Foreign welcome back this is Ben Newell alongside me I have AJ Kohler we're not going away anyway yeah we're just looking around all day it looks like but I think we're all here for this match we've been waiting for it had tons of people in the chat ask about it and it's here we got Ben Johns versus Federico.

How do you say his last name stuck hard stacksrud Stack Street I'm way off I'm just not a foreign name guy it's all right so I got you here you all can't be I'm a man of culture said no one ever um again super intriguing matchup Ben obviously is Ben and uh Federico has had.

A lot of success um at the other place and um I think this is their first matchup they came close fed fed made a semi made the semis in uh at US Open okay and uh the master JW in the semis so Ben played superintendo but so I if I'm I'm pretty.

Sure this is their first meeting yeah we need to have ask our stats guys of course the one time Federico did play a PPA we won the Atlanta open that was kind of an unusual tournament where we didn't have Ben Tyson J or J dub I think yep none of them played yeah so the basically the top four guys didn't play that one.

Um not to take anything away but the point being Federico's been at some ppas but um yeah it's definitely still a strong showing because you had James and gotta which their new name you had Rafa Hewitt was there huge yeah again the first matchup between these two guys yep it bends out to a 2-1 lead looks like uh yeah I actually played Federico.

Earlier which is kind of a kind of funny um Colin was giving me a little bit of Lowdown on the strategy to go at fed and uh I tried to use that and it didn't work apparently sometimes it comes down to execution.

So we got Ben John's four one up here with uh fed to surf yeah you'll see Federico do that a lot it's one thing I noticed he did against me is he kinda he's kind of a chip in charge guy he'll take that third shot he'll hit a little a little drip roller kind of a half drop a half drive and then it'll just close.

He he with no abandon he just kind of charges right at you um which if you can squeak it by him it can be it can be easy but again if he makes that third ball tough um then uh he can kind of get up on you quick that's kind of his whole game it seems like.

Nice little flick there yeah it controls the ball super well and the scores all over the place here now it's saying T3 so let's listen to The Ref here I think we were I think I think we were off on the score here but that I wasn't sure that Ben was up that that much yep three two which makes sense now.

Yeah it's a great buy for this that's perfect for Ben so fed again he tries to Chip he fires that ball bends backhand and tries to close right away Ben does the perfect job um of just cutting it hard back Cross Court makes Federico run for it and uh it's kind of ungettable at that point.

Miss volley from fed there disrespect even great clothes from Ben puts the pressure on fed tries to get a hard cut Cross Court but uh again when you can hit that kind of half half drop or half Drive drop close in puts a lot of pressure on your.

Opponent and uh leads to a lot of mistakes yeah you'll see in singles a lot of these guys they go for that t right by the kitchen so where the kitchen touches the sideline it's kind of your spot to hit can you hit side to side is that where you go that's where hide is oh.

Nobody tells me anything dude yeah let's see how the next couple points go let's see if anyone goes for it looks like we know that that was a strategy that can you take them wide while they're coming yeah see that t right there yeah great stretch though from fed.

Down the line too good again that's one of Ben's most lethal um shots there he holds it so long and he can go either way he can go down the line he can go hard back Cross Court with it um yeah not many people have that strength on that backhand side and if.

They do go for it back and it's more of a pop it's not really like a roll like that so very deceptive yeah it's uh he gets it up and down fast which is impressive to say the least six three bins on a little bit of a run here yeah and that one's into a silly forehand Federico I think oh no he called timeout I thought I jokingly call.

It out but timeout for fed uh Ben John's Fresh Off summer break 7-3 we'll be back all right welcome back guys this is Ben Newell here with AJ Kohler and we're watching the long-awaited match Ben Johns versus Federico currently Ben has pulled out to a 7-3.

Lead AJ what do you think fed needs to do here if I knew how to beep in don't you think I would have done it by now yeah you'd be out there um how about this when you play Ben where do you find yourself comfortable where.

Do you find yourself in trouble uh yeah it's a nice shot you know he's passing he's passing better he's with his new YOLO paddle um that woven carbon face he's passing a lot better with his drop or with his uh with his drives um his bread and butter is the kitchen like.

He wants to play cat and mouse or yeah dink you around and get you in trouble yeah so that's where I've had success against him because I'm a cat Mouse guy as well so again we talked about about it with Salome um these newer tennis guys like Federico um not as Savvy in the Cat and Mouse stuff right they got the drive yeah so I.

Think Ben is kind of um has has been pretty comfortable with with the small stuff right now against fed um and again he covers the he covers the kitchen as well as anybody it's just it's hard to pass.

