Welcome back everybody we are at the club Tournament of Champions beautiful venue here in Brigham City mountains forming a nice backdrop here and we've got the second men's semi-final coming up we got the two seed Ben and Colin John's playing against the three seed Jay de villier and Tyson McGuffin so this is the right to play.

Our winners of our prior match Matt Wright and Riley Newman you heard them talk about they really wanted to get there and mix weren't able to get that done but do get it done in men's doubles so they will play tomorrow their opponent will be decided here best two out of three Colin John's there ready to serve let's play Pickleball.

And an early error on the fourth there the Johns Brothers are off and running of course Colin is the older brother Ben has already clinched two spots in the finals playing singles against Dylan Frazier and mixed doubles with Anna Lee Waters.

They will play Callie Smith and AJ Kohler tomorrow and there's a nice reach-in attack from Ben Johns right there on cue zero one two the Johns Brothers do not even disguise where they are going as you have what Ben and you'll see Colin step to the right of the Court.

Ben will play the left unless there's some chaos in the middle of a point and there's some chaos in the middle of a point right there's Ben jumps that corner much like we saw several players in the last match taking away that drop down the line to the backhand side.

And that is a beautiful ball from Colin John splits the upright you only get one point for that not three this was football but uh beautiful forehand from Colin there foreign beautiful ball there nice answer from McGuffin just flicks it into the middle two.

What what nice little roll there catches McGuffin McGuffin again using that uh Selkirk lab zero zero three paddle just hit the market this week that's gonna be a popular item yeah dribbler Tracked Down by Colin johns but then can't will the next one over.

One three one Try by devilier but uh too much pace one three two from John's come on gorgeous third by davilier there again a lot of people at home practice those hands battles straight ahead you want to go down with the ball Colin John's able.

To do that right there that's what wins points in pickleball and John's patiently waits for his opportunity and then tags the Frenchman with a forehand volley with Pace perfect accuracy that little backhand sails deep and again the wind at the back of Ben and Colin Johns it is a factor Matt Wright.

Talk about it when I spoke with him after their victory thank you and that's a ball that uh going the other way would have stayed well in but uh 141 they aren't going the other way right now so well deep get a good pressure and that return just steep.

Two four one second sir Billy and not happy with the swing at that one good cut return from Ben Jones there and you do not get extra points for hitting the Guaranteed Rate sign so that will be a side out four two two see if we can get a third.

Shot in on this one Ben Johnson chooses to roll it and that indeed is in now his brother is getting them back even look at that jump by demilier but ready to be defended well done five two two five two two what that's a good finish by davilia there so.

Much better at the kitchen line for them there this crowd is loving pickleball here in Utah at the club Tournament of Champions tremendous defense can they get back in it not a bad read because you know your partner is likely to get the next ball just a Ted tad late and pushes it wide.

Oh and look at Colin John's jumping around not one of the frequent earnings but sees an opportunity and finds a delicious little angle hello geometry welcome back to school everybody second sir five two two points and then just uh freebie off of the.

Serve with not a lot on it sometimes those guys like devillier that love to crack a wow I'll get back to that in a second TJ's putting on a reset Clinic and then a bizarre ball off the tape here gets in a weird spot for Jay and after all those resets they do win the point.

Seven two two what I was saying is on a return like davilier the more Pace on the serve the more cut you can get so you actually like that and there's just four hands for Days by Ben Johns and this is a significant lead for the Johns boys davilier and McGuffin have seen enough the deficit is six can they find an.

Answer we'll see when we come back welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here with you all day long at the club Tournament of Champions Colin John serving 8-2 is the lead and John speeds it up he knows where the next ball is likely to go when he chooses to do so and it's 9-2 thank you.

Ben John's unable to keep that one in after a spirited exchange so uh they get to nine big hill to climb McGuffin to serve that's just why this man is considered the goat at age 23 look at the hands and then the Beautiful Finish foreign controlling the kitchen.

Trolling the kitchen no sous chef needed second Sir Colin John's unable to sneak that one over second shot to get to 10 here Ah that's one of those in between do I have room watch the villier no I can't really get the ATP there and then you're in trouble and your brain explodes.

