the euless layer paddles are yolo's introduction into the premium standard shape paddle market this paddle features a large sweet spot that excels when needing forgiveness for speedy exchanges both paddles feature a five and a half inch handle suitable for two-handed.

Backhands or players preferring to adjust their grip the cfs14 weighs in at 8.4 ounces and features premium technologies including our favorite hyper foam edge wall this injected foam provides an incredibly consistent and stable sweet spot other technologies include textured carbon friction surface 14 millimeter.

Reactive core and cx forge handle that collaborate together to grant an arsenal of weapons including solid feel ample spin penetrating drives and soft touch for dinks the fas 13 weighs 8.2 ounces and boasts a fiberglass gritty sandblasted surface and 13 millimeter response core for consistency of contact resulting in shots that produce big spin.

And balance power a standout fas feature is hyper-ply technology a strategic multi-layering process of composite materials between the core and face to provide outstanding control and feel overall the solaires are a top contender for serious players that prefer standard shaped paddles now while i really enjoyed hitting with both of these.

Paddles it was hard for me to choose because i really enjoyed the cosmetic of the fas but i will say if i had to pick one it would be the cfs now i do play with the binge on cfs so it had a very familiar feel which is why i pretty much decided to pick this one as my favorite and the real standout for me is that.

Hyper foam edge wall like in the hyperion series so with the standard shape you get a little more forgiveness especially when you're up at the net having to do quick reactions so that hyperfoam edge wall really does a great job just making the entire paddle face feel very consistent which helps me out a ton again when i needed quick.

Reactions or when i was just trying to dink the ball there's plenty of power in this one as well um and i just overall enjoyed the feel of the core and the cfs a little more so than than the fas i will say though with the fas again very very cool cosmetic and it's got a pretty decent amount of power to it as.

Well so for players who are opting to get a little more power you may want to check out the fas here but again overall with the cfs with that technology that i'm used to in the ben johns that reactive core and the hyper foam edge wall that was a great paddle for me.

And that would be the one i would choose going forward if i were to switch over to standard shaped paddles i really enjoyed hitting this solaire series from yola similar to andrew though i found myself spending more time with the cfs model for me it had a little bit more weight to the paddle so it felt really solid coming through the.

Ball and one of the standout features for me was that hyper foam edge wall technology for me it really sticks true to its claim it really offers a massive sweet spot i feel like no matter where i make contact with the ball i'm able to get a consistent response off the paddle so that was definitely a highlight in defensive situations um especially on.

Tricky pickup balls if the ball was getting hit behind me or at my feet or when i had to be on the stretch and just have that last minute reaction shot i found that just getting a paddle on the ball i was able to get that ball back into play and usually landing really short over the net so it really kept me in those points and kept me effective.

Another standout feature for me was that carbon friction surface i feel that really aided in providing a nice balance of power and control when i upped my swing speed i was able to tap in the power but the spin was there to keep those shots within the lines on ground strokes i was able to get really nice topspin.

Also really great access to slice so i found it to be very helpful in doubles but i also found it to be quite a weapon when i was playing singles as well one thing i did notice is that when i started hitting with the paddle i was making contact with a lot of the balls at the really top of the paddle i think.

For me my paddle of choice the shape is a little bit more elongated this is a little bit wider has that arrow curve on top so it just was something that i needed to adjust to but i'm pretty minor there in comparison the fas model is a little bit lighter through the air offers a touch more pop and still has great access to spin so if you're.

Looking for something a little more maneuverable with a little more free power built in i'd go with the fas model but for me that cfs paddle really stood out for that controlled response and would be my choice of the tube another solid offering within the yola series of paddles with the solaire series i really enjoyed both of these paddles i do want.

To talk about the pros of both paddles overall to begin with overall i did enjoy both paddles uh both paddles did give me easy access to power easy access to spin um and a large amplified sweet spot overall for me um i enjoy the fas a little bit more due to the easy access to power i did like how i felt a little bit more connected to.

Each shot with this paddle but i did gravitate myself towards the cfs a little bit more just due to the fact that it did give me a little bit more control and i felt like i generate a little bit more top spin i loved how this paddle i was able to add a little bit extra drive on my serves it definitely kicked up a little bit more.

Made it a little bit more harder for my opponents to be able to return my serve one thing i didn't like about both paddles was i did find myself hitting the upper edge of both paddles quite a few times playing a little bit more singles i did struggle on the run especially when i was trying to whip the.

Paddle and get that ball into play i love both of these paddles but i wish both of them were just a little bit more extended on the overall length of the paddle face i felt like if it was a little bit more extended i would be able to get a little bit more aggressive on the move especially playing a little bit more.

Singles but both of them were super solid options i definitely feel like these paddles are amazing for anybody intermediate that needs a little bit of a larger overall sweet spot for their paddles for more information on these paddles and for all your pickleball needs visit us at

➤ JOOLA Solaire Paddles: />
Offering a speedy aero curve design and large sweetspot, the JOOLA Solaire paddles are a great option for the intermediate to advanced player. The FAS 13 model caters to those craving more power and response, while the CFS 14 model is optimal for those who prioritize touch and control.

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