Welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here at the club Tournament of Champions here in Brigham City Utah we're gonna stick with the men on Center Court coming up the women are just getting started they started at 10 local and on to the court comes Federico stacksroot and Mario Barrientos.

They're the 12th seed they won their first match 11 9 11 3. they will be facing Tyler loon and Colin Dawson Colin Dawson is coming off an impressive run at the Skechers Invitational last week won five out of five matches against top players in the world and they're rolling already today One Eleven One Eleven one in their first round.

Match to set the scene you will see Tyler loong again we talked earlier about the Utah contingent well Tyler loong is certainly one of those so long will receive Barrientos will be serving with a hat on backwards he's next to the single.

Specialist Federico stats doubles game the rides this will be a good one let's play Pickleball there's the Violet finishes that loong is known for and then next to him is the lob Doctor Colin Dawson in this match I will be stunned I can sort of put a beautiful little two-handed roll there by stacksrid.

So again so much of that singles can set him up off the bounce in doubles Dawson there reaching in he's using that uh Pro Kinex Ace of Spades palette uh has so much pop and uh turnabout is fair play a nice flick by Stacks right there catches Tyler loon zero one one.

Second serve all right third School thirds will be punished by players at this level zero one two it's tremendous hands but Bloom thwarts the shake and bake that looked like brownies would be served he said put those back in the oven now great job by loon.

Takes time away by short hopping it or reaching in and taking it out of the air doesn't usually hurt you off the bounce but will with the lob really loves to take the lob out of the air too so you'll see LOB volleys again real nice patient pulling and stacks Ridge the first one to find a ball that.

He can attack and gets it done look at Tyler Lynn to serve that one more of a bait bomb what I mean by that is at its beginning it looks like an attackable ball it ends up below once it's in a Hitting Zone and then you're committed to taking out the air and attacking and trouble ensues.

Got highlights all over the place today the two-handed backhand roll before and then look at that one handed ATP beautiful job by Federico zero two one there's the LA volley and we had a push off from bariantos a lot of tennis players will do that you'll rotate your foot and um.

The kitchen line as he did there loon will be earning all day so all right we'll look at that football call again here's the lob there's the rotation you saw the left foot never gets down again I'll take you to the truck for that and that it's a perfect example of another advantage of throwing up lobs you'll get that opportunity get.

The football call so lobs from an offensive position which is what Dawson uses them for can pay significant defense that dividends excuse me that's why he is the lob doctor good pressure by Stacks through there if your opponents are back keep him back.

Folks and just give them the proper Pace leave yourself a little margin uh plenty of margin taken there with Stax roads drive because well deep and one thing you do have to think about when you come to play in Utah is the altitude it definitely plays a role.

That's why players like to get here at least a day early and find that range because it is absolutely different Senior Pro yesterday myself and you just have to find the range of where you want the ball to be as it relates to where it usually is at.

Whatever sea level you live at sir those are all the things that go into a tournament the preparation what's the weather conditions what altitude all of the pros were coming from pretty pretty much zero in California so uh got to make that adjustment obviously we're well into the tournament now and that uh.

That should be done so Barry and tests and staxford feel like they've been playing for a half hour and don't have a point yet foreign this time brings the one-handed backhand down the line so his disguise on the backhand has definitely gone a few times and they are on the board.

Some staxfruit Wizardry and there's the long arm of alone with the Ernie just so one two two athletic and varianto says I can do the same on my side so uh well played there sets up Stacks rude and see the.

Mountains in the background two two beautiful American flag blowing right next to the ginormous Dura fast 40 blow up ball it's a staple on the PPA tour so when you're playing loong and Dawson you're not likely to be hurt if the ball is bouncing at the kitchen line.

Obviously Dawson will throw up the lobs but uh they're just going to be patient so two leaves the ball up first that time it was Dawson and loong and Well Done by stacks for it again so they put a little three-point run together to take the lead here game number one.

That's a beautiful overhead by Stacks right there Dawson didn't get it quite to you want to find a left shoulder on a right-handed player and didn't quite get it to the corner enough there's a nice shake and bake bye Dawson and lung three three two.

