What happened yeah I uh I tore my achilles yeah playing pickleball has anyone else had an Achilles yeah same foot okay that was a 50 50 ball uh it's on over it yeah yeah it was right Achilles boys right into the night I think I just.

Found a new pickleball partner how did you hurt yours playing bat see that's [__] that's way cooler dude that's a real sport you know did even black people play that one it's not like pickleballs it's just people who look like me but are 40 years older like I.

Like to get outside

Pickleball is for old people but not the old achilles I guess.

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Joey Avery is a comedian on the rise who frequently tours with Andrew Schulz, Mark Normand, Trevor Wallace and other staples of the comedy scene. He recently made his Comedy Central debut and has a Don’t Tell Comedy set coming out later this year. Joey has quickly amassed an online following through a mix of improvised standup and precise material. He hosts the Pier 69 Podcast with San Francisco turned LA based comedians Mark Smalls, Dauood Naimyar and Andrew Orolfo.

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