Daytona here we come we're going and there's the Rolex race there which is going to be really crowded last time I was there was Indy 500. I think or something like that no that's not even into it is it maybe I don't know whatever there's another race there's a lot of races in Daytona going at the same time there's a race.

It's going to be crowded but it's all good so we're leaving Lakeland and we're going to Daytona there's Lulu here we go what up guys you're up you're on my seat oh sorry oh wow what a dude but she's right but she is right isn't she I like to be honestly make it even more fun I love when Chris lives on the edge.

you copied me I got a blueberry muffin copy me well no I got one yesterday I got a muffin yesterday you got a chocolate chip muffin yeah but I got a muffin yesterday so I gotta blueberry muffin too you copied me from yesterday you didn't get a chocolate muffin but you got a muffin because I chose younger.

The muffins were you made a mistake yesterday and you know it and you knew it damn well sure when I got the blue in my finger like I got it no I didn't make a mistake almost a variety I'd already had the chocolate Muffler yeah but it wasn't so I was like oh I bet the blueberry is nice I had no idea where you ordered somewhere.

Everybody knows what I'm doing oh man yes now this is exactly what we needed oh me returning to The Comedy Store oh [__] that's how my dick picks up a Q-tip oh.

Hahaha a lot of [__] oh [__] oh my God Daytona how we feeling out there tonight yeah come on you can do better than that how we feeling tonight you guys are in luck tonight we got a great show lined up before Chris D'Elia.

Comes out on the stage we have two of the fastest rising comedians the first please help welcome to the stage the one the only Danny love she's doing good Lulu's on stage you should sound good because it was Rowdy it's Daytona and these [__] have been at the racetrack all day for real because it's the Rolex races.

Definitely people day drinking and she's calming them down but also keeping them excited she's doing a real professional good job it's actually really cool to see it's hard to do here we go look at my initials they knew I was coming.

Oh foreign dude that was great Daytona was awesome we had a good time uh there was a rowdy crowd they were willing I told him to stop wooing and guess what they stopped doing I go yo.

Don't whoa and they stopped blowing I'm the [__] man dude he's got my boy Donnie's shoes here the divot shoes right here I have these that means he's that means he knows what's up dude oh wow look at this yeah uh anywhere maybe the gold one's better actually I have a what do you want black one yeah that'd be perfect that's so.

Cool you made this or what uh my dad did oh really yeah your dad that you look at that we just did Daytona and now we are off to Jacksonville so we're gonna drive through the night all night to Jacksonville we'll probably have to make a few stops because of how fat David is yep with my turkey David not only he's gonna have to stop to eat he's gonna.

Have to stop to pee 900 times no I thought you grabbed tonight I got my I got my turkey good night dude yeah dude that's all I need gonna eat the turkey and I brought these extra bottles so I could uh pee in the bottles anybody want a cup of Turkey look what you said there's a bunch of Red Bull in.

The fridge if anybody wants them right meaning that it's your job now we feel like we want them you gotta go get them I know it sucks you were the one who brought it up yeah I said if anybody wants them then they can get them I didn't say that David you need this you sure you want me to make you a tea.

Or something good are you asking them with bananas because they're black yeah or racist dude and he knows racist yeah yeah dude double worse so you're trying to kill it and because I'm a microphone you guys are getting it all wrong I like bananas too you're right uh oh man what kind of tea would you like Danny uh VidCon without the races he's gonna give.

You a kkkt and I think the energy of Daytona brought it out of him but we do have that book that Kelvin can let him borrow um that's like racism I left it in the hotel room I read it to Calvin I gave it to Calvin I I I read it to him.

It's not good the message is fine but it wasn't dude it tried to add the we should stop racism thing in a children's book and it was like very cute and sweet and then the last page was like by the way don't be racist and I was like it's not well written I cured my sons.

Well written than that I wanted the whole thing to be cohesively about like maybe there's a kid that's racist in the beginning and like he finds himself and the Ark is he's not racist anymore but everyone was just like living in harmony the whole time it wasn't written by Dr King it's a.

Children's book I wanted it to be more like American History X dude I read it to him I cured his racism but after that I was like this is a book racism what if it comes back what do we do now yeah all right well I'll get the [__] Kendall version and I'll read it to him this is a plot twist we thought we left the racism yeah.

And you brought this [__] to Daytona I went to a guy outside of a park by the smoker and we got some barbecue ma'am I got the hot mustard on my ship David got the whatever what do you get I got the regular spikes and then he tried to get some of my [__] but he's like what's that taste like.

I never have hot mustard on some chicken but when I saw that black dude something about him felt ancestral I said I gotta go talk to him yeah and listen we breaking bread like Jesus said but I want you to see what Enrique got.

We got two club sandwiches from the hotel lobby we knew the food was going to be good when he said I got spaghetti and meatballs oh no David said you got spaghetti and meatballs and then the guy said what'd you think I said that for I was like that's when I knew I think I got to get something I think some yo food would come with a little attitude.

