All right everybody check out the fans here they're funneling in I've been told it's been the most attended Tournament of Champions to date tickets are still on sale we have some availability for Friday so feel free to come on out we are completely sold out on Saturday but hey this is what makes the PPA tour the PPA tour lots of fans.

Lots of excitement wanting to come watch the best players in the world play now we've got a very interesting matchup on our hands we're going to be welcoming back out our number one seed it's Lucy kovalova and her partner Matt Wright taking on Tyson McGuffin and Lee Waters this is going to be a great quarterfinal match here coming to you on Championship.

Court Tyson McGuffin has been playing some of the best pickleball I've ever seen him play the past oh three months or so he's really playing great he's had a paddle switch he's playing with a new paddle here a new Selkirk Power air we'll see if he uses that paddle here just like he used in singles yesterday.

He had an early exit he's partnered with Lee Waters I don't know if you checked out the CBS broadcast that came last Saturday but I would say Lee Waters was the best of the Four Women on the court she was accompanied by Lucy Lucy kovalova and Cali Smith and they played Anna Lee Waters and Lee Waters and I.

Would say Lee Waters outperformed all three ladies in that match so she's playing some great pickleball let's see what Tyson and Lee can put together here they're taking on the obvious number one seeds here in Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova they have a lot of chemistries they're chemistry their Partners on and off the court let's see what can happen.

I think it's going to be very interesting we know down on the bottom side that Jay and Jessie have already moved forward they're gonna play the winner of Tyler loong and uh Anna bright against Ben Johnson Colin John so a lot of interesting matches here after this match we're gonna have.

Another amazing match coming to Championship court it's going to be another quarterfinal we're gonna have Cali Smith and AJ Kohler taking on brother sister Duo Lindsey Newman and Riley Newman so we've got three great matches all slated up to come to you next let off by this match here.

Go ahead and comment and say who you guys would like to win this match are you guys cheering for Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova or Tyson McGuffin and Lee Waters I don't know if you saw that article on Barcelona if you're by your computer or cell phone go ahead and look it up it was a big article about Tyson.

McGuffin and why he is such an amazing player an amazing athlete to watch setup zero one one thank you boy one one one I think we're gonna see Lee a lot more comfortable with that Cross Court dink.

With Lucy kovalova than we saw with Mary Brusha earlier today that was something that put them in a lot of trouble and that Matt and Lucy were able to take a ton of advantages over look that look to see them keep the ball away from Matt and get in that cross-court sequence with Lucy what.

On the flip side when Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova they really love to speed the ball up when they see an opportunity to do so look for a lot of those flips to go towards Tyson rather than Lee Lee has quick hands but they're gonna try to attack a lot of those balls over Tyson's way when they have the opportunity to speed up and.

Then be ready for that second third fourth Exchange three one two oh God four one two thank you.

Mcguffin's McGuffin and water jump out to a great lead McGuffin rocking the mullet and mustache my sketches head to toe as he would call it and he misses just wide there one five one Lee electing to switch here and Tyson misses just long.

Two quick free ones right let's see if they can use it and take advantage a huge rip this is the exchange we're going to be looking for today who can create the most off of this cross-court Exchange look for a high wanted for Lucy to flip it at Tyson boy.

Tyson steps over and couldn't quite do anything with that ball as it was kept a little too low three five one I love the aggression now you got to take chances in this game three five two I can't overrule I just think first point four five two.

Foreign that Ball's just too high Lee's gotta be able to redirect that and be able to bring it down anything High Matt's gonna close on 65 you it looks like Irina tarashinko is going to join us in the booth here in about 10 minutes we're going to be able to have.

Her professional insight Lee Waters with one foot in the green is able to put an overhead at Lucy kovalova's feet they get the ball back here prepared swinging volley by Matt Wright five six two five six two here water serving.

Point and Matt Wright just returns backhand slice into the net not an ideal point to give up a freebie for McGuffin and Waters drops a little high and a huge speed up by Lee Waters absolutely phenomenal thank you starting to get a bit toasty here in the.

Salt Lake Valley you can see people huddling under the umbrellas for shade we'll see if this brings any fatigue to these players also have a little breeze that's picked up some great defense by kovalovan right but it's just not enough Waters keep on the pressure and keep.

