets the ball drop and then he gets really really low and he waits the biggest key thing for hitting the around the post shot if.

You're gonna attempt it the ball has to land significantly close to the sideline and you have to run out to the ball or you can take a big lunge step like PESA does here and he waits to the last second to hit the ball and he's just you know kind of pushing it down the line to Craig now notice Craig moves out because PESA is hitting this ball really close.

To the sideline Craig is anticipating this ball and his paddle is low he knows now PESA is going for this shot and he volleys this out of the air again it's just good low paddle position and anticipation on Craig's bar drops his paddle down and look where I am here I'm right in the middle if your partner is way off the court on the sidelines here.

You gotta cover middle of the court so Craig Just Hits this good ball right at my feet actually forces me into a half volley and I barely miss it a little frustration there and going back to this angle here watching PESA hit this around the post again I don't think I thought that PESA actually had it wide enough so I would have been a little bit more over.

I think I didn't know he was going to go around the post I don't know if he was going to love it or send it up and I think that's why you see me kind of retreat back here so I'm kind of off the line and I take a little step back but now I notice wow he actually had this shot and Craig again as we saw here was just in great position and it just.

Forces me into a really tough half volume looking at this again you know if I was up a little bit closer to that non-volley zone line I probably could have hit a really offensive shot but I wasn't and Craig just hit a really good shot on my feet alright so now let's get to the second point we'll watch it all the way through and then we'll break it.

Down hey let's go has a good shot all right so we started with me with the sir Craig with a really good slice return here I go for a little topspin drop it's a little bit High Craig tries to volley this and I'm sure he would want this a little bit deeper but in this position I just want to kind of show you.

Um this is kind of like a mid-court drive and just me trying to get the ball back sometimes when you hit a high third shot like I did here I know that I'm kind of in trouble you know PESA is in Middle transition now too so we're kind of on the defense and as Craig tries to hit this solid volley I know that if I try to drop this ball it might sail.

Pretty long or pretty high so what I do is I just kind of hit like a medium pace drive just to get the ball over and that is something that you might have to do when you are on the defense if you don't feel like you are in great position to hit a good drop you can just hit a drive to get the ball over now Joe with this next volley tries to hit it kind of.

Short here I would have liked to see him kind of keep us back because this kind of allows PESA to hit this next ball and allows us to get to the net here I do want to go back to this volley really quickly because this volley is angled off the court and look where PESA is hitting this ball really close to the sideline look where I am I'm standing.

Right in the middle of the court I know he has it under control so here PESA thinks the ball keeps that ball low and I just want you to notice this look at this hard knifing slice dink here from PESA this ball is a really tough ball forces Joe into a really low contact I actually kind of read that early and I'm going for the poach here you can see me.

Make a move to my right and Joe sends it right to my left so this is just uh you know Joe just making a good decision going behind me on this one and he kept that ball down so here we go we got a couple Cross Court dings here from me and Craig and of course I send it a little too wide again these are the balls you want to avoid when you're.

Hitting Cross Court dinks you don't want to hit it that close to the line because it's going to open up this around the post shot look at Craig here in this angle here he gets really really low and he waits for the ball to get the lowest as possible almost hitting the ground again I would say this is you know 8 to 12 inches off the ground and I want you.

To notice here pesa's defense of this around the post shot he can see that ball he's watching it right now as it goes wider and wider and it's hit close to that sideline look at what PESA does he takes one two three steps back give or take and he drops his paddle down this is great defense on this shot so one thing you can do when you're trying.

To defend the ATP you can just move laterally really really quickly or to make it easier on you when you drop back like this it gives you a little bit more time to deal with the ball so you can see pasta is going backwards here and he sets his feet here and he just drops his paddle low and look at my positioning here from this angle.

I have coarse because I'm the one who sent it really really wide I'm covering middle at this point in time so pasta hits this good block here it's definitely a high ball Joe wants to put it away he unfortunately hits it a little bit out and I almost hit that ball but I'm glad I let it go so in those two points we just saw two atps or.

Around the post shots and two different people defend them so again at higher levels this happens all the time what can we do to try to avoid this shot obviously we don't want to hit our Cross Court dinks that close to the sideline especially with Pace that's why when I'm digging Cross Court I try to leave some room or some margins as I didn't cross.

Court uh two two one yeah all right so now let's jump into this last clip here with Craig serving to me I had a nice return here Craig has a really good forehand drive here and he almost jams me up on this dominant side.

Again we talked about this in a previous video when you're driving the ball or attacking that dominant side is a good place to go to so you can see my right hip or right on the side of my right hip almost gets me but thankfully I get it back this is just a good drive and drop combo from Craig he has a really good forehand so he hits it boom gets a weak.

Reply and then he just thinks this next ball in alright so that dank forces a really low contact I send them back Cross Court and then he goes right towards the middle of the Court which just is a really good pattern mix up to not keep it cross-court all the time it's really good to mix it up in toward the middle of the Court there and as I.

Send this ball back to his backhand Craig hits this little topspin backhand flick unfortunately this ball has a lot of pace on it and goes really really wide and you can see me set my feet and hit this backhand ATP for a winner now obviously unlike the previous two scenarios here Joe maybe didn't recognize how wide the ball went or.

Didn't think I was going to get over I'm not sure but again we see here that Joe you know to defend this he would have to have that right foot closer a lot closer to that sideline here look at my positioning here I'm way off the court I have both feet on the sideline there now PESA you know he could definitely be slid over to his left helping cover me.

But I fortunately keep that ball low and I wait till it gets really really close to bounce on the ground and again I would say you know 6 to 12 inches off the ground with a little push on that backhand side and that little angle dink sets it up so thanks again Craig so I know this video focused a lot on the around the post shot and the defense of.

The around the post shot but one thing I do want to point out here is covering the court with your partner we always hear follow the ball or move with your partner and all these things are really really good and obviously they make sense hopefully you saw it here as we get really really wide and go towards one sideline it's really important that.

As the partner that's not hitting the ball that you follow them and cover the court with them so if they're only taking one step towards the sideline to get a wide dink then maybe you only slide one step over if they are way off the court and totally out of bounds then you probably want to be in the middle somewhere straddling that Center Line so.

It really depends on the situation and remember if your partner is getting that ball back you got to make sure you slide back and recover that will become now natural over time if that's not natural for you to slide and shift over every time that the ball goes Cross Court one way or cross-court the other way then it's just something that you need to.

Work on again thanks so much for watching this video if you found a lot of value out of this go ahead and give this video a like leave a comment below tell us what you think if you'd like to learn more go ahead and head on to brionist pickleball.com we'd like to connect with you and help you on your pickleball Journey again thanks so much.

And we'll see you in the next video man oh man and don't go wait until the morning you never know when it is
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