All right welcome back everybody this is the club Tournament of Champions We are in Utah about an hour north of Salt Lake City Utah so picturesque you're seeing a lot of the looks around this great state right here on your screen and the play.

Is matching these beautiful Vistas and now it's time for the ladies to take the court and we've got a good one coming up for you it's our first look at the waters they are the two seed and they're going to be playing Vivian David and Susanna Barr who beat Melinda Wilkins and Etta right 11-2-11-6 to get.

Here the waters as you see in their matching Fila outfits on the far side they're wearing the teal and then you've got Vivian David in the purple and the baseball hat and then Susanna Barr using that new Selkirk Labs paddle got to sell Kirk tank top on.

This is going to be a fun one David and Barr are not to be underestimated get a lot of balls back David has one of those very compact dangerous two-handed backhands they will be looking to score the upset Anna Lee Waters has already punched two tickets to Championship Saturday she will play.

The singles against Leia Jensen she will play mix with Ben Johns against Cali Smith the local favorite and AJ Kohler that will be on Fox Sports 1 tomorrow at four o'clock mountain time so don't miss that we'll have a great call for you for that we look forward to having pickleball again.

In front of a national audience on Fox Sports 1 tomorrow night so the wind heavily at the back of the waters to start this match when you got the wind plus the altitude you probably want to prefer to play into the win so uh we are ready to play it is Anna Lee Waters to serve let's.

Play Pickleball hello ladies and they're off and running there's that compact two-handed backhand I talked about Vivian David will be there with that all day long oh my God so into the wind on that two-handed backhand roll for Barr you're gonna have to get that up more than you.

Think because the wind will be knocking it down but then you can use that to your advantage because it will dive even lower bar and Lee Waters like to run around that backhand and hit this Top Spin forehand dink so it'll be interesting to see how that battle transpires oh my.

God and a ball off the tape hits Vivian David's paddle so get that squared away Bill Reitz is our head referee and Damon Berry assistant Anna Lee unable to finish that shake and bake but the.

Waters will be bringing heat the entire day it's a nice finish by Susannah Barr there she's one of the best communicators you're here here talking yours mine throughout the match that will sail deep because of the wind so good pressure lots of smiles there will always be a.

Smile in Vivian David's face gonna have to hit seven winners against these two they will keep putting the ball back in play and we got the push off by Susanna Barr we'll get a look at that here see that foot in the kitchen and then pushes off to hit it a ancillary benefit of lobbing is that.

Call right there what hard to hit a return deep With The Wind in their face but Susanna Barr that got a little behind her and really clocked it foreign Waters that uh speeds it up there.

Say they like Annalee now playing the left side get finished by bar there saying the Lee Waters tried to curl that over there but with the wind at her back harder to make that dip by the time it kisses the nap it goes wide.

That's just a ridiculous angle by Annalee Waters here just rolls that with the left hand that's the benefit that's doing it back and you can really use the left hand oh my God Susanna Barr definitely played a ball.

That was sailing deep great Scamper by Anna Lee to track down that LOB thank you what a point and it is the lob from Lee Waters that actually ends up being the Difference Maker here.

David goes inside out into it dangerous land there which is the two-minute backhand of Annalee Waters but uh survives it so quick early lead for the waters here this is their first match of the day how to buy as the second seed oh lee Waters got what she wanted saw.

One of those delicious third shot rolls from Susanna Barr there to start and get them in a good position then gets too much of the serve so second serve D and Vivian David retreating leaves it wide and Anna Lee Waters you see there to.

Serve up too nice little hop in the transition area from Lee Waters throws it at Susanna's feet well done that serve was really close if not deep but played by bar So Good Karma on that one perfect lob.

Again lobbing into the wind is the way to do it throw it over their head and then let the wind bring it down so perfectly executed there by bar foreign a very nice cheer between each winning Point as you see it right there from bar.

And Dave it's a plan with a lot of fun foreign Waters who's able to catch Vivian David there after a very nice exchange at the kitchen line thank you Anna Lee Waters flashes by.

Thank you too much this is three two six one two three one.

Spicy second term what year foreign oh I think four of you all right working on some audio.

Difficulties here we're we're back Vivian David's serving what five six one second six two six five one second third.

Five two okay okay folks again battling me audio demons but uh here we go bar thought she caught the line there and called wide so we have a timeout called by.

Bar and David so we will take a quick break ourselves and be back with a conclusion of game one right after this all right welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here and it is the ladies on the court the waters in a great battle here in game one with Vivi and David and Susanna Barr.

all right eight five two Sean thank you and Viv does not get extra points for catching that one but uh smiling as she always is so uh again that's the way this match is going to be blunt force.

Trauma from the waters versus the redirects the resets and the counters from Barr and David it is nine five two that sails deep so let's see if David and Barr can make a run 591 is our score coming across Court up high that is not.

Going to work against this Duo one second got some debate with the referees here I think we had a incorrect receiver but uh the ball was missed anyway so you don't get double points for that though just to be clear there is no.

Two-point play maybe someday down the road but uh here we go six nine two oh and Anna Lee thought that lob was gonna get over Lee and she was absolutely able to get it there and then thrown back where Annalee came from and they're within two here.