Pressuring and eventually they were able to take advantage a great Point put together by Waters McGuffin gotta sat out six eight here we've got a Titan game in number one game number one giving the viewers everything they've been asking for.

Eign sells the ball just long almost hits him out right in the process seven eight one seven eight here she misses just wide a great timeout selected from McGuffin and Waters they're trying to slow down the momentum of Right In kovalova.

We're having a great match here in game number one it couldn't be tighter than this we'll be back with more action shortly all right balls back in play here this is the pattern I think we're going to see a lot of and Matt Wright with the overhead down the middle.

And that's four straight points for kovalova and right nine eight one two points away from capturing a game number one sometimes second serve 92. point Tyson tries to stay aggressive there.

With that volley and just dumps it right into the net it looks like they're going to take another time out here at 10 8. we'll come back to see if Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova here we're looking to see if Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova can serve it out here in game number one as they serve 10-8-2.

I'm now joined in the booth by the pickleball Legend herself sick sick tricks founder Irina tereshinko how you doing Irena just kidding I hear your mic's not ready to go yet so we'll we'll get your analysis here after game number one Matt Wright and Lucy kovalova take game number one we're gonna jump to a quick.

Commercial break fix irina's match and you'll be able to hear her beautiful voice here very soon yeah all right welcome back here we're getting ready to start game number two writing kovalova jump to 11-8 win in game number one they were down zero five and were able to put together a great.

Comeback I'm now joined by my co-hosts and pickleball Legends welcome to the booth Arena greetings everyone uh thank you for having me super excited to join on this Action Tech mix day at the people Toc 101.

all right now I was saying that I think Tyson's playing some of his best doubles pickleball I've seen as of late would you agree I think Tyson has been doing a good job adding different elements to his game and studying his opponents so um he's definitely making an adjustment.

And what do you think what are a couple of things that Tyson can do differently to maybe send this to game three yeah the one thing I like seeing of Tyson as of late that we didn't see a whole lot of last year or early this year is he starting to become a little bit more aggressive um you know when you think of Tyson you.

Traditionally think of a grinder somebody that's gonna get the ball back they'll stay in the point keep a level head but he started to slide over and he's tried to he's added a few more weapons um with his um especially with his forehand just being able to Speed the game up.

Being a little bit more comfortable initiating speed UPS anticipating a little bit better I know he's not known for the fastest hands in the in the game but he's done a lot better um being able to anticipate rather than just react so I think if he can come over and initiate a little bit more um it'll help a lot.

Absolutely great observations and I think also part of it the older we get the shorter we want our points to be so um that could be part of the adjustment that we've also seen on the number of other players that have made on tour boy definitely Toc obviously being a historic tournament for those of you that are.

Just tuning in I've said it a couple times today it was one of the first prize money tournaments in all of pickleball um a tournament that professional players can do and win money and really compete and help take professional pickleball to the next level founded by uh John gulo how many times.

Have you been up here to play Toc Irena um at least eight or nine times my first event was in 2013. Chris Miller got me there and then I won uh singles when Owen two women's doubles was pretty classic I didn't know the rules I didn't know where to serve I didn't know when to serve so it was funny I was learning essay I was playing the tournament so.

You came out in your first time playing with Toc is that right yes that's amazing with the legend Mills Miller should come out and learn yes make this your first event but great tookable Community here in Utah the PPA is also based in Utah and just amazing to be part of this enthusiasm about the game.

Absolutely Lucy with the big back can there as she slides right and goes right at Lee three one two Matt Wright is also doing a good job anticipating the down the line reply and crushing the middle reaching in in front of Lucy yeah definitely they had a really tough first round match.

Um Matt Ryan had to buy but they had a buy into the um round of 16 and uh they had a really tight match with uh Mary bro and Matt was able to really mentally will them to Victory there was able to turn it on so we'll see what he can do here oh that's an excellent second round.

Match Eric yeah it looks like we're gonna jump to a break and we'll be right back all right we're back here Matt serving at 5-1 so this point is a good example of maybe some of the downfalls when your partner plays the middle really hard and kind of.

Looks One open I think Tyson will probably make an adjustment it's okay to get burned once maybe twice but then it's really on you to make sure you have your your line covered yeah great that was a great backhand flick by Matt just going behind Tyson foreign great spot there by Lee she found this.