The place doesn't even have a name it's just a black girl it was a guy in a parking lot yeah like right now we have just made it to Jacksonville we are shopping with what we like to call a street Vietnam this man is a barbecue Enthusiast that's got everything.

Red velvet cake that's just a little too dark so he was like yo he got your Buble Michael Buble is a spokesperson for it is he yeah yeah are you shooting me yes yeah well that's stupid who's stupid oh you're stupid to call it Buble love Buble I hear Michael Buble is a fan of my comedy.

Chris how did you who did you hear that from his sister told me oh we this [__] Barbecue's hitting oh this is one of the things we taught him about black people and we enjoy food we stop okay David just said I'm gonna go hook my.

Sister up with some chicken you did not say that dude he thinks she's doing reparations dude you just you just walked up to a black woman and said do you want chicken I said I said girl that chicken is here David just gave just brought a black.

Woman chicken unsolicited and it was cold oh walked over there on his own volition oh yeah it just decided that that was what you should do yeah but you see how he said I told her was busting and she said bring that over.

He said wasn't it good she said it's cold oh look you got a report card dude that's why I just woke up it's too early but it's one so fine but we went to bed at four we ate so many barbecue pieces last night I a question I saved to ask this for the camera.

What are you what is on your back dude dude what's on my bag dude yeah dude we're not going to play Pickleball the guy just we're eating barbecue [__] it's so hot that it's mustard and I ate chicken and pork and we all did it and he's like pickleball.

Tomorrow man as we're going to bed and I'm like oh I was like [__] where and then if we go no and then he's just got to pickleball no no no no you're the only person that said no and it really is a five out of six people were like yeah I'll play yeah so you went to the pickleball court no.

Well first I went to the pickleball uh store and I got four pick of all paddles and then I went to the pickleball court packed now who wasn't there all of us everybody who said that they were going to be there was no I knew that this was he said he was going to be there I know Denny better he said he was going to be there he said he was going.

To be Sam's boss Lulu said he was going to be there and you know who else is going to be Enrique the only person who said they weren't going to be there was you told the truth oh maybe you didn't hear me we're playing today or maybe you didn't hear me.

I don't know how this is gonna go but you know Chris is athletic Enrique's athletic Denny's black and and Davis is David so I don't know how that's my goal here we go no I'm pissed dude I don't want to be playing it oh dude Denny's taking the shirt off.

yeah over here bro laughs them up dude this is intense and Chris is actually an Exquisite pickleball player I've never seen a pickleball player like this in my life he came out he has Ray bands on.

Check it out you 'd be turning on David oh oh yes I don't suck oh oh my God that was happening that's the game by.

The way that's gay that was gay my backhand is deadly they don't know that oh my backhand is deadly I'm nice with it foreign look at this dude wait a minute double the size that that okay so let's.

Do this so well that's bigger well that's even the outside part is more than the ins that's crazy right and he goes he says oh there's no other stuff oh but Daddy found one right so it is there so yeah it's paper [__] this you know what Sam was right all along yo yo over here we're here in.

Jacksonville getting out of the F-150 bus top dog car in Jacksonville man clean it matches his shirt I played this place 565. five years ago um and I did it here watching current here I did it here which I don't wow don't remember but I guess I did two here it's 600 seats I did two here.

That's a 1200. and then we'll go to where's the other one is it far away it's right here we'll go to the other one is this the new one the other one this is our large one and then this is the one tonight I'm doing tonight and it's sold out let's see the difference dude wow look at the difference wow that's amazing.

Let's talk about grateful that's so cool man I love everybody that comes out this is awesome wow this is a beautiful theater yeah I know but you're like you're like good at this man I'm really good at this bro yeah it's cool it looks like that are cool what's up man.

Yeah that's all it's gonna take three months as long as I'm opening like crowds will start coming they don't even want me no no no no no I just get them a little like you got warmed up guys and then yeah you ring and the heat well I think this is probably one of my favorite theaters that we've done really why because it.

Looks inviting it's spread out evenly it's like really nice like everybody's like there's no seats that's turned to the side or to the back like everybody's like eyes on me I like that I need all the attention come on Joe man we're getting the [__] out of here.

Uh you look at marionette when you do that dance party uh when did you get the jacket I guess I need my eyes my friends get don't get that on camera I'm honest with Chris but ask me again who jacket is that oh man this is just something I pulled up out of the clouds so I really retired this but I wanted to break it.

Out with Jacksonville you know what I'm talking about I got it like that what what I do I agree with you I agree with you that I got it like that wait I never said that now you've never said that no I don't think anybody's ever said that to you like hey man you you got it like.

