All right welcome back everybody we've got a semi-final match going on here it is the top seed Matt Wright and Riley Newman playing Tyler loong and Colin Dawson winner will play tomorrow in the men's doubles Final on Championship Saturday here at the club Tournament of Champions.

They will face the lob doctor Callan Dawson and Mr Ernie Tyler loong so this will be a great battle again a lot on the line chance to play tomorrow chance to be a Titleist so uh we'll see which game style is able to happen will it be the.

Hands and precision of Newman and Wright or will it be sort of the more chaotic lobs Ernie's Etc at the kitchen line that loong and Dawson want and talking to the players the wind is definitely a factor it will be at the back of the players that are on the side where you see Matt right right now.

So uh you have both altitude and wind at the backs on that side so gotta find your range so the chance to play on Saturday is what we're playing for right here loong and Dawson will serve Don Stanley the lead referee Sandy REITs.

The second referee let's play Pickleball and it's trick or treat and we've got a treat for loon and Dawson on the missed return and here comes beat up so game style will be interesting there you see Matt right just lays that.

Serve in there a lot of seconds laying the ball in there on that point so works out for loon and Dawson and we'll be switching every time to put Tyler loon on the left side excuse me on the right side coming from the left side out and again finding the range it will be different.

101 your side arm serve of calendar that drive catches the net one zero two it's not out and they are unable too add to their early one-nothing leads so Matt Wright from Wichita he's a lawyer it's the danger that loon does not let you dig down the line because he sees it.

And he's coming for it so gotta find a different Locale for your dinks where Newman continues to go more middle I was Sky hooked by right but uh loon and Dawson hold their ground and are able to take we're at zero one two and that's just.

Vicious two-handed dinking by Riley Newman then gets low and is able to bring a two-handed backhand ATP that loon cannot defend that's a great first point for Wright and Newman crawls over but I can't flick it back so 1-1 early again semi-final one or two on the men's side.

No no and the Don Stanley alarm clock erupts as Kyle and Dawson as you see with the right foot slides the kitchen warning you when Don's on the call foot false are loud so there's what happens when you unwind the stack you want to catch the player.

Two one two going from left to right and drive it where they are there's another one and then fill in so Point construction perfect execution not what Callan Dawson wanted there so they get one one two one second sir nice first volley sets that up.

And the mat right forehand produces a winner after a great defense when he was under siege to even that out well done foreign was ready for the speed up there but uh three two two point four two two.

Set out two four one point three four one second sir three four two shout out four three one.

Boy five three one point this one six three one point seven three one second serve.

seven three two three seven one thank you boy or seven one second serve four seven two.

Boy five seven two inside out seven five one goodbye eight five one point.

Here 951 point ten five one second serve ten five two point game switch ends.

Hey Dave Fleming here I am uh got the audio Square for you it is right in Newman looking very good here in game one win 11-5 Matt Wright to serve to start game two Point great job by right of reaching in there and being out in front wins that battle good start for them here in game number two.

One zero two wind is settled down just a bit still at the back of lung and Dawson nice job by Alan Dawson of being able to hit down on this one right here and Wright is unable to reply zero one one Tyler long to serve second serve there you see the value of hitting down once again so when you have.

A ball up hitting it hard is one thing but hitting it down is waiting finish down not hard of course down and hard fantastic and there you see the pop on that Ace of Spades paddle that was Smoked by Callen Dawson Lynn was sitting on it but was in front of that attack.

Pulls it wide good look at the flag and one zero one thank you big finish by Loom there one zero two and uh we'll just not put that one in the lob Hall of Fame there's right zero one one.

Did not execute what he had hoped for there second sir Luke's able to scrap a couple back but uh big big finish by Riley Newman sign out Dawson and loon can't get anything going with their serve see if they can keep Newman and right at one.

There held that so beautifully and then flicked it inside out and again taking that ball right there Away by jumping the corner just sets up so much success you have to see then that's going to be in Matt Wright's head for the rest of this match can I lay a ball.

There in transition the answer is probably no that puts the ball back in the middle of the Court sets up different patterns that is a gorgeous two-handed backhand down the line from Newman and that's what the two-hander gives you disguise holds it so well flicks it down the line Stacks rude earlier today Gatling on a.

Couple of those and Cal and Dawson the baseball player catches the line drive tags the runner gets a double play that gets you zero points in pickleball second serve one zero two that hands up timeout serving team in the Boost.

We are back at the club Tournament of Champions here in Brigham City Utah early time out just to sort of get this wonky second game going we've seen that quite a bit today just weird starts to game twos a lot of it has to do with adjusting to the wind from one side to the other and Matt right with a beautiful forehand.

Flick down the line off the bounce zero one two thank you getting caught in that unwind of the stack one one two you play lefties or someone that does this and you have a return drive it where they're coming there it is again.

Beautiful by Matt right there and when there's a slice coming to topspin that's the ball spinning in the same direction repeatedly so the more that happens the RPMs get cranked faster and faster and right into the wind able to put a beautiful ball together there and now they get a shake and bake two on one.

Two one one is our score second serve two one two thank you that goes deep from Dawson Mr three one two one start out that is a heavy volley from Dawson.

Righteous lead the servant so if he's going to do that you can take advantage of it especially with the wind at your back great return set up the Finish second sir Malone gets tied up by that one they will get a second shot here than that time Dawson's like get that forehand out of.

Here after right I had a little uh dance move to handle the ball off the tape there but uh then chose to speed up the next one and said Callan you can have your fun I can have some fun too nice volley by right so three two game two.

Boy and that is right and Newman at their finest big Drive yes sir Newman looking for something to clean up and clean he did foreign doctor but it is and then Mr Ernie that finishes it.