High dink that bounced above her waist and she held her forehand quite a bit and then went to Matt Wright's right here bro place there not too powerful very controlled probably like 70 to 80 percent of speed looks like the ball was either broken or cracked or out around the elector got a new ball here.

Tyson spinning it around checking it out making sure it's good to go wow what a point it started with a classic shake and bake by Tyson and Lee Tyson third shot early drives it Matt and Lucy defend send it to neutral and then dictate from a point that's also a good illustration of how great the game of pickleball is because you can see.

Changes between offense and defense often happen two or three maybe more times in the point and sometimes in tennis you don't see that once somebody starts attacking usually the point ends in their favor so Irina tell us a little bit we've seen Tyson and Lee change positions quite a few times.

Why would uh Lee and Tyson elect to go to have Lee straight up with Lucy what would they be looking to create there is there a reason why they'd be doing that as you see they changed back here um well maybe one idea that uh um they're losing right so they want to try to change the pattern also um Lee I think enjoy once in a while playing on.

The left side so I think on that part they're just trying to change it up create something maybe surprise them they're down quite a bit in game two so I think it's good idea on their part let's see if anything comes out of it second sir second serve here McGuffin and Waters.

Really need a string a few points together get back in this game number two it's important to get a few a few points here or else this one could get away in a hurry up Lucy kovalova says not today and the side out.

Ball flips back over to right I think it's really important here for McGuffin and Waters they're really at the point now where it's a must hold here to get the ball back any more points than this make it a lot tougher not their first rodeo they've been under pressure.

Similar situations great drive by Lucy takes it down the middle of Lee's half very high percentage another interesting thing you see with Matt and Lucy on their team actually Lucy is the one that takes the majority of the third shots at least in this game um she has a lot of them have good.

Variety but Lucy of course is known for her third shot Drive so she's creating some opportunities for Matt to close in the kitchen appreciates the speed up there and then he's ready for the one-two punch ready to put the ball away very compact very efficient swing from the technical perspective it was a.

Textbook demonstration by Matt Wright he's still got it Lizzie just loses concentration right there and sends that volley into the net let's see if that can create some momentum for Waters let's see if they can go on a little run here another shaken big defendant.

Eight two one second third oh that's a pretty sweet shot by Tyson a little bit of deception he makes it look like a dink just a little I know I thought it was a dink I thought he was dink in the right and all of a sudden it was a winner down the middle well you know you get easily impressive.

Impressionable but that would be true a little firefight action point Lucy over hits it just a little bit Hoyt the ball says a little long hair we're gonna have a match point number one and it looks like Waters and McGuffin elect to take a time out here at 10-2-2.

We're gonna be right back after a few short messages from our sponsors it's not often you see Ben Johnson a Tyson McGuffin tank top but we're back here serving at 10-2 good thing he's missing is tattoos oh and a lob ster point game match and the ball looks.

Like it lands just out here on the Baseline as Lee tries to lob it back in and that's going to be the match for kovalova and Wright they're gonna take this quarterfinal match which is going to propel them to the semi-final match pretty good match there Irena yes great action and more to come we have some very interesting matches.

And definitely well when we come back from break here we're going to be witnessing brother sister Duo it's gonna be Riley Newman and Lindsey Newman taking on the hometown hero Cali Smith and her partner AJ Kohler who do you got here Irina I'm going for the Newman's the Newmans why the Newmans you're saying if you're.

Betting you're putting money on the Newmans yes I think uh yeah Kelly Smith has a huge Advantage with the home crowd but I think the conditions are very hot so the boat flies a little bit because when you can there's a little bit of altitude but also it's very hot and the ball is very soft Newman's a very Scrappy they're going to be able to get.

A lot of balls back in and kind of control the point the way they like it so that's why I picked the humans great I'm gonna pick AJ Kohler and Cali Smith I think the hometown crowd's gonna have a little bit of extra Flair for Cali I know they get loud they get Rowdy when we have any event here in Utah whether it be Red Rock Tournament of Champions.

And I think AJ's just gonna have that flick on today I think there's going to be too many flicks at Lindsay but uh let's take a little break and hopefully we can come back and look at a graphic of the bracket and we can update you on where we're at thanks
Watch as Tyson Mcguffin and Leigh Waters take on Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova at the 2022 Tournament Of Champions