You're like what do I do and it's hard to figure out what the next ball needs to be so McGuffin and davilia trying to find some answers the deficit is significant so uh we will have the lady semifinals coming up after this let me set the stage for what those are Lucy kovalova and Cali Smith Callie Smith is going to be a huge.

Favorite here in her backyard here in Utah they're the one seed they will play Jesse Irvin and Anna bright that's one semi-final the second semi-final will feature Catherine parento and Leia Jansen parento is looking to move into championships Saturday jansen's already there Jansen.

Is going to play singles against Stanley Waters and speaking of the waters that is who Catherine parento and Leia Jansen will play in the second semi so here we go work to do for devillier and McGuffin let's get pressure coming out of the timeout thank you.

Two ten one so they hold one game point can they get a little run and you know sometimes you don't come all the way back but at least maybe you can find some momentum that finds some patterns that work for you to put in play in game two that was certainly not one of them there.

And just a beautiful flick as McGuffin red middle and John's took the real estate that was wide open in front of him second game point nice finish by davilier there so third chance here in game number one that one stays in so it is Ben and Colin Johns.

Convincingly 11-2 in game one will McGuffin and devilier have an answer in game number two we'll see after this welcome back everybody Dave Fleming here with you the club Tournament of Champions John's boys looking really good here in game one McGuffin has a huge serve Colin John's able to fight it back and.

They get out of that so couldn't even turn that big serve into it just a nice little momentum changer foreign one zero one second serve oh come on John's wanted that one back he he had that perfectly set up clicks that at devillier again going.

Into the win that ball is likely to stay in two zero two two zero two Colin Johns tries to speed it up in the same spot that one catches the net foreign position for the Frenchman who gets that out of there and gets them on the board let's see if there can be more.

Of that here in game two foreign loves to show you that forehand he can hit a dink he can roll it he can attack your left hip your right hip it is why he practices that so much it's always looking the same wait all right our first sounds of McGuffin.

Barking named the most electrifying person in sports by Barstool Sports earlier this week and there's another big Drive Right On Cue and the crowd wants to see a battle and hear the wind in our encourt mics picking up a bit there had been a threat of rain potentially this afternoon it looks like.

That's not going to happen which is great news hopefully I've not jinxed all the weathermen what McGuffin had a ball in the middle there and just uh over rolled it which is easy to do if you get out in front of this.

Hold up second sir man John's reaches in and tries to flick a winner second chance to add to their one point lead I know three three one second serve.

Billy had not set there scores three a piece the scoreboard is correct three three two big serve for McGuffin but a couple of thirds are not made see if that opportunity lost effects thank you what certainly did not have an impact there so.

Nice point there by devillier side up and the John's roller on one of the more patient points of the day catches the tape three three one and it is devillier and McGuffin with the next chance to take the lead in a serve goes deep so a tough little stretch on their serve here for McGuffin and devillier.

Three three two beautiful ATP by McGuffin right there and now he's got the crowd going no one plays to the crowd better than Tyson McGuffin love it when the ball goes off the tape and goes wide because it's much easier ATP as the ball is going slow and wide perfectly struck by McGuffin there.

They'd love to get two in a row and get this crowd really fired up still oh yeah and it is John who tags McGuffin so there will not be a run of electricity for those two they do get the lead come here.

Good finish there bye McGuffin and devillier so crowd is involved they've got a lead can they get the ball back and then go and Colin John attacks that right hip and shoulder area of devillier when you play against a bigger Target like that that is a smart good play well executed.

By Colin Johns there it's right up and Giants can't believe he missed that one he was on top of it just slung it a little deep tied at four four one foreign and that serve gets into the jet stream and goes well past the Baseline second.

Serve four devillier and McGuffin and that return goes well past the Baseline you'll take that trade when serving get a point get a lead ER McGuffin and devillier still a lot of confusion for two players that have played the entire year together the middle is still a Land of Confusion so something for them to continue to.

Perfect because it's not perfect right now four five one of course you could pronounce that word perfect as well McGuffin had a chance to go down with the ball that went across and right John's ready McGuffin ends up wearing it and there's the Colin John's patented.

Speed up ready for the reply and gets the point in there now back in front of the first volley on a high third six five two wait just wide by davilia trying to catch Johns who came across in the middle and then had to recover.