Ben John's so eight three here Ben Johnson serve so he's just he has no fear when he's at this in this kitchen game exactly too easy yeah it could be really tempting to cut that to cut that shot hard Cross Court problem is if it's sales the slightest amount.

Uh the opponent can reach in just like Ben did with his forehand there and then there's literally no you know then you're just giving them open court so if you are going to cut it way across Court you got to get really shallow with it oh there's a nice shot that was pretty that was pretty good pretty sexy a Top Spin backhand flick.

That was like a flat it was flat though yeah that was the best part like you barely there was no up down or down up it was just kind of a flat flick two in a row yeah I do those dachshund can pass really well.

When he's on just from playing him earlier he was painting some lines frustratingly I couldn't I couldn't make sense of how he was so dialed in on the sidelines um but uh it was pretty impressive actually so been 9-4 let's see if he can get out to 10 here and Hannah Johns has rejoined.

Our uh our booth area may or may not be coming back on the bike still uh battling some virus West Nile swine flu I'm not sure it's Gotta Be big to take her down so we're not sure she's got cough drops and.

God knows what else working for though and there it is Ben pulls off the first one yep exactly where he wants to be and we'll take a break and see you guys soon all right everyone welcome back this is Ben Newell a long time I got AJ Kohler and we're at set number two on.

Championship court with Ben Johns versus Federico and I'll let you say the last name there AJ Stacks Stacks not that hard it's not it's not like I want to say red Stack Street okay Stack's rude whichever whichever you prefer good official I know his nickname is fed so I'm just gonna stick with fed I like that.

We both got to hang out We snuck into that Showdown wait snuck in yeah well I snuck in maybe he was he was already in there I don't know oh Soaker yeah the Selkirk Showdown yeah they're gonna hang out with him and he got yeah he did pretty well and uh I believe mixed he had a pretty good run there yep.

So not just a singles guy I definitely going at it in doubles too yep oh he's he he really has that hook cross-court um I'm not gonna lie he beat me a couple times on that and uh he's he's so choked up on his paddle I think his placement is Superior to a lot of guys because of.

That but that's his favorite whenever he gets a foreign it seems like he goes back cross courty he wants you to think he's going line and then he just hooks it volley or off the bounce beautiful pass there yep I've seen that inside out forehand from from Ben quite a few times.

So about eight in a row of them at the US Open last year a big serve been serve is really underrated he really goes for it um I'm not gonna lie Federico was struggling in our match when he when he and I played earlier.

He was struggling with his return and my serve is not even that great Ben's probably 10 better than mine um so a couple free returns off of fed's paddle right now he's trying to find his ground strokes right now it's just.

Again you can say you can look at the guy and say he's playing poorly but the pressure that that Ben provides or the pressure that somebody gives from being hard to pass which Ben is hard to pass Dylan's hard to pass um that puts pressure on making a better third ball that was just a gross.

Backhand deck winner yeah I would say this sport too you know he's come from tennis so I can kind of talk that world a little bit the margins are so little in this sport yeah there's so much less Court to coverage you're really not um hanging out at the Baseline and have some comfortability you're you're trying to hit your spots and.

You're every every shot is very critical yeah yeah so it's just the third shots when you when you're when you're serving that and your opponent is is charging in and it's tough to pass he's long and he's an athletic you try and fine tune you try and thread the needle too hard and then here and.

Then you're just you're you know yeah you're hitting the bottom of the net sometimes you're hitting the Back Fence sometimes it's just it's not just because you're having an off day it's the pressure that your opponent's putting on you yeah in tennis you have you know the high backhand always seems to be an.

Escape Route if it doesn't matter really who you're playing if you can get them leaning and hitting my high backhand you have a chance at the next ball also you know lobs are a lot bigger in tennis but in here I mean a guy like Ben at the net or a really you know fed two these guys get to the net it's hard to pass them gotta hit your shot yeah.

That was pretty chilly though a little two-handed backhand from fed oh there you go yeah see he can stripe it looks like it looks like a hunter Johnson of three hours ago and that's an inside end so if that ball doesn't land it's he's off the court he's in trouble yeah.

Again he places it really really well we're going cat Mouse here starting to feel it a little bit that's ambitious to go against Ben in the hands battle we had a question in the chat for you last match actually I forgot to ask you oh boy who has the quickest hands on tour in your opinion.

Hannah Hannah John's has some cook cans but maybe not the quickest on the men's tour um boy you know that's a hard that's you know no comment yeah let's see if I had to vote I like De la Rosa.

