All right we are back and we got the men on the court and this is a beauty Rob Cassidy and Utah's own Chuck Taylor versus Tyson McGuffin and Jay davilier I saw this match earlier in the year and Taylor and Cassidy were on fire and won it so will that be in the backs of the mines of devillier and McGuffin here we go.

Let's play Pickleball foreign McGuffin finishes with the brand new Selkirk zero zero three paddle zero zero one just hit in the marketplace devillier from France there nice dig you see Rob Cassidy down on the ground.

In this match I guarantee it he's the Lefty thank you oh and after all that defense from davilier McGuffin cannot get it on the ground nice inside out beautiful first volley so Taylor and Cassidy got here by.

Beating a very good team from the Pacific Northwest West gabrielson and Eric Lang they won that 11-6 11-7 and there's Cassidy coming in he will come in and you have got to make that ball bounce in the kitchen or he will attack that out of the air well done there Mr Cassidy hi third davilia.

Wrecks that quickly davilia and McGuffin defeated James ignatowich and Ben Newell 11 9 11 5 in their last match to set up this showdown so Cassidy coming hard but uh McGuffin ready with the reply there you see McGuffin named the most electrifying person in sports by.

Barstool Sports this week they love the look they love the play look in the play of that by Chuck Taylor a lot of people like to drop the ball to that backhand but you can take it away if you've got the length in athleticism Taylor certainly has all of that and more okay.

Good finish there so uh you will hear the locals behind Chuck all day long one zero one boy get dank in the middle there and foreign and he is going to be coming with smart well-placed shots another player with a unique grip as you.

Saw there that thing comes up just short foreign ER and Cassidy didn't read the point the same way as Taylor got one down and came flying forward but Cassidy did not come with him that left a deep opportunity to push the ball and then Taylor couldn't scrap some more to get another chance to get the ball down.

The Villages starts that off with a nice backhand and there on the board so it's the three seed devillier and McGuffin against the six seed Taylor and Cassidy capacity dink in the middle and again miscommunication davilier likes to come over and take that but uh that angle makes it very difficult so you get a.

Clean winner on a dink when all four players are at the kitchen line that is a rare sight so McGuffin and Davila I need to get that squared away then they miss uh miss a drive boy.

Three two one Rob Cassidy one of the great teachers of the game he certainly wouldn't teach his students to hit the serve deep he'd tell him to go for it and get it to be a deep serve though so trying to put that into play here that is a beautiful ball by Taylor there and that is a terrific coin and Taylor.

And Cassidy are bringing the energy bring in the Precision looking good to start this battle nice Inside Out by McGuffin there see The beautiful landscape here and Brigham City two four one there's the landscape on the artwork of Mr McGuffin.

Cassidy will have none of that number two okay parents say davilia watch because the thirds are up and the fifths are up and now Cassidy comes watch this one folks he comes flying across here skids straddles the pole does not touch it though.

You see Tom Whitson a referee saying let me get your cassidiness off the court here terrific referee says I saw a good play there let's make sure this court is nice and safe.

Four two that return sails deep again I talked about the altitude in an earlier match you just got to get that dialed in the same slice in California would stay in not here in the mountains of Utah Taylor couldn't get the footwork right got jammed up a little bit there and.

Couldn't get the ball in a good hitting position so Ken McGuffin who you see there and devillier find a rhythm boy so they get the Miss there you can hear devillier if he doesn't love his third or his fifth he does say watch to McGuffin make sure he is ready and they're they're gonna just play this.

Straight up so now you got the villier on the right side nice speed up by Cassidy and Taylor was ready for the reply but davilia not ready for the next one so the lead is a pair Taylor and Cassidy here you see Chuck Taylor.

It goes for the big rip and moves it wide and this is when you really want to add to that lead get at least one just keep putting the pressure on McGuffin and devillier that third is high and three five one.

That's nice so thirds are up points are short folks that's the way this works if you can't get it down Again Taylor starts the fight with the villier Cassidy finishes five three one is that concerned.

Third is up receivers win the point lather rinse repeat let's see if we can get some thirds down here that's just a great return by McGuffin so they've been stuck at five over here for a bit see if devillier and McGuffin can find something.

Devilier was looking at an ATP and then didn't see it and then you're in a bad position to hit your dank leaves it up and McGuffin ends up wearing it a thirds just are not down right now for Taylor and Cassidy it's a good attack from McGuffin so it's almost like we're in a rain delay.

It's uh been 5-3 for so long so here we go three five one the Ernie puts the ball in the middle for a good place for McGuffin but uh tack finds the net and a point is finally scored Cassidy reaching in he's been attacking with success you see McGuffin in that new paddle.

Great ball in transition by davilier there to get them even and then it is Cassidy with a sneaky little look at this little shot just shapes it right into the corner what a beaut it's a beaut Clark five four one all right can they execute similar magic Wow.

Cassidy tried to take that return and short hop to Third and left it way up there's a great move by devilier so pulls Cassidy waits till his head's down then goes 360 spinorama but the big Frenchman is standing right there got a good view of the 360 but great thing so when you see him opponent.

In trouble take that safety of going down the line Away by just standing there and waiting for it if he goes across Court no harm done great job by davilia there boy so now the grind begins we are tied at five six five one.

Another big Serve by McGuffin and Cassidy goes for that same approach you see him starting way in the middle comes over tried the same shot he executed a minute ago but this time he misses it wide and all that energy and emotion from Cassidy and Taylor has taken a bit of a tumble as they are down now in game one.

Have decided to take a time out and chill this down so McGuffin and devillier have the lead can they finish we'll find out after this all right welcome back folks we are at the club Tournament of Champions oh and after the after the time out debate about the service motion here.

Eight five one we are at eight five one oh my that one off so this ball from my vantage point went off the tape and then it hit like the edge of Jay's paddle that was such a weird play that the Ernie that you see coming up.

Here it goes off the edge of the paddle and then Jay is able to keep his paddle off the net so really weird Paul rast the lead referee thought he saw him break the plane from the replay didn't look like that he did when I first saw it it looked exactly.

Like what I think happened there which was the ball if the tape ends up going off the frame we're not doing nothing so we should replay this with because the ball of devillier hit was not a winner so I'm gonna play it we should be.

Playing this like a ball coming on the corridor referee error in the middle of a point and go back to 8-5 clearly right in front of Tom Whitson I like when the referees get together and get the call correct and uh and that is what we're gonna do so good job by Tom of.

Sharing what he saw so the point will be replayed eight five one oh and that little flick by McGuffin is good excuse me bye de villier sorry and uh suddenly five five is now 9-5 foreign that's a beautiful drive by McGuffin and this got.

Ugly in a hurry if you are Cassidy and Taylor at a game point and that volley sails wide so after a lot of energy and enthusiasm for Cassidy and Taylor to start it is McGuffin and devillier who turn it on at the end and they take game number one 11-5.

Cassidy and Taylor need to recreate what they had going on they were speeding the ball up effectively at the beginning of game number one so can they find it or will it be McGuffin and devilier moving on we'll find out right after this and this tournament is presented by.

Selkirk which has the new Labs paddles out you see one on the court in the hand of Tyson McGuffin on the far side who will serve here Rampage at the end of game number one they took it we'll see if that can continue in game number two missed third to start zero one no.

That ball sails deep I want to thank all our sponsors including one shot pickleball official paddle of this great tournament thank you one shot bad luck off the tape there so sloppy start to this we saw sloppy start to our prior match can't get game two is going but once they do it is beautiful nice finish by Taylor so let's see if.

Taylor and capacity can find that energy and that momentum I know the good people of Rochester New York are cheering on Rob Cassidy so again no score here zero zero one game number two Cassidy does another spin out there but can't recover.