But the sideline was missed great job by McGuffin Colin Johnson at this point is over I've got a high backhand but McGuffin fights it off for a winner again this team needs energy they're down two and down a game thank you.

Great and Ben Johnson goes for a flick on a very low ball there that catches the net and uh wins picking up swirling around no nice job now okay now they're bumping their high five and talking to the crowd it's 77 on the board.

Seven seven one and McGuffin had a chance if he stayed engaged to the right side and read that ball after he poached he had a chance devilius trapped behind him John's just wins that cross-court dank battle takes that one out of the air pulls devilier wide and then little brother Ben finishes It Off.

Tied at seven what big rip by Colin Johns there and we're at eight seven paddles down means timeout is called so good time out there you do not want this to slip away closely contested battle here in game number two Ken McGuffin and devilier rally will be right back all right welcome back everybody.

Timeout called by McGuffin and devilier together that one does not go the John's way so 872 can they get the full stop here post timeout great little forehand speed up by Colin Johns and we are at nine seven two points from nine seven two.

Playing on Saturday and devillier ended up able to handle that and there's chaos everywhere during timeouts check this kid out shut up son that is impressive so another time out called perhaps we can get him to recreate that for the fans here great job by the truck and capturing that during the break so we're.

Staring at a championship Saturday point for the Johns Brothers we're staring at an opportunity for Ben Johns to go for a Triple Crown tomorrow he has already made the men's singles he will play Dylan Frazier he has already made the mixed final he will play with Annalee Waters against AJ Kohler and local favorite Cali Smith.

Colin Johns wants to join the Saturday party and is one point away from doing that davilier and McGuffin have been a much bigger problem in this game but we are at match point and they say no so great job there by davilier hitting that ball down taking advantage of that opportunity folks that use both their.

Timeouts here it worked out don't take them home they have no value wait all right they get the first one on a tank battle get the mistake from Ben within two Match Point saved one and Tyson McGuffin up to The Challenge on the speed up from Ben Johns and they are within one nine ten one.

Foreign just on the line on the return McGuffin sneaks in again and folks it is tens all on game two they're on a one and they're on a roll Fusion in the middle but they get away with it you.

And it is McGuffin who speeds it up in the fist pumping the chest bumping continues and they are suddenly sitting on a game point after saving a match point foreign but not the next one so a second game point for devillier and.

McGuffin this is nuts here at the end of game number two one and they have forced a game three out of absolutely nowhere they used their timeouts they gotta stop on a match point down and folks we will play three here in the second semi-final what determination from McGuffin and devillier they dug in they got a little.

More aggressive at the end speeding the ball up worked out for them and they will have a chance in a third game we'll switch sides at six Midway it's gonna be something else here at the club Tournament of Champions what resolve what determination from McGuffin and devillier now they have the crowd all on their side they save a.

Match point and rattle off a big run to take game number two and we will play this game three and we will switch at six the wind is a factor John's boys will start with it at their back 1-0 you look at that guy I couldn't get there though too Hopper to the shortstop means.

The point is over so they get one nice little touch from the Frenchman there villian McGuffin need to keep that crowd engaged nice rip there from McGuffin after davilia kept one a little bit up you'll see McGuffin and devilier standing on or close to the net knowing that returns are coming in a place where they.

Feel comfortable second serve so that tank battle goes to the way of John so one a piece second serve one one two winner plays Wright and Newman tomorrow on Championship Saturday and Ben John's ready for that attack that's the note goes on folks.

they get the ball back foreign John sees an opportunity with the Ernie but caught moving ball kind of jammed and sails that well deep second chance here at one a piece and we got the come on screams and the Twirls from the Frenchman as devillier.

Is ready with the block okay one one one one one one oh my and then just a complete miscommunication from the brothers there and that little floater that debilier is yelling watch McGuffin watches it sail in untouched for a winner it's another one of the issues with the.

Stack and unwinding it and McGuffin catches CJ again and it is 3-1 and a timeout an early timeout which is a rare sight for the Johns Brothers is happening right this second so this is what McGuffin and devillier needed they needed to carry this over and they have so they've got the lead here in.

Game number three what a turn of events we'll see if they can keep it going after this foreign got the Johns Brothers to call an early time out but then don't make the third second chance here to get the four.