Fastest hands on tour I mean I say that in front of me right now I do like sitting right next I do like your offense I'll give you that oh my God hey if I I have to Hype you up and hype myself up let's go ahead ahead I'll I'll battle you yeah I'm not your fans have been pretty nasty I'm not gonna lie yeah no deal or else is funnel maybe it's.

Just his uh form but he's got a lot of whip yeah I haven't seen enough of Daniel but he's Uber talented and I'm just naming names outside you know Ben Johnson oh a lob I love that that should be two points I was really impressed with Collins.

Resets when I played him yeah that that definitely contributes to quick hands there is uh his his D is about as good as it gets um you know you guys know the you guys know the right answer here we all know the right answer I'm not gonna say it.

Especially with a J I have a feeling uh uh four two Ben Johns a couple side outs here a couple loose forehands I think fed's gonna go on a little run here he's feeling pumped up Ben can go through some lulls sometimes.

Um and fed can you can stroke it again there's that charge so he drives it to the backhand he knows that that backhand Valley is a tough shot again driving driving or droppings your opponent's backhand is always tough to handle and if you close on it right away which he does easy.

Winner oh he calls it out yeah that's just wide well this is fun though compact we should like watch them film study some singles huh boy I need to I need to I need to practice it at least maybe it'll be easier for us if I could just practice it once a month maybe I would be okay at it.

Leaves the drop a little bit High again fed doing a good job of reaching in yeah I would call I would have called that out Paul doesn't lie this is the this is the third yep and let's see if Bank can fit some pressure get some errors.

From fed here this is that's a beautiful forehand so deep return gets fed leaning on a passing shot and then passes him on the other side yep and this is the one trouble of so fed loves that Cross Court forehand.

Uh volley or off the balance but it gives Ben a little bit of angle and uh he's lethal with his forehand um he can go like I said well he's lethal with both sides but his foreign especially he can hook cross-court with a ridiculous amount of of curve and he can go down the line.

Really well so it's uh giving Ben angles is just a very dangerous game nice ball there it is you know Fed was in charge at that point then he wasn't in charge of that point and then snuck out a nice little pass yeah I like that so he hooks that forehand I mean I probably said it beating a dead horse.

Right now but the forehand hook that he's got is is impressive I'm not gonna lie um oh I would be leery is that a word Leary to give him a forehand a litter weary weary help us out English major Hannah yeah I would be leery to give him a forehand of giving him theory of giving.

I swear I went to school put a different match we saw between that really all the other players not much emotion from these two they're very Stone Cold get the job done kind of people sticks as well maybe.

Not forces it back very quickly oh it looks like we have some sound issues um foreign hey guys is our audio back definitely.

Give me some chat or some messages in the chat here let us know guess we had some issues there sorry about that looks like we sound good got a thumbs up so all right definitely apologies still four six so fed has had a couple brilliant points but it's just so hard to get points off of Ben that's the toughest part.

He's getting a side out but he can't manufacture points and so he's still sit with a two-point deficit again the return game of stats Road a little bit loose all day oh there's a wild forehand speaking of loose you know but we last match we had Hunter come out pretty hot right but the.

Steady player Dill right stayed in it right made it hard for him and ended up winning that one here we got you know another could be potential hot hand fed he comes in hits some drives passes on you but then John's just too steady you know he's gonna out steady.

The steady staxford it's a pretty backhand poke and awesome looks like our sound is good if you guys have any questions for me and AJ drop in the chat here seconds said is closing in for Ben John's but if I could come back get us a third here yeah and Clay's plays really great with.

A lead that's a dirty flip tweener yep and he misses it hey good Jaws between the legs the the old rule one more ball just give him one more ball to deal with and fed dumps in the net I enjoyed that thoroughly so I got a question here did Tyson lose.

Is he not the semi's yep um who took him out it was actually Hunter right Hunter took Hunter Johnson yep Hunter Johnson MD I think he's a doctor Hunter is no I just made that just sounds like a doctor who just now he does weather Tyson played The Bachelor or not.

I would I would guess now um he's kind of an all or nothing and a uh timeout here from from Ben time for Ben Johnson yeah we're here at eight four we'll go to a commercial break with a lot of sound see you guys soon.

All right welcome back you are on Center Court here this is the PPA tour the Tournament of Champions and we have Ben Johns at 8-4 against Federico Stack Street did I say that right you almost had it I was gonna let you go for it saxrude you kind of had it that's just a great return.

Yep a little cat Mouse Point started here and fed flicks it yeah and that's exactly what Ben wants he's so casual coming up with him that he knows you can only do so much to hurt him and uh that's what he does he forces us he forces the air from fed he knows.