A little indecision on who's taking the third nice big finish by davilier there so really was a tale of the thirds not getting down for Cassidy and Taylor in the middle of the last game foreign what a gap by Cassidy he was beat but still with that unique grip able to be solid.

On the paddle wow great job by Cassidy of being ready as looked like McGuffin had that point well in hand great deep return from McGuffin opportunity there is that was definitely the play just couldn't get executed by Chuck Taylor so.

Still at zeros oh my what'd it get by davilier and McGuffin can't back it up that is a ridiculous get to get it and leave it in the kitchen after a silky ball from Chuck Taylor thank you and then a third catches the net so Cassidy and Taylor have been at five for.

Just under 11 hours it feels like yes and then the serve goes deep so unsure on the referee call there and see if they can go on too time a good third just can't be finished by Taylor so I see a beautiful drop but uh big swing by Taylor coming across and.

They are still at zero but so are McGuffin and devillier foreign ER there so uh despite the fact that they haven't been able to score Cassidy and Taylor have not given up anything either and now they do so Cassidy trying to help his partner on.

The drive there just goes off the edge of the paddle and we have our first point game number two nice deep return force is a mistake all right canned they do anything with the ball in their hands.

First try is a no time it is the hands of Cassidy as the villier had a very meaty ball to take a chunk of but Cassidy's ready for the cross-court attack davilia goes down to Taylor probably wins that point reserve the let us get a look at Chuck Taylor.

The villier tries to bring some Pace on that ball in the middle and Taylor is ready so they didn't score forever now they get two in a row can they get three in a row around and Grimace from the Utah fans chin for their boy Chuck Taylor but the net says no the wind actually is at their back.

Good finish there two two one good Hustle but uh good pressure so can Taylor and Cassidy keep this going the answer is yes so they get the ball back tied at two.

Two one second third just sort of a Helter Skelter game too the score is two too we're on the second serve no one's been able to get more than a couple of points in a row and I'm talking rallies obviously not hitting the scoreboard and another high.

Third just causes all sorts of trouble so foreign get on a roll no one was able to in game one and there's a good look at uh the flag and that flag is blowing into the face of McGuffin and devillier Mount Dura there in front of the real mountains here.

Cassidy just keeps stinking middle then he went higher cross-court and McGuffin was on it so three two one could return from Taylor Jay davilier the Frenchman now to serve there's good looking him good job by Taylor sensed the Frenchman nearby down the line through that dink.

In the middle oh and just a little off speed flick Beauty winner there four two two is our score heavy drive right to villier there and now here's that little run we talked about it's now five two.

The villier had two chances to get the ball down wasn't able to do it on that one that's the one Cassidy sitting on that backhand able to finish it so a run of three makes the deficit two five one foreign Cassidy looked like he wanted to snap.

His paddle in half there after that third comes up just short got a much cooler day here than yesterday it was mid 90s in the heat easily 10 to 15 degrees cooler today and some cloud cover so much much nicer conditions the truck tells me it's 81. lovely degrees here in Utah so again.

Devillier and McGuffin able to get the ball back without any damage done what a save by McGuffin but Cassidy throws it back at the feet of devillier who was cheating just a step to the middle nice finish from Cassidy foreign.

Sometimes you make a great save like that and then you want to do something real high level this time it's tries to dig straight ahead and gets too much on it and Taylor finishes between McGuffin and devillier two five one so it's McGuffin joining Club Ernie here.

Again it's that same place so many people myself included love to hit our thirds to that backhand corner but if you're playing against Athletic long people they will take it away and suddenly an advantage is a huge disadvantage Well Done by McGuffin there and again not able to get into the point are Cassidy and Taylor.

The Deep return from Cassidy oh and davilia had a very good look at that one but couldn't make it two five one so other than a little run of two earlier it has been just difficult offense it's three and outs all over the place to use a football analogy.