Excellent fifth by Susanna Barr there and Anna Lee can't scrape that one back over and will the waters use a timeout they will not it is eight nine foreign works again and we are tied at nine and it is time for a timeout for the water so big comeback.

David and Barr are smiling they're smiling when they're down or whether they're on a rampage well they are on a rampage now so nine a piece will they be able to take it all the way home and take game one we'll find out after this welcome back everybody packed in here and what a match.

Nine a piece David and Barr have come all the way back in they take the lead after the waters time out and a deep serve into the corner is followed by an even deeper return in the corner and they get the ball back so timeout wizard strikes and the counters were working but then.

The speed up from David is countered By the Waters and they are able to get to 10 and we've got a game point that's a big drive from Lee water so great comeback by Barr and David to get all the way to nine a piece with the ball a timeout and then it is Lee and Anna Lee taking the next two points will.

They take game two we'll find out after this thank you and we're making sure we get the right server here foreign by bar there again.

Getting our audio Square for you guys nice volley by bar there and Anna Lee Waters unable to dig it foreign one here game number two and uh again dialing in the thirds it's different on both sides the wind at your back makes it harder you leave it up because you think you hit it perfect and.

The wind carries it there's a Butte by Susanna bar there and we've got the reverse flipsy here of the waters under attack but they are able to get back in it with a little help of a net cord so Barn David smiling good point.

Just couldn't get the Finish nice finish by Susanna Barr there so again we're at one zero two that's a nice finish beautiful Drop left up and then nice don't need to hit that ball hard just placement over power.

And only got what you wanted couldn't finish that one sorry mother and that backhand's pulled a little wide so David and Barr on the board that's a good job by bar and David and keeping the ball down they know if it's up at all the waters will be coming.

After it so two a piece game two the winner of this match will play the three seed Catherine parento and Malaya Jansen are through to the semi-finals after beating tarashenko and Gretch Kina the other semi-final will feature of the 4C Jesse Irvin and Anna bright against.

The top seed Lucy kovalova and utas own Cali Smith that just sails deep from Vivian David three two two three two two as Lee water serves later tennis at South Carolina that is a great dig by Lee Waters there the return was terrific.

Annalee threw it into the negative jet stream so it Dove down and Lee Waters was able to dig that out great ball by bar there again just the right amount of topspin and catches just inside the line there so they get it back they need to go get a missed return that's a nice way to mount to come back.

It just keeps coming back but there too much came back so second serve that comes up just short Barr loves to roll that topspin but hasn't found the right range with the wind at her back foreign Waters tries to speed that up but misses.

Second opportunity pretty nice two-handed backhand roll there by Anna Lee section between two luckily Waters unable to scrap that back so they got something there and the lead is four excuse me three three six one.

That's a great job bye Emily water stuck her paddle into the middle on the one before and was out of position and then back door wide open good finish there and this looks like The Comeback they had in game number one where they got it tonight all great finish by Susanna Barr that third sails a little wide a second chance here to tie this up at six.

Foreign off the tape stays in David's head shoots up into the heavens like come on man there's a nice finish on the shake and bacon we're at seven five seven five one Annalee was everywhere but she was running into a brick wall as David and.

Barr say enough and hit it into the Open Court well played on both sides that was fine too that's one of those where the disguise was not there on the lob so easily able to get back and put it down as the lob was into the wind but not from a great position.

Foreign water steps back and rolls it low and it unable to be blocked back in the kitchen but they get a missed return they'll take that six seven two and David tries to go speed up land and gets beat on that one.

So to get to within one got a little momentum there nice volley by Susannah Barr on the drive that was up what yeah I think that ball was called out and that was clearly in so uh Annalee looks back I think Lee was had her head turned around but uh.

That ball that ball is definitely in Anna Lee saw it and uh we got the proper call there so six seven two that's gonna come over on a little skitter off the tape so uh cannot tie it at seven so we are back at seven six one what a third by Anna Lee Waters there.

Just over the tape when they get a missed return and that could create a timeout we'll see what they decide to do they do indeed call time out so waters are up nine six here in game number two we'll be right back for the conclusion after this all right welcome back everybody Dave.

Fleming here with you all day long here at the club Tournament of Champions and it is the waters who are having quite a battle up 9-6 here in game two questions a second chance to get to 10. it's great deep return so uh fortuitous time out.

Thank you so Anna Lee Waters pulls the trigger gets a high ball and puts it at the feet of Vivian David who can't dig it out that's gonna go wide so good job by bar and David can they get a few more seven nine bar gets jammed she comes in very heavy.

Holding that two hands if you get it to the right side of the body it makes for an awkward ball and just couldn't quite get the paddle in the right place and just a gorgeous little two-handed backhand roll from Anna Lee Waters foreign where you want to see the left side.

Player close the middle and not let that happen and we've got a match point here and that will do it so it is the waters who play a very game Farr and David so they will move on it is the waters the two seed will play Catherine parento and Leia Jansen the three.

And kovalev and Smith will play Irvin and bright and the other will have all the semi-finals after this
Watch as Vivian David and Susannah Barr take on Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters