All right welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here last match of a long day here at the club Tournament of Champions this is the bronze medal match so it will be two out of three to 11. parento and Jansen have to quickly wipe away that match with the waters got a chance to get a medal they will face Vivian David set to.

Return and Susanna Barr let's play Pickleball thank you beautiful ball down at the feet from bar there again as we saw earlier this is going to be a match of styles parento and Jansen are going to want to bring the pace David and Barr are going to want to.

Bring beautiful thirds like that one then counter punch and find things that they can do uniquely and bar takes that ball and she starts it David finishes one of the most sweet compact two-handed backhands you'll see in Pro pickleball bar just pushes that forward catches parento not set and steady.

Good yeah a nice bad luck because that third was vicious from bar bar when she is on can just thread the needle on thirds drop them right at your feet that return is right on the line and Jansen and parento have seen enough of Jensen on the left so they switch it.

Up quickly chance for Barr there just wants to go down went through it instead of down she's got the new Selkirk lab zero zero three paddle Moy our second referee saw that ball clearly in and that is turned over so they do get a point and.

Then the Miss serve so uh Leslie Frank will call us back in here and again if you leave that dink up Barr will come with it with Top Spin down at your feet and a quick 3-2 lead here for David and Barr and unwinding the stack creates a problem there for Jansen so uh she'll.

Likely fake and not move here we'll see not even much of a fake but can't make that volley and a quick timeout from Jansen and parento so far and David off to a solid start here in the bronze metal match will they keep it going we'll see right after this kid is parento and Jansen calling a quick timeout there as yes.

David and Barb have jumped out I said bar going with that same ball trying to get it down the line to parental just a little wide on that one good job by David digging out the first two but not the third one so time out gets the ball back without additional.

Harm and bar seemed to be in between whether she should clobber it or go for an angle an indecision often leads to a ball in the net thank you much better that's right at it goes down perfect Pace Well Done by Susanna Barr.

Ack that time it was David that started the fight and that is something that they would love for her to do yes four by two beautiful counter there for Parental and Jansen paddle clanks on both sides who's gonna recover combo by Barr who definitely has her.

Faithful here cheering for her at Brigham City foreign third comes up just short and now I look up at the flag and there is almost no wind just a crazy night here that returned just deep and we are tied at five.

Attack from bars probably going out because she didn't get on top of that one either but catches parento in a weird spot so 5-5-2 we are able to get out of the way of as the location of the club logo on the Tournament of Champions Banner was pegged with that ball.

Great Hands by David there my goodness that ball was going to be at a waist ends up at her shoulders she gets the paddle there that's impressive so varento Returns the favor and goes down the line with the dink that ties up Susanna Barr foreign Top Spin tanks that bar is so known for.

If Jansen can take that out of the air instead of letting it bounce around the kitchen line she will be much better sir that sir from David goes deep again wind much less of a factor here in this match trusting your swing when you've been playing into the wind on this side it's difficult.

So it is the mental battle that you have to have with yourself to trust all of the work you've done off the court to go okay I know where to hit this ball in this condition missed opportunity for chance in there that was definitely attackable and two battles in the middle push that one deep so a couple opportunities.

Within that point lost okay six six one that is a great job by Jansen being pushed wide by Barr and then rallying to the center a lot of people when they're pushed wide just don't have the active feet to get back to the middle bar went to that opening and it was closed by Jansen.

Oh and that little flick by David very close to the Baseline my angle is slightly blocked so I didn't see it perfectly rolls the ball down at Chance's feet foreign beautiful job by parento there getting low but it is bar that finishes after a nice.

Setup by Vivian David so maintain the sixes and that is a nice Point by David and Barr right there patiently waiting for their opportunity and then bars able to finish so 7-6 again this is the bronze medal match in our last match of the day and that is hit deep and Jensen.

Some people drop their paddle some people make a March as if there are a magnet is pulling them to a certain place and it is Jansen that is pulled to her seat so they call time out so while they catch a breath let me tell you what's happening tomorrow tomorrow we start at 10 o'clock with the men's singles final that'll be Ben John still.

And Frazier that will be on YouTube that'll be followed by the women singles also on YouTube Anna Lee Waters against Leia Jansen who you're watching here in the bronze medal match these are best three out of five all day long we're going to take a break and then these times are all mountain time here folks four o'clock Mountain Fox Sports 1.

Another National broadcast of pickleball will be the mixed doubles match and then following that at 6 p.m we'll switch over to Tennis Channel we will have the women's doubles and then the men's doubles so what a day a pickleball we have in store for you tomorrow and let's have a big great finish to this one Jansen does not get the paddle on top of.

That overhead that sails deep move by Vivian David to start a Helder Skelter point there craziness everywhere but they're able to fill it and they are staring at an opportunity right here look at that third just wide bar went for a almost a clean winter off.

That that was so dipping and Diving can you hear the great communication of Susanna Barr and that just goes wide off the tape so they cannot finish so down four but two game points saved opportunity there and David started it and then dug herself out because it was a little bit.

High but uh she was ready for the counter of the counter Barr gets caught with a short return and a nice drive there it's a great strategy if they hit a ball with some Pace that's short they are in a hurry to get to the kitchen line give them the ball that's a nice pedicure see Susanna.

Her fans are loving that so third try game point here four David and Barr ER and a footfall called by Leslie Frank and an anti-climatic ending but bar and David were smiling this match started and they continue to smile so it is Barr and David who take game one of the.

Bronze medal match will be back with game number two from the club Tournament of Champions right after this all right welcome back congrats to the Hall of Fame inductees you'll see that happen in November and we're back to pickleball at his bar the local favorite and David who took game one can.

They keep that going hearted and two paddles are better than one in the middle and that worked out they even had a ball go off the tape so after that uh delay for the announcement they come out and are right back where they were before and there's another one of those beautiful.

Thirds from bar and she's still scrapping her way back in uh Jansen was there but pulled it deep and David and Barr looking great here to start game number two crap by Jansen there foreign.

Relentless pressure you saw the lob earlier in the point from Barr that was not that high but it's the element of surprise takes it out of the air flicks it up and over jansen's shoulder as long as you find the spot that can work just by itself and it certainly did there and Barr follows up a delicious drop in.

That same magnet that pulls Leia Jensen to her chair when it's time for a timeout is pulling right now so bar and David picking up where they left off and they look great here after the Hall of Fame announcement they are rolling yeah again the conditions are maybe the best they've been all day right now the.

Breeze is very slight obviously we're under the light so you have to correct for that a little I don't want to say cold it's not cold just a little chillier than it was earlier but uh these are conditions you would want to play in and bar it's got her contingent here they are loving what she's putting out here.

David and Barr playing beautiful complimentary pickleball foreign so timeout gets the ball back without additional damage Here Comes parento and the net is just not being friendly to Jansen and parento at all sit up our tip sorry and just as I say that the net has.

Said I heard you I heard you Dave we got some even Steven here so that one kisses the tape and gets them on the board will this continue not with that third so bar and David and just as I mentioned how lovely it is the land picks up significantly it's actually the back of.

Barr and David now so that is the opposite of the way it was earlier there's another ball where little indecision could cost them an opportunity to take this point okay beautiful setup and finish and everything it's going the way of Vivian David and.

Susanna Barr except for that sir it did crawl over but in pickleball if you're new to it it can hit the net it's just got to clear the kitchen including the line the line is part of the kitchen in that case and then they miss the third so gets a little crazy now the wind is at the back of Parental and chance and some.

And just tell you the wind's swirling folks and we'll stop there deep serve just catches the line some crazy left-handed Madness there from bar but it worked unwinding the stack rental went for a bigger serve but can't find the court and uh.

Miss serves back to back guarantee you David puts this in A little sloppy here for about two minutes of running time see if Jansen and parento can make a dent in this lead and a little too much angle on the.

Two-hander there from Barr so good defense again in pickleball just keep throwing it back there make them make more shots thank you what again I think Barr was gonna kill it and then decided to just lay it at the feet of Leia.

That's a good place to lay it but uh caught the net and an error-free match so far has not been the case over the last few points and here come parento and Jansen foreign gently place her paddle up against the wall and they will take a time out so parento Jansen have it tied up we'll.

Have the rest of game too after this welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here at the club Tournament of Champions we're in Brigham City Utah Friday Night Lights a chance to play on Championship Saturday was already determined earlier today this is the bronze medal match foreign just a lovely angle from Susanna Barr.

Coming out of the timeout bar so time out gets the ball back five look at a run back to serve in high five pace is quick it's a broadcaster's nightmare give us a second take a stroll it's okay look at the dicks by bar can't get the next one now get pressure from Jansen and parento.