So we missed third and a missed serve so the time out could not have gone better they had to hit one ball to get the ball back that is a big dividend paid by the timeout use and that is a heavy drive from Ben Johns wait McGuffin couldn't handle the reply after the devillier speed up down the line that wasn't.

Talking heavily but in a good spot and there's the more aggressive patterns that have gotten them back into this match two three two that is gonna sail deep in the wind at their back here so only able to get one are the Johns Brothers and McGuffin and devilier looking to add to the lead here.

What a defensive maneuver by McGuffin there and then takes a big swing a little off balance so after two beautiful resets a little over a skis on the last one but uh this this pace has been working for them three two two see what McGuffin does with the serve here after missing the.

Last one yet plays it in about 65 percent beautiful third by davilier there cider and davilia I saw an opening has the wind in his face but pushes it deep they're unable to add go and that is going to take off and go deep so.

Unable to add on their first try second try coming up two three two three game two winner goes to Championship Saturday foreign y point who will pull the trigger oh and the ATP is defended and they're still going that's going to stay in that's going to get over.

Been a tremendous point from McGuffin and devillier so patient then get ahead and are able to finish so those long points take a lot out of you gotta regroup and play a good point you gotta stack good points together to get a victory here in the semis see if they can do it here.

And McGuffin puts himself way out of position here once he committed that entire half of 344 by 20 wide open big drive so you fought so hard to get the ball back and then uh overzealous McGuffin and then a huge.

Forehand drive deep you have nothing to show for it um CJ going side to side with the lobs but just can't get there as Pace but more importantly angle as we talk about in pickleball it's got to have an angle and it did there foreign and a little flick by.

Colin Johns goes off the tape gets a miss three three two they've been on two for a while so they get to three we're tied up switch at six and that ball in transition is high and taking full advantage of so can McGuffin and devilier find a little something here wouldn't they love to put.

A couple together three three one second serve there's the devillier classic okay check the ball after I hit a ball just four squares up off the bottom of the net you know we stare at our paddles we talked to the ball it's all good yeah and a big swing by McGuffin sails deep.

So that's four in a row where not a lot happened when they were serving three three one can the Johns Brothers pull ahead he'd love to be in the lead at the flip first one to six nope hung in there for a while but it is Ben Johns who gets his team in front with that Exchange.

Four three one one second sir Ben John's unable to make that tank so four three two second serve comes flying in and that attack goes well deep three four what the deficit is one davilian McGuffin have struggled to get.

To the line there's a good reset now they're even see if they can get something pulled just slightly wide left the Cross Court dank up Easy Pickins for Ben John's there devilia going in the wrong direction he'll head back the other way three four two.

Point and a big swing and a big yell of no and the John's boys just to look a little uncomfortable right now for a piece McGuffin and devillier of course are liking McGuffin on the left side that has worked it continues to work and they are at five and they would desperately love.

To win this point switch up two in game three yeah and that flick by McGuffin is a winner Barstool called him electric he is electric and they have a two-point lead as we switch sides what a match we'll be back with the conclusion don't you dare miss it.

I said I can't all right here we go McGuffin devillier crowd is going nuts they've come all the way back they saved a match point in game two and they switch with the lead and then they leave a third up in an easy finish so uh John's Brothers dug out of an 8-4 in the third hole to.

Austin Gridley and earlier can they do it again this deficit just too oh my God and the stays in and the John's brothers are just incredulous as they look like there's no way that's in.

That's the way things have been going point that attack sails deep so those attacks have been on point but again when that you're back that is going to sail deep five six game three and there is the one man shake and bake right there and it's six six two.

And that return skips off the line tremendous job by Colin Johns being able to handle that and just like that it is the Johns Brothers who seem to be a little more focused after the side switch have amped the pressure up have driven the ball Ben Johns has.

Jumped in on the last Point specifically and a little more pressure and you can provide more pressure going into the wind so you've got altitude you've got the wind you've got all of that working against McGuffin and devillier so how will they react they saved a match point in game number two they took a.

Lead into game number three they now Trail by one this crowd is loving every minute of this battle there you see Ben Johns ready to serve 7-6 also Steve devillier now on the left thank you oh my and a ball off the tape.