The former sidearm pitcher in college so uh that's why he has that unique serving motion foreign and Dawson tried to lob over loong and then all the Calamity at the kitchen line for Stacks Road Under Fire Dawson finishes behind him.

Point so that's what they'll do they'll use the shake and bake if they can win off that if not if they get to the kitchen line they're going to grind you there could be a lob there could be an Ernie or you leave one up that's why that's a tough team if you're not patient.

S looking to do damage finds this backhand sneaks it down the line as long as easing into the middle that's something that's going to have to be addressed a couple times stacksroots found that same spot.

Pretty great deep return then you've got to come all the way to the other side of the Court and finish four five two twin athleticism is such a nice compliment to your pickleball game five four one Alan Dawson from.

Encinitas California where the Bobby Riggs bracket and paddle Club is uh going gangbusters with pickleball right now just added even more courts down there a great place to play if you're in the Southern California area again staxford starts the fight and they finish it so no points gained so uh.

Four five one very interesting have a chance to Tire come out in front second third again the stacks are driving too high and I mean when you're playing at this level and you want to drive that has to be two balls maybe three at most above the net or you are going to set off a problem and there's another one just too.

Much Pace at the kitchen so two quick holds for Dawson and loon five four one all right foreign and great job by Dawson of being ready when you're 641 partner does Ernie and then goes back across Court.

You can be at a significant disadvantage good job by Dawson on the prior point and then drives the third wide to their second serve six four two and Dawson showing a good example of 451 if you can grab one step or two steps you just can't be in a hurry get in the kitchen.

Line and then obviously Dawson on that last one would have been better off just laying it in the kitchen and then playing 50 50. especially after all that work to get there all right and there he is again it's it's a no-go zone for a dink in that area and he is so effective at seeing it.

And going four six two it's a place a lot of people like to dank the ball and he just completely shuts that down staxford sometimes we'll be leaning back on that backhand cut dink s serving at six four one.

And again Stacks route is just wearing out the right side of balloon just putting the ball there consistently yep six four two don't worry surf point get mid court reset by Dawson and uh.

It's one of those yeah to stay ahead Barrientos couldn't uh put that up and over and again it is a Stacks root backhand that causes the problem that time it went two-handed and brought a little more Pace at loon jammed them up and able to finish four seven one.

And now the Stack's rude backhand highlight reel continues that's a second ATP and that one was hit really hard it's easy to hit a ball that hard that low and keep it in and he was able to do that I don't have any surprise that they will continue to stack him on the backhand side great hands to stop the.

Ernie in there within one six seven one point and the staxford show continues as he takes that I love being aggressive on a short return come up there especially when the team is unwinding the stack and stuff force them to either hit a ball in the runner in that case not even be able.

To reach it great Hands by Dawson there so tied at seven game one everybody yeah seven seven two slide out so they get to seven and can't make the third there so dude Dawson and lung have a reply 771.

Second serve serve just sails a bit deep I want to try and get it deep sir when you know they're unwinding a stack so you see the exact same thing happens in Barrientos is on the move couldn't be set good drive we saw that blasting drives in California he'll definitely have the.

Altitude dial then being a Utah player Night Out Moon leaves it up got caught on the side he doesn't play very often there's a switch in the middle on a poach when you're ahead when you get them to switch on something like that as a point you have to win bariantos and stacksford do win it.

that trouble good job by Dawson and hitting the ball down seven eight two oh my God ATP party continues on this one but this time loon is ready with the block.

Barrientos was there but cannot make it so 877. foreign bounced back into the net but uh didn't get there that time loon is ready again the ball is down have your paddle up that was a difficult attack from Stack's race.

A spirited game number one here we've seen a lot of backhand Beauties from Stax road but he and Barrientos are down two to loom and Dawson will be back with the end of game number one sharks all right welcome back everybody Dave.

Fleming here at the club Tournament of Champions Center Court here frame by the Mountainside and it is Callan Dawson who you see there up two Stack Street and Barrientos just called timeout that's tremendous Hands by Dawson in the.

