originating in the table tennis space yola brings its expertise to the sport of pickleball with the vision cgs 14 and 16 paddles with an arrow curved construction enhancing swing speed while reducing drag your shots will maintain the power you deliver featuring an average weight of 7.8.

Ounces these paddles are built with a response polymer honeycomb core and a carbon grip hitting surface offered in a 14 millimeter and 16 millimeter paddle thickness the vision series is sure to satisfy your need for power and control maneuverability was the standout feature for me with this paddle series the aero curve shape on the paddle was.

Very noticeable i initially thought this was a marketing gimmick but it felt really fast swinging through the air compared to the square shaped paddle i'd normally hit with the paddles we play tested had a weight variance of about 0.3 ounces the 16 millimeter was a little heavier and i noticed that i got actually more power on that that thicker.

60 millimeter beam because of that weight the 16 was soft enough where i felt like i was really in control of my shots but that added weight and that added power really made me feel like it was a great all-court paddle it wasn't as much power as i'm used to with my paddle of choice but it was something that i was easily adapted to when it.

Comes to vibration there was definitely noticeable vibration in the 14 millimeter i felt like even off center shots were were really jarring comparing these paddles to the others in the yola lineup you're going to find the same amount of power as the hyperion or the solaire series but the spin.

Potential is more in line with the cfs series overall i'd say these paddles offer similar power to a selkirk vanguard or a block monster power paddle while the spin resonated more with the yola hyperion cfs or the engaged pursuit series these two paddles stack up really.

Similar on paper i'm actually really glad that i didn't know that until after i play tested because i found the 16 millimeter to have more power than the 14 millimeter so from the baseline i was able to hit some really deep serves get some really good shots in and then at the kitchen i was able to really get some power.

Smashes down on the court well my choice of the two paddles is the 16 millimeter because of the power that it offers i did find the handle circumference to be a bit uncomfortable for me since i typically play with gearbox on the other hand the 14 millimeter does have the smaller handle circumference which was much more comfortable for me.

It also has really good touch at the kitchen but from the baseline i was really struggling to find my rhythm to hit deep serves and to hit deep returns to the baseline overall i was really excited to play test these yola paddles i found both paddles to offer great control however my pick again is that 16 millimeter for.

The power and control that it offers me after many hours play testing these paddles on the core i absolutely love them i love the carbon grip surface that these paddles offer it allows me to get an insane amount of spin on the ball and i can pinpoint the ball exactly where i want it to go that carbon grip surface allows me to get a lot of spin.

Whether it's my forehand or my backhand slice and it really challenges the other team the yola cgs paddles have a five and a half inch handle length i appreciate the handling because it allows me to get two hands on my backhand another design i really love about this paddle is that arrow curve that it offers i can really get a lot of.

Whip on the ball on my forehands and on my volleys when i'm up at the net and i can put away the ball very easily overall i preferred the 16 over the 14 because it gave me the control power and touch that i needed for my game straight away looking at the yola vision paddles there's a lot that i like i haven't i happen to tend to like the.

Elongated length and i like the length of the handle so if i do want to put a second hand on there i do have that room on my backhand i like the elongated length because i feel like the sweet spot is nice and high and that's where i tend to like to hit the ball i also like the spin generation that is able to get from both of these paddles although i.

Don't hit a lot of top spin i do like to undercut the ball as well as try to hit some side spin and i felt that it was consistent throughout the play test as well as wherever i was hitting on the paddle and although i tend to prefer smooth grips i really actually enjoyed the textured feel of this grip it was giving me a space for my finger to sit.

And so i knew when i had the right grip on the paddle although i did like both paddles i did tend to gravitate toward the 16 millimeter paddle i did feel like from the back court i was just driving through the ball a little bit better the ball was cutting through the air more effectively i also liked that sensation of the ball sitting on the paddle just.

Slightly longer so i felt a little bit more in control when i was trying my dink shots though on the 14 millimeter paddle i felt it was nice and responsive and i really liked how quickly it was moving through the air i don't know if it's because our sample was slightly lighter the 14 than the 16 but i felt like it.

Was just a little bit more maneuverable at net and also the ball was just exiting the paddle really quickly so i liked it for quick exchanges at net overall though i did prefer the 16 millimeter paddle i think that it comes down to general preferences both are great paddles the 14 just moves a little bit quicker for me offering a livelier.

Response whereas the 16 a little bit more control if you're looking to see what the buzz is about with pickleball's latest contender check him out at totalpickleball.com you
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The JOOLA Vision paddles are elongated, fast-swinging paddles that feel soft on contact. The paddles allow the ball to dig into the surface, granting massive spin for players looking for optimal precision.
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