And CJ gets Tagged so they do get the lead but it is but one they're back to McGuffin on the left side great pressure there by Ben and Colin Johns one stop will it be sevens or a side out here we.

Go the villier comes up well short on the third and again getting that dialed in you feel the wind picking up at your back you wanna baby that in and sometimes you just baby it too much and that did not get much of the net seven six one.

Yell in the middle of that point out unfortunately it was the ball from McGuffin that ended up out and we're at 8-6 the wind is picking up good job of using that wind on the cut return by davilier eight six two and that is pulled wide there's a little bumper cars cars in the middle as.

McGuffin was there but devillier took it on his backhand and over Hit It Wide nine six two and now after trailing six four they're up 9-6 right up that drive sails deep so it's go time they did it once can they do it again 691 okay.

What second serve that will not get back over the net so second chance that energy that was oozing out of this Duo you see on your screen needs to come back if they're gonna come back and another third sails deep and no pressure even put on the John's boys and.

Ben walks to the line determined to finish this off will they do it can on the first one notice the definite change as they switch sides as they're driving their thirds to get a position to get to the kitchen or get something from that right and Colin John's attacks might.

Have been going wide but again big body can't get out of the way and Ben Johnson finishes and we are at scores 10-60 Match Point number two obviously the first one in game three here so they flip sides down six four and have won six points in a row who will be right back with the conclusion all right we're back.

Crowd going bananas they want more of this the Johns Brothers would like to tap paddles here we go foreign the first opportunity in game number three goes astray here we go just confusion there on the side of McGuffin and devilier.

Do not want that in that situation second try all right they get a missed return eerily similar to game two that goes out and it is 8 10. and The Crowd Goes I think I've seen this before will they continue with big two-handed drive and that stays in off the paddle it looked deep but the.

Wind blowing into the face Match Point number three second one of this game thank you and that will do it so after a tremendous comeback in game two and quite a battle in game number three it is the Johns Brothers after switching.

Sides they take game number three and they will play on Championship Saturday against Matt Wright and Riley Newman I will talk to the winners right after this all right welcome back Dave Fleming here at Center Court with our winners give it up for the Giants boys everybody what a battle.

Great match by McGuffin and devillier and Colin will start with you you had a match point in game number two weren't able to finish it what did you talk about after losing that opportunity uh yeah that's always a downer when you have a match point and you don't get in you have to go to a third game but uh I felt like uh we bounced back and I don't.

Think we needed to change too much we just made a few sloppy mistakes and uh just had to clean that up it was tough conditions today uh the wind came and went so we just had to adjust throughout and wasn't the prettiest match but we got it done so Ben you do get to a third game and then you switch sides down 6-4 and then.

Go on a rampage going into the wind was that your preferred side and what was the difference to be able to get to Championship Saturday uh yeah it was a little different uh playing against the wind here is preferable in my mind just because you also have the altitude Factor uh so on the switch it was basically like you can play aggressive.

Now you can play loose and uh that's always how I play best so that was kind of the as soon as we switched I knew I was just going to be offensive after that so Colin you've got a chance to play with your brother tomorrow what do you learn from a match like this when you know it was a grind.

But you want to play and win a title here at the prestigious tournament what do you take from this yeah I mean you just have to remember that conditions aren't always perfect you're not always going to play your best the important thing is you move through the draw um tomorrow's gonna be a new day it starts zero zero so we're gonna try to.

Bring our best and uh really try to bring home another title title yeah ultimately as long as my name's going to the right on that draw you don't care how it got there so Ben here we are Championship Court you're going to be here a lot tomorrow okay Ben's got a chance at the Triple Crown tomorrow everybody he will play for.

Singles he'll play for mixed with Anna Lee Waters and he will play with his brother to my right how do you prepare because it's three out of five on Championship Saturday as well that's a lot of pickleball what happens between now and tomorrow so you're at your best for your partners and for yourself in singles yeah uh you got to prepare you.

Gotta hydrate stretch eat uh sleep well and then uh come tomorrow to win it so I definitely think tomorrow I'm gonna be rested and definitely coming out firing and aggressive uh that's how I do my best so that's what I'm gonna do folks give it up for the Johns Brothers who put on quite a show they'll be back here tomorrow and we'll be back with the.

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