And uh they need to find something different here there's Chuck Taylor that's two missed thirds that time so uh need a new offensive coordinator over there for the balance of this match nice step back attack from Cassidy oh my.

Cassidy tried to recovers that ball just sort of stopped and moved back again the wind is at Taylor's back so it might have pulled it a little away or sometimes you're looking at your opponent and Take Your Eye Off the Ball just a bit that's something got fouled up there and gets a freebie another one on the backhand side goes.

The Stray unfortunately for Taylor there and now hey time out good time out there just to get your head right beyond the fact that the score is there a couple of wonky points there weird outcomes and McGuffin will be serving they're up 7-2 in game two and one game number one we'll be right back.

All right welcome back everybody good look at the packed In Crowd here in Brigham City at the club Tournament of Champions neck cord's all over the place McGuffin able to scramble that one back way too high timeout works and again two seven one so even though the third was high the.

Fifth was gorgeous and then a big move from Taylor can they get a stack of points to put a little pressure on McGuffin and devillier here oh and that ball might have been going deep but it was right at Cassidy and he couldn't get out of the way he's gonna be right around the baseline.

Or slightly behind it we'll never know that is a gorgeous drive by Chuck Taylor so get a short return and do something with it so here's another pair can they get a trio four seven two final good first volley so good two deficit is three the villier to serve.

Good pressure from Taylor there seven four two point that drive might have been going deep Cassidy looking in the middle stuck the paddle out couldn't make it 8-4 oh and then a paddle Clank there in the middle.

And they are two points from moving on the winner of this match will play the winner of Ben and Colin Johns and Dylan Frazier and DJ young so that will be one semi-final so two points from that opportunity we'll see if they get there after this another big deep return there so timeout works we are at four nine.

And the ball hits the tape and trickles over that of course is a fault and this is not tennis you get but one serve four nine two that return goes deep and again just to clarify if you're new to pickleball if it does hit the tape and gets past the kitchen including past that Center Line we will Reserve that one of course.

Landed in the kitchen the attacks that were so effective at the beginning so despite what you're seeing on the scoreboard at the beginning if you just saw the first 10 minutes of this match you'd go oh Cassidy and Taylor are in control that served just off the back tape and another attack so there's this is.

The first time we've seen the energy in a long time finds McGuffin sitting back in oh my God and that scrambly point goes to McGuffin and devilier all right oh my a lot of uh weird choices in the.

Middle of that davilia came way over to take a ball that McGuffin was ready for but he doesn't care they want it and they have a match point leaning back on that drive usually we'll find the net on that second chance to win the match easily hit down by.

Taylor and we will continue thank you and look up and leaves that dank up and it's 8 10. see the focus Cassidy there's a good look at Taylor gotta get a third to bounce here can.

They do it oh and a serve catches the net so tragedy there on the serve third opportunity for McGuffin and devilier I told you he'd be on the ground we're still playing he'll be on the ground again oh my goodness that is what match point should look like ladies and gentlemen.

Insane effort by Rob Cassidy there what a great finish this match had its topsy-turviness but it finished with an absolute flourish wow so it is McGuffin and devillier who advance and will play in the semi-finals against the winner of the next match that we will have on which will be Ben.

And Colin Johns against DJ young and Dylan Frazier so my goodness we'll be replaying that point a bunch for you on social media and love to bring that back before the next match truck to show everybody so what a finish here at the club Tournament of Champions in Brigham City Utah.

take another look at that right now Cassidy is everywhere foreign saves the ATP there Dives plays a ball on his way up just insane and then of course devillier goes with the drop shot again and what a point McGuffin loves the excitement there as well so you see.

The crowd going bananas behind that was a lot of fun that's what pickleball is all about right there hugs all around so tremendous match we will be back after this
Watch as Chuck Taylor and Rob Cassidy take on Jay Devilliers and Tyson Mcguffin at the 2022 Tournament of Champions