Five five tips that is a great read by David there on a gorgeous third by Susanna Barr and we're having an Easter egg hunt here in the corner but it is found six five two Leslie Frank confirms that that ball did just sail a bit wide five six one game two play a chance in the serve.

And look at how quickly Barr and David are able to turn defense in to offense Vivian David having an Easter egg hunt only the Easter egg was behind her there so a lot of chicanery here on the court here with where the heck the ball is what's up Catherine parento beautiful defense at the Baseline and nice job by Leia Jansen.

And not sticking her paddle in there they did Clank in the middle but then parento took over at the kitchen line that is a beautiful point it shows her completely rounded game and can she press her paste into this before it's too late nice dipping third everybody's checking in with Leslie.

Frank with that out yes sixes here in game two so again earlier today that would have been into the wind but that was with the wind at her back and that sailed well deep off the paddle of Susanna Barr as does that one so some.

Missed Returns on both sides here in game two because everybody's adjusting you beautiful job by far hitting down causing trouble bar gets a Little Help from the net but uh.

That Cross Court penetrating rolling dink causing trouble and there's that ball that feed parento a few times in game number one as Susanna Barr is pushing that backhand volley down the line and just hoping to catch parental easing her way into the middle she's done that a few times very effectively here so it is David and bar.

That have gotten back to the lead and uh let me take a second to thank all the referees and the volunteers who have been here all day long Court drying was required as we had a thunderstorm roll through here and it is beautiful got to thank the fans here who came back to watch this great action.

Thank you for watching all day long we're into hour number 12 or more here of coverage here and we will have some fantastic matches tomorrow in Championship Saturday and there's Vivian David when you know your partner's thirds are going to be so pure and clean David comes flying over that two minute backhand and finishes.

Because that ball is down at people's feet and they're gonna pop it up football left foot and Leia Jansen caught shuffling her feet again and this is match point and bronze medal point they get one stop thank you.

And that'll do it in your bronze medalist or Susanna Barr and Vivian David just playing beautiful pickleball I know this means a lot to Susanna Barr I will talk to the bronze medalists right after this actually all right Dave Fleming back here on Center Court one final time so.

Susanna Barr Vivian David tremendous play to take the bronze medal give it up for these ladies everybody Susanna I know this one means a lot to you you have a lot of Support over here you played fantastic what was the difference in this match a lot of people here from Idaho so that was great.

Um selkirk's in the house as well and so you know we just wanted to come out and and do our best yeah and your best was very good Viv I was talking about it on the broadcast and I looked at the flag and it went three different directions within literally 10 seconds I said I'm gonna stop talking about the wind because it's everywhere but as a player.

You've got to deal with that how are you able to find your game within a swirling nighttime condition here I mean ultimately we're all in the same condition s so we just have to play higher percentage shots and I was telling Susanna just basically keep being aggressive because you don't want to go.

Down being passive if so we go down going swinging we're swinging so I mean kudos to her she played on point today all day so awesome job I had the honors of playing with her in the wind yeah the wind was difficult but we were all in it so there's no there's no excuses for anyone Suzanne I love to talk about your third.

Shot drops because the word drop is what that thing does do you hit seven million of those in in practice because it when it is on point you get Viv flying over there with the two-handed backhand and it's the shake off the bounce tell everybody about how great that is to be a part of your game well I mean the best thing was Viv getting up there and.

Reading it so well and putting it away so like I love hitting a drop and I do drill it a lot um but I love it even better when I have a partner that's up there to finish it so Vivian David Susanna Barb playing brilliantly here it's Friday Night Lights and these ladies are your bronze medalists so congratulations to these.

Two folks that concludes Friday tomorrow is Championship Saturday we'll be back here 10 a.m we'll have the men's singles final Ben Johns Dylan Frazier followed by the women's singles final that's going to be Anna Lee Waters going up against Leia Jansen who we just saw then we're gonna.

Take a break we'll be back at four o'clock mountain and we will have the mixed doubles final and then two matches on Tennis Channel to conclude the day the women's doubles and the men's doubles Anna Lee Waters and Ben Johns going for Triple Crowns but great play tonight from these two ladies thanks so much for everyone here and the fans at.

Home for watching pickleball all day long we'll see you in the morning peace
Watch as Vivian David and Susannah Barr take on Lea Jansen and Catherine Parenteau for the bronze medal