foreign Hey guys Howard here with total pickleball I amhere at the 2023 U.S open down in Naples Florida let's go ahead and get this tour started over hereto my left is going to be the main entrance where all the players and all the pros will make theirway through into the venue so let's go ahead and check this place out we are right here infront of the first tent here at the U.S open this is going to be the first main tent uh essentiallyit's going to be an area for to get any food any water that you need and as well as any playerscoming in for registration or if you want to buy tickets for the event it's gonna be right here inthe first stand at the U.S open and then just go.

Ahead and check out the second tent we are hereat the second tent location at the U.S open this second main tent is going to be essentially allthe products you want to buy for pickleball needs we do have our total pickleball Booth downhere at the U.S open so if you need anything pickleball related for the event go ahead and comein and check us out at total pickleball our total pickleball boot but there is other vendors likeSkechers will be in there showing off their new Viper Court Pro Shoes so if you're looking to buysome gear here at the tournament this will be the 10 for that so let's go ahead and check out thefirst set of Courts here at the U.S open now we are here at the first set ofCourts down here at this facility let's go ahead and keep on going uhto check out the rest of the Courts.

Now those were corks 10 through 20 just keepon going and show up more of this amazing venue we are now here at the Skechers Pro Clubwhere the players come to cool off after a long match or just to get ready for the nextday so come on let's go ahead and check this out we are now in the Skechers Pro Club where thepro players come to escape the heat get ready for their next match as well as get some healthyfood options here essential for you know keep on going throughout the tournament because it can bea long day especially down here in Naples Florida with the possibility of rain happening at anymoment we also have a nice stretch area right here where you can kind of warm up stretch abit it's essential for any pickleball player to definitely stretch before a match and aftera match to prevent any injuries just a super.

Awesome Lounge area right here where theycould watch matches as the tournament goes on and just really escape the a brutal humidheat outside now we are right here at the food court area so you can get everything from Pizzato drinks anything that you're craving uh for a long day of watching matches we got it righthere at this location so let's keep on going check out the rest of the courts and you guyswill be amazed how many course there are total now right behind me there's courts 40 to 49. uhwe'll just go ahead and finish up on the number of courts that are out here at the U.S openso let's keep on going now this will wrap up all the courts here at this facility there are atotal of 59 quarts 59 well definitely an exciting place to play Pickleball there's enough Courtsfor days here let's go ahead and head down to.

The lounge area where you will be the fan Zonearea where people relax and have a good time I am right here in front of the fan Zone SlashLounge where players fans will come and just relax get some water some drinks and watch thematches on a big screen TV let's go ahead and keep moving on we are right here in front ofthe podium for this championship this is where the players will receive their gold silver andbronze medal let's go ahead and keep on going now let's go ahead and go through the finalset of course before we get to the championship Court where all the magic happens let's keepon going endless tour now right behind me is the most important court for this tournament it'sgoing to be Championship Court where all the pros show up to play and they leave everything onthe court uh that will wrap up our tour of the.

2023 U.S open if you get a chance to make itdown here go ahead and check us out our total pickleball Booth if not for all your pickleballneeds head over to foreign
➤Take a look at the grounds for the 2023 US Open Championships in Naples, Florida.

The US Open is one of the most popular Pickleball tournaments for fans and players. Bringing in the best Pro and Amateur players worldwide. The US Open is the biggest Pickleball party in the world.

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