Middle and again Loom was ready for the stacks for his attack that time and we are at a game point ten seven two that's a good short hot ball by Barrientos there Seven Ten one so stop one.

Game point but again if the the third whether it's a dropper driver is up against this Duo and against most of the best players it's just not going to be a good opportunity to score find out but you'd rather have that than hit the net because at least you can scrap your way back into it so two lightning points and they're back.

Serving for the game and it is Callan Dawson the lob doctor says hey I can be at least the Ernie physician's assistant great move there bye Callan Dawson and they take game number one 11-7 so got close there at the end but it is ultimately Bloom and Dawson there you see Dawson.

Jumping the line and finishing really good game number one we'll see more of this great action after this all right we are back game two Tyler lung to serve a lot of good highlights in game one and then we get a Miss third so we'll get it cranked up here in a second.

Zero zero one there you see Mario Barrientos serving so two rough thirds to start game number two after a really well played game one zero zero two kind of Miss search so uh let's just start let's just start over all right zero zero one here we go.

Going to block the net and that goes deep so uh one zero one clay here to start beautiful short hot blob and then usually you want to drop that but uh Stacks Road chose to drive it because what Dawson does is he wants it over your head quickly so he leaves margin on.

The Baseline with his lobs 201 staxford was able to get there quickly I highly recommend dropping it if you track down a lot of 90 of the time we're just at a disadvantage if you drive it because your opponents are standing there at the kitchen there's a nice job by Loom if you bring it down the middle he's sitting on he's been.

Beat on his right shoulder with the backhand but if you've got it on the forehand links just waiting oh my God and the net is a significant player in this point great job by bloom sitting out in a hurry to get back in there so great defense by loon about 14.

Bounces of the ball on the net ends up in favor of stacks rude yes and Berry foreign tossing can't make the reset so uh Stacks root and Barrientos in a hole in game one fought back close but couldn't get all the way there let's see what happens here as they're down again.

Foreign but uh couldn't get his paddle out of the way one three one who goes to the Ernie big jump keeps the feet out of the kitchen well done two three one.

Two three two one way to go after that great deep serve oh and the Ernie Rider so despite having all the violence in that paddle a little finesse on that Ernie well done everyone so Barrientos and Gridley do get a pair point and that's a tough speed up from.

That position in front of you and then uh finds the table much more effective with the backhand off the bounce yeah thanks sir Dawson goes for the live and again good job by Barrientos getting back on top of that one four two two.

Foreign so the grinding point there goes to bariantis and stacksroot two four one point so a couple of nice points back to back for stacksroot and bariantos to serve nice job by Stacks rude.

Trains down in Florida see him in the it's money charging some training videos a lot of uh four four one a lot of good things coming from Federico played a mixed match with Elise Jones and uh learned how to dive for a ball as they both went after one a couple weeks ago so uh.

That is definitely a player on the rise and he and barentos have it tied at four here in game two and just completely funky spin as the Ace of Spades hit the Vulcan paddle of Loom four four one so long to surf four piece pull the trigger on and uh it's able to.

Get that done there that doesn't get to handle the reply that's the thing if you're going to pull the trigger the good players are going to get it back be ready for the second one he was ready beautiful lob volley there and again staxford goes flying back and clobbers it Point problem is again your opponents are standing there at the.

Kitchen line ready to block that and then you're at a significant disadvantage thank you good Pace on that from Stack Street update from an outer Court Ben and Colin Johns pushed to the limits against Austin Gridley and Todd fode 10 12 11 3 11 8 and I'm told they were in a big.

Hole in a hole in game three but pulled it out so they will move on foreign foreign that gets it done flicks it down the middle.

Five five one tied at five Mario Barrientos serving interesting oh yeah boys okay so a couple of patient points in a row and bariantos and stacks were doing a good job of moving the decks around and.

Stocks were invariantis have moved in front oh variantos on top of it just sit down a little too much so I can serve six five two wow the net is a factor that time it is Dawson and loong who benefit from that so.

CVT score is six five correction five six one we've got a timeout called on the court so another tight battle here we'll be back with the end of game two right after this had a few friends but he sucked welcome back everybody to the club tournament.