Federico knows he's got to play a good shot to beat him and uh again forces it too wide looks like our audio is still doing good guys thanks for the commentary there uh you should see what these guys have to do every one of these tournaments it is a big production they set it up they set.

It up quick we were just out in La yeah man like three days ago and yet here we are broadcasting a couple states away so big shout out to the PPA production team that's a great little again that forehand roll cross-core I'm going to mention it a thousand times there's a lot of wires yeah we're surrounded by a lot of wires it's usually not allowed.

Yeah this type of equipment but let's try again with that Cross Court forehand yeah there he goes yeah great read by Ben again that that forehand Cross Court if your opponent reads it it doesn't get down it's an easy kind of just roll for Ben there you can take one big step roll the four end of feds backhand.

Usually it's open court either way nearly an impossible volley beautiful balls do you know where that was going oh I had a feeling that was going across Court all right he holds off that dreaded ten four nine still he's got some wiggle room not on sales long on Ben I think it was.

In I think he's caught it in the ref decides to call it in oh wow he thought it was sailing but it just Dove at the last second line six now I fixed our scoreboard Ben getting crafty I'd like that regardless the inside out slash law that's a Sam.

That's a standard shot that foreign Cross Court chance therapy got in see if Ben tries that fancy lob again my guess is no fed making Ben work a little bit on the sideline and yeah goes up in court impressive roll though.

For someone that's fairly new to the game I'd say to have a backhand role like that is uh a really key component to anyone's pickleball game doubles or singles um just a silly get there from Ben and then you see Fed strengths he's the driver and then he gets in and has to do a dink and yeah that's not his game that.

He plays he's more of a and he wants to just drive and crash he's assuming you're going to leave that ball high but Ben gets it down and and makes a nearly impossible dink for Mr staxford then going with the offensive time out here off at the time okay I was.

Wondering I thought he was going to the even side yep just trying to figure out how to close this one out a finals berth on the line welcome back this is Ben Newell alongside AJ Kohler we are at the Tournament of Champions Center Court and then Johns is about two or three points away from a victory here.

9-6 second set yes he's had a couple loose thirds right now a little bit frustrated his opponent a very consistent player as well I got a feeling this might go down to the wire this the second game might get Harry yeah let's see what fed can do to really.

Push Ben here oh man that was a pretty high roll too just complete deception so he gives so much control on that um surprise that Ben is even returning over there because he's hitting it so well at least make him run around it we're.

Trying to go to his backhand all right fed brings it within one yeah I think this is this could be a this could get it be a 12 10 game it's just a great deep ball no Panic off the net pushes deep yep death is your friend in singles.

Whenever you can just put your opponent deep that's the move I want to drop but oh and he's not there it's a great little drop from fed yeah I think he I think he had it though actually he I think he had that around the post he just he kissed a little too far right and hits the pole.

I would say when I get a low back and I like smack my shoe like I had the shot oh yeah smacked my shoe on the on the follow through yeah on the swing that's silly I like to hit my knee a lot yeah I might do a backhand slice it's pretty comfortable so what's better for Ben there again.

He's finding success going to fed's backhand um not as lethal of a passer on that side and again gets a freebie there pushes it long so yes it's Abyss but again the pressure of closing in it's huge from Ben and he's got a look.

At Championship Sunday right now it's a good volley feb's there I still I still think I can go 12 10 are the wings back in place I mean 12 10 game you know we got either side we got Ben Johnson on the other side sure let's do it but only one one round of beers this time yeah.

It's a great place there's I think the point he wanted the whole time he just that's exactly what's what's actually wants to do a little third drop and then close on that next one problem is then was like a cat and stuck the volley back on his on his.

Heels wow I've been going for the serve again it's just it's tough to close these matches out a great drive from fed yep he kind of short hops it too he'll take the return and kind of he just wants it to get on you quick.

It's kind of his whole philosophy it seems like again again he goes for a volley there yeah so he's just crazy he drives it or drops it and just closes surprised again Ben went to the forehand but uh gets away with it third try at Championship Sunday lights it.

On another return again the return game was a little bit uh testy this whole match for Stacks Road and uh Championship Sunday for Ben Jones yep shocker all right guys well hey stick around I don't know the next match maybe we have it quickly so we don't know our next one coming up but stick around Ben.

Johns has moved on to the final this is benue and AJ Kohler signing off thanks for joining us guys
Watch as Ben Johns takes on Joola Teammate Federico Staksrud at the 2022 Tournament of Champions