So we went lob doctor Mr Ernie and then lob doctor finished that was nice well executed after Matt Wright was the one that started with the LOB so let's see two four one if Tyler learned who you see there can get.

Something going on their serve oh and that was a great read by Dawson because Riley Newman had come all the way in front of Matt Wright and the backside was open and he had just enough room to just sneak it over though so the ball was so close to the.

Net Dawson couldn't handle it and now he misses that volley so nothing for loon and Dawson there four through two challenge nice angle from balloon that's the beauty of overheads in pickleball find an angle if you hit it hard these guys are so talented they will get the.

Ball back point and a little Pace from loong and Dawson and suddenly they are within one three four one no no no second serve again trying to play a little quicker Pace are Dawson and laying on the last few opportunities three four two it's not out.

Unable to handle that tank so just one at a time here so far let's see if anyone can put two or three together great coverage by Loom there as players were flying all over the place great lengthy reach and filling protecting his partner alone after the Ernie by Dawson go go.

Oh my boy and the right lob looked like it might have been just a little too short but just far enough where it goes off the end of Long's paddle that's a nice finish there three five one foreign.

Goes well out second chance three five two coming up again this is semi-final number one second semi-final features to feature the two and the three seed the Johns Brothers against devilier and McGuffin sorry what defense by long.

Oh mine after all that that is a final speed up that Callan Dawson cannot quite reply and Calla Dawson is getting outlawed here Folks by Matt Wright Now Matt and Riley are both 11 feet tall so tougher to lobbies lobbed them before but uh right is Into The Wind which is the direction to LOB.

That's a nice finish by Matt right there so there's one down the line and then paddle ready and up on the next one six three one paddle ready especially tennis players are used to one shot finishes not in pickleball and I've said it numerous times today this stack unwinding and driving it over.

There even with somebody who's as Fleet of foot as long you don't get set and you miss that volley thank you second serve all right just late on that attack three two seven three two point and uh unwinding the stack just puts them even or slightly ahead right.

Out the get-go eight three two and we're at eight three two and that backhand opportunity for loon goes wide and we are two points from Wright and Newman clinching a spot on Championship Saturday tomorrow right here twin we'll hold that one up so ferocious finish from.

Loom can they get something going on one he went but wasn't able to see the ball into the kitchen that's a great move wonderful Inside Out dank by loon right there and then Dawson sees it and finishes and you don't need to be fancy.

On that one folks finish Straight Ahead 492 perfect complimentary pickleball by loong and Dawson it's not out 941 it's nice in there second chance to get to 10. here for right unfortunately Newman.

All those guests by Dawson and then it is ultimately finished by Matt Wright behind him and another lob set that up and we are at match point I like gay men and unfortunately it ends with a missed return so it is Matt Wright and Riley Newman moving on to Championship Saturday we'll talk to him.

Right after this we are at the club Tournament of Champions all right welcome back I've got Riley Newman and Matt Wright here they're moving on to Championship Saturday give it up for these two tremendous players everybody so Riley time off last two weeks have been more of a exhibition style.

Different matchups now you're back playing in a tournament with your partner how did it feel to be out here in a bracket trying to move on and you've ultimately made your way to Championship Saturday well to be honest I think Matt and I are both a little upset that we didn't make the mixed doubles finals so uh I didn't.

Get a peaceful night's sleep last night knowing that I wasn't in the finals so I felt like we just came out we were determined and uh once the once the the referee said zero zero two it was uh it was a good day for matinee it definitely was a good day now Matt the weather has been a factor obviously you guys were playing in California a lot low sea.

Level you've got the altitude and then the wind today how did that affect your game yeah it affects play a lot in the altitude I mean when you come out during the first hour the ball is just flying you hit you hit the dink you barely touch it it's sailing so it's hard to calibrate the drops the dinks I like to flip and speed.

Up a lot so it's kind of like gosh am I going to sail it can I keep it in so it's the conditions are a challenge there's no question so Riley you do make Championship Saturday now so hopefully you can sleep better what do you do between now and tomorrow to get ready to play your best for a title here at this prestigious.

Club Tournament of Champions event well as some people do know that I have a Fascination for Dairy Queen I think we deserved a little Dairy Queen Blizzard today so I think I'm gonna go get some food get some ice cream uh and then get ready to go tomorrow I think Matt and I were starting to find a Groove here we're starting to play better I think.

Early in the year we're a little bit uh indecisive on some middle shots so I think we're starting to finally tune it in start to play our best and I'm excited for tomorrow Matt last thing for you is you played against Callen Dawson who this week was dubbed the lob doctor and you outlawed the lob doctor are you like uh the.

Ultimate here talk to the fans about what the weather and the wind and how lobbying can really be a factor when you have a different wind condition here yeah I mean I I like the live I can look foolish sometimes look like a complete idiot and what's this guy doing out here um but you know when you lob you typically want to do it against the wind.

Um you can you can drive it into the wind a little bit more and then the other thing which I always don't do a great job of but if you can think about lobbing when you're serving so that you don't have you know you lose a point but you don't lose a point so to speak so you can lose some battles to try to win the overall War to get your opponent.

Maybe a little more uncomfortable and unsettled so I tried a lob Against the Wind and uh it doesn't always work but hey I'm gonna give it a go so they're going to give it a go tomorrow in the championship we'll see who wins this next match for their opponent give it up for Riley Newman Matt Wright they'll play tomorrow for a.

Title we'll be right back
Watch as Tyler Loong and Callan Dawson take on Matt Wright and Riley Newman at the 2022 Tournament Of Champions