That David you've never said that this is like one of those moments in the show The Office where they're like no I don't even I don't understand why anybody would actually say that to you like you've got to like that I don't know why the [__] they'd say it but they do I would say that is what I'm saying.

I finally put one of these on dude the tour exclusive hoodies with the LR for the life rips with all the cities on the back look how cool this is oh cities on the back we're doing Jacksonville now should be back there right under one of my gargantuous lats right on my dude I swear to God.

My traps are getting so crazy big that I was chilling sleeping at night once and I was like kept waking up because there was like an it I was like so freaking itch and then I would hear like these creaking like little noises and [__] I go back to sleep I wake up and I was.

Itch again whatever they were filming Lord of the Rings on the back here and they had a whole film crew and when I with the screeches I was brushing the actors off they're going no please no oh my God I hope we have insurance because you know the uh.

Set where it's like rolling mountains yeah exactly that was that's that's me dude everybody knows that they shot in New Zealand where I wish to be my show everybody knows they shot New Zealand they don't know your show no everybody knows my show and we were all shooting in New Zealand at the same time and also Elvis was.

Shooting on the stage oh really that Montage that was a montage by the way that whole movie was a montage you're laughing because it's true that's what I'm just saying we shoot some really cool stuff over there in New Zealand what with the hoodie on don't forget I'm gonna get hot immediately so I'm gonna.

Take it off I want to go rep the merch you know what I mean let the light wrap the life ribs lifestyle dude because it's a lifestyle dude it's a lifestyle my baby [__] dude foreign.

Thank you thank you thank you listen you guys you guys look phenomenal thanks tight I want to get Danny and Lulu out here I want you to give them a round of applause there you are all right.

Take some pictures so you know do whatever you want I love you guys thank you so much thank you thank you thank you all [__] laughing I saw you all laughing thank you I love you guys you guys are great I'll be back Jacksonville that was great man that was uh great.

We had a good time and I'm good my voice I'm learning finally how to control my voice through this act because it was getting sore there and now I feel good I'm about to do the meet and greet but man dude it was great to have that many people there and just [__] having a good time I.

Love it man come on out to the tour if you want if you don't don't come old school shirt I love seeing that oh that too yeah we're real babies we're like we're the peacock company remember that from live line we're in the car we're talking about how she always falls asleep to the [__] oh I remember yeah yeah oh yeah that's right.

That's right and then we talked about I was like Prince's kind of on my side okay all right well sorry you were kind of a dick honestly I'm on her side now you gonna get a tattoo okay we went right here yeah okay cool right here above right here yep okay while you're doing this uh both of us.

Want to say as kids who were raised by a father who didn't get the help that he needed yeah it's really nice to see where you're doing we appreciate it well I'm sorry to hear that but yeah yeah thank you thank you thank you what's up guys how you doing dude how are you it's so nice to meet you what's up buddy good to see you hi so nice to meet you and.

You let Matt hi again how are you Taylor are you guys good yeah yeah these three are huge supporters they've always been huge supporters this dude does a lot of stuff online for their congratulations podcast so do they and uh these are just uh I really appreciate you guys I really do this yeah as much as I like it with wait what yeah oh my God no.

This is so funny the same headphones yeah look at the signs that's how he says it From Another Dimension oh my God are you kidding me these are like these are quite important yeah absolutely I'm like [__] that robot bro you're just an insane person or what this is insane.

Dude I I can't even tell you how much this is it means to me man it's so cool dude this is so cool dude thank you I mean yes this is don't let it happen yeah yeah yeah dude I mean he's gonna love his mom put this in the room I'm not taking out of.

The box though this is amazing that mustard the turkey yeah and the robot all of his favorite things dude this is hilarious they're hilarious dude dude this is so sweet I just opened a card sometimes fans write me stuff and this uh is really sweet there's a a gift card in here just two that's really sweet but.

The cutest thing was there's a gift card for Kristen because she knows how much she Kristen likes Target and that's very thoughtful of her and now I'm gonna read her note she's very sweet thank you thank you Jenny Jacksonville we are out what a beautiful run man I'll tell you this much Jacksonville I I met we had such a good.

Time it was like 20 something 100 people that came and we had such a great time I love meeting you all I met actually a lot of the patreon people here in Jacksonville for some reason and that was cool they they support they support this cult and we love you and you know we'll be back and uh I'm just feeling really grateful dude.

I'm headed home to my son and my wife and uh I got that I got some stuff for my son I can't jump but uh I love you guys man and also like like And subscribe baby you know what I mean that's how they do it dude Denny is a girl coming that is a girl coming to it oh [__] oh daddy dude Denny has is.

On a hinge date right now and you got her to the coffee [__] yeah dude what a nice guy oh this is on guys I didn't even this is a playlist [__] how do I get it off congratulations how'd you get it on there it just came on Hey look it's better now look this is clear you should watch this I can't get.

Off oh no should we ask the driver maybe let me ask him okay
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