Champions it's Talon Dawson to serve tight game too and variantos like the ball to attack off the bounce and was ready for the next ball as Dawson handled the first one but had to leave it up five six two oh right now just couldn't get it down.

To get to even at the kitchen line so no harm done six five one Barrientos to serve it's that time chooses to go hard off the bounce and when you're being attacked and you're letting attackable dinks go you let your opponents get away with bad dinking because you're not hurting them.

That's a great first volleyballing there so gets it behind Stack Street Stacks would move to where he expected it and it was the right place to cover just too good by Loom there's one of those beautiful patented loon drives and you've got the threat of Dawson so it's those two things complementing each other except first.

Volley very pressure packed Barrientos couldn't handle that one foreign sometimes you're too athletic for your own good that happened to Dawson there lung was waiting but tossing out a good beat on that one but uh ball got behind him on the back right now.

So that third comes up short and boy we just inched one an inch an inch our way six six here foreign to choose to attack after all those because he is easy to see so uh got himself in a little bit of trouble there that's going deep so right out nice job.

Of loon and Dawson to hold their side six six one okay so this time Stacks her and chooses the lob after tracking it down oh and Barrientos can't help them back into it but again the Dawson lob catches you he just wants it over your head quickly and leaves that margin on the.

Back end great job of reaching in so again the margins are thin when you are danking away leave it up it comes back quicker than you're ready this is a mistake so the run is two will it continue oh and the net says yes it will for Utah's own Tyler loong.

It's one of the advantages of driving thirds is you will get a net core to either stay in or nine six one tag your partner or your excuse me your opponent or your opponent's paddle as that one did exactly nice job on the sky hook from bariantos there's Dawson will be relentless on the.

Lobbying that's why he's the doctor yes prescriptions are filled every night great job to get back to even here by loon foreign that time he was ready for the stacks route attack down the line and then angle me so we are now after a four point run at.

A match point timeout called by Barrientos and stacks rude we'll be back can they finish we'll find out right after this all right we are back and uh we are staring at match point the score is actually ten six ten six two find out nice third by Dawson but uh the bait ball caught him on the hook.

There so timeout Works get the ball back barriantos Stacks rude do they have an answer so they get one back and mentioned that John's comeback on an outer Court they were down 8-4 in the third round off seven in a row to beat Gridley and vote.

The first volley there 710 too mobile find out again if the it is a consistent theme if that drive is up against these two the point is over Match Point number two look good there.

Dawson just not able to get there and finish second serve ten seven two third chance I know Dawson not able to get that one down so we will play on Seven Ten one ouch.

With the pick swing but nothing on it stays in so there's like no way from That Swing the ball can stand but it was not hit cleanly sometimes that's the best thing you can do and they're within two here and that is a huge RIP by staxrude that just misses got the short return got exactly what he wanted to move within one but just.

Missed it 8-10-2 I'll just finish it with my forehand here so and after the point a couple of points ago you never know that thing might stay in so Dawson hangs in there on that one match point four that third just catches the tape so we'll five be the answer.

Ten eight two oh balloon can't believe it a little gust of wind comes up just as that ball was floating through the air off 40 holes of the dura fast caught it and just hit the top of the tape so five chances five holds thank you.

Stacked fruit and variantus save that first attack we're back even now oh good job by Dawson of moving stacksford to the Middle with the Dank and going to his left and then staxford not much margin as that was such a shallow tank to be able to do something aggressive there not a good ball.

Position for that so one hold oh my God and then that says You Shall Serve again my man Utah so Loom don't take one sixth match point second third and will it be lucky seven and this is the type of stuff that gets in your head so.

Can they make a good third either a driver good drop who will pull the trigger thank you and it was tax-free that pulled the trigger and moon was ready and it was lucky number seven as in seven match points to get there but Dawson and loon.

Do get there Barrientos in stacksrude really pushed him so great match here on Center Court but it is loong and Dawson moving on here in Utah in the Pro pickleball association club Tournament of Champions
Watch as Mario Barrientos and Federico Staksrud take on Tyler Loong